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    Where is Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin?

    Where ISN'T Khuzin??? He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. He is Khuzin!!!
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    Suriano interview s

    It seems to me that Mr. Suriano is too much about ME and not enough about WE. Maybe if he focused a little more on his team instead of filming documentaries about his work ethic, Rutgers would do something other than woefully underachieve... just kidding, sort of. Seriously though at a minimum it appears this dude is operating in a bit of an echo chamber. He was hurt, we get it, mind over matter... that's all good and well, but when you do these sort of interviews, like "look how much will power I have, and I can overcome anything, and I was so hurt but it didn't matter because I'm such a tough guy," it just comes off as incredibly lame. I'm sure he's a nice enough kid, but we all need someone keeping us in check.
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    Favorite team moments/performances

    At nationals, Ben Askren walking right past Brands after 7 minutes of chasing the Iowa wrestler and hitting Brands with a stalling call.
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    Hi All, I am a new member of this forum and this is my first post. I am big fan of wrestling specially freestyle and have been following it internationally for about 5 years now. I thought i will put my opinion on the top contenders and a underdog in each weight category for this years world championships. By the way I am originated from India, now living in US Your thoughts and views are welcome! 57kg Top Contenders: Yuki Takahashi, Gilman Under Dog: Erden Bekhbayar (MGL) 61kg Top Contenders: Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV, Guy from Azerbaijan (Gvarzatilov ??) Under Dog: Kazuya KOYANAGI (JPN) 65kg Top Contenders: Alejandro Enrique VALDES TOBIER, Haji Aliyev Under Dog: Bajrang (IND) Note: Removed Bekbulatov as he is not participating. Included Haji Aliyev in place of Bekbulatov. 70kg Top Contenders: Gazimagomedov, Zurabi IAKOBISHVILI Under Dog: Ikhtiyor NAVRUZOV (UJB) 74kg Top Contenders: Frank Chamizo, JB Under Dog: Muslim Evloev (KYZ) 79kg Top Contenders: Gadzhi, Kyle Dake Under Dog: Hasanov (AZE) 86kg Top Contenders: Magic Man, Yazz Under Dog: Shamil KUDIIAMAGOMEDOV (ITA) 92kg Top Contenders: Sharif Sharifov, Taskulov Under Dog: J’Den Cox Note: Updated Taskulov as the Top Contender in place of Anzor Urishev 97kg Top Contenders: Sadulaev, SnyderMan Under Dog: Alborov 125kg Top Contenders: Taha Akgul, Geno Petriashivilli Under Dog: Khizriev Note: Russia’s rep at 125kg is Khizriev
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    I have a ton of these moments I could talk about. The 2004 NCAA team performance of the Ohio State Buckeyes is one of my favorites. Here you have a team of mostly seniors that everyone has given up on and moved past. Jeff Ratliff enters the NCAA tournament as the #11 seed after a disappointing BIG 10 tournament where he placed fourth. Many critics have already summed up his career as a bust and concluded that the move up to 149 lbs after spending his first three years at 141 lbs was a poor decision. At the NCAA’s after dropping a decision to Cornell’s Dustin Monotti, Ratliff has to face Iowa’s Ty Eustice who he’s already faced on three other occasions that season going 1-2 against him. This time Ratliff comes out on top, defeating his nemesis 3-1 in overtime. Next in the Round of 12, he has to face two time All American Mike Maney of Lock Haven. Score at 0-0, Ratliff is able to catch Maney riding too high and gets the defensive fall at 6:08 to secure All American honors. John Clark earns the #10 seed going into his final NCAA championships and has one of the most interesting, and storybook performances of the tournament. First round he has Northern Iowa’s Hesston Johnson who knocked him out of the Midland’s Championships earlier in the year. Clark secures two takedowns to defeat the Panther 6-3. Next round he has Central Michigan’s David Bolyard who handled him rather easily earlier in the season. He sends Bolyard to the consolations with a 6-4 sudden victory. Quarter-Finals doesn’t go well, as Troy Letters sends him into blood round with a first period fall. Yet, the round of twelve match to secure a medal is where it really gets interesting. If you look up the history of John Clark and Wyoming’s Levi Prevost it is rather peculiar. Same age, and they’ve met at least once every season. While Clark can beat wrestlers that Prevost cannot beat, every time the two meet, Prevost has come out on top. With about twenty seconds left in the third period, it looks as if Prevost is going to win this match as well with a 6-4 lead. In one of the most dramatic moments I have ever witnessed in this sport, Clark locks up a cradle, muscles Prevost to his back and the referee begins to count backpoints as the final seconds of the match tick off the clock. As the period ends, Clark, Coach Russ Hellickson and his brother look on anxiously as the referee holds up three fingers to acknowledge that Clark secured the points. He wins 7-6 to become an All American. Next match he handles Nebraska’s Jake Klein rather easily, before getting manhandled by Minnesota’s Jake Volkman in the consolation semi-finals. In his last match, he wrestles the most offensively I’ve ever witnessed, going balls to the wall and defeating Bolyard 11-3. Blake Kaplan doesn’t earn a seed but it doesn’t stop him from wrestling well. The only thing he can’t seem to figure out all tournament is Iowa’s Paul Bradley. He somehow (and I still wonder how he did it) is able to get past Penn State’s Eric Bradley and then has the luck of meeting Michigan State’s Nate Mesyn in the blood round, who he always beats. His win over Travis Frick of Lehigh is expected, but the major decision he puts on Illinois’ Brian Glynn is rather surprising. Bergman the lone underclassmen on the team and just a freshman, really comes through for the elders on the team, to make it a special moment for them. After suffering a first round loss, shows a tremendous amount of intestinal fortitude and heart to come all the way back through the consolations, winning seven matches to finish in third place. Then of course Tommy Rowlands who finishes off in great fashion by winning his second NCAA title to lead the Buckeyes to a team trophy of third place. To add suspense to the story, the scare he had against Harvard’s Bode Ogunwole made the ole heart skip a few beats. Taken down twice by the Crimson freshman, Rowlands had to play catch up before taking back the lead.
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    Suriano interview s

    Not the best comparison since they both won. Also, neither had a Spencer Lee in their bracket. The crazy thing is, this sport has a ridiculously unique way of looking at, truthfully ignoring/dismissing, injuries/illnesses. In basically every major sport they are a clear, nearly transparent part. In wrestling, they are almost unilaterally considered an EXCUSE. It is true that very few guys make it to,and/or through, NCAAs without being dinged up. But, from a solely fan perspective, I want to know if these guys were going through something major at NCAAs. Did Greg Jones have something going on that caused his one bad NCAAs? How about Mack Lewnes entering NCAAs undefeated and going 0-2? Even Gabe Dean entering his last NCAAs.....there is a distinct difference between an excuse and a reason.
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    Cole Konrad pinning Steve Mocco to secure the National Dual Title for Minnesota Konrad locks up a bear hug and takes Mocco directly to his back for the fall. As a side note, Cole had never beaten Mocco until this match and he never lost to Mocco again after this match.
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    Long Island University is combining the two athletic departments on its Brooklyn and Post campuses and taking the newly combined department into DI. LIU-Post has a wrestling team, and the new LIU wrestling team is slated to compete in DI on the Post campus. https://liupostpioneers.com/news/2018/10/2/baseball-liu-announces-unification-into-one-liu-division-i-program.aspx
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Your jokes are about as witty and original as your posts are valuable and insightful. Hammerlock, the self-proclaimed ruler of the online wrestling world, a true gem.
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    The "sins" of the Hellickson are not the "sins" of the Ryan. Leadership changes are everything with programs. Miron is a legend, pure and simple, just like Milkovich, Romano, Urbas, Riggs, Jordan(s), Derlan, etc. etc. etc. in Ohio. The "best" case for Carson is that he stays where he can be the "hometown" hero, and STILL receive WORLD CLASS training, mentoring, and guidance. Snyder in your corner? C'mon... no brainer.
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Well he’s more of a Miron son than he is a Miron guy.
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Carson is a great story. His father did not let him compete until 8th grade, but he still trained relentlessly. He did not finish a high school folk season until his junior year, when he won it all. His father is, in my opinion, the best teacher out there, a demanding technical genius. Great to see him excelling with such a bright future ahead.
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    A strong joke, but not really all that accurate excepting Micah and Bo(depending on the year). 125: NaTo-Was very good in all 3 positions. 133: Pletcher-Wasn't a turner, but won his share of matches 1 or 2 point matches because he had no issues on bottom. 141: McKenna-Had no issues all season(other than the fluky Thorn loss) and made a poor decision to not choose bottom against Meredith. 149: Hayes-Moved well in both mat positions excepting against Zain(welcome to the club). 157: M. Jordan-One of the worst top level wrestlers on bottom that I have ever watched wrestle. 165: Campbell-Strong on top, decent on bottom until his gas tank inevitably emptied in the 3rd. 174: BoJo-Depended on what year. Was a monster his 1st 2 season on the mat. Regressed his last 2 seasons. 184: Martin-Very good in all 3 positions. 197: Moore-Without weight issues was as good or better than anyone at the weight in all 3 positions. 285: Snyder-Was as good as he felt like being on the mat.
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    Favorite team moments/performances

    A teenage Lee Kemp beating Dan Gable at the Northern Open. Walk on Kevin Wilmont becoming the 1997 Big Ten Champ and taking 4th at NCAA after failing to qualify for the state tournament his senior year of high school. Matt Hanutke 4X AA
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    my guy, please expand your vocabulary. http://board.themat.com/index.php?/search/&q=dumb&author=hammerlockthree&search_and_or=or
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    NWCA All Star Classic

    He rifled thru so many opponents... He will definitely get his shot I think. He is a top calibre guy after all. A win? Its almost semi-automatic to think he will...
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    Garrett out, Colon in

    I was about to say, i don't zadick could look more preposterous than he does...imagine a guy with a huge fake beard over a huge real beard.
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    I would think they would be a better fit for the EWL. Though Sacred Heart joined the EIWA so they could go that route...
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    Suriano interview s

    It reminds me of the interview that Chael Sonnen did when he talked about his rough upbringing. How his teenage neighbors had to "share" a Mercedes and how there was a time when he was young that he actually saw someone jaywalk and the effect it had on him. It was heart wrenching.
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    Mizzou Lineup?

    No decision at 125 yet, Smith and Punke's performance will determine. Fortuna will start at 157, but Jacques is ready to come out of RS if he falters. Marriott is the guy at 184. No decision at 197 yet. Myers will start, but Elam could get pulled if necessary. Mizzou is loading up for next year with RS's, I expect they'll be in the 6-10 range this year and make a run at a trophy next year.
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    Mizzou Lineup?

    Whoever it is will be an upgrade over McGhee. Barlow was at the same weight for the last 4 years, and actually got worse every single year.
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    Super 32

    i say state... and then will always say worlds or olympics... yeah, i'm that guy...
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    RTC discussion on Flo

    FRL should have named names with the "they hire dads" comment. If you are going to go there, then go all the way.
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    Ohio State 157?

    That is what it will take for sure, but I am sure he's been hearing about the bottom position for years and he is entering his last year and we are still talking about it.
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    I’ve compiled a master D1 dual schedule on my almanac site http://almanac.mattalkonline.com/