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  2. i think he was specifically talking about the guys who got multiple medical redshirts and yeah, even more specifically kemerererer and probably micic.
  3. He was just taking shots at Iowa. There is an interesting difference between Koll and those coaches he cant beat. He feels free to talk down about other programs and the coaches he cant beat never do.
  4. I was going to say I am skeptical a successful HS coach wouldn't put competing at a higher level at the top of their list of priorities. Then I thought back to my kids HS coaches and realized that was an afterthought for them. At best.
  5. the building that holds the alleged new room for “a room “ is actually pretty new. 1-2 years old I think max.
  6. That’s fine to say. Just don’t complain about college and international results. It’s actually why I don’t think switching to freestyle would be as impactful as some think. It won’t matter if we continue using up our athletes best years 9/10 or more. I’m perfectly aware people are okay with this. Especially youth coaches who want to be taken as seriously as hs and college. That’s not my issue. My issue is people not being honest about how many athletes it’s using up for age group tournaments
  7. If anything I would say it speaks to how greatRuss Cozart is of a coach that he maximizes the kids abilities in high school
  8. If you wanna talk business I’d be more than happy to write up a piece.
  9. Go through his journey to the Rio gold medal. 75 GR quite possible the deepest, most decorated bracket in the history of Olympic Wrestling. (Haven’t looked that up to prove it but it was serious deep). Vlasov won the 2012 Games, as well as the 2011 and 2015 Worlds. His bracket through ‘16 was about as warrior as you can get on a wrestling mat.
  10. I am calling BS...no way PSU has a hole at 125
  11. Don't think i ever watched him, can I get a recommendation
  12. To summarize it looks like the reason could be: 1. Last chance qualifier - IMO this is probably the main driving force and the best reason to have it early. 2. Training cycles require more time for wrestling than other sports - this is probably true but I doubt that a full four months is required to get athletes to peak form again. 3. Weight - again, no way wrestlers need a full four months to get back to weight. In fact most compete in between trails and games so that they get another feel at the weight.
  13. Not sure I will be able to get through the show without a million heavyweight hand figting jokes and the always exciting Alien Hours. We are all truly better people having lived through those comedic masterpiences.
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  15. When national level coaches have told me their opinion. It becomes at minimum.. a less flawed assumption. The real issue with your little soapbox is you’re deliberately forgetting a key factor when discussing “flops”… the $$$… Pretty much every recruit discussed was given money by the team they joined to produce results. They were given more money than the average recruit to produce results.. There is a reason that shows about draft busts or “flops” talk about FIRST round draft picks.. the same logic applies here. and if you don’t understand the business aspect of DI.. I’m not going to fix your naïveté here and people are so deliberately obtuse about the development system we have in place. Defend it if you want but stop being deliberately ignorant about the flaws it has.. including using up talent too young
  16. What a difference it makes when your school allows grad students to compete. I'm sure that had no impact on his previous views lol.
  17. That is a quick turnaround from a month or two ago!
  18. He's allowed to change his stance on issues.
  19. Yep..... Here is where the club team practices - as seen on the UO website and the club team twitter https://rec.uoregon.edu/rooms/mat-room-47 I guess they didn't want the club kids breaking in the new wrestling room that's been sitting waiting for the new wrestling team for 13 years (or more).
  20. I believe people are guessing Steen will start because of Howard's injury. Ungar had a nice win against Fiugeroa, too.
  21. man, Vlasov was awesome to watch. props to starting a thread on him. hadn't realized he didn't make the team.
  22. I would assume Koll won't allow him to stay for 3 more years since that would make him a loser who needs to move on with his life.
  23. He should have three - COVID cancellation year was his freshman year and last year doesn't count towards eligibility.
  24. Universities rarely leave rooms vacant collecting dust.
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