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    ******Breaking News******* New variation of gut wrench discovered off of the coast of Italy!
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    BTS Chicago 6/28

    To me, the overall day was worth the $20. I didn't really have high hopes that the main event would be the best match. Richards and Sanders was worth a good portion of the money as a viewer. I try to find the overall value in these things. I don't pay $60 to watch one UFC fight, I pay to watch all of them on the card. There's going to be snoozers in every type of fight card. I'm glad I paid for it. To a good cause, BTS Chicago and the athletes. Oh by the way - If you pirated this stream, you took/are taking money away from our athletes and non-profit organizations aimed to help kids wrestle. Times might be tough, but don't be a cheapskate.
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    Champs who got pinned

    Except he's not pinned.
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    Wrestling’s Back! BTS Chicago

    For those who aren't aware, BTS Chicago is now run by former Illinois high school state champ, Indiana U All-American, former high school state champion coach, Mike Powell. The organization has been putting on some bigger events to raise money for the inner-city youth programs for some time now.
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    God forbid we get a glimpse of the human side of an athlete. A look at struggles they've faced off the mat. And nothing was mentioned about her "sex life." If an article is about Jordan Burroughs being married with three kids while training as a world-class athlete, is that about his "sex life"? 2020 and no hindsight, insight, foresight, just blindness from too many people...
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    Is it really that unusual of a story to publish during pride month?
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    It's not as hard as it used to be.
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    David Taylor vs. Logan Stieber

    Stieber Worlds = 1st, 12th, 19th for 2016, 2017, 2018. In 2016, he had 4 wins to take the championship. All 4 guys would eventually be world medalists - 1 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronzes between them. So even though this was a non olympic weight in an olympic year, it was a very tough tournament and I wouldn't diminish the gold medal in any way. He earned that thing. Stieber had 2 losses in the 2017 worlds and they were both to past or future gold medalists. Stieber was one loss and out in 2018 and it was to the eventual bronze medalist. So his world championship performances were all competitive with the best in the world. Taylor Worlds = 1st in 2018. Taylor had 5 wins and 1 was against a past gold medalist and one was against the 2018 silver medalist. Taylor took longer to make it to the world championships because he was 1-11 against Burroughs, Dake and Cox. It took the establishing of new weight classes at 79 and 92 kg to spread these guys out and open up a spot for Taylor. Stieber did not have any USA gold medalists to fight through to make it to the first team. Stieber USA Open National Championships = 3rd,6th,4th,3rd,4th,2nd,3rd for 2009,10,13,14,15,16,18. Stieber wrestled his first US Open in 2009 at age 18. It took him from then till 2016 to make his first appearance at the world championships. I think that tells you something about how hard it is to make it through the gauntlet of very good wrestlers to make the first team. Taylor USA Open National Championships = 2nd,2nd,1st,1st,1st,1st for 2013-2018. Taylor wrestled in the 2012 Olympic Trials at age 21 and it took him till 2018 to make his first appearance at the world championships. Reinforces the comment on how hard it is to make it to the first team. Two of the very best all time NCAA wrestlers who both made it to the world team to win gold. The results say that Taylor made the transition from folkstyle to freestyle a little better than Stieber did. They both made it through the very difficult process to make the team. But Taylor's overall freestyle record is better. I think Stieber was an outstanding control wrestler (could ride anyone) but that isn't valued in freestyle. Taylor's style is more wide open and scrambling and that has worked a little better.
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    Best Losers

    Everyone who didn't punch Bo Nickal after he tried to "help them up" after the match.
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    Boise st drops baseball...

    Un the fkucnig believable. The athletic director and president who got rid of wrestling should have their asses beat every 10 minutes for the next month.
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    Freestyle Match Database site

    Thought you all would appreciate the site I just put together as a resource for following mens freestyle wrestling closer. I have populated the site with the top 20 wrestlers (as I've ranked them) at each Olympic weight. Each wrestler's page lists every match result they've had since 2018. My goal is to add the non-Olympic weights by next year and about 10 extra wrestlers/weight. So they'll be around 300 wrestlers records on the site when it's up and running. As you know, many international results can be obscure, so these results aren't comprehensive for every wrestler but pretty darn close. The site is freestylewrestling.org/ Also, this is purely a hobby site-I'm not a developer but I do love wrestling a whole lot! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to give me any feedback on how to make it better.
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    I guess I can kind of understand why keyboard warriors bash guys who have a brash or unlikable social media persona or whatever (ie. PD3). Now we're bashing guys for lifting weights and being religious? NATO is a super humble, intelligent, and classy NCAA champ. Any program would be lucky to have him on staff.
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    The current administration would oppose funding NATO!
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    Is Eierman eligible?

    He’s already an expert marksmen he should thrive in the navy
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    What you think he got sick of doing his homework?
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    Relevant story during Pride Month. Read the room. Jenna's an awesome person and has represented us on the World stage since she was a kid. It's relevant to wrestling because she's a Youth Olympic Games alum, a Junior World teamer, a Senior World Teamer. I've done a lot of features and asked questions to wrestlers about their off-the-mat lives, ranging from collecting atari games, to being a mother and competing, painting shoes, building businesses. You saw the headline, you knew what it would be about - you can stop reading and go on with your life.
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    Downtown Brown

    Fresno St. under investigation

    Going to go on a limb here. Probably was something like kids have a party, girls come over ( hired pros or just excited co Eds). Some clothes come off. I mean not far fetched if you see people’s social media pics these days. Maybe a kid tells someone , or someone who was there. Later a kid or his parent that aren’t happy in the program or something like that turn it around to blame the people in charge. Now it could be the kid that lost his spot, got suspended for smoking dope, etc. But for a year or two to go buy and then there is an investigation, something tells me it was from a disgruntled type. Does anybody actually believe that Coach Troy Steiner lined up a party with strippers for recruits? The guy has always has about as impeccable reputation in and out of wrestling as imaginable. Smells a bit rotten over here.
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    uncle bernard

    Flo's Response

    I'll preface this by saying that I like Flo and have been a premium subscriber for years. They put out a lot of great content. I wanted to get this in before LJB jumps in and blows up the thread by calling anyone mildly critical of Flo a "hater." Currently listening to FRL and I felt this deserved it's own thread because of how amazing it is. So, CP spends the first 10 minutes of the show responding to Earl's article on TOM. For his response, he points out that no media outlet has invested more heavily into wrestling, paying coaches and athletes specifically. This is correct, and is a feather in their cap. He then pointed out some examples of how they cover events they don't livestream. Some of these examples are legit (Nomad going to Pan Ams for example). Most of them are a bit disingenuous. CP uses examples of campus visits and Bader show appearances to support they cover content they don't stream. This is obviously disingenous because the charge is that they don't acknowledge actual specific events they don't stream, not "schools we don't have streaming rights with." Overall, CP does a good job highlighting all of the good Flo does for the sport. I'm not going to critique their contribution. It's good. But, then something absolutely glorious happened. Ben Askren, in his typical fashion of not being able to filter a single thought that pops in his head, cuts off CP and completely blows CP's whole premise up by confirming that they purposely did not promote the BTS event because it was streamed by a competitor: "I'm sorry some people don't understand the business world. If they understood more business, they would understand why Flo did not cover Rumble on the Rooftop...We shouldn't! What? Are we going to make our competition stronger? Are you guys idiots?" (11:30 in the episode) The dejection in CP's voice is audible as he realizes Ben, in the span of a bout 30 seconds, completely undercut the argument he spent 10 minutes making. This is of course the crux of the debate. Nobody is denying that Flo's contribution is overwhelmingly positive. The frustration is that their content team LOVES to present themselves as altruistic growers of the sport (as evidenced by CP's introduction). The reality is pretty obvious. They love to grow the sport as long as growing the sport coincides with their interests as a business. That's fine. That's capitalism. It's the gap between their self-branding and their actual practice that upsets people. CP should have just said the obvious from the beginning: "Listen, we do a ton for the sport, but we are only able to do that because we are a functioning business. And we can only remain a functioning business if we protect our interests. We believe that not covering certain events, though it obviously isn't helpful for growing the sport, is a necessary price that we pay so we can do all of the other great stuff we do. It's not perfect, it's the way things are yada yada yada." He completely misunderstands why people are annoyed. Just be honest.
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    David Taylor vs. Logan Stieber

    I don't think the losses to Patterson, Lara, or Perrelli are on Stieber's official record, they were during his redshirt year. Otherwise we're adding two more losses to Taylor's tally, one more to Jenkins and a loss to Cyler Sanderson. I completely disagree with the idea that Taylor faced superior competition. I think it's more likely to favor Stieber in that conversation (Oliver, Zain, Ramos, Mitchell Port, Kendric Maple, Devin Carter vs. Dake (never beat), Jenkins [got decked], St. John, Caldwell), but also Stieber notably BEAT those guys. The two best guys Taylor faced, he never beat. Taylor was more dominant in terms of bonus points, though.
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    If I were a Stanford wrestler in this economy, I would strongly consider options to stay at Stanford (unless I could land a spot at a school like Princeton). Wrestling is fun and all, but a good education can open doors when you're trying to pay bills in a few years. Missing out on career opportunities early in life can put you in a hole you'll never quite recover from.
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    uncle bernard

    Worst Losers

    The whistle without doubt started before Metcalf's "lunge." It blew about 10 times before he even raised his hands up to push Caldwell. It wasn't one spur of the moment lunge. He had to run from the center circle to the edge of the mat, all while the whistle was blowing repeatedly, to get to Caldwell. I really don't get the defense here. It's been 10+ years. It was a shameful display on Brett's part. He could have seriously injured Caldwell. It is by far the darkest point of an outstanding career. I don't define Metcalf by that moment, but I'm certainly not going to whitewash it either.
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    Anybody seen TBar?

    shows good judgement...
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    For a stripper being at party with recruits? Honestly who would go and report this? Seems ridiculous
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    JO vs Nolf June 28th

    Dake believes that sequential numbers strengthen his glutes, it was 4:56 or 3:45.... the guys at flo hoped for a night match but since 5:67 isn't a real time they got as close as they could
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    Mark Hall to PRTC

    Also Chase Pami recently left Penn to start a club in Vegas. Pami ran the youth club at the RTC. Yes Mark’s relationship with Slay probably played a big part but there are many opportunities at Penn in terms of coaching imo and there aren’t the log jam of stars that there are at PSU. I’ve taken my team to Penn State’s camp twice and imo Hall was the best clinician there out of the athletes.
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    USA In Trouble

    to be 100% fair... this country was founded on being able to speak your mind without fear of governmental reprisal... peaceful protest is at the very cornerstone of that... that includes kneeling, marching, speeches, and yes, even burning of our flag... to try and censor or dictate anyone else's actions that in no way cause harm to another, precious feelings aside, is in direct conflict with that principle...
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    Back to the topic at hand. If several prominent black wrestlers state that racism is still an issue in the sport, I tend to take their word for it.
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    But....you're believing that the man's race (Asian of some sort) is producing an inherent superiority at math....you literally just gave the definition....
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    It's not black people's jobs to fix racism for white people. They can't reach inside us and change us. That wod ha been used for centuries to demean and dehumanize them. I get why they would take it for themselves, to try to remove the power from it. It's possibly the most loaded word in the history of the language. It's literally the easiest thing they could ask of us, to not use a particular word. It takes no physical or emotional effort on our part not to use it.
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    https://athletics.bellarmine.edu/sports/wrestling As of July 1, 2020 Bellarmine University has become a NCAA Division-I institution as they formally start their transition. The school of about 4,000 students is located in Louisville, Kentucky and will begin play in the Atlantic Sun Conference (wrestling will compete as an independent as they are not eligible to qualify for the NCAA tournament yet). https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/kentuckiana/2020/07/01/bellarmine-athletics-joins-division-i-atlantic-sun-conference/5354149002/
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    Worst Losers

    I’ve maintained that Metcalf was trying to help Caldwell rotate through the flip to stick the 10 pt landing.
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    uncle bernard

    Worst Losers

    Cael is really underrated in this respect because of his stoic demeanor, but he can bully an official with the best of them. OP mentioned the Taylor meltdown against Cox already, but the often forgotten part of that was when the official walked towards the corner to get Taylor back to the middle, Cael hit him in the chest with challenge brick, then his towel, and then put a chair up on the stage, resulting in him being ejected. Hilarious. Honorable mention to him shouting "you're killing the sport" at the official in the Wright-Bosak NCAA final for the whole tv audience to hear. Couldn't stop laughing when he kept shouting it.
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    Neck Bridges

    My opinion would be the neck bridges are more of a loosening up than strength building, and doing the flipping from one to the other has much more risk than benefit involved. Wrestling strength for the neck in my opinion would be shoulder/delt and trap training with a lot of hand fighting/positioning drills on the mat.
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    Boise st drops baseball...

    As a two-time graduate of Boise State this just makes me cringe. The lying two-faced BASTARD that is now the FORMER school President (Robert Kustra) said on multiple occasions when he was the Boise State school President that "wrestling will NOT be eliminated" at Boise State. Then right before he retires he eliminates the wrestling program (with a new head coach and new staff in their very first year at Boise State) just months before he is set to leave BSU. He did this SPECIFICALLY to bring back Baseball at Boise State and they hadn't had a baseball team at Boise State since the 1970's (when I was going to college there). In 2020 they bring back the baseball team - which did very well for a first year program - but end the season after only 14 games because of the INSANITY that is the Chinese Wuhan Virus. And NOW they are dropping the Baseball program. Someone NEEDS to make a movie about this travesty that is Boise State. If chimpanzees were in charge at Boise State they absolutely could not do a worse job than what's been going on at Boise State the last five years. They keep sending me cards (just got a birthday card yesterday from BSU) always asking me to send money. I always return them with this reply "Sorry but I do not support SOCIALIST organizations".
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    Everybody loves freedom of religion, unless it’s not your religion (or no religion). How progressive in thought you are. You clearly don’t know NATO, who is one of the classiest guys to ever wrestle.
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    Nazar Kulchytskyy retires

    Classy guy--always gave a great effort, never embarrassed the sport. Overcame quite a bit and was very unheralded. Best to him in retirement and props for wanting to give back. More like him...
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    Wrestling’s Back! BTS Chicago

    After growing up in southern IL and went to undergrad in central IL, but after moving to Chicago over a decade ago I can’t even keep track anymore of how many times I have been shot. Plus every 6-12 months I wake up in a bath tub of ice and realize someone stole another one of my kidneys. It’s super duper scary in Chiraq I don’t know how the millions of us can stand to live here and that global companies are based out of this town. Crazy that the Windy City is where they were able to bring together such an awesome event tonight to help our athletes repping our great sport!
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    Rutgers it is...

    Uh-Oh. SeaBass commands attention. Nicky Pushups no like.
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    Teasdale in the portal

    Teasdale can get three more D1 years if Iowa drops the sport
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    Kennedy Monday enters the portal

    This are good questions. 1) Kennedy has always had a hard time cutting weight because of his frame. He had to make the jump from 157 to 165 because he couldn’t physically make 157 anymore. If he does transfer I could absolutely see 174 being on the table in his eyes. He has the length and frame to go there. I’m not sure how strength would hold up against some 174 pound hammers though. I also don’t believe him going 174 factors into UNC’s plans for next year either. Devin Kane said in a recent interview he’s ready to get back on the mat for the Heels at 174 next year, where he was a blood round wrestler at the 2019 NCAA tournament. Clay Lautt will then naturally move up to 184 as he has the frame for it. He was the 2020 ACC champion at 174 pounds. There’s really just not room for Monday at UNC anywhere other than 165 pounds. Maybe that’s also part of the decision for him? 2) My obvious answer for this is UNC at 165 haha. But if I can’t pick that then I’ll pick Oklahoma State at 165 for a year. If any coaches can tap into his ridiculous upside and help him with consistency I think the staff in Stillwater could do it. This will also make it way easier for me to keep rooting for him than if he transferred to another ACC school (which I’m pretty confident that wouldn’t happen). 3) I don’t want him to go anywhere in the ACC. I personally think him going 174 would be a mistake if he can cut safely to 165. He would lose some of the advantages that make him such a unique wrestler if he went 174. All the slick explosive attacks that worked so well at 157/165 would be more likely to be met with sheer horse power at 174. Even in practice clips I’ve seen our 174 last year Clay Lautt could give Monday all he wanted, and Lautt is a fringe top 20 guy at 74. Sorry for the length of the answers. But great questions.
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    Nolf vs IMar, Zain vs Steiber

    Stieber beat Zain 8-6 in 2016 Olympic trials (and it wasn't really that close as Stieber gave up a late TD to preserve the win). That makes his career record 3-1 against Zain. (Scores were 8-6, 7-3, 7-3 and 2-4 SV). Have they wrestled any other time since college? Stieber is a former World Champion, World Cup champion and has beaten multiple past World Champions. Zain is a former Cadet World Champion. Had Stieber not lost to Molinaro by criteria at the 2016 Olympic Trials there's a decent chance he would have won Gold as he had beaten Gold Medalist Ramonov 9 month earlier. Also as far as common freestyle opponents Stieber easily beat Pico 13-4 while Pico beat Zain easily 8-5 in 2016 (4-1 takedowns). The Stieber match is the only time I've ever seen Pico get dominated in a match. (Pico is actually 6-0 in his career vs Zain and 8-5 was the closest match. Good thing for Zain that Pico didn't go to college or he might not have any NCAA individual championships) Zain is a beast but I think ppl are forgetting how good Logan was. He is easily one of the top 5-10 USA wrestlers of the last decade.
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    Kennedy Monday enters the portal

    Incorrect. Do you really think a genius like Trump would have gone to Penn State?
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    Pletcher (DarkHorse?)

    personally, my one real wish for the match is DT gets up by 12ish and then downey drops him on his head and pins him... that would make me chuckle endlessly... the amount of whining and crawdaddying on this bbs would be absolutely marvelous...
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    As a lifetime Greco guy, I must admit Greco as a consumer product is not where it should be right now. We fixed freestyle after the ball-grab era, and I think it is possible to fix Greco. One thing I would like to see is a MUCH smaller mat. This is an idea Ivan Ivanov had to create the pushing necessary to create big throws, and the increase in action when we do it in the room is jaw-dropping.
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    JO vs Nolf June 28th

    Will gladly pay that for some wrestling and to support the wrestlers, the RTC and Beat the Streets Chicago.
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    If Ness takes Palacio down, does Palacio owe him a grand?
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    So freshman year in high school I was the JV 105 lber for our school - until the varsity guy broke his jaw in practice. The next dual, I moved up to varsity, and had to wrestle a returning state finalist. It wasn't pretty, but I went the distance (back then, they didn't have tech falls, instead a 12 point margin of victory was called a "superior decision"), and considered it a moral victory that I avoided giving up a fall. But then our 98 lber came over, and sotto voce said "Dude - you've got mat burns on your shoulder blades!"
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    Was watching a dual meet this past year and a caster mentioned that a black wrestler "looked fast" 5 seconds into action. It's the little things like that and once you realize it's a problem, you realize it is far more common than you think.
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    Code word in a certain state's redneck coaching lexicon: "athletes." Example: "XXXXX High School has a bunch of athletes on their team. All you have to do is weather the first period and you will be fine." You can figure out what it means very quickly. The kids knew too. Shameful.
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