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  2. To be fair, he probably hasn’t done anything bam-worthy unless you consider chickening out of bets to be ban-worthy. Most of his threads aren’t too bad IMO and sometimes he actually has decent points. Not acknowledging the bets is kinda crappy though. I do like the ZV idea though
  3. i remember a famous head gear pull that wasn't called.
  4. Who on this site says Logan isn't a 4Xer? This is a pathetic attempt to tear down a non-existent strawman argument. Logan is a 4X champ. End of story. Nobody debates whether he won or not.
  5. 125 lee 133 Gross/ RBY/desanto/rivera 141 Lee/Pletcher 149 sasso/lugo ?? 157 deakin /young ?? 165 cenzo/bull 174 hall/kemdawg 184 NO unless brooks catches fire 197 moore HWT gable/parris/ my answer is no b/c of 184
  6. It's not nitpicking if you don't know enough to distinguish between the two when you're trying to make your argument.
  7. You should be thanking Google or maybe he went on Yelp. He is a fraud.
  8. No one has said Hall is a bad guy and I do believe he fits the PSU mold. But so does Kemerer but Hall was the bright, shiny object in the room but Kemerer was the kid only 2 hours away that couldve netted Spencer Lee at the same time. Bad move.
  9. It is more crazy to think that he couldn't compete. Especially on the domestic level.
  10. JC is a character based on James McGill who becomes Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. A loveable character with serious flaws and very dubious ethics but eventually someone despite their shortcomings, you root for. JC may be reneging on his bets but probably only because doing so, would reveal his true identity which may actually be well known on this forum. As for the content of his posts. They are provocative and in some form or another rooted in fact. In short, he posts what many here think but do not post in fear of being jumped on by the "fanatics" of certain teams, right now PSU. If Iowa was on top for several years, he would be posting provocative questions about them non stop. He is a better poster than 80% on here and makes The Mat forums better.
  11. I am sitting at Duffys. No lineman eat here on any regular basis. Who would pay? Used to be Joe sequestered them at Toftrees, they ate there, but that was 20 years ago.
  12. Oh, poor dumb kid got caught up in some bad stuff. Give him another shot.
  13. Yesterday
  14. It's crazy how people think Snyder or Cox or anyone else whos not a heavy for that matter can just step right up and seriously contend with the best in the world or even the US for that matter. Snyder is getting pinned by guys his size for crying out loud.
  15. i would pay to see that wish i had bought a ticket oh well i probably wouldn't see it anyway in that football stadium
  16. So can they win all 10 now?
  17. who was saying much nice about Iowa that it could get derailed?
  18. I can’t figure out if OP is seriously pushing this agenda or just pulling an Allen.
  19. LOL if you haven't seen this 'dominance' before,, i venture to say you dont watch much wrestling. and when should he have been suspended?
  20. He doesn’t need to wrestle Saturday at 97kg but he’ll need to wrestle the winner of the challenge tournament on Sunday. At the same time the heavyweight will take place, so I don’t know if it’s actually aloud but theoretically he would wrestle the challenge at heavyweight on Saturday win that and then potentially wrestle 6 matches against people like Cox and Gwiz or Gable. Not feasible in my mind.
  21. i have seen many guys get their head pushed down. when down by huge margins.. including my own son... so its not a new thing sorry it bothers you so much, that you think violence is the answer you know.. hey you just beat the bejeezus out of me, but now im going to show you how tough i am.
  22. it is the point. desanto got in trouble with brands b/c ppl like you dont want him to stand up for himself when other people try to get under his skin
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