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  2. Bill Bassett is friends with Strittmatter and the two clubs aren't too far away from each other so some of the wrestlers go to both clubs.
  3. If Cornish wins the 165 spot is it fair to say that 1 game hen is tougher than 5 mountain hawks?
  4. She didn't realize she was that far along. She figured she was only 3 months in, if she was at all.
  5. WELCOME mountain buzzard, refugees!!! Is Hoss going to start posting here?
  6. Chris Edmond (University of Tennessee) 1985 National Champion
  7. At this point, Mensah-Stock is prolly above Gray for women. Random trivia while I hide out: Mensah is a fairly common surname amongst Akan speaking people of West Africa(primarily Ghana). It is also a name given to the third born male child of a family. Therefore, one of my names is Mensah.
  8. WillieBoy= NittanyKid?
  9. Today
  10. Here’s the Imart finals match: I feel better after watching that. He got his ass handed to him, no doubt about it, but it was mainly because he got turned like a top with ease once his TD attempt got countered.
  11. My thought exactly. Even Manville projects at 65. Felt like the question was asked just to interject PSU into a conversation that has no relevance.
  12. Absolutely genius question WillieBoy. Since PSU's 165 is a three time NCAA finalist and two time national champion my guess would be no. Want to provide me some brilliant insight on why that's relevant? As for down the road a couple years after redshirt, who knows? I guess we'll find out.........
  13. Dang thought we might make it thru a thread without a PSU post.
  14. Hopefully Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  15. BYU, Mike Young probably the top guy to come from them. The school did beat Oklahoma State in Oklahoma, think it was 1967 or 1968? Fred Davis, NCAA champion from Oklahoma State was the coach at that time. A true gentleman who was underappreciated by the school.
  16. Is he good enough to crack the lineup if he were at Penn State?
  17. "Unknown to her"? This does not make sense.
  18. Is this our version of "separate but equal"?
  19. The religious stuff at Penn State is right in line with Unicorns - which are mentioned in the Bible eight times. Cats are not mentioned at all - so maybe they are really a myth?
  20. As an outsider, can you explain to me how the two clubs are affiliated?
  21. They wouldn’t know beaver if they saw it
  22. Devil's advocate: How would she do at 74kg against the men? No disrespect intended, but P4P means Pound-For-Pound, and not division dominance. She wouldn't beat a single man at 74 that was at the WTT last year. If we are talking division dominance then she absolutely deserves to be in the talking. Likely for the #1-3 spot in that scenario.
  23. Leaving out Gray is disrespectful unless we're talking strictly men's FS
  24. He's already signed with Rudis, which likely covers all apparel, so what sponsorships could he get that would add up to anything near that? Especially sponsors that he could only get by a move to NLWC. Also, why would sponsorship money be included in a base salary? Considering wrestlers for these clubs don't really bring in money directly to the club like pro athletes do in other sports (via ticket sales), I can't imagine they could afford to pay Snyder anywhere near that amount. I'm willing to bet that figure was pulled straight from someone's ass.
  25. 1. J'den Cox 2. Kyle Dake 3. Snyder 4. JB ??? Do I have it right? What about 5-10?
  26. Tell you this having done it for Faith Lutheran the last 4 years when Connor was in high school is that it's usually done after the tournament and when you go in you usually do it by School. The way the drop-down works is if you know your kid wrestled somebody from school A you go to school a click on him enter the result. So they may not be in order unless you actually take the time to go in the exact order of the matches. But if your team has more than one person wrestling and they wrestle two or three or four kids from the same school it's just takes less time that way.
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