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  2. Having not watched one second of this event and relying totally on this thread and texts... DT better hope JB continues to crawdaddy... and Lee doesn’t want any of Gilman until he absolutely has to... results may vary...
  3. After watching Dean and Taylor there can be no conclusion other than Burroughs would, once again, send Taylor home crying to mama.
  4. Legit funny, but come on guys, he's been out a bit. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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  6. I'd say so. Some of these young bucks like Starocci and Kerkvliet will end up being monsters and there are quite a few medals in that room. Three olympic champs is a nice start.
  7. Cael: Here’s the list of wrestlers. You can introduce them before each match. I’m giving it to you ahead of time in case you want to plan ahead how you’ll introduce them. Willie: Nah, I’m gonna wing it. How many Hodge Trophies did Zain win? Cael: Two Willie: I will definitely remember that.
  8. Nickal was in the building there. In pre-production he was there in warmups. It isn't the 'rona.
  9. Different... Uhhh... Circumstances... But better than Foxcatcher as far as talent goes?
  10. I'll say it again, the NLWC at the moment is the best wrestling room ever in the usa.
  11. Quit trying to argue for absolutely no reason. You're better than that.
  12. Amen 11 matches in 105 minutes. A nice brisk pace. Its just a shame that they told Joe Lee to make it quick.
  13. Taylor says ball is in JBs court. As much as this Prima Dona crap from JB is annoying, I’m thinking that I don’t want JB to take the match ... big chance he can get hurt going so far up in weight.
  14. he's a behind the scenes guy i think.
  15. Nice job by NLWC on the production. Kept the matches moving. Good stream.
  16. He did have the one question he asked twice.
  17. DT getting too bulky? He looked a little heavy footed. Dean was actually close.
  18. That was brutal. Did he do any prep?
  19. That is a win for Dean in a way. I wonder if he is really going to go for a run for the Olympics. Getting that TD is a signal. Would love to see him buckle down and go for it.
  20. Taylor - "Good 6 minute match. Those are a blessing."
  21. Dean almost rocked the world. That was close. Good defense at the end for DT.
  22. How many people would a Gabe Dean throw-by attempt NOT work on? Yeesh. Very good wrestling match. A lot better than I thought it would be.
  23. Gabe Dean gave Taylor all he could handle, but Taylor comes away with the 6-2 win.
  24. Unmmm ... that was shockingly close.
  25. Gabe Dean very game.
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