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#315562 Hawk Brakedown with Mudflap

Posted by Kentucky_Mudflap on 14 November 2017 - 07:44 AM

Hombres its time to commence the worlds oldest and gratest sport season and we all know it aint been kind to Tommy the past 7 years aint won no titles past up by Kale and trouble recruiting and all that but hes all we got and we gotta get behind him helps on the way with some young talent and Perry in the room Perrys reel smart gents good with ciphering and mat coaching and strategy and scouting and recruiting and looking at video hes reel good sorta fills in the gaps where T&T and Star aint so hot.  Hears my brakedown for the Hawks this year you gotta hold your nose mostly but there aint nothing new there but my old friend Perry in the rooms gonna school up some of them what been holding on and stalling and all and its gonna be good but old habits die hard gents you watch and see maybe we get lucky we get the gratest coach in the history of the worlds oldest and gratest sport coming back to the meats he couldnt stand it friends and who could blame him.


125 Stinkly and Perez Perez now you bring in a young freshman grayshirt and he mops the floor with your old school guy Perez Perez how does a fella get too first names gents but Stinklys been moppen the mats with Perez so he aint gonna see the lites at the end of the tunnle despite that friends Stinklys gonna have trouble winning a match after the 1st of the year.


133 Glenn or Locks I got Locks in the long run but hombres none of these fellas is gonna make the stars shine take Mudflaps word for it its a long year get outa Midlands likely hardly get any wins just throw them gents out there and hope they dont get stuck but its good we got three skollies up to 197 and none down hear you hear what Im saying?


141 Turk and Snapple Turk looks to be the winner hear but he aint much maybe 500 guy or a touch better same as last year watch him scuffle and stand around and win 3 -2 or lose the same flip a coin gents its all the same.


149 Sorenson with Perrys help gives him a couple moves and helps a ton you watch and listen some of you gents aint schooled up in the worlds oldest and gratest sport dont know to listen to me but Sorensons in finals and has his best year and a shot at the title god knows its about time.


157 Kimmer has another reel good year give some kudos and laudations to my old friend Perry he looks at the films friends and knows how to talk to them fellas and coach them up its gonna be fun to watch Kimmer in finals with a shot at the title no doubt.


165 Marinelli hes tough but hes a young freshman dont but much in the way of moves no variety a couple years with Perry change that but hes gonna take his lumps at a reel tough weight.


174 Gunther and Young you ask me Young spends two much time parading around with no shirt him and Star are reel close like that Gunthers a hard nosed SOB like that kid hes your starter sure he aint never gonna be a AA but hell thats what you get win you let Kale get all the talent you gotta dance with what brung you and thats Gunther.


184 Bowman what more can I say now you say PD3 but hes a headline waiting to happen a coachs nightmare a police blotter guy sure hes a reel good fella could be won of my pups like his attitude but hes gonna find his destiny and thats in the cage hes got 20 hours of credit to get his sheepskin and thats as much in doubt as the second coming of Christ hombres its Bowman good bathroom brake fella get a ice cream cone or take a nap.


197 Warners the creem of the crop but theys gonna shirt him thats a mistake he aint splitting the atom if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean but then they got Holloway and Wilkie two now what knotheads got three skollies tied up at won weight we gotta get this strate put up a board and split them up hell it aint no harder than setting up a roof and even my best hand Wallace can handle that won figure low AA whoever for Wilkie and then move Holloway to heavy win Stollhouse goes down again.


HVW Stollhouse and Costello now I like this Costello kid reel hard nosed but dont got the most talent in the world if you know what I mean got slow feet reel big gut but hes hanging in there with Stollhouse whos got won of them bionic knees sure hes had too torn ACLs but lets throw him out there anyway aint much chance of that happening again friends is there figure hes out shortly after the 1st of the year and theys talking about bringing him back again next year feel sorry for the kid but thems the brakes.


Hombres I saw them wrestle offs and the Luther Open and all and Im your source for all the news the good the bad the ugly and its gonna be ugly this year Im coming to Midlands like every year with the hands let you know wear the mat.com posters party meetup is soon enough I cant say enough hombres you took me in win nobody else wanted me you guys are like a reel family to me.

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#346807 Toughest path to a title?

Posted by boconnell on 08 March 2018 - 04:11 AM

I'll go with whoever Yianni faces in round 1.  That guy has to beat all the same guys as Yianni, plus he has to beat Yianni.

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#335423 Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter

Posted by hammerlockthree on 01 February 2018 - 04:00 PM

Storr was actually doing a backflip in the locker room

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#291440 Taylor gains wrestling shoe deal

Posted by headshuck on 21 June 2017 - 05:15 AM

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#335485 Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter

Posted by headshuck on 02 February 2018 - 01:50 AM

Do you think Kanen really felt unsafe?

You have until sunrise.

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#355954 Anybody think Quint Kessenich got a bit obtrusive during the Finals?

Posted by Medicine_Man on 24 March 2018 - 07:20 AM



(Excellent photo by Tony Rotundo)

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#323465 Hitler Reacts to Iowa Lineup Changes

Posted by Flying-Tiger on 26 December 2017 - 02:32 AM






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#337214 Thanks Kyle

Posted by Peso on 04 February 2018 - 05:58 PM

I know he has years of greatness ahead of him.  Possibly/Probably the GOAT when he decides to leave the shoes on the mat.  What I appreciate about him on top of his greatness is how hard he works to keep a whole nation of folkstylers and freestylers happy.  We can always count on him.  Duderino freaking challenged the guy who many said is the greatest pound for pound and he pulled it off...on top of crowning us World Champs.  Flys out late to the Yarigyn so he can wrestle a back-up hawkeye, and then goes out and wins the tournament.  Flys back, puts on his folkstyle hat and leaves his heart and soul out there.  Fell short, but sheesh!  What a freakin man!  I've known a lot of truly amazing men in my lifetime, but this man sure makes me proud to be a wrestler, and an American.  Good stuff!!!!  Continued success sir!




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#205936 Where does Sueflohn rank among best to never AA

Posted by VakAttack on 24 March 2016 - 07:02 AM

Just short of the top 8.

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#371391 Separated at birth?

Posted by headshuck on 16 July 2018 - 01:53 PM

Anthony Cassioppi

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#366949 Separated at birth?

Posted by Flying-Tiger on 09 June 2018 - 03:00 AM




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#331949 The most robbery match in NCAA wrestling history ever

Posted by NickyTheEar on 23 January 2018 - 02:52 AM

I would also add Ian Miller getting robbed against Realbuto in the Semis in 2015.

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#346529 Henson a joke?

Posted by scribe on 07 March 2018 - 01:45 PM

Sometimes Koll will text me asking what to do.
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#323583 Coach Sammie Henson

Posted by wrestlingnerd on 27 December 2017 - 04:41 AM

Smith has always been the paragon of class in wrestling, even as a young guy when it was easy for him to be big-headed. That’s why he is my favorite athlete ever in any sport. Many years ago, I went to one of John Smith’s camps which he ran with Myron Roderick. Smith was less than a year away from his second Olympic gold and very actively training, doing camps to make a decent living. After the sessions, to stay sharp, he would drill with TJ Jaworsky, who was a counselor at the camp. Being the little fanboy that I was, I would skip lunch and sit against the wall to watch every one of these practices. Smith wasn’t teaching his patented low single at the time (he only started teaching the finer details of the move and his finishes after he retired from competition). I picked up on a few details and tried them during the live wrestling sessions of the camp, completely botching my attempts at imitation. On the final day, after camp was over and the other kids had left, Smith stopped his practice with Jaworsky and called me to the mat, then showed me what I was doing wrong. I still remember every detail, what he was wearing, how quick he was, what color the mat was and what was hanging on the walls, every word he said to me. The GOAT of American wrestling, while actively training for the Olympics, took 5 minutes off mid-practice to help a completely nobody he’d never see again. I will never forget that.
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#304767 Sadulaev Reaction?

Posted by MadMardigain on 27 August 2017 - 03:01 AM

Does anybody know what the reaction in Russia has been to this match?

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#300800 Suriano Granted Release With Attorney's Help

Posted by Medicine_Man on 13 August 2017 - 07:51 AM

 Nick Suriano has been granted a release from Penn State so he could transfer to Rutgers, the Nittany Lions confirmed. Suriano's release was granted after his attorney, Abbas Jadidi, met with Coach Cael Sanderson it the wrestling practice room...both Jadidi and Sanderson were dressed in practice gear, but media was not allowed inside.  Suriano finished with a 16-3 record as a true freshman and, back in high school, posted a 159-0 career record. 




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#177068 Long Interview (Gadisov, Sadulaev, Sajidov): worlds, olympics, retirement

Posted by wfan24 on 10 October 2015 - 12:50 AM

Hi guys,


I watched a long, 1 hour + long video from 2 weeks ago with some of Russia's world champs and medalists and coaches: Sadulaev, Gadisov, Sajidov and Gadhzimagomedov.


The interview is in Russian, but I translated much of it for the forum here and also summarized the interesting bits below. A lot of interesting nuggets on retirement, who wins between Sadulaev and Gadisov, etc. This is the original video link: https://www.youtube....h?v=heea3x3Huqo


Of course, its hard to capture the exact nuances sometimes exactly, but I think what I translated is pretty accurate. In general, these guys seems very modest and friendly and are really a great team. 


Gadisov is quite articulate, he will definitely have a good career outside of wrestling.






Our first objective at the worlds was to get the Olympic spots, but of course we can't just aim for the olympic spots, we are the best wrestling school in the world, so our goal was to win as many gold medals as possible and to be no.1 in the team rankings. Could have been better of course, but we have stuff to work on now.

Our main objective in the republic of Dagestan is not just to push kids into wrestling, we are most happy if they train any sport that fits them. But yes, wrestling is a main sport in the republic of Dagestan. The training halls are full of kids.

The flight to the worlds was long, first 12 hours to LA, then 1.5 hours to Las Vegas. The long travel really tired out the athletes. But we prepared for that and knew about it. Americans love creating a show and they did a great job organizing and the venue was full. Everything was wonderful. There were many Russian fans too, Dagestani, etc. It was pleasant and helped our wrestlers. We felt the support of the fans.


Gadisov (answering why he lost in the final):


The fans I think helped Snyder, but they did not affect me. I haven't watched the match yet. I think perhaps the long flight and adaptation period affected me a bit, but these are all excuses. If I lost, I need to seek the reason inside me: I lost, so I made mistakes. I think tactically I was a little bit off, he is a young guy and was very excited, going forward, and I felt a bit tired, and made defensive mistakes. We will work on functional training, its good to see your mistakes and have a chance to fix them, so we will work hard so that such cases don't repeat again at the Olympics.


(they ask him: didn't you know about Snyder, he is a young popular wresler?)

Well, in my brackets, the main opponent was Gazumov, also an Ossetian wrestler whom I lost to at the European games. So, I was entirely preparing for him (Sajidov also intervenes, says the same thing), so when I beat him, I thought thats it, we are done. But after that I watched some of Snyder's matches (before the final), and I saw that the final will not be easy.

(they ask again: "So you did not know him before?")

No, he also lost at the Junior worlds (Snyder), so did not pay attention to him...lets say, he was more like a dark horse.




Trainers also are responsible, we prepared for the Azerbaijani, the Gerogian and the Ukranian, that was our main focus. Our side of the bracket was stronger, so from the weaker's side (Snyder), we expected the Iranian to go through, so Snyder was unexpected. We made tactical errors in the final.

Gadisov (after journalist says it was 5:5 and noone won):


Lets not seek excuses , we both wrestle  under the same rules. We will keep working so the score is not 5:5, but 5:0, like our Sadulaev (they laugh), who with his wrestling, shows how to win. Many guys should take an example from him, so I want to congratulate him now !



Everyone thinks its easy from the outside, but they don't see how much I train. On the mat, its never easy. I don't aim to win with tech superiority. I just go out and wrestle and rely on God.

Gadisov (why did he beat Gazumov this time?)


well, again, it all depends on what tactics you chose, because the opponents are strong and prepare for you. So tactics are very important for the result. At the European games, I chose the wrong tactic, I attacked too much, and I allowed him leg attacks and lost 4:2. Here, I did more counter-attacking, so I prepared only for him, but again it was a tense match.



Gazumov is very strong, at 97kg, so when they meet, every second is crucial. Of course, by focusing on Gazumov, we should not forget the Georgian, also very strong, a European games finalist. So I would say, Gadisov left all his physical and mental energy against these 2, before the final.



sometimes its like that, you do what you can and still lose, fans are not happy, but it is God's will, so we need to accept it. We can just say thank God and work harder. So I want to tell the fans: thanks for the support, and follow God's will.

Sadulaev (about a match vs. Synder): yes, they offered me to wrestle Snyder, but there was no official offer. I told them if they want to make the show, I agree to it.



Olympic preparation is key, but yes, Americans like show, they even make it in the center of New York, its great, its pleasant, so if there is a free time in Olympic preparation, we can do the match with Snyder. We are always ready to wrestle, anyone, anywhere, they should know that (Americans). (Laughs).

Sajidov (on if there are keys to beating Burroughs):


Yes, there are always keys, especially with our coaches, we can find keys for anyone. As we already saw, Tsargush won once. In fact, Geduev's bracket was very difficult at the Worlds, so each match was hard, and Geduev cuts a lot of weight. I think if this match was in the finals, where Geduev had a couple of hours to rest (or earlier when he was fresher), it would be a different match. Its hard to say who would win. But generally, our wrestlers have the mastery, so we will prepare them to beat Burroughs or Snyder or whoever else is there, at the Olympics.

Gadisov (on retiring after 2016 if he wins Gold):


First, yes, after the 2016 Games, I think I will retire from wrestling. Because one has to wrestle when they want, when they are burning with desire, etc. But I feel for me, this is the last year, and next year, I will not have the fire in my eyes. And in this case, I will retire. Either you need to be no.1 and winning or just don't bother.



If you win the Olympic games, we will talk again about delaying retirement (laughs). Many said they will retire but don't. Main thing is to have health (its clear Sajidov is not pleased with the retirement talk).

Sadulaev (on going to 97kg): I am still growing, so I feel yes, I will go to 97kg.



We like strong internal competition in the weight class. If there was no Shamil or Ahmed, there would be no Sadulaev. It is needed and required for us, if we want to be no.1

Gadisov: (jokes)


So now I control their food intake (Sadulaev's and Kudiamagomedov) , so they stay at 86kg :).

Gadisov (on do how would they do at 97kg)


In 1 interview, Sadulaev said that I win most of the time against him, but this is the opposite, its hard to beat him. He is very strong physically and also a very modest person.



These 2 wrestle all the time, but we don't care for the score, many fans watch them wrestle and count the score in practice.



Tthis is sport, our matches are very tense, but in general, Sadulaev wins most of our matches, just to tell the fans (laughs).



Gadisov helps me all the time, supports me. They are helping me, Gadisov, and Sajidov. They are helping me with their experience. God's will, all will go well at the Olympics.

Sajidov (about Makhov's performance)


We decided to risk and go with 2 styles. He justified our trust. We know his character and his abilities. He had a bad draw at the Greco worlds. At the Greco tournament he weighed 124kg, but at the freestyle few days later, he only weighed 116kg, he lost a lot of weight, and this affected his result at the freestyle Worlds. But the main objective, getting the Olympic quota, was accomplished. We all saw he had no strength left after each match at the freestyle worlds. He would lay down and hardly be able to stand. The other wrestlers were all motivating him, etc. They almost had to lift him to his legs so he can make the walk. I even asked Mahov today, do you have a place in your body without an injury? He started counting: 4 surgeries on 1 knee, 2 on the other, both shoulders, elbows, etc...This guy guy has incredible spirit...he shows one can do anything.

Sajidov (about Mahov's MMA)


I was not a big fan, you need to chose 1 thing. But he managed to convince me and the other coaches about both styles. But the Olympic games are no place for such experiments. So he needs to chose one style. We want him to win a gold medal, freestyle or greco, we don't really care.
He deserves it...of course, we prefer he comes to freestyle (laughs).

Sajidov (on Greco vs. Freestyle for Mahov)


Before the Turk, Mahov had the hardest match, with the Iranian, very important match he had to win to get the Olympic spot.

Another coach


Olympics are a totally different thing, so need prepare mentally. Turk may be champion now, congratulations to him, but Olympics is a different thing. Until they lift your hand, you have not won.

Sajidov (on Vlasov's national anthem mixup):


I don't know if there was a mistake, but Vlasov did great, congratulations to him. But due to the anthem mix up he actually got more time on the podium (laughs).

Sadulaev (on did you feel pressure by Americans, etc):


Nno, I did not feel such a thing (perhaps for Gadisov cause he wrestled an American). But with me, I did not wrestle an American in the final. I felt that the fans suppported me. I don't know what good I did for them, but they supported me.

Sadulaev (on youth):


I wish all kids/teenagers to not spend time doing bad things and to have a health way of life. And to most importantly, make their parents happy. To create goals and to try and reach them.



Youth should chose what they want to do. Some want to work in medicine, some sports, some science, etc. Some kids cannot be professional sportsman as they do not have the physical qualities. They should make their parent happy, should not make them ashamed. When the kids do bad things, this is the biggest shame for the parents in front of others.  And the biggest joy is when the parents are happy, so I wish them to make the parents happy. This is the greatest
happiness, when they are happy for you and are proud of you, in whatever it is that you manage to succeed.




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#345370 Chance Marsteller

Posted by headshuck on 05 March 2018 - 03:17 PM

I don't think he is fat at all. I think his legs are holding mass in excess of what he needs to excel in wrestling. He actually could stand to lose a little muscle, convert some of his Type IIb fibers to Type IIa, and vastly improve his capillary density and aerobic power capacity.

I once told my wife something similar. It did not go well...
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#325036 The “why did Lee MFF?” thread

Posted by ionel on 30 December 2017 - 04:32 PM

It's easy to not quit a tournament when you are always winning them..

Did the US quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
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#228141 The meaning of Saori Yoshida and the victory by Helen Maroulis

Posted by tekto on 20 August 2016 - 09:39 AM

Hello, this is my first post on this forum, and would like to apologise in advance for its length. However, upon seeing history being made Thursday night and reading all the articles and interviews of Helen, I got the urge to want to share what I felt, and another way to view and appreciate what had happened that memorable night.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Helen Maroulis on becoming the first U.S. female wrestling gold medalist. However, I get a nagging feeling that she is not getting the true recognition that she deserves in her own country, or perhaps even among the wrestling fans in general. By no means am I trying to say negatively about her or U.S. wrestling or media, but I believe it will add further depth and understanding, by knowing who her opponent meant. Now, anyone on this forum would say that they already know what made Yoshida a legend, with her most likely unbreakable record of 16 straight world and Olympics gold metal, her incredible record of 206-3 in international matches, and so on. Those are definitely part of what made Yoshida a wrestling legend, but how many people outside Japan knows of Yoshida's legacy beyond her eye popping videogame like numbers? I believe knowing Saori Yoshida beyond her medals and win streak will further let people appreciate Helen Maroulis for what she did, and how she did it.

I currently reside in America and watched the Olympics using the NBC feed, but used to live in Japan. For years, I watched Saori Yoshida wrestle to legendary status in her home country. She started as a junior star teen wrestler with pedigree, her father and coach, the late Eikatsu Yoshida, former Japanese wrestling champion and women's wrestling team coach during the London Games in the wrestling community. She started to become known in public after Athens gold and the media started to give more spotlight, with her win streak starting to get known to the general public. With her growing consecutive win streak, she shot up to stardom after every win. The media started to follow her to her training at Shigakukan University where she was a student of during Athens, and the wrestling club captain. One grade junior to her in the same club was a wrestler named Kaori Icho. Even after graduating, Yoshida often returned to the club to train with her juniors and give advices. Aspiring wrestlers around the country came to Shigakukan University to meet and train with Yoshida. Until last year, Eri Tosaka was the wrestling club captain. She had first met with Yoshida when she was in elementary school. Tosaka begged to her parents to take her to the University so she could meet her idol, and got to take a photo with Yoshida, a picture she still treasures more than ten years later. When Tosaka was captain, the vice captain was named Risako Kawai. Upon their graduation, the wrestler who took over and is the current captain of the club is named Sara Dosho. She grew up attending the wrestling school taught by Eikatsu Yoshida.

The American feed understandingly focused on Helen after the game, and only some clips of Yoshida crying. What was not seen outside Japan was that during the same time, her teammates were in the spectator stands as well. The three time World champion and Olympic gold medalist was wailing like a child, tears streaming down her face. The four time Olympic gold medalist covered her eyes and hurridly left the Arena, without commenting anything to the media surrounding them. The current Shigakukan University wrestling club captain and gold medalist kept her face smothered in her towel, and couldn't crack a smile even when her upper-classman got her first gold. Their emotions weren't simply that of teammates saddened that one of their members lost a gold medal. Japan has had others who were expected to medal and faltered, and it didn't have the same reaction. They were emotions felt toward the one who was their captain, friend, rival, mentor, idol, teacher, sisterly figure, and much more. Saori Yoshida wasn't respected simply because she was a Guinesse record holder in most consecutive world gold medals won, or her individual match win streak of 206 matches. She was what women's wrestling meant for them, and this generation of wrestlers, athletes, and the country.

As a country, when their star player loses, people are saddened. Yoshida, until Rio, never failed to deliver...which lasted so long, possibly even too long, that she eventually became the star one would go to rely on delivering the win that everyone wanted. Other star athletes could lose, but Yoshida will not, and shall not, lose...because she is not allowed to lose, she is Saori Yoshida. Still, despite seeming unbeatable at times, outside wrestling Saori Yoshida is known for being very feminine. She loves to cuddle with her dog in bed with pink pajamas, and loves to eat crepes while hanging out with her juniors on off days (a high ratio of it being with Tosaka). It has almost become a staple to be asked of her goals for the year during an interview, and answer "I want to get married!" with passion, where they were expecting a wrestling related goal. Inside, she was a normal women, like any other person...but she wasn't considered as one.

Prior to yesterday, Yoshida has had times when the country thought her win streak might end. In 2014 when her beloved father and coach Eikatsu suddenly passed away due to a tradegic incident, it was unknown how she would react to not having her father at the match. She ended up winning the gold in the Asian and World championship later that year. In the 2015 finals she was trailing late in the math to Mattson, only to overtake in the last minute. Even after losing her father, she was Saori Yoshida...why did anyone have to worry, she is unfazed and still strong.

My Japanese friend was one of the countless Japanese who woke up early to watch Yoshida go for history. Her loss was shocking, but her immediate comments after the match was even more heartbreaking. After Yoshida lost, she was crying in front of the camera, desperately apologizing to the people of Japan. "How could I make up to my country, what have I done, how could I atone for this, I failed to do my job as the captain of Team Japan, I have betrayed everyone who believed in me, no amount of words can make up for this, I am so sorry..." She sounded like as if she had just commited treason. To him, watching her break down like that was a gutwrenching reminder of how much pressure and expectation the country had unfairly  continued to pile on Yoshida over the years. Who should be Team Japan captain? Lets make it Yoshida, it will make a good timing to celebrate a historical achievement by Team Japan captain in Rio. Her father passed away, so bring her mother with his photo, what a great scene it will be when she dedicates her medal to her late father. Three golds by Tosaka, Icho and Dosho? Great, now prepare the celebration article for a double four peat, we want to be the first to publish it on front page... What pressure, you think Yoshida feels pressure? No way, she is a gold winning robot afterall.

Non-Japanese wrestling fans might think her tears and breakdown after her loss was because she was sad that her chance for a fourpeat got dashed, or that she wasn't able to cope with the loss because Yoshida wasn't used to losing, or perhaps even that she felt like she had the ego and couldn't give the proper respect Maroulis deserved, or that she was simply being a dramatic loser...but I don't think that is the case. Her breakdown was a floodgate of emotions she had kept to herself for 15 years, while continuing to desperately portray THE LEGEND OF INVINCIBLE SAORI YOSHIDA the country has come to expect from her.

Following live wrestling, it was morning news for Japan. A memorable comment by one of the news caster was, "this morning, I believe everyone in Japan wanted to see the second fourpeat. We didn't get to see it, but I believe no one in Japan blames Yoshida about it. What we want isn't hearing her apologizing in tears, what we want is to say thank you to Saori Yoshida. You gave Japan three Olympic gold medals in the past three Olympics. In Rio, you gave Japan three new Olympic gold medalists."

Other countries might think now that Yoshida failed to fourpeat, Kaori Icho is the greatest female wrestler of all time. That is not the case. Kaori Icho is a legend of her own regardless of Saori Yoshida, and that takes nothing away from her accomplishments. However, Kaori Icho is a legendary Japanese wrestler, where Saori Yoshida IS Japanese women's wrestling. Whether she decides to hang up tomorrow, continue for another Worlds, or continue until her back gives out, or strive for Tokyo, it will not change what Saori Yoshida was, and is. Eri Tosaka age 22, Risako Kawai age 21, Sara Dosho age 21, and others...whether or not Yoshida herself is at Tokyo, what Yoshida symbolizes will be there to represent the host country in 2020.

Lastly, to Helen Maroulis, as a American fan who simply loves and appreciates the sport of women's wrestling, thank you for being the wrestler who defeated Saori Yoshida in the biggest stage with the utmost grace, strength, skills, but most of all...true class and respect. Your match was beautiful, flawless, and fair played, only thing outshining it was your tears and smile during the medal ceremony.
Did you know that you have become a household name in Japan overnight? The front page of all major national newspapers had a picture of you and Yoshida on them? Your name had become a top google trend search, and your interviews has been translated word for word, to every detail including how you wanted to indulge in cake, and that you don't like peanut butter. The more Japan learns about you, your personality, sincerity, passion...the more respectable, likable, and rootable you become, not as "the one who ended Yoshida's streak" but as Helen Maroulis, the 24 yrs old American female wrestler, and the Olympic gold medalist.

I would like to close my appreciation toward Helen with these words translated directly from my aforementioned friends in Japan:

"As long as Father Time exists, we should have known that someday even legends like Yoshida will suffer a loss. Yet, somewhere in our minds we were taking Saori Yoshida for granted...she was expected, and assumed to win gold, would have been wrong to not win for the country, and she had fought for 15 years carrying all that pressure by herself. All of Japan wanted to see history made by Yoshida yesterday, but unfortunately it didn't occur. However, even without the fourpeat, the country still proudly believes Saori Yoshida is the greatest female wrestler to ever play the game, and her legend and legacy isn't lessened in any way due to the loss. If anything, the fact that her first individual match loss ever came in the shape of the first women's wrestling gold medal for U.S. might be as fitting and worthy of a situation it could be for her first loss.

Past the initial shock, this probably was a best case scenario for a loss for Yoshida. Imagine, had Yoshida lost due to an injury suffered due to rough play in earlier rounds and had to forfeit. Or, her knees and back issues had reached the limit, forcing a surgery. Or, had she lost due to what could be seen like a missed or biased judging. Or, had she lost due to fluke points, then an opponent that just focused on fleeing until the time came. They all would end in a loss, except the country would be stuck in "what-if" debates and bitterness toward "the one" who won. Instead, we got an opponent who won with takedowns, and continued to fight until the last seconds with dignity, pride and respect...the way we loved watching Yoshida win for a decade and a half.

Helen Maroulis, thank you for being "the one" who showed everything to win, proved you should win, and deserved to win. That historical night, from everyone's eyes you were the strongest 53kg wrestler in the Arena. We hope to see you again in Tokyo, and hopefully, the gold medal match will yet again feature two women, each bearing the flag of the Rising Sun and the Star-Spangled Banner.

Not for a simple revenge match, but with hope to have another memorable, classic match once again"
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