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  2. The streaming issues have a lot of variables to the host site's internet speed to your at home internet speed and everything in between. Things as simple as someone tripping over a plug can cause a mass event outage. Being at so many vastly different venues so often poses issues when trying to troubleshoot and configure things so it best suits a venue.
  3. Dake is the best wrestler in the country. Don't be ignorant. No one on earth even remotely close to his size can even get a whiff of him right now.
  4. His mat game was bad at the high school level. He will get brutalized underneath by good college guys. Elite on his feet though. One of the most intriguing prospects this year. Nothing would shock me.
  5. I don't know it either, but I can suggest they might get more money if athletes medal at certain events and maybe it's just the prestige to have Kyle Snyder in the room everyday to attract athletes to join Penn state // nlwc
  6. Everyone hates Duke and Christian Laettner.
  7. Remember Hayes is returning from injury. I don't know exactly when he was cleared for full go, but I do know he was still rehabbing while others were rolling. I think it makes sense to give him a bit more time before he has to wrestle off Sasso.
  8. I undoubtedly believe that Decatur needs and would benefit from a redshirt year.
  9. 133 Pletcher, 141 Hayes, 149 Sasso would be a brutal lineup for anyone to contend with. I don’t know if that’s how it’ll start but by the end of the season, could Pletcher and Hayes both pull a JJagers and atrophy their bodies down and be competitive?
  10. Pletcher was between 149-156.9 at certs.Not sure he even certed at 133
  11. I think we know more when we see if Decatur burns his redshirt at 33. If Decatur stays in redshirt, maybe Pletcher makes the cut to fit in Hayes at 141?
  12. It may be too long ago to consider, but he also holds a freestyle and greco win over Snyder at Fargo; they went 2-2 against each other at Cadet/Junior Nationals.
  13. If he goes 86 kg, I agree. Otherwise, no.
  14. Today
  15. Guess I am confused by the whole RTC thing. Let’s start w a few questions. Where does this money come from? What benefit is there to the RTC to bring in a big athlete? I sincerely apologize for my ignorance.
  16. Cox is right up there. For me, I just need to see him win an Olympic weight. That may not be fair, but that is how I feel.
  17. Burroughs has wins over Dake and Taylor in freestyle. Cox very well may be the best in the US today but the Snyder win was folkstyle, so I wouldn’t necessarily count that one since Snyder has beaten him in freestyle since then.
  18. Pletcher is wrestling off at 141 as well. Mattox at 157. This is just imo, but no way Sasso sits this year. Just. No. Way. So he will be their 149 imo. No way Pletcher sits either, so he is their 141. I think this basically pushes Hayes back up to 157 to eventually go against Mattox.
  19. He has spent a year working on Danish rolls, it's why he is up at 174 and ready to roll with Hall.
  20. One more thing. I will NEVER do business with rocket mortgage. Beat. Down.
  21. The tOSU twitter account says Sasso is wrestling off at 149, but also says Hayes will return to competition at 149 at MSU Open. Not sure what this means - do they plan to compete with each other for the spot at 149? Will the loser move up or down? Interestingly, the trackwrestling rankings have Hayes at 141 - not sure what their source is.
  22. I'm not so sure. It's just that UNC and NC State are higher profile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_33rd_Street https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rutgers–Princeton_Cannon_War Also, I bet both UNC and NC State hate Duke more than they hate each other.
  23. My main problem with them is when I am following a tourney on the dashboard and a damn advertisement pops up every 5 minutes.
  24. How will he deal with Hall's scrambling ability? This is what got him in trouble vs Nolf at 157.
  25. If he has any issues its most likely due to his having been injured multiple times. We all know it is no guarantee when wrestlers change weights too, and he jumped two weight classes. I think he will be good, but is he better than say Mike Labriola? I don't think that is a given. More like a toss up.
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