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  2. McKenna with a controlling 8-2 victory for bronze.
  3. McKenna vs Kozan (TUR) - Mckenna in deep on anckle and upbut Turkey is able to get leg down and away. Wow. Nice work by Turk. Now McKenna needs to stay on knees as they are near edge. OOB, grounded called. McKenna in and up to a body lock but breaks it as Turk turns and whizzers. McKenna is getting in deep but inability to convert is an issue. Turk reaches for McKenna but McK steps away. Kozan on clock BTW. 1 pt McKenna as clock winds down. McKenna in deep on double leg. Turk stops him, pulls over. 2 given to Turk, but McKenna holds legs, gets control and gets a turn!! and a gut turn ... Missing some of this score. 3 turns? Not sure. Says 7-2 McKenna. Red has thrown challenge brick. Challenge lost. 8-2 McKenna. end of period now 2nd period - Turk working a 2 on 1, McKenna away. Passivity McKenna. 2 on 1 again. Now McKenna pulls away and has a front headlock. Kozan tries to peak head out and torque, McKenna holds but breaks grip. McKenna now blocking off. 50 sec. McKenna with head pulls and then turns and gets away. Turk now grownded as McKenna works front headlock near edge. Turk tries something as McKenna gets around back. No points. Slip? McKenna win 8-2.
  4. Big props to Malik for really working on his game and improving. Legit AA threat this year.
  5. With Cochran's loss at 184, I believe Maryland is done for the Tournament.
  6. Graff wrestled that match way closer than I thought he would.
  7. Get Omania a bid at 149 And have him and Parco (Fresno State) wrestle in the 1st round at NCAAs (both CA State and Fargo Greco National Champs for Mark Halvorson)
  8. i swear the guy calling the NAIA finals on ESPN+ was the same guy who was calling B1G semis. the hasta lasagna dude. how is that possible?
  9. 9th Place Semi's Wins by Cronin (125), Barnett (125), D. Braunagel (165), Jordan (184), & Z. Braunagel (184) put them in 9th place matches enhancing their At-Large bids. Loss (by forfeit) by Sparks (165) does not help his chances & is likely injured.
  10. jimmy cinnabunk will bet - he just won't pay...
  11. I am watching on BTN+...... Three mats simultaneously and no annoying announcers.
  12. As a matter of fact, I am a principal in a personal bet mediation company. We'll handle your transactions safely, discretely and securely. Before placing a bet, both parties must place their stake into escrow. This is done via our bitcoin wallet, 5AE4A94E8CBF420CBE9236D176A24B78AF Thanks and look forward to being a part of your online gaming experience.
  13. Red is currently on Mat 1. Howard-Heinselman coming up on Mat 2. SeaBass coming up on 3.
  14. thanks. i didn't see it on the front page but it's on the events list.
  15. Foley just about pinned himself looking for that tilt.
  16. Sparks (Minny) must be injured as he just forfeited his 9th place semi match. He should still get an At-Large bid but you have to wonder how injured he is ?
  17. is there a live bracket for this somewhere? arena and track don't seem to have it.
  18. He definitely gave one or two guys an easier path to qualifying.
  19. One of the Michigan State coaches just cheered on FOley by using his full name. "COME ON RAYVON FOLEY!" You know, in case he thought it was a different Rayvon on the mat.
  20. KAZ a great scrambler. The ankle pick for a stalemate in the first when Graff got in on a leg was fantastic. Getting the exposure to take the lead was great too. Couldn't shoot but made it impossible for Graff to convert except the one time when KAZ fell down and Graff jumped on his back.
  21. Was Decatur not allowed to wrestle in the 9th place bracket due to not making weight yesterday or was it his coaches decision ? Getting 2 wins & finishing 9th (1 spot out) would have helped his cause for an At Large bid.
  22. It may have been mentioned above but I really think Lee was going for all pins this year to solidify the award, but his quarterfinal result threw a wrench in that one.
  23. I believe Murin's was even worse. Well, actually, it looks like they just didn't do a 9th place bracket for 149. Still, at least his other highly ranked brother didn't do the same thing!
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