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  3. My appendix would have taken me out at nine. Stoopid modern medicine.
  4. Ah yes, the good old days before modern medicine when people typically died before age 35. What a golden age that was.
  5. Our lifestyles mess things up. It's a fact. The vast majority of medical problems - heart disease, diabetes, cancer, to name just a few. are due to lifestyle - what we eat, stress, polution, tabacco, alchohol, drugs, etc.. Again, we survived just fine for almost the entirety of our species' history without modern medicine. The modern lifestyle necessitated modern medicine. I'd be happy to give up both.
  6. But the guys didn’t know that would be the result of it and was probably freaked out by the whole situation to immediately tell someone about it. Even if he did Gacy world be out of jail quick enough to continue his sick ambitions. In retrospect it super sucks, but don’t hold it all over his head.
  7. Great call. He was amazing on his feet, but had next to nothing in the folk style mat game. I feel like he is often forgotten because his younger brother stole the spotlight with his international success. But I remember seeing Muzzafar take down some NCAA studs with ease.
  8. Wow! That’s sad to think that they all could have been prevented if he had gone to the police
  9. I initially asked this on the collegiate board and had every intention of asking it here, but I just didn't get around to it. I imagine there are a lot of matches that never took place for one reason or another throughout the international career of wrestlers. Olympics have been boycotted and I imagine just the way international competition is handled, there are scenarios where two top wrestlers in the same weight class at the same time just never happened. What are some of the bigger ones? What are some of the matches that should have happened, but we were deprived of seeing? It seems like international competitions are based around one representative per country, so what about just two wrestlers that you know would have made a fun match regardless of whether they were the top wrestler for their country? Maybe some amazing potential match between the second best American and the third best Russian?
  10. How does greyshirting save Cornell money?
  11. Another friend...her dad was in a nursing home in Southern NJ and he died after contracting it(like pretty much everybody else there) and that was mid April. So, unfortunately, I do know several people who have died/ had loved ones die because of Covid. It's no joke and I understand people thinking it wouldn't be a big deal, but if you came across somebody who was asymptomatic and you got sick because of that....
  12. One of my good friends died at the end of April, lived on Long Island, but worked in the city. Another friend of mine, her father in law died in March and he lived in Paterson, NJ.
  13. Ty Cobb was a great believer in chopping wood for exercise. He hit .367 lifetime.
  14. Splitting rails is one heck of a workout!
  15. Also hard to say genetics and talent you are born with doesn’t matter when you have a BROTHER who was also an NCAA champ. im not dismissing the importance of hard work. It’s vital. But to act like there is no such thing as natural talent is to be completely naive.
  16. So one Lizak match and coasting against 1 other guy with a comfortable lead is a trend? Oh, and that other guy’s best position just so happened to be top. Oh, and he just so happens to be from Michigan and was a hammer on top even then. Yes, the Cruz decision was a serious brain fart. Case in point is how he was able to get the escape with short time left to get the match to OT. He chooses bottom to start the 3rd he is an NCAA champ now.......
  17. Yesterday
  18. Cornell has posted a draft of its 2020-21 roster. The Olympic Three are back, as is Yapoujian. No Stroker, no incoming freshmen yet. Nothing surprising about weights -- Furman still listed at 285. As I was posting this I thought of a question -- if there's not going to be a wrestling season in 2020-21, should the NCAA allow a second greyshirt year before enrollment? Not granting another year to athletes because the NCAA tournament was canceled was one thing, but this would allow students not yet in school to delay their enrollment and save their teams some dough on budgets that we know are being trimmed, at least in the short term.
  19. Just saw this video -- haven't watched it all, but had to share!
  20. Can't believe Lincoln cut much weight; he was pretty gaunt as it was.
  21. Yeah, that damn modern medicine just messes everything up. My whole family should have just accepted death or crippling injuries.
  22. Are you joking? You really think he took neutral against cruz because he had a brain fart? Thats ridiculous. Lambert from nebraska rode him out in the dual, and for like 1:30 at big tens, and I can't find the match but I am pretty sure Piccinni turned him at NCAAs (then got pinned but i'm not arguing piccini was better). You may have forgotten but there was a distinct and surprising trend where people started riding him a lot.
  23. It looks like the assault on Anthony preceded most, if not all, the murders
  24. Flo recently did the all time state all star teams. I disagreed with a couple of their picks and wanted to get others opinions. I am a self aware Ohio homer but thought they got these ones wrong: Eric Guerrero over Alan Fried-I would really like to hear from Okie State fans on this one. Fried was one of my heroes growing up and was a freakin animal. 6 career losses and 5 of them were to Tom Brands. As great as Guerrero was I don't see him beating Al Fried. Chris Perry over Kevin Randleman-I'm more certain they got this one wrong. Chris Perry was a great technician and super crafty but I don't think he would have had anything for Kevin's combination of quickness, power, and tenacity. This may have been due to recency bias as most of those flo guys are to young to have watched Randleman compete in college.
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