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  2. With the monthly fee you also get other content beyond the event, whereas with the one time fee you only get t he one time event (I assume). Oh, and wrestlinhgphish, don't forget to cancel your Rokfin subscription. The month is almost over.
  3. Mental health community will explain how serious suicidal minds are a health issue.
  4. Guys... keep in mind that it is The Grim Reaper who started this thread. He may have some inside info.
  5. https://gorunners.com/news/2020/9/24/rivera-steps-down-as-csub-wrestling-coach.aspx
  6. Today
  7. I don’t believe exhibition matches without weigh ins should be considered for rankings (with the obvious caveat that rankings don’t really matter). Colon vs Gross was exciting, but what did those guys weigh? Has either of them made 57kg for a two day weigh in yet? At least the NLWC event had weight classes that were publicly known, though I guess we don’t know for sure that everyone made weight. Nickal and Dieringer is another one where I have questions. Bo has not wrestled 86kg (though 190 is pretty darn close), while Dieringer won Bill Farrell and beat Martin. How much stock should we put in a 1-1 exhibition that wasn’t at the weight where they are ranked?
  8. I'm sure you're correct on that. I was simply going by the bio page on the Penn State wrestling website which has this on Schnupp "Sophomore Devin Schnupp returns after starting the last two seasons for the Nittany Lions at 125 pounds."
  9. From the official PAC-12 press release: "For the Winter sports of wrestling, women’s gymnastics, and men’s & women’s swimming and diving, each university will determine when practice may commence in accordance with local public health official guidance and the situation on campus." https://pac-12.com/article/2020/09/24/pac-12-announcement
  10. He literally beat guys who trained the style their whole lives at Pan Ams. Curious what evidence makes you think that Nate Jackson, Gabe Dean, Drew Foster, and Sammy Brooks could all beat a Pan Am Champ? All are great wrestlers but it’s not like any have a huge resume of international success. If Provisor won an international tournament with those four in it, would any count as notable wins? I’m not saying Provisor would beat them all for sure, but it would be interesting to see how he does.
  11. The NLWC/CKWC event was only $10 but I believe it’s a monthly recurring subscription so if you forgot to cancel (like I always do) you will be charged monthly until you shut it off. This is a one time, one off event. also, I believe the “open” is a technicality that allows the wrestlers with remaining eligibility an opportunity to compete since its not an invitational but could be wrong.
  12. You believe everything you read?
  13. Maybe the way to think about this event is not really targeted at the general wrestling fan, but rather Hawkeye fans, who will see this event as kind of a fundraiser to support the athletes/program and therefore not take issue with the $30 price .
  14. Update: Today, because of his tremendous will, and fight in his heart...my father beat odds that very very few people have been able to beat with this thing. After four weeks of ICU, three on the ventilator with one of those weeks being on max settings, and a stroke after the ventilator being removed, it took him six days to fight himself into leaving the hospital. Thankful to the hospital staff and their making special arrangements so I could spend these last six days with him. He will spend at least the next two weeks in a rehab facility where he will again be isolated. He will never be the same. One of the last things the Dr said to me before wheeling him out was that he will likely have chronic issues from here on out. But he survived. He took everything this evil virus threw at him, and believe me when I tell you it just kept on coming. But he kept fighting and he survived. I'm not going to repeat the things I've already said in this thread. I'm just going to say be smart, be safe, and god damnit love one another. That is all. #GetHimHome!
  15. can you elaborate? Set what track charges? How does this relate to the proportion of the profit being sent to the organizers? Very curious, my perspective on track was based on being a consumer, not an organizer.
  16. Lee and DeSanto could be huge draws. The next set of guys would be on par with the intrigue of the recent NLWC card. That would be Marinelli, Kemerer and Eirman. Being an active NCAA wrestler gives an automatic interest boost. After that—any current HWC members well that is another level down. They will need to maximize everything to make the $30 worth it for fans not considering this a charitable fundraiser for the club.
  17. I hate to pile on, but Gilman has come a long way too. He used to say a lot of really stupid stuff, but he's backed off on that big time, and not just sense switching clubs.
  18. Thanks for the info, I just don't think that one tournament with no notable wins is evidence for him beating guys who train the style.
  19. Oh that’s what you were triggered about? I thought it was the second part where I said he had international freestyle success. Do you often feel accused?
  20. They would need to compete for the card to be worth $30
  21. No, he beat Canada, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico to win his bracket. When you stack up his international freestyle resume against the four guys already named in the tournament (Dean, Brooks, Jackson, and Foster), he is more credentialed than at least two of them. He would be more than competitive with the rest of the field, imo.
  22. No...thats you. You were the one who accused me of claiming foresight for stating an opinion. Which was childish.
  23. I wouldn’t be able to say without stating an opinion, which for some reason triggers you.
  24. yeah Pan ams. Did he have a tough cuban?
  25. Is this any less childish in your eyes? Ben has won an international freestyle wrestling tournament.
  26. Was this Hall’s true kindergarten year, or his RS kindergarten year?
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