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    Will M Lewis AA this year?

    25 guys
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    What's it going to be flo?

    Worlds is tough...
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    What's it going to be flo?

    Goodness I'd hate for people to have high expectations for guys that have multiple world medals. It's not the end of the world for sports media to have incorrect predictions or hype someone that doesn't live up to expectations.
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    28-2 with two close losses to Marsteller. How do you do it, House?!
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    What's it going to be flo?

    Maybe they are just being honest. I don’t think this is anything to worry about. Gable got caught. It happens. He will be better for it. Fix has some holes to fill, but junior worlds is tough. It’s not like he lost to a bad wrestler. We still placed 2nd in the world. Azerbaijan and Iran had solid teams too. We didn’t have all of our starters and still came home with 5 medals, 3 finalists and a champion.
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    Graham coach Jeff Jordan retires

    One fanatical Jordan in D.C. is enough.
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