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    Suriano’s Dad

    On behalf of the southerners here ....why can't she be BOTH?
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    Memories of hero wrestlers

    I grew up in Sheldon. It was 1996, the year that Tom Brands won. I was pretty young at the time, and I was out running the sidewalks of Sheldon mostly because I was naturally a chubby kid and I hated being fat. I never got over that until I hit my sophomore year of high school when I just matured and got muscles out of nowhere. Anyway I obviously wasn't going fast, and across the street I saw someone else running that morning. It was Tom Brands. The moment he saw me, he crossed the street and asked if I wanted to run with him. I dont remember saying anything. I think I was a bit awestruck, but next thing I know I am jogging alongside the future Olympic champ. I do remember trying soooooo hard to keep the pace. I am sure it was almost a walk for him, but he took me all the way back to my house, wished me good luck, and was on his way again. It seems like such a small thing, but it was a big moment for me at the time. Despite the things that get said about the Brands bros, they really are great guys.
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    OP is going to lose his mind when he finds flowrestling.
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    Memories of hero wrestlers

    I had just started wrestling and my coaches were Dave Schultz fans. They let me take VHS tapes of Dave to the school library (we didnt have a player at home) and I would skip class to watch them. Dave did a clinic near where I lived and I couldnt wait. I was anxious for weeks. He showed up and he chose me to show moves on. I had to have watched his matches more than anyone in that building combined. I dont know how or if he knew how influential he already was to me but he decided to choose an 85lb beginner wrestler to show moves on. I still think about it every couple of days. Somehow I felt as if we had been practice partners for years and it was another day on the mats together. I have heard other people say he made them feel like they were old friends, and I couldnt agree more. I would never put an athlete on a pedestal above me, but that day really did change my trajectory in wrestling.
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    You may not like it but...

    Most ppl don’t dislike the “kids”, they dislike the arrogant delusional fans who have nothing to do with the young men’s success.
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    Seriously though, if you think I'm going to partake before an NCAA session you are sorely mistaken. I won't sacrifice even a millisecond of the reaction time it takes for me to stand up out of my chair, point with my fist in the air, and yell "WHAT'S HE DOIN' REF?" "HE'S BACKIN' UP" "MAKE HIM WRESTLE!" The wrestlers have a job to do, and so do I.
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    They called for stalling
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    Memories of hero wrestlers

    The post about Mark Hall stopping to sign autographs for kids even after his loss in the finals had me reimincising of a moment that stood out to me when I was a youth wrestler. I started typing a reply about the story but didn't want to hijack the thread away and though it would be cool to share stories about when we were younger and a memory of a hero wrestler of ours. I still remember as a child at midlands walking up to Leroy Vega from MN (my favorite wrestler at the time) and asking for an autograph prior to his finals match with Jody strittmatter. He asked me if I could find him after the match. He ended up losing (I was heartbroken) and later in the concourse or whatever its called he actually saw me came up and said would you still like my autograph? and signed my program. I remember being floored by the fact that he came to me and remembered. It's something that stuck with me my entire life.
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    Not making any attempt to mount a real offense in neutral stopped him more than the alleged headgear grab (and the non-existent hands to the face). And for the record, I wanted Fix to win.
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    I'll keep that in mind next time I run into Jack Reacher
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    1. Which moment is more exciting, for you? The start of the tournament, OR the start of the Finals? Start of the finals, without a doubt. The start of the tournament is exciting but it's a morning session. The finals is Saturday night, there's been a long break between sessions and half the arena is at least a few drinks in by that point, so there's a different buzz about it in addition to the matches being more important. 2. For what was the LOUDEST applause or reaction that YOU have ever heard? In the past 10 years I remember Ness over Dennis as being exceptionally loud. Nickal over Martin last year was big as well, as was Martin over Nickal at MSG. 3. What is the one concession food item that you ALWAYS buy and eat? Peanuts? 4. What is the one high-priced food item that you really do want but hate to purchase? Dippin' Dots. Ice cream of the future. 5. If you’re willing to tell, has there ever been an undefeated top seed that you WANTED to see lose? But provided that he was not wrestling the wrestler for YOUR team. Depends on the round. Generally I'm all for chaos, but I'd also like to see the best possible matchups in the semis and finals. 6. What is the music like? Is it loud and overbearing like at a football game (domed stadium game)? Or is it real good and actually ADDS to the overall atmosphere? Varies somewhat by arena, but I think it's typically a non-issue and generally additive to the environment. 7. Excluding all consolation rounds, do you ever feel any LULLS in the action? Yes, but hardly any if you're a fan of wrestling and not just a fan of "your team." Bracket challenges, fantasy drafts, and gambling help as well. 8. You who sit up high, how well can you see the action on the floor? Are there TV monitors that you look at? Again, depends on the arena, but I've sat in the 5th row and the 5th from last row, and enjoyed both. Some arenas have TV monitors in the upper decks that are useful but generally you'll be able to see all of the action pretty well even from the upper upper deck. 9. What was the most pleasant conversation that you ever had with a stranger sitting next to you or nearby? On the contrary, you ever get close to fisticuffs with somebody sitting nearby? Or witness such? I met a Penn State fan from Oklahoma this year. He said he roots for them because he likes their singlet, and that he's been following them since 2016 so he's not one of those "fake fans." I called him a phony and we got pretty close to fisticuffs. I think I could have taken him, too. Granted, he looked pretty tough for an 11 year old, but I had justice and Jim Beam on my side. 10. Can you describe any moment that brought you to tears, or near tears? Tears no. Plenty of moments of absolute dejection or elation, though.
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    Please, please God let that be the last laugh.
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    Hidlay had 2

    Nolf was gifted the match. That ref needs to go
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    Co Hodge Winners

    When Willie wakes up at noon he is not going to like this.
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    HUGE Upset....spoiler

    In his racing debut, excellently named Medicine Man runs third in Oklahoma. The owner of Medicine Man and I were elk hunting in the Colorado Wilderness a many years ago, a horse packing expedition deep into the mountains. The owner got injured, broke three ribs when he got kicked by a mule. I administered a healthy dose of equine anti-inflammatory drugs to my sidekick (pun intended), and he was then able to ride out of the mountains in tolerable pain, on a travois I fashioned. He dubbed me Medicine Man. He named that colt after me. And he wrestled in college, hence the post on college forum.
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    (I'll play nice guy) Yeah! It's a great site! Most of us already know about it, and use it quite frequently to brush up on our stats for our petty arguments! It's a great site! Welcome to the Forum, good luck, and godspeed (because with the cast of crazy characters we have around here, you'll need it)! Cheers!
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    Brands could get last and the Iowa fans would still blame something and someone else.
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    you know its bad when even the cinnamonrollguy gets to poke fun at you...
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    As jubilant as I was last year when Bo stuck Myles, I was honestly kind of equally miserable that he lost against Dean. It's all fun to have rivalries and hate other teams, but there was something about Myles that surpassed where he went to school. This interview that was posted on Flowrestling captures why I think I might have become a fan of his. And while I was relieved that Nolf got away with one in the semis, the look on Hidlay's face when it was done stole any happiness that I could feel that the better wrestler prevailed. Both Hidlay and Martin are the wrestlers that I've been thinking about the most post-tournament. As long as Myles never wrestles another Penn State wrestler ever again, I hope he becomes a world champion in his future. I also hope that those of you who hate PSU can feel similar thoughts about some of our guys as well.
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    I'm not a Penn State fan and have never particularly liked (or disliked) Mark Hall. Have followed his career for many years and he is obviously an amazing wrestler. but I have never considered him to be one of my favorites. With that said, he has now become quite possibly my favorite wrestler in the entire country. Last Saturday night I watched him walk off the elevated mat after his loss to Valencia, take his singlet straps down, and immediately begin signing autographs for a line of eager young fans. The sweat was still running and I doubt he even had time for water. Rather than run to the locker room to deal with this emotional loss by himself (which, btw, is what I likely would have done) he held his head high, smiled, and signed autographs like a true champion. Quite the impressive display. Although I am an avid themat.com viewer, I don't really post. For whatever reason, after seeing Hall's display on Saturday night I felt compelled to share.
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    Suriano’s Dad

    yes, looked like he was screaming "Hey John,.....!!!." in the direction of the OK State corner...the camera cut away before you could lip read the rest. I'm guessing it was something like"...you are a living legend, and I bow down before you"
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    Iowa loses 1 team point on DeSanto

    Maybe they'll hold him out of that crucial Kent State dual next November.
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    NCAA Session 2 Thread

    Ness said after the match with Rasheed “I’ve wrestled all my matches this season. He’s taken off some. It really makes a big difference when it comes to the most important tournament of the year.” On one hand, I’m not a huge fan of talking trash, but then again maybe wrestlers calling out other wrestlers for ducking isn’t the worst thing ever.
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    NCAA Session 2 Thread

    Apparently Shak will do anything not to wrestle MyMar