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    Mckee/Brock style

    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.
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    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    those ads aren't chosen by the themat.com, they are populated by a third party vendor based on your browser history and ISP details. so maybe it's time to start surfing in incognito mode.
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    Idea: Don’t read KMF’s posts.
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    You guys are misunderestimating KMF.
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    Great idea, let's run off one of our only posters putting forth solid effort on original content.
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    Duck of the month club

    2. Kemmerrer ducking the whole season
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    Mckee/Brock style

    These guys are great, and I think it's cause Mckee wrestles like a meathead, and Brock wrestles like he was coached by youtube highlights. This seems like it makes them vulnerable to each other, but stingy physical wrestlers seem like they can crush Brock and stingy technical wrestlers seem to control Mckee. I'd be surprised if either of these guys ever made a final. I'm not really driving at anything I just wanted to know if anyone had any insights based on that commentary.
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    Flo is on fire w content!

    ... this thread is brought to you by FloSports...
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    The field is just tougher this year. If things go reasonably well, we'll see 2 to 3 bronze medals. I really don't see us taking home any gold. The first half of our guys just got their draws. Re-pasting below. My takeaways in italics below each. 57 kg: Jack Mueller (Dallas, Texas/Cavalier WC) Vs. Darthe Capellan (Canada), 2018 Senior World Team, 5th in 2017 Commonwealth Championships, 10th in 2016 Junior Worlds Winnable first match. Second match likely against Hasegawa (Japan)--that's a match he's not winning. The hope would be to get pulled back into repechage, but I fear Hasegawa loses to either Ortega or Sadulaev in the semis. Quick tourney for Jack. 65 kg: Colton McCrystal (Sergeant Bluff, Iowa/Nebraska WTC) Vs. Nurgazy Abdurazakov (Kyrgyzstan) Winnable match, maybe? I don't see a lot of landmines in his quarter of the bracket... I just don't think McCrystal is quite good enough to beat some of these guys that are already active on the senior level in freestyle. Not expecting much, but perhaps he strings a couple matches together before getting knocked out. 70 kg: Hayden Hidlay (Lewistown, Pa./Wolfpack WC) Vs. Alexander Chaves (Canada) Hidlay should win his first match, although Chaves was 3rd at Pan Am's so isn't a slouch. Unfortunately for Hidlay, he gets Baev in his second match. Baev is one of the best wrestlers in the entire tournament, and could be Russia's senior rep soon. Hidlay has a decent shot to come back and medal through the repechage. 79 kg: David McFadden (West Milford, N.J./Southeast RTC) Vs. Muhammet Lufti Kucukyildirim (Turkey) Tough first match, but it's winnable. Kucu has some decent results, Euro U23 Bronze, Junior Euro Bronze, but he's not a world beater. Not sure exactly what to think about McFadden in freestyle. If he does well, he'll make the quarters and likely lose to Uzbekistan. Whether he's then pulled back in... I'd be a little surprise. Nabiev (RUS) is in his half (3rd at Russian Nat's). 97 kg: Kollin Moore (Burbank, Ohio/Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) Vs. Igor Ovsiannikov (Russia) This is... though. We're talking about a guy in Ovsyannikov that took Baitsaev to the brink at Russian Nationals in the semis. Now... I consider myself the unofficial leader of the Kollin Moore fan club, but I'm pretty sure a match between he and Baitsaev would look quite diff--what am I saying... he'll win this match and then take the whole tournament!
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    I agree. At a minimum give the refs a taste.
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    Duck of the month club

    I was hoping to see some slick duck under videos.. oh well..
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    The first few times I read these posts from KMF, I thought they were funny. But... I think the "phase" is over. It's just too tough to read, and I'd prefer to stick to the facts about what's going on. Can the moderator build a "fiction" page where stuff like this can live? That way, when we're in the mood, we can bounce over there and all pretend to be a make believe avatar of a make believe avatar?
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    Joe Smith

    I weigh 212 but certified at 133.
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    brother All Americans

    In Division III the Lefevers did it for Wabash in 2015 and all three made the finals. 157 - Reece Lefever, 2nd place 174 - Conner Lefever, 1st place 184 - Riley Lefever, 1st place (2nd of his 4 championships) Riley is currently a part of the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and was the 2nd ever 4x DIII champ. He never lost to a DIII opponent.
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    Ahem... https://pennathletics.com/news/2018/7/11/wrestling-receives-1-million-gift-from-josh-harris-w-86.aspx
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    Assessing the draws for the second half of our group, below: 61 kg: Sean Fausz (Alexandria, Ky./Wolfpack WC) vs. Joshua Bodnarchuk (Canada) I think this is a winnable first match. Bodnarchuk did make the finals of Pan Ams and got teched by Colon... wrestled Colon tight until Colon was able to get on top and run through a series of guts. Impossible to know too much about Fausz in freestyle, but I don't see him making it past Gasimov in the quarters. 74 kg: Alex Smythe (Eden, N.Y./Univ. of Buffalo) vs. Tyler Rowe (Canada) Great experience for Smythe to even be there. Any wins will be a bonus, Rowe is pretty solid. His half of the bracket doesn't appear terribly difficult. No real expectations here, maybe he'll surprise. 86 kg: Myles Martin (Penns Grove, N.J./Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) vs. Javrail Shapiev (Uzbekistan) Myles, like Moore and Hidlay, will be tested right away. Shapiev has been on the senior circuit for about a year, has taken some lumps, but also has some nice wins to his name. Second at Ali Aliev this year to Kurugliev. I'd say he's maybe a slight step down from Baev and Ovsyannikov, but a tough opponent nonetheless. The other guys in his quarter are not slouches, but if Myles can beat Shapiev I think he beats the rest there. If he makes the semis, he'll likely face Ghasempour (1st at the Ukrainian, 1st at Takhti). Tough draw altogether for Myles. 92 kg: Christian Brunner (East Dundee, Ill./Boilermaker RTC) vs. Zoltan Gergen (Romania) No idea about his first match. Seems winnable. Probably runs into Toth in the quarter if he can make it there, wouldn't favor him in that match but don't really know much about Brunner's freestyle chops. A couple wins here would be a pleasant surprise. 125 kg: 125 kg: Youssif Hermida (Mamaroneck, N.Y./Terrapin WC) vs. Yasuhiro Yamamoto (Japan) I think Hemida has the potential to do well here. He should beat Yamamoto, but Jabrailov will be a test in his second match. Junior world bronze this year, in a weight where Gable didn't place. Honestly his half of the bracket is very soft. Best result there is Heino from Finland, Junior Euro U23 Bronze. There is potential here for a good run.
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    Keep up the fine work KMF--I appreciate the levity and enjoy the posts.
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    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Blasphemy. In these days and times we all need dialed in BS detectors. Can’t think of a better way to train than wheating and chaffing KMF posts.
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    Against Carl????
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    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    What a problem to have in USA Wrestling. * 74kg - 5x World Champ * 79kg - World Champ * 86kg - World Champ * 92kg - World Champ * 97kg - 3x World Champ No matter how you slice it, there will be World Champions riding our BENCH.
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    Joe Smith

    It will take me til April to be at weight. Hoping to be at 211 by next weekend. I want to do it right.
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    Joe Smith

    John is a star, no doubt about it. It's the same type reaction I get when I show up at ball-in-a-cup competitions.
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    steamboat_charlie v2


    Was about to say the same thing. The issue isn't occasional use of recreational drugs, it's the lack of discipline. Underage drinking and weed are against the student athlete code of conduct at every school I've ever heard of. If your discipline is so poor that (1) you get caught, and/or (2) it begins to affect your performance in the classroom or on the mat, there's clearly an issue of maturity that needs to be addressed.
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    Keystone Classic

    Wrestling will never win new fans when 90% of the time it's only online and it's unwatchable.