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  2. Completely agree. The top coaches aren’t leaving where they are since they are in greater situations. So, you would need a huge young, but inexperienced name like a Burroughs, Dake or Taylor to step in and give recruiting a massive boost. Like has been said on here, the first paramount step would be to keep all the instate talent, since it hasn’t been happening. Like PSU and tOSU recruiting their own rich backyard makes it so much easier to create depth in your roster. Now, Minnesota isn’t nearly as rich as those 2 states, but they are a top 10 and deep enough so they wouldn’t have to be fighting so hard for national talent every year.
  3. Missouri isn’t exactly a long time top wrestling destination and yet Smith has them up near the top every season. Even with top coaches like Henson and Eierman leaving. Man, I really wanted him back at MSU once Minkel finally left. Not that he would have came back after a 5 minute conversation with the anyone representing the dumpster fire that MSU’s Athletic Department currently is. Still, back on topic. They lose both Eiermans and haven’t missed a beat. Many thought they way the left showed some internal problems that could cause a serious drop off. Instead, Hart takes over 141 and is ranked 4th. On top of that, they should rather easily have all 10 qualify for NCAA’s. I just can’t imagine any coach doing more with what Missouri has to offer. I am truly very impressed!
  4. I forgot, how many top 10 programs are there and if you canned Eggum which top 5 coach are you going to steal away or who is that unknown automatic top 5 coach that no one has discovered? ;_;
  5. For all the way this is leaning, they are STILL a top 10ish type team under Eggum. Remember, they placed 17 JRob’s last season. Under Eggum: 2017: 7th 2018: 17th 2019: 8th 2020: they were seeded for about a stock 45 pts which is usually good for about 8-12. 2021: they were ranked 11 going into the Iowa dual. Are they a national title contender? No. Are they still top 10ish? Absolutely. With the way the RTC’s have changed the landscape, OkState and Missouri are about the only programs that have somehow still stayed competitive with PSU, tOSU, Iowa, Cornell and now a waking giant in UOfM. Add on an NCState squad that is getting there and Minnesota is still pretty good sitting just outside those 8 rising teams. edited to add: Man this thread made me think how good Brian Smith is.
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  7. Which one did we decide on? 'Heinselman-The Revenge Tour'
  8. These seem to be the top 3 of 141 this year will Nick Lee allegedly taking an Olympic RS. How do you see this going? Pretty interesting style match ups. Eirmann and woods are phenomenal scramblers. Rivera is a special talent. Imagone if Lee and Yanni were wrestling.. this may have been the best weight come ncaas if so. Demas is the next tier down and is always dangerous. Excited to see some of these guys throw down..
  9. There is going to be some major team(s) Miss conferences and NCAAs. It’s going to be a crapshoot. This would’ve been my year to AA
  10. GTG put on 35lbs. Different wrestler.
  11. Traub did great last season. Bulking up was a terrible decision. It tool all of his advantages away. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  12. The man will stop at nothing to win. Shameful!
  13. It’s pretty sad. Obviously there’s a lot of factors that led to this. I think Eggum is probably a good and nice guy, but doesn’t have the best personality to bring in top recruits. Especially if they’re not from the midwest. I think their wrestling style hasn’t adapted much since the early 2000s whereas other more successful programs have. They’ve been bad on bottom for years. I think they need to branch out for their coaching staff for different perspectives. 4 out of 5 of their listed coaches are all former Gophers, and the only one that isn’t pretty much wrestled with the same style. I’d love to see them go after a big young name from outside the program. If Eggum can’t do that then it’s time for him to go. He’s had plenty of time to recover from the scandal, but hasn’t done much. I don’t think anyone believes Bobby/Gable would’ve went there if they didn’t live 30 minutes away.
  14. TBar can correct me if I'm wrong as I don't follow him as closely, but I believe he tore it once, got it fixed, came back and tore it again, and chose not to fix it a second time. No idea what the new injury is. I thought I saw someone say knee again, but either they were wrong or I just subconsciously assumed. Either way, injury problems up at heavyweight are a little scary. It's a lot of mass to deal with.
  15. I wasn't mad! I can see how it came off that way. I'm still concerned about health with him. He's hurt a lot. There's certainly nothing else to be worried about. All the talent in the world. Selfishly, I wish he would skip the whole college thing and just wrestle freestyle haha
  16. B1G Network plus...When Snyder left TOSU these 2 (Orndoff/Traub) probably were so happy they crushed every all you can eat in Columbus every day!
  17. I’ve gotta see this... anywhere to see the matches after the fact?
  18. As I recall, the year before RichB and I were sitting off by ourselves (not with the Lehigh group) as we got to the finals. Mark was to wrestle Eric Wais of Ok St in the finals. Wais was undefeated and 4th the year before. We were sitting near the Ok State group and listening to them talk about the match. Mark was coming off a 2nd place finish the year before. We were impressed with their fans knowledge (not surprised though). We heard them say that Wais didn't have a chance. I don't know that we thought that yet about Mark. We knew he was the favorite but didn't realize by that much. (7-1)
  19. I-L-L!!! let me enjoy this for a week please before Icarus flies to close to the sun next weekend
  20. Lieberman was a big deal-- profiled in SI.
  21. I was just going with the old tried and true!
  22. Switzerland would work. Good weather, centrally located, good infrastructure, politically neutral.
  23. Having it at one place every four years would make a lot of sense.
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