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  2. Where is the chat that the FailWrestling guys are mentioning? Of course streams are down. FailWrestling continues to be a laughing stock. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Are you not familiar with last year's WTT at all?
  4. Ultimate perp walk. Look at Deputy Fife’s magnificent pose!
  5. World Team Trials and 3 of the 6 feeds are frozen. Fire your entire technical staff and start over.
  6. Aaaaaand Flow's Mat #2 is gone... Perfect.
  7. Don’t have to be American to be a wrestling doper. I share your opinion. DT should not be accused of doping without hard evidence. No comment on his training team’s reputation.
  8. Interesting. You give Ringer and Starocci a 35% chance to beat JB and like one of them to beat the #1 seed McFadden. I agree that McFadden is a sleeper #1 seed. Has either Ringer or Starocci ever faced JB?
  9. Guesses: Arujau 30% Megaludis of Graff 35% Nolf 20% Starocci 35% Ringer 35% Zahid 15-20% Hall 10-15% Jackson 5% Moore 5%
  10. If it's a coach/training situation, does that mean an ASU coach is leaving? If I remember correctly ASU was not on his list of visits. A lot guys train part-time with different clubs. If you look at the list of athletes at Sunkist they don't all train there full time.
  11. I would attribute it to two factors: 1. I assume most people's intro to this board is through the college board and that yhey discover the international board later (that is my experience, so maybe I am just projecting). 2. Recency bias with respect to college results. Two wrestlers coming off 5 total titles are favored.
  12. Of the guys wrestling today, who has the best chance or even a good chance of beating the guy sitting in Final X?
  13. So, Bo Nickal beats PD3 in the octagon via strikes or submission?
  14. I have no evidence, but I wonder if charging a small amount ($5 or even $3) would actually increase attendance. If you charge nothing, you are sending a message in a way that it's worth nothing. Also, the team administrators won't feel the need to improve the fan experience. I know that at Columbia, they charge noting and basically put a couple of rows of folding chairs around a mat. I realize that NYC is not wrestling country and that Columbia will never draw well. But Columbia is not a terrible team. If they made it look like they cared and charges a small token, I think they'd draw a bit more.
  15. Obe Blanc, Daton Fix..Who else from the U.S. of note has recently been caught? Armstrong was part of an entire team of dopers-everyone had tested positive or been caught except him (until he as eventually caught).
  16. For the first three minutes and a half he is a worse matchup. After that he will get exposed every time.
  17. Ringer is susceptible to being exposed once in a blue moon. Look what Martin did to him. He still proved to be right up there until hos ACL tear and would have been a factor at 86 KG OTT had he not done so. There won't be a stronger 79 KG in the field today and he will not let himself het in that same position with Joseph. He isn't IMar. I expect Ringer to comfortably win each match today.
  18. I’d be happy for him. But would like to see his toolkit expanded before making this prediction.
  19. ionel

    Derek Fix

    So you are saying: tested/safe steroids. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. I am rather shocked both Lee and Johnny D are such heavy 'favorites' here. I would have expected ~10-15% less.
  21. As of 10:20 AM (US-Eastern, 40 minutes before the show starts) we have these results: Lee (37) over Maple (8) - 82% Diakomihalis (33) over McKenna (12) - 73%
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