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  2. I understand being a little skeptical on Chittum, but if you know anything about the Nelson family at all I think he is all in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. With Ramos transferring they could still use a 125/133 from the 2023 class, whichever weight Spratley will not be. Could use another 49/57 stud from 2023 whichever weight Chittum will not be. But they have plenty of depth recruits in each of those weight ranges, guys ranked in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. If the opportunity is there to get some top p4p kids in those ranges they need to jump on it. Hopefully some more of those kids are looking their way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm always skeptical about earlier commitments. Two studs for sure though.
  5. I agree.... I think the biggest part of this is being able to make money off of your likeness or just to get a job like any other kids- autographs, jerseys, social media, camps, etc. Every athlete can do this - can make their own brand no matter what school you are at. If a school/NCAA has a big name athlete then they are going to have to pay up to use their image if they use it. The better the athlete and marketing the better pay off. Another question to "As the Wrestling World Turns"... will some schools get better recruits because of agreements to use their image more than other schools will because they can afford to do that? As one other poster said, will being a big fish in a small pond actually be more beneficial because you will get more opportunities to brand your image? All questions with no answers.
  6. Can we get back to the Team USA Predictions? This is a USA Wrestling forum. Sure... others from the around the world chiming in are nice, but... let's all play nice in the sandbox.
  7. Sapiens? I guess you meant pseudo-science. You going to recommend Gladwell next? Of course sporting success is correlated with economic prosperity. That's a fairly obvious statement but thanks for the lesson, oh learned one.
  8. I don't have the data for when they had a special wrestle off but I do for Russian Nationals winners repping Russia at Worlds/Olympics since 2008. Coincidentally there have been 100 reps sent to world/olympics in that time frame. 83/100 times the Russian Nationals winner went on to represent Russia at worlds/Olympic. 14 of those who took the place of Russian Nationals winners won medals (6 golds, 3 silvers, 5 bronze). Sadulaev looks to be the only one this year. Uguev, Sidakov, and Sadulaev didn't wrestle in 2019 Russian Nationals but went on to rep Russia (and win gold) at worlds. Rashidov was the only one in 2018 and he went on to win silver. All Russian nationals winners repped Russia at 2017 worlds.
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  10. The last guy this year will be A. Sadulaev - He did not go to Russian Nationals and to my knowledge he did not have to through a wrestle off. I am not meaning that as a criticism of Russia but that is the answer to your question.
  11. just going to quote this for the comedic value... you kids carry on...
  12. If the coaches did pick the team they would have picked Snyder and would have been right. It’s Snyder’s spot until beaten domestically. You are putting way to much stock into the much weaker non Olympic weight. Remember Cox has never won gold at an Olympic weight.
  13. In case you don't remember Myles Amine recently took a loss to T. Hidlay who is good but not as good as the top 5 to 6 guys who would have been backing up DT - In my OP I stated that I thought Bo and Zahid could beat the guys who would be #s 4 to 8 in this Olympic field. I stated that #s 9 through 16 would likely lose to many of the USA's guys further down the ladder and I don't think that would apply to any other weight at the Olympics. We can agree to disagree.
  14. Oof. Bulgaria will be missing your generous contributions, @MizzouGrad. That is all.
  15. Also here is Paul Graham's hierarchy of disagreement. The man practically built the internet from scratch.
  16. It's too bad you are about 25 years behind on Sports Science and its correlation with GPD. There's decades of research looking at sports specialization and the role of $$. Start with the book Sapiens. It's a good starter.
  17. Soccer is a poverty sport. In the US, its upper middle-class white kids who play soccer. Look at the world's best soccer players and see where they are form. Inversely, it's our wealth and economic privileges that hurts us in soccer. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - one of the greatest players of the last generation - basically said the pay-to-play traveling soccer culture in the USA makes it impossible for us to reach our potential. He was quoted here last year: Zlatan Ibrahimovic: ” It has to be said that the sport is expensive, very expensive. For example, in order for my children to play in a good football team, I have to pay $ 3,500 per child. It is not for the figure, but for the whole concept. I dislike it very much because not everyone has the money needed and the sport should be something for everyone, because it unites people of whatever origin. Pelé became a champion without anything, he played with a ball made of rags. Football is the finest sport in the world.” Wrestling is still a blue-collar sport that doesn't require a lot of money to participate in. Meanwhile, travel baseball, travel hockey and travel soccer are dominated by upper-middle class white Americans. It's no surprise that these sports aren't getting our best athletes, because your average American doesn't have $5,000-$10,000 to spend per child on athletics.
  18. So all wrestling programs are doing fine because they bring in revenue. ;_;
  19. It's almost as if wrestling has more cultural significance in other places around the world and gets a higher share of those places elite athletes. On the list of reasons for why the US isn't the top wrestling country in the world, our WTT process is so far down the list you can't even see it. Keep crying because your guy missed weight. We all know you wouldn't be here if he hadn't.
  20. I think that's actually the wrong question. NCAA athletic departments are not designed to generate profit, so using the current revenue vs. expense numbers isn't that helpful. The revenue is there, and the school has to decide how to spend it. Do you want a barbershop in your team building (almost all SEC football teams have this), or should you give the players some money? Should you redirect some portion of the millions paid to coaches to the athletes. Ohio State's football staff list has 39 people on it (https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/staff-directory/sports/m-footbl/). Perhaps they can get by with a paltry 30.
  21. In one of his Flo-episodes, he talks about bio-hacking. I watched a Netflix documentary and it seems to be about hacking your genetics with a “gene splicer” to give you enhanced physical attributes. Specifically by using the CRISPR protein to splice into DNA and add or delete a gene. One such “therapy” is using CRISPR to splice into DNA at the Myostatin gene to block myostatin production. Myostatin is what blocks muscles from getting bigger. If you delete that, your muscles will get bigger without the need to lift weights. If you amplify Myostatin production, your muscles will decrease (like muscular dystrophy). The medical field sees this as a way to cure disease. However, you can order a “do it yourself” CRISPR kit and get massive, if you wanted.
  22. Great story! I got rag dolled by Dennis Paulson in 8th grade...good times...goooood times.
  23. The ground squirrels are going to be sneaky good next year.
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