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  2. thanks to everyone!! i love you guys!
  3. you shouldn't really trust some of Iranian journalists, the whole article is nonsense, they said there will be "some kind of trials" for all 10 weights. but 65, 74 and 79 will have their trials earlier because there are lots of candidates (more or less in the same level) in these 3 weights and because of COVID they want to reduce the number of wrestlers in the camp. 65kg and 79kg are already started today, (without any camera!!!) they postponed 74kg trials because apparently one of the wrestlers tested positive for COVID.
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  5. With the caveat that I don't know anything about MMA, and therefore couldn't draw many judgments about the assertions in this thread above, it seems to me that as a general matter the Askren comparison is a bad one for Downey. Askren was an extraordinary generational talent. He won two Hodge Trophies and is in a super elite league as a wrestler. He accomplished this with an undeniable genius and intelligence. Downey is highly talented and bright. But he's never shown the ability to harness that via discipline into anything near the success that Askren did. Not anywhere near the pinnacles that Askren reached. And, more importantly, not a drop of the consistency of excellence that Askren achieved over many years in many forums. A second tier AA at a tough weight as a sophomore and a 9th at Worlds after catching a lot of breaks to make the team, while indicative of the potential of what everyone concedes is his impressive talent and athleticism, doesn't indicate the likelihood of substantial success for a 28 year old lacking prior experience in the discipline and with a track record of not being able to stick with a productive training environment. Even mentioning Cejudo further demonstrates the problem. Cejudo, like Askren, had before joining MMA, demonstrated the ability to dedicate himself in a productive way to being successful (in his case at the highest of highest levels) by applying incredible commitment to get the most out of his literally world class talent. His experience as a young man coming from such a difficult background who could mind meld with Terry Brands and go all in to achieve what he did (and what Brands himself couldn't) is fundamentally different than the flashes Downey has shown.
  6. I'd like to see more competitive matchups, but maybe not to the extremes Iowa have taken where I think they are underdogs in almost all their matches. Somewhere squarely in the middle of where two of the top 3-4 powerhouses in the American wrestling world have fallen in their matchmaking.
  7. You're right. I should have just started one...
  8. He took 5th as a sophomore at 197. While not unprecedented by any means, I think that might qualify as "special." He'd be one of the best wrestlers (maybe the best active if Cejudo doesn't count, I don't really follow that closely), plus apparently has all that streetfighting experience. Like Ben Askren meets Jorge Masvidal (no pun intended)
  9. i am not a child... i don't "bet" on anything i have no control over... that is a playground game...
  10. Yep. Was hoping you would take the $100 bet so we have more reason to revisit in 36 months.
  11. like H3... we can revisit this post as many times in the future as necessary...
  12. No need, you clearly would not know them. Again, Downey = not special. People will take him in, invest in him and feel they are progressing and then it will go to crap. That will repeat one or 2 more times and then ... well that will be that. He has potential, like many many others. D1 graduates 100 driven beasts every year and then talent becomes one of many attributes needed.
  13. Joseph vs Dake. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  14. so... no names? gotcha... MMA is a waste land... downey will do just fine...
  15. No it isn’t. Downey isn’t special in MMA. Lots and lots of work for a wrestler like him to get high level. Many do it, many more don’t make it. he is as special to MMA as he was to NCAA Division 1 wrestling.
  16. coward? amusing... have you learned nothing?
  17. experienced? yes... trained more in multiple disciplines? yes... as athletically gifted and this close to their athletic prime? i would love to see a list of even 5... 100 is laughable...
  18. you're a real coward when it comes to straight questions.
  19. you made the silly requirement of 3 years... you know what that shows? lack of experience...
  20. There are 100 as talented as Downey in MMA right now — at least. He is a superior wrestler but will be inferior in many other areas and 27 isn’t young by any means for many, many in combat sports. I would bet $100 that in 3 years he is not even close to making $100k cumulative, let alone in a UFC title fight, which is 10000 to 1 at this point, even with his wrestling athleticism. the article is amusing, first suggesting he is top level training, then listing those top names at ATT and then saying “well, I don’t know if I will be in the room with them”.
  21. well, first... i'm not 12... secondly... name one fighter that was in a UFC title fight in 3 years of full time MMA training... not just within their first fight, but, just their training... because that is where downey is right now... just full time training...
  22. I'll bet you 100$ he isn't in a UFC title fight in the next 3 years.
  23. Mythical right wing terrorists? Are you denying they exist?
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