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  2. I'm assuming the MAC will lose qualifiers because of this. Am I wrong on this? Not sure what the procedures are anymore.
  3. It is a 2 year degree for the Individual, but that wouldn't stop the team from winning every year. They are allowed to have new kids on the team! ;)
  4. 3 titles...Hmm....I thought JC was 2 year degree? Shows how much I know.
  5. And three of the top six teams were from out West (Clackamas # 1 - Western Wyoming # 2 and North Idaho # 6): https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/April/22/Clackamas-wins-third-straight-NJCAA-national-title
  6. Awesome. Very similar careers. Both stymied by an American. Interesting how Rulon's legacy is tightly coupled to Karelin's name, but Maroulis' is not. Despite having no practice at defending leg attacks, I'll take The Russian Bear in a crushing sub ten second pinfall.
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  8. The same Zane Coleman who has wrestled exactly ONE time in TWO years at Arizona State - and lost 7-1 in that one match to the Little Rock starter (Triston Wills) this past season?
  9. Maybe more of a HS wrestling angle, but has anyone followed this story? I don’t know much about the stock market, but seems very weird. An NJ coaching legend is the CEO of a deli that was worth $100 million (although it may have dropped now, not sure) that’s only done $35k in sales in the last 2 years. Never heard of this website, but thought this article was a little better read than some of the mainstream ones, throwing in a few more wrestling tidbits and describing Paulsboro pretty accurately - https://defector.com/a-cnbc-reporter-ruined-my-lunch-plans-a-visit-to-the-n-j-deli-worth-100-million/ Doesn’t seem that Morina (the coach) has actually been accused of anything, but apparently the company does have a lot of shady connections, including with one of Morina’s HS teammates - https://www.inquirer.com/business/hometown-international-deli-james-t-patten-securities-barred-wall-street-20210421.html And in an interesting twist, the NJ state tournament is this weekend.
  10. Ben Askren took a paycheck to get beat up, which I would argue is exactly what he did in the UFC, definitely what he did at beat the streets with jordan burroughs, and absolutely what he did with jake paul. Also, he at this point is neither competing nor an athlete of elite calibur, and outside of the relatively narrow window of non-submission grappling/wrestling, many would argue never really was.
  11. Correct. It's a good move for MU. I can't imagine the MAC schools are going to be too broke up over this either.
  12. I was at LA in '84. To tell the truth, it was not great. A lot of empty seats, even though it was sold out. This was likely due to people buying all-session tickets and then only attending a few. Not a ton of energy. Track and field was exciting.
  13. I don't think so, it's not like they would be leaving the MAC, lol
  14. is it just wrestling then?
  15. You may have overlooked him. (Pun intended).
  16. The hypoglossal, glassopharyngeal (sp?), and the vagus nerves come together right under the ear. If your jaw hits them, you go down. At least, this is what I've heard . . . could be bs? In any event, it seems like Lawler piss-pounded those nerves and a half dozen more and Askren still managed to get up.
  17. People fail to realize getting knocked out is not necessarily about how hard you were hit; it's more about where and how you were hit. A well placed punch to the jaw that causes your neck to take a sharp twist may do the trick, even if it's not the most powerful punch.
  18. You're right. Maybe the problem was that when the ref asked if he was lucid enough to continue, Askren started offering crypto-investment advice. The ref, like everone else, immediately concluded that he was out of it.
  19. That was really an enjoyable match to watch. Taha Akgul was in charge the entire time. Kozyrev needed a breather there with 30 seconds left, hoping that catching his breath would give him a chance to give a final blast effort. His knee didn't seem to be bothering him at all. The slap of frustration with 5 seconds left was unnecessary and he deserved the caution and one. I disagree with the next caution and one, which basically was Kozyrev starting to wrestle before the whistle, super common in freestyle. I had to watch the final seconds a few times to catch the final head butt there at the end. What an ass. He was beaten and that was not called for. He deserved the disqualification. Taha Akgul gave him a piece of his mind there at the end, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be scared witless by an enraged Akgul, even if he did just finish 6 minutes of tough wrestling. What's your take on Steveson's chances against Taha? I imagine Akgul will come prepared for gold, and he is comfortable on the big stage. Can Gable take him out? I tend to doubt it.
  20. I do not expect Hosseinkhani to represent Iran. The likely person they will send, Emami is much better, but not a threat to Dake either
  21. The last 30 seconds of the Turkey-Russia heavyweight final is pretty crazy, especially the last 10 seconds. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6848463-2021-senior-european-championships/videos?facets={"Weight Class":["125 kg"]}&playing=6987099
  22. Probably best for the team is for Teemer to be at 157 and Valencia to be at 165. There is still Zane Coleman that can fill a hole at 174 if Munoz bumps up.
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