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  3. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/live-stream-schedule-for-ncaa-division-i-wrestling-jan-27th-jan-31st/79921
  4. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6870328-ncaa-wrestling-week-five-streaming-guide
  5. Hey guys, Coach Fiorito I just dropped another Wrestling Mastery Video. This time covering Go Behind / Backside singles from young phenom Takuto Otoguro and living legend Jordan Burroughs. I've been slacking with the videos. I told myself to put out one per month. Got a new job and needed to adjust. I have another 85% done will be releasing next week (Helen Maroulis Foot Sweep). Let me know what you think.
  6. Just know that there is some loco in flocoin.
  7. You will recieve a check everytime someone watches or perhaps they will pay you in magic flocoin.
  8. Yesterday
  9. The original purpose of the NCWA was to provide the opportunities you sated above. However, it seems to have evolved into its own. Besides being a platform for programs to organize and build, many teams are happy to jusy stay there and avoid facing cuts especially with Title iX. The more flexibility in rules and regulations are a welcomed change in many instances. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see a dramatc shift in the paradigm.
  10. I can't image why they would.
  11. Are they having fans at Northwestern? Would love to see Penn St. live.
  12. I'm definitely biased. But DeAug. and Yahya can win, and Deakin and Davison ought to win, so yeah, four wins is possible. Btw, it's NU not NW as most people abbreviate it.
  13. I agree, on any level, programs are struggling when they can't get the numbers. Being that wrestling is an individual sport, wrestlers can enter tournaments with a few wrestlers but dual meets leave teams with many forfeits. So going "club" seems practical when faced with axing the program due to lack of participants and overall interest. I think NCWA was formed to allow schools any arena to grow the sport into a viable program. Also, when schools lost programs due to Title iX trimming even though the interest was still there with a good number participating. So it seems to have foung a niche for college teams to compete, The top schools can compete at a higher level and some might be school-supported to do so. Some do eventually jump to NCAA/NAIA but some are content where they are. Also. D1 schools might not want to spend the money to compete at a higher level,
  14. So 18 or 19 for Penn State to 12 for Northwestern. Seems bvn wuite biased with all the breaks towards NW. NW doesn't win more than 3 matches against Penn State and that is with Auggie and Deakin in. Less without one and MAYBE one match if both are out. All this said, if neither show up then neither win a single match.
  15. I feel like we created the film for them from the last 12 years of threads on the toughest bracket. Will our names show up in the credits?
  16. This might sound cliche but watching him in France he seems like he wants it more and is totally focused on winning a gold medal. He just looked super focused and he has a great coach with him. I would be surprised if he didn't make Final X. In a bracket with those guys he would only need to beat 2 of them.
  17. I'll freely grant he isn't head and shoulders above these guys, but he will beat Vito or Gross 80% of the time. I think he'll beat Fix and Gilman in low scoring matches more often than not. I look for him to wear Lee down. Particularly if they are in the 2/3 series.
  18. Yes, if they allowed it to grow, the way you stated, their programs would be on par with the Northeastern and Midwest programs elsewhere. In California, collegiate wrestling is struggling, but high school remains very strong. In the South, their heyday seemed to be coming until Charley Pell, et al, through their collective weight around to the demise of wrestling programs favoring more scholarship money, more weight rooms and office space, etc. for football.
  19. I'm with you but I also wouldn't be surprised if he did take the leap. He has head/hands defense down pat, offense looked good in Nice, but the big question is the gas tank after sucking down - ESPECIALLY if he makes it to day 2. Lee, Gilman, and Vito are the only ones that I'm not worried about being affected by the cut now that Fix won't be taking swigs out of the wrong water bottle to cut any more.
  20. It is crazy to me how many people are taking Suriano. Suriano is not running through a bracket with Lee, Fix, Gilman, Gross and Vito in it. He can beat one of those guys, but he is not beating multiple in one day.
  21. Episode 1 is out. My first distinct observation: Josh Churella appears to have aged 30 years since 2008.
  22. Good thing you you highlighted Lehighs dual against LIU...Might be only dual they Win this year
  23. Ferrante made 165 last week but lost a major and regular decision.
  24. Ex- Nu wrestler here. Likely one of the few posters on here who actually follows the team. 125 - The Dog by dec. 133- RBY by dec. over Chris Cannon, who was a teammate of my son on a youth team and is a great kid. 141- Lee over Valdiviez by dec. - Valdiviez looked very good against Chad Red and has finally added some muscle. 149- Yayha by dec. - he is very tough early in seasons and may have improved on bottom, which has been an Achille's heel. 157- Not sure who goes, but if it's Deakin, win by dec., if Mayfield, lose by dec. 165- Same- if Deakin, win by dec., if Ferrante, lose by major. 174- Fisher, loss by major. 184 - Jessen or HalvorsenLoss by tech. 197 - Davison by dec. This kid is good. Hwt.- Likely Heyob loss by major.
  25. 10 different universities, at 11 weights. And Dale Anderson (MSU 137 National Champion) use to post here...
  26. Does the Penn St. Department of Animal Sciences have a rapid breeding program for Nevills' or is it a straight cloning operation?
  27. The IOC released a statement this morning. The Japanese Olympic Committee is still forging ahead with plans to host the Olympics. The postings about a cancellation are nothing but rumors.
  28. 57 Suriano 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Taylor 97 Cox 125 Parris
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