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    Giving PDIII props

    Man, Downey beats a 4x AA and a past NCAA Champion and now people are trying to downplay Martin's career so they can't give Downey credit. What is wrong with you people?
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    I completely agree. I think during his time in college because you had Snyder, Dake, and Taylor he was not recognized for his ability. Also if I'm not mistaking he never redshirted. Yet he was a 3x NCAA championship. His only losses if I'm not mistaking are to Snyder, Mclintosh, Wellington by DQ, and one other person his true freshman year. He had like 4-5 loses. He was also a sensational freestyler, beating Snyder in Fargo. He qualified the US for the Olympics when it had yet to be qualified, and won bronze. Then he beat Dake and Taylor. Went on to win world bronze. Then won world gold. So in essence he is the only person on team USA to have wins at some point over 3 of our other 4 current US world gold medalist. Cox is no joke. I don't get how so many people think he is so likely to get Beat. Yes, Bo dominated college. So did Dake, Taylor, Zain, and Ringer. It's not that easy to come in and knock off a world champ right out of the gates. Plus J'Den is what, 25? He is hitting his prime, not coming to the end of it.
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    Not a competition. Source: My dad was an Olympian and I was only an above average athlete. Never felt like I had to outdo him. Glad we got to enjoy sports that we both loved.
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    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    Like the hire. Dude has paid his dues and learned the craft from the bottom up from some great mentors. You can get caught up in "star quality" (many seem to forget that McCoy was a star hire) or support a guy who is a workhorse with great ambition and integrity. Wishing him nothing but luck in raising this program from the scrap heap.
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    Helen Maroulis

    If she never wrestles another match, she has nothing to be ashamed of. She doesn't owe anybody anything. The future health of her brain (especially in light of all the long-term CTE damage being discovered in high-level athletes in contact sports) supersedes everything else. Thanks, Helen, for repping our country and sport so well.
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    Helen Maroulis

    I believe the, "concussion stuff" was pretty serious. Even if she never wrestles again, she was great for USA wrestling and she was great for Women's wrestling.
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    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Just go to mat side weigh ins. Eliminates all the other stuff like times and certifications that have been adjusted forever. Step on the scale, show you made weight, then step on the mat and wrestle. Use a big digital display so everyone can see it. If you're cutting too much weight you won't be able to perform.
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    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Putting a weigh in before finals will make them less exciting. Guys will still be tired and not hydrated. They will also refuse to move up. The finals are so exciting now, they shouldnt F with it.
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    Man what convoluted system for picking the World team. You need a flow chart to follow the process. I don't see the point for having a US Open and then a WTT and then a final X. One of those steps should be eliminated.
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    Giving PDIII props

    Well, we watched him launch Hefflin for what would have been a touch fall if they existed and yet here you are, still talking trash because Martin "only won NCAA's in 2016". The dude just won the US open in spectacular fashion. Give him some credit.
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    I speculate he has more fun when he shoots.
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    I think people are underestimating Green. He’s a two-time medalist. To put that into perspective, none of the NCAA stars who represented us at 65kg have medaled in 12 years. Life goes on. Many people improve even after college ends. Green is one of those guys. Nolf is a stud. But so is Green.
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    Why is it called Final X?

    With that many X's, it should be called Larry King.
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    Old Corps

    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    Several years ago, I was waiting for the same flight home from the NCAA’s as Clemson and the UVA wrestlers. I watched and listened to him interact with his athletes for a couple of hours total and I must say that I was impressed. One of his wrestlers had been injured and another was sick, and he was providing superb leadership to them and the rest of the team. I remember being impressed by this, because he was only a few years out of college and was carrying himself very professionally. Now, this may not mean anything to some here, but I saw enough to know that this guy is a leader. He’s going into a situation in which leadership is critical. I say let’s give him a chance to take the mess he’s being handed and improve it. Clearly, much of Clemson’s success will depend on how serious the administration is about restoring the program to what it once was. Good Luck, Alex Clemson!
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    The naysayers seem like the same crowd that complained about NYC and how it was going to be a terrible spot because it was too expensive, there was no where to park, you had to stay further away to find places that weren't busy, crime, (insert excuse here) ... et al. Basically, if anything is different from the way you like it, you're going to complain. I personally welcome the thousands of first-timers who will then become multi-timers because they have the opportunity to get a ticket and attend this coming season. Plus, the food and beer and music scene in Minneapolis is outstanding. If you don't come, then you're going to miss out, and that's on the naysayers, not the venue.
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    Wrestling Legend's Kids in College

    I believe Mark Hall's 1st kid might be starting at PSU in the fall.....:)
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    Reflections of a world champion

    No disrespect to Kyle, who I love, but this is really dumb. Knowing what the right things are is very easy. Information about how to train in wrestling or any sport is readily accessible. Maybe it's hard to find the very best program or a program that will lead to a championship. But training information is everywhere. Just google "training program for wrestling. Or get videos on the web. The problem is that doing it IS hard, so most people won't or will not prioritize training. A more accurate statement might be: 90% of you know what to do, but only 1% of you will do it.
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    Always put out a strong program here in Arizona but I never knew anything of his personal background! Best of luck Jim! http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/sports/hall-of-famer-jim-martinez-resigns-as-cds-wrestling-coach/article_be3d97f2-65f6-11e9-b5c8-b30413baeeb7.html#tncms-source=article-nav-next Jim Martinez’s decision to resign as the head coach of the Corona del Sol wrestling program wasn’t easy, but it was one he felt had to be done. “Being a wrestling coach is pretty demanding,” Martinez said. “I had thought about how much longer I wanted to do this and if I had the ability to continue. With all of the volunteer time it took and working as a substitute teacher, I was hesitant to give a firm commitment.” Martinez discussed his future with Corona del Sol administrators in early April. It was then that he decided it was time to step away. “The Corona program is the first and only wrestling program where I was the head coach,” Martinez said. “Everything I did was so that we all could become better wrestlers and positive influences in our school and community. “I have loved the wrestlers and families for allowing me to be a part of their lives.” Martinez spent the last 10 years at the helm of the Corona wrestling program, winning two state titles during his tenure. His first championship came during his inaugural season in 2009-10. His second title came during the 2016-17 season. Corona quickly became one of the premier programs in the state under Martinez, consistently finishing in the top-10 rankings each year. “We appreciate the hard work and dedication of Coach Martinez over the last 10 years,” said Cory Nenaber, Corona del Sol’s athletic director. “He’s an exceptional wrestling coach and we wish him the best.” A native of Osseo, Minn., Martinez was a state-champion wrestler in high school before he went on to become a Big 10 Champion and two-time All-American for the University of Minnesota. His success in college earned him a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He won a bronze medal in lightweight Greco-Roman wrestling after defeating Romanian Stefan Negrisan. On Oct. 18, 2014, Martinez was inducted into the Alan and Gloria Rice Greco-Roman Hall of Champions, part of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. The search for a new coach is already underway at Corona del Sol. Nenaber has begun screening applicants and is hopeful to begin interviews and make a hire before the end of the school year. Martinez hasn’t ruled out a return to coaching, but it would have to be under the right circumstance. For now, he remains thankful for the positive influence all of his former wrestlers had on him during his coaching career. “They made me remember what the sport did for me,” Martinez said. “I want them to remember that as much as winning matches and tournaments were great accomplishments, it is the journey of failures and successes that will be the important memories to take away. “You are champions by what you do every day, not by the singular win or championship you achieve. Show up, give your best and never stop trying.”
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    Giving PDIII props

    You new around here?
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    Okay good. So this is what we have, then: 57kg: -Fix a bye to Final X 61kg: -Colon a bye to Final X -Brewer a bye to WTT best of 3 Finals 65 kg: -Yianni a bye to Final X 70 kg: -Deakin a bye to Final X 74kg: -JB a bye to Final X -IMart a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 79kg: -Kid Dynamite a bye to Final X -Ringer a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 86kg: -Magic Man a bye to Final X -PD3 a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 92kg: -Cox a bye to Final X -Bo's Hips a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 97kg: -Cap'n a bye to Final X -Gadson a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 125kg: -Gwiz a bye to Final X -The largest astronaut ever gets a bye to WTT best of 3 finals This is going to be good...
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    Yianni is the second coming of Houdini. His defensive contortions are crazy.
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    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    I can tell you that there was not much positive reaction. The message boards lit up with negative comments when he got the job. "Who in the heck is Brian Smith" was about the normal statement. This was in part because Terry Brands was rumored to be a candidate. I never heard it confirmed he was, but I do know that was the talk. I was just getting started in my coaching career in Missouri about the time Smith went to Missouri. I can also tell you I was one of maybe a handful of people who said give it time. Because I had known of Smith before he went to Missouri I was confident he would turn the program around and make it a consistent top 20 and occasional top 10 team. He has surpassed that. As negative as it was when he came in it was even worse when he booted Scott Barker, the defending national runner-up, 2 years into the job. A lot of people went ballistic. However, there was a core of fans and coaches that respected how he was insistent at changing the culture. About 2-years after that the rest is history. He began producing a few All-Americans, then a national champ in Askren and so on. Not only did he change the culture at Mizzou, but I believe he had a hand in changing the culture of wrestling in Missouri as a state. He was great with PR. He got involved with people at the State High School Association and began connecting with coaches. He advocated for the sport with the High School Association and got involved with wrestling at all levels in the state. Camp numbers exploded, teams from all over the state were going to the camps, and some of the state rules for high school started to shift and loosen up a little with how coaches could work with kids in FS/GR and teams traveling during season. He was not responsible for it, but I do think his involvement helped with shift and changes. Missouri is now producing several nationally ranked kids, and having success at the D1 level. The one thing that the good coaches who turn programs around have in common is that they can change the culture. Sure it is a little easier at a powerhouse program. However, look at Lock Haven, Wyoming, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Iowa State as of recent, and even Northern Colorado, Tom Ryan when he was at Hofstra. Yes, a few have bigger college wrestling names, but in the end, all of them were able to shift the culture. Heck, Dresser has done it twice. Nothing can change in a down program unless you change the culture. If Clemson does that at MD they will be a top 20 team within 4 years. Maybe sooner. Once that happens you can build into a top 10.
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    When is Hall gonna wrestle?

    I can’t believe people actually think it’s in Lee’s best interest to compete right now. It’s like nobody watched him this season. I would’ve been shocked to see him do any freestyle this season. Brands holding an eager Lee back because of Gilman is just laughable.
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    Sadulaev is 22 years old

    If Franklin Gomez can have two puberties I don't know why Sad can't.
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    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Uetake had closer to 20 matches per year, with both a conference tournament and NCAA tournament. He’s also the only wrestler in OkSt history to go undefeated. Coupled with an Olympic gold before his junior year, if that’s not enough to get on an all-time list, there really is no point to an all-time list.