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  2. I suddenly feel like I'm living in China...
  3. Yes, it's fun watching Vahid Zalencia wrestle.
  4. stop being a nazi!! lol no im saying we shouldn't cancel him.. there are many here who do want to ... I dont.
  5. russelscout: I was referring to @Martini's story about Brands swearing at someone trying to get Fullhart's drug test. Brands used the F word even before this that day. BTW Kevin Jackson said "they need to have a mike at matside" for the ISU/Iowa dual. bball and football games are much worse
  6. I’ve never been to Kelly’s or Duffys but I’ve heard good things. Duffy’s I think is where the D-linemen have their nights out during the season. If you just want a beer and a good sandwich go to champs on Atherton.
  7. I hope this isn't too controversial
  8. ok. so then i think the 91 and 92 has one less b10 champ
  9. They qualify at the same tournament at the same time. The loser won’t be granted a special wrestle off for another spot on the team. If either want to go heavyweight they can do so when they register.
  10. Because of timing of tournaments or because you don't think Snyder or Cox could defeat Stevenson or Gwix?
  11. ignorance. its ignorance that makes them think the things you describe didn't happen.
  12. The call vs Valencia was a completely correct call. Zahid got his head gear as plain as day AND his getting the head gear is what caused the leverage to get the TD . Whether intended or not, that is a 1 pt infraction and the correct call was made.
  13. 184 now slides to VT bolen as a heavy favorite. He’s beaten most top ranked guys with a loss to lujan which he avenged in the same tourney. He just beat hidlay convincingly albeit a low scoring event but controlled the match. If he beats nino Saturday and wins ACC he’ll be a solid #1 seed
  14. Is it possible for the loser of Snyder vs Cox to try out for the heavyweight spot? I understand they may not place at heavyweight, but still it would be better to go to the olympics at heavyweight than not go at all. Or will the two weight classes be at the same time so the loser won't have time to enter the heavyweight trials?
  15. Path to that third spot on the National Team just got a little bit closer.
  16. Why can't the administrators ban his account? And shouldn't they be able to keep track of burner accounts with his IP address?
  17. I think there is a double standard applied to certain guys, but then other wrestlers who are fan favorites get the benefit of the doubt. Now, first, I am biased. I am a Buckeye fan. Yes, I do bet against them sometimes when I think they are going to lose. But in the end, I still root for them even when I bet against them because I never bet that much. Here is where the double standard I see on this site applied. Certain posters don't consider Logan Stieber a 4 timer. Because of his controversial win against JO and Ramos. Logan was clearly better than Ramos. I don't think there is a case to argue against that. But against JO those late takedown attempts did not count for JO. Were they takedowns? Most people think so. The rules keep on changing, so I am not sure about the takedown rules in 2012. I didn't really follow the sport then. But just because Logan got the benefit of the doubt in the last 30 seconds, you want to take his 4 time status away? See, to me that's a double standard. McKenna outwrestled Yianni. I think there was an obvious takedown Mckenna didn't get credit for. But I don't hear anyone claiming that Yianni should only be a one time champion. No one is gifted a NCAA championship, but Mark Hall was the closest to gifted one as I ever saw. If it weren't for bad calls, he never would have defeated Valencia. Then if it weren't for bad calls, he wouldn't have defeated Bo Jordan in the finals. Two matches of bad calls. But I don't hear people question his title. Yet, why do people just want to take away Logan's first title? Even his second, which I consider really ignorant because he was much better than Ramos in every position and wold have won that match either way.
  18. I think Lehigh weighed in 17 at Bucknell. Of Course Ed Peery use to weigh in more than 20 for a big dual, maybe almost 20 on their plebe/jv team
  19. I have a new idea for those of us frustrated with JC. Anytime he starts a thread just comment z**** v*********’s name. Instant thread delete.
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