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  2. OK, I went to Wikipedia for results on these two guys. Taylor 1 Olympic Gold 1 World Championships Gold 2 World Cup Golds 3 Pan American Golds 1 Ivan Yarygin gold At 86kg (World's toughest tournament) 3 US Open Gold 3 US Open Silver Total medals 14 Dake 1 Olympic Bronze 2 World Championships Gold 1 World Cup Gold 1 Pan American Gold 1 Ivan Yarygin Silver At 79 kg (Worlds Toughest Tournament) 2 US Open Golds 1 US Open Silver Total medals 9 From this data, it would appear that Taylor has had the more successful senior Freestyle career. I see the Yarygin tourney as a differentiator here as well as Olys. But it must not be forgotten that Taylor has not defeated Dake head to head in Freestyle, and they have had a few matches. mspart
  3. Eagle, you should have conferred with @shakaaloha first. He might say the same but he might not. Not to say I don't agree with you. I do. mspart
  4. For sheer dominance, Taylor. But Dake is there too, but for the recent Bronze. I blame bad sushi or fugu. Gable had a great year but not years. JB was the best p4p until Dake unseated him. I would have to say Taylor and Dake are our US P4P best. mspart
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  6. Mokoma, I did not. If he was wrestling in the 2021 WC's he would have been in my list. It is a murderer's row for sure and would be more so with Gable. No takeaways from Gwiz but Gable proved himself on the mat for everyone to see. I really wish he would wrestle this tourney but it is too late for that now. WC does not ring like Oly Champ in WWE. mspart
  7. What would a p4p ranking look like based on current level of ability (as opposed to best resume)?
  8. Did you forget about JB or is that a purposeful omission? I don’t see how you could put him in the “fuzzy” category with everyone else when he is the clear favorite on paper. If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask@ShakaAloha because he knows more than me.
  9. It’s simple. With all the head to head wins, you must consider Dake the better wrestler. However, Taylor has had the better career thus far because of his Olympic gold. If I need to know anything about wrestling or sports, I ask@ShakaAloha because he knows more than me.
  10. I blame Rob Koll’s influence on the conference.
  11. Yeah I hear ya and was thinking the same thing. And thinking being the guy to really get things going at IU might be very attractive. But if RTC is important, and there’s an RTC calling with two Olympic champ coaches and that just bagged four Olympic medals…..tough to resist.
  12. Bwahahaaha. Guess I should have read the whole thread before responding.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUNKbKEFIAy/
  14. Yes my exact thoughts and the fact he has been being coached by the tsirtsis brother and Escobedo for years now. The rtc part does scare me but hell he might just look at their rtc and say they fit his needs. He does have 3 solid guys (Escobedo, tsirtsis, Jordan) to train and mentor from and they are on the uprise of getting more and more talent there. Just wish he’d commit already so I can stop wondering lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I wish I lost that well when I was wrestling!
  16. "Second place is the first loser" - a No Fear t-shirt from 1994
  17. Maybe so. Deakin also won a Junior World Silver soon after the match.
  18. Oregon State will have a banger of a schedule- Campbell/Lehigh at home @ Penn State @Journeymen @ Iowa @Cliff Keen @National Duals Utah Valley in Boise @Penn/Drexel Little Rock at home @N. Colorado @Wyoming @Arizona St Nebraska at home @Bakersfield @Stanford
  19. Just another example of my team leading the way. Women and senior citizens are welcome in this wrestling room!
  20. It is going to happen a bunch over the next 4 years. The free Covid year is the primary cause of it. Iowa is old this year, but PSU, maybe Cornell, and probably some others will be ancient in the future.
  21. 133 was his best weight. The only reason he ever wrestled 157 was to give the littler kids a chance.
  22. IIRC, that was when Yianni was a HS senior recovering from two elbow surgeries.
  23. Because he was trying to grow into it while not cutting any weight. That’s where he fit best for the team. They had the Alton’s already at 141 and 149.
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