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    NCAA approves shorts

    Have you never talked to middle school kids? That’s their number one complaint. It’s laughable how ignorant you are.
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    The system is set up to favor guys who have already proven to be the best in the world. Dake was on the wrong side of that system for years and complained about it being unfair. Now he’s taking advantage of being a defending world champion and the advantages that come with that.
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    The ultimate alpha move here is for Ringer to enter the tournament and beat him.
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    That strike has nothing to do with Askrens age. That is a one in a million shot by Masvidal.
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    I agree. If you aren't going to wear a polo under your singlet then why bother.
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    "I can't compete in July because Dr.'s note and lawyers" Wrestle off scheduled for Aug. 17 "You can't prevent me from wrestling in July because Dr.'s note and lawyers" Kyle Dake bringing the lawyers. FRL is pretty much hammering him for this.
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    Shouldn't be too hard keeping a lid on it when every single person has a connection to the whole world at their fingertips
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    I have no problem with Dake getting a later wrestle-off. I don't even mind him having a warmup match. But how anyone could be ok with one Doctor's note for 1 match and a conflicting doctor's note for another match is beyond me. Anyone who is ok with it, I don't believe this is your honest read. I'm guessing you had a conclusion first and then sorted the facts. If this was going to happen then Dake and USA wrestling should have just said he's clear in July and the wrestle off is in August. There's nothing wrong with that and it requires no deceit.
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    If Dake brings home a Spanish Grand Prix title he may finally get the nod in a fantasy matchup with DT. I support this decision.
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    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    I really dont see how anyone is accepting of the officiating or outcome of that match. Its like if the Chiefs were running out the clock against the Patriots in the 4th quarter up by 6 and the Pats challenged a call that overturned a Chiefs touchdown from the 3rd quarter, winning them the game. In no other sport would this be acceptable, and yet here we are, with nobody in any position of power admitting that something is wrong. The second match should be re-wrestled, but that's not going to happen. Zane will be our representative. A bunch of imbeciles will continue to run and officiate this sport.
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    NCAA approves shorts

    His probation officer won't allow it.
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    NCAA approves shorts

    Singlets look ridiculous and any functional advantage they have are negligible (otherwise MMA guys would wear them). Other than getting pants-ed, there's no downside to shorts and this is a move in the right direction. Hopefully, all teams will follow suit.
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    Yasar Dogu

    Can we just all agree that it's obvious Koll and Dake paid off the Dogu officials to make this happen?
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    Yasar Dogu

    Zane wins everyone gets to shut up.... Yianni wins everyone gets to meltdown... Perfect.
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    Dake Spain Results

    Link to Mat C stream. You can rewind to all of Dake's matches so far. **Update: I missed Dake's actual 2nd match the first time skimming through. Techs Spanish wrestler 10-0 in 15 seconds with TD and four consecutive guts. FYI: he is the very first match when the live feed kicks in, start of 2nd match is right at about an hour past that (short match so more difficult to find), 3rd match is about an hour past the 2nd, 4th match is ~17 minutes before feed ends (also short match so more difficult to find).
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    Iowa has only been second place once since they dropped off in 2011. Second would be a good finish for them.
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    Mudflap Update

    Hombres its been awhile since I checked in wanted to update you gents on whats going on The Voice of Wrestlings got a following so hears the facts the good the bad and the ugly. Trying to run down my old hand Wallace gents looking around checked in with his ex old lady now shes got a reel case on Wallace back due child support nothing gets them riled up than running out on them kids but Wallace warnt much on paying child support shes a painted lady gents wearing reel tight clothes and all a bit big in the hips if you know what i mean and you do know what I mean I was there to her shack asking questions brought in some Captain Morgan sat out on the deck bad mouthing Wallace and then it come to me gents get ahold of her and give her a cut of Mudflap magic she fit me like a flesh tuxedo friends so I sunk her with my pink torpedo left her there snoring on the couch any of you gents hear of Wallace drop me a line theres money in it give you $500 cash for good info as to his wearabouts. Was up to Ames there doing a tear off for ISU stopped by the wrestling run into my close personal friend KD told me he dint come to ISU to finish second got his eyes on Tommy says he was one move away last year from taking him and hes getting ready to serve him some home cooking up to Ames there aint no love lost there friends he dont just not like T&T he hates them with a passion says first hes gonna challenge him then hes gonna smash him and gents my moneys on KD. Now friends heading over to Council Bluffs doing some big EPDM jobs making money hand over fist you know me gents got more money than God and not tight fisted with it The Voice of Wrestlings aint scratching a poor mans ass any of you gents out that way want to get together for some fellowship at the dog fights you just let me know talk about the worlds oldest and gratest sport and share some libations and throw a little money around you guys are like a reel family to me.
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    What year did USAW unfairly disadvantage Dake in particular? As far as I know, USAW has never altered their procedures to hurt him. As far as Dake potentially being better than JB during the 2013, 2015, or 2017 seasons, I do not think such a belief is based on the facts. Here are the facts: 2013 Dake: 0-2 vs. JB (including a tech) at the WTT finals; 5th place at the Golden Grand Prix JB: 2-0 vs. Dake (including a tech) at the WTT finals; World champ; Medved champ; Sargsyan champ 2015 Dake: 0-2 vs. JB (including a tech) at the WTT finals JB: 2-0 vs. Dake (including a tech) at the WTT finals; World champ; Medved champ; Pan Am champ 2017 JB earned a bye to the WTT finals by winning the US Open. Dake had the same opportunity but lost to JB at the US Open. JB then beat Dake two out of three times at the WTT Finals. I don't see anything unfair here.
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    This idea that Dake may have been better than JB in 2013, 2015, and/or 2017 is getting ridiculous. In 2013 JB got a bye to the WTT finals as a returning medalist. In the finals, he went 2-0 against Dake, including a tech. Not close. In 2015 JB got a bye to the WTT finals as a returning medalist. In the finals, he went 2-0 against Dake, including a tech. Not close. In 2017 JB was not a returning medalist. He beat Dake at the US Open to get a bye to the WTT finals. Then he beat Dake two out of three times at the WTTs. There was no question JB was better that year. Yet this myth that Dake may have been better lives on.
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    What exactly did JB “milk”? It seems to me he played by the rules, including by winning the US Open in 2011 and 2017 in order to earn byes to the WTT finals. Is JB supposed to reject the qualification process to satisfy his competitors’ fans?
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    NCAA approves shorts

    If we do a cost benefit analysis of this, we are sacrificing nothing by making this change. It will have zero effect in the way matches play out. Even if it only gets a few more kids out every year or results in a more positive appearance to a handful of outsiders and casual fans, wouldnt it be worth it?
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    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    I’d watch breakdancing over Greco any day.
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    Cox scored on a pass-by ankle pick, and then chain wrestled taking a double leg shot and then throwing Bo by for the takedown. Seriously, have you even watched the matches?
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    How ape **** would this forum go if Metcalf and Pico are the ones duking it out for the right to represent us next year?
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    Dake Spain Results

    Haha...impossible for Ringer to actually beat Dake fairly. It will be because 1. Kyle was called for too many passivities unfairly 2. Kyle was not given the proper score. 3. Kyle was injured even though they tried keeping the heavyweights away from him. 4. Kyle's doctor screwed up. 5. Kyle was screwed over by USAW. 6. Kyle should of got an attorney and sued 7.Kyle is wrestling weight higher because he keeps out wrestling Burros but refs keep screwing him 8. Kyle was more focused on dropping to 74 kg where he is the best wrestler in US. 9. The refs "misappropriated* the rules 10. The refs were out to late and had to be woke up by Koll 11. The refs were drunk. 12. Kyle was on his monthlys.