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    Validative experiences

    I went to the 2006 Big Ten Wrestling Championships at Indiana, not only because I was joining a friend at Big Tens, but because a guy wrestling for Ohio State, who I had known from my gym, was trying to make it to Nationals. In a crucial match, he had it locked up, and then he got taken down in the last few seconds. He lost the next match, too, and he never went to Nationals After his near miss, I was working out in the gym at the hotel where I was staying in Indiana. It was a very small gym. Only enough room for two stationary bikes, two treads and a few free weights. The only other guy in that room was a guy in a hooded shirt on a stationary bike and me on a tread. I looked closer. It was Dan Gable. I got off of my treadmill and said hello. He asked me if I had a kid wrestling, and I replied that I was following a young Ohio State man from my gym who had just lost. He asked his name, and I told him. Gable said, "Hell of a double-leg." After that, I got back on the tread and absolutely killed myself to run hard in that hot room. After all, Gable was the only other person in the room. I was walking in the main area about an hour later, and I told my wrestling buddy about the Gable story. When asked about how hard I worked, I said "I did the best I could." Gable walked by the same time and said, "You did well." This is all true, and it ranks near the top of my validative experiences. Anyone else?
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    Validative experiences

    Another Gable one: Dan and I were brought in to do the commentary for the final scene of The Last Champion, which is likely to come out in the next few months. We were having dinner in the airport after a long day of shooting and he said, “I love the fact you get to make a living out of doing what you do.” Terry Brands has a few brief comments over the years that just put a smile on my face immediately. And yes, I’ve wanted to run through a wall afterwards.
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    Streaming options for worlds

    In the next four weeks, If I wanted to watch Worlds, Michigan State Open, Bearcat Open, Princeton Open, and the Grand View Open, it would run me $90 for a month's worth of tournament coverage-- almost the value of a year of Flo Out of either pure laziness or greed, and for the third year in a row, track refuses to put out a viable subscription model for dedicated wrestling fans. They rather target the pockets of mom and pop who are trying to get a look-in at their kid.
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    Alex DIERinger. Faked me out. Anyway, saw him coming out of Hideaway Pizza one time when he was a wrestler at OSU. I threatened to rat him out to John Smith on Twitter and he gave me a thumbs up :D
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    Validative experiences

    I was a sophomore in high school, football was my main sport. My position coach in football was the head wrestling coach and was just waiting out the head football coach getting fired so he could take over. I usually practiced with a senior who was a weight class up from me. He pounded on me every practice all practice. But he should have, right? He was older, bigger, and a returning state place winner. One day, the head wrestling coach was gone and the assistant ran practice. He was a real wrestling guy. When we were doing situational live goes, he came over to me and the senior and said loser has to do 20 pushups. I lost a few in a row. Then I started to get pissed. I lost a couple more. Now i’m really pissed off, this isn’t fair, i’ll be doing push-ups all afternoon. Then I win one go. Then another. I won the last four in a row. Being young, it took me a while to realize that the assistant was able to get me to perform at a level I didn’t believe I could. He believed in me before I did. I was almost 50/50 with the senior the rest of the season in practice, and started the whole year on varsity. I never even considered being able to do that before. About 15 years later I ran into the assistant coach and told him this story. He tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but I made sure he knew I thought it was.
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    Validative experiences

    Another Gable story- with me. In 1987, I was asked to do the computer work at NCAAs with what was my old program that I wrote first around 1980 in DOS1.0. Apparently there were computer issues at Iowa in 86. I had a portable (it weighed about 40lbs but it had a handle) and ran things on floppy drives (the real actual floppy drives). Running the event itself wasn't a problem, I had already run bigger ones even though some people were saying it wasn't possible to do it on a portable- the NCAAs had been run on main frames so far. What turned out to be the big deal was doing the preseeding. I made essentially a 3-D spreadsheet. 24 preseeders, 10 weights and around 36 kids per weight. I couldn't really test it. They gave me the preseeder sheets around noon on Tuesday figuring to get them back that evening. I wasn't even close. It took forever to scroll the sheet on the floppy. I got it done around 5am and printed out the data and left it with the NCAA rep under the door. They didn't need it until that morning for the seeding meetings so I was ok. The next year I wrote a program that could do it in a few hours. I met with the committee for either breakfast or lunch (I think lunch). I explained why it took so long and a couple of them thanked me for my diligence. Gable was sitting next to me. He didn't say much but had a look of appreciation that I got it done that I haven't forgotten.
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    NWCA All Star Classic

    Stop talking wrestling...can't you see that everyone is talking about philosophy, make believe scenarios and conspiracy theories? Take it somewhere else.
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    Streaming options for worlds

    http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?postId=723660132&TIM=1536777838857 Track is kicking back to the Living the Dream Medal Fund for everyone that purchases the stream and uses the code WINUSA- so be sure to do that...
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    It's about time someone started another Pat Downey thread.
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    WrestleStat has transitioned to 2019

    Hey WrestleStat fans! The website has been transitioned to the 2019 season. Go ahead and start updating starters to who they are projected to be for the upcoming season. Couple things to note: PreSeason rankings are NOT just the 2018 end of season rankings, less seniors. Since the algorithm has been updated, ALL rankings for every season have been run through the new algorithm, but ONLY the 2019 preseason values were updated. The reason for that is two-fold: 1) Since those other seasons are done, it doesn't make sense to go back and change them, and 2) It would take upwards of almost 8 hours of processing to run through the 100 weeks (5 seasons X ~20 weeks per season) of rankings that would need to be done in the production database There are no enhancements that come with this release. I'm working on MASSIVE changes to the website, but that code is not ready to be deployed. There are major look-and-feel/theme changes where I have to update every single page on the site, as well as architectural changes like making a schools conference season-specific since we have schools adding/dropping programs or changing conferences on a yearly basis, so it's going to take probably the entire summer. Now's the best time to get any requests in for modifications/enhancements to the site that aren't already known. Sometime in the future I'll develop a page that will show exactly what I'm working on so it's more transparent...but in the meantime, just send me or obrats a message and will get it added if it's not already on the list. Some examples of changes: "can the site open the videos of matches directly in the site, instead of navigating over to YouTube.com", or "use a voting system for the upcoming, potential feature matches instead of just a yes/no toggle", or "add a chat feature to the dual comparison and box score pages for comments about a specific dual or tournament". Lastly, if there are any schools that have added or dropped wrestling, or wrestlers that have transferred that aren't reflected on the site yet, please either reply, or send a message to myself or obrats and we can get those changes made. That's all for now! https://www.wrestlestat.com
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    NWCA All Star Classic

    I am trying to decide.......... All-Star......... or Cliff Keen Vegas. Gotta see if there are any good concerts in Vegas that week.
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    UWW (United World Wrestling) released this below video ahead of World Championships (of course to promote, attract, create curiosity) on USA Men's Freestyle team with tag lines "Will the American style strike gold again in 2018? Or will Abdulrashid Sadualev and his team of Russians have their revenge?"
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    Unfortunately no, if I were I might actually find your posts amusing. Call it passive aggressive if you want, but it's virtually pointless to argue with you, so I went for a laugh instead. Hopefully your feelings remain intact.
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    I am not all that confident DT wins the spot in 2020. By then, Zahid will have two more years to progress. Aaron Brooks will likely be there too. He would have to make Snyder type gains to be on par with DT, but it is possible. Also, Dake has to choose to go down, which is likely, but isn't a sure thing. DT will likely also have to get past Jden, unless Jden can't make it down there. Jden is not the best style matchup for DT. I can't see Ringer beating any of those guys at 86. He is more likely to make the team at 74, even if Dake and Burroughs are there. He would have to wrestle the tournament of his life, but I think Molinaro making the team in 2016 was less likely than Ringer making it in 2020, as crazy as that sounds.
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    Validative experiences

    Was at an Iowa open practice last year and was disappointed to see how friendly Tom Brands was to everyone attending and how outgoing & comfortable he was working the room. I need my villains to be evil.
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    Kharchla is gonna be 3 or 4 timer

    Martin has NEVER struggled from bottom. Neither did Snyder, he went down with Coon for Pete’s sake. NATO struggles with 2 guys... Spencer Lee and Ethan Lizak. So has everyone else. I know you said weakest and not weak in general.... but I’d say the group you listed were far weakest on top then bottom with being on their free their best.
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    It’s much more a Jordan issue than a tOSU issue but it’s still sort of a tOSU issue. Their latest stars: Snyder, Martin, Nato, and the Jordans are by far the weakest from bottom. I can’t think of another powerhouse program where the same was or is true.
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    NWCA All Star Classic

    I really don't think this thread is about the All Star Classic, but Taylor Venz is in at 184, up against Max Dean.
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    For a family who doesn’t sniff the freestyle circuit... it is quite odd they aren’t GREAT folk style mat wrestlers but rather elite on their feet like freestyle tailors to.
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    Favorite team moments/performances

    I hate admitting to this, but I thought Kilgore was gonna beat Quentin Wright. That match as much as any other is why I never doubt the current PSU program as a whole. I don't think Kilgore had been taken down once that whole year and then Wright got three TD's on him.
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    Streaming options for worlds

    UWW contracts with Track to stream to the U.S. viewership. UWW is sending that signal out to its vendors (the U.S. isn't the only country that has a vendor charging PPV access). A comparison would be how NBC owns the broadcast rights for the Olympics in the U.S., even though the streams originate from OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Service). If you're watching the Olympics in Canada, you're not watching NBC, you're watching/streaming on who holds the Canadian rights.
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    I didn't design this to be public facing, so it isn't the best format to display it, but sure. The year listed is the most recent year that they competed. The other medal columns are medals from previous years. Name Year Medal Medal Medal AA Champion Eligibility Left Mekhi Lewis 2018 Gold No No NA NA 4 Aaron Brooks 2018 Silver No No NA NA 4 Zach Elam 2018 Silver No No NA NA 4 Daton Fix 2018 Bronze Gold Bronze NA NA 4 Brady Berge 2018 Bronze No No NA NA 4 Mitch Mckee 2017 Silver No No 0 0 2 Ryan Deakin 2017 Silver No No 0 0 3 Mark Hall 2017 Gold Gold No 2 1 2 Zahid Valencia 2017 Silver No No 2 1 2 Kollin Moore 2017 Bronze No No 2 0 2 Gable Steveson 2017 Gold No No NA NA 4 Spencer Lee 2016 Gold Gold No 1 1 3 Stephan Micic 2015 Bronze No No 2 0 2 Aaron Pico 2015 Bronze Silver No NA NA 0 Nathan Butler 2015 Bronze No No 0 0 0 Thomas Gilman 2014 Bronze No No 3 0 0 Joey McKenna 2014 Silver No No 2 0 1 Gabe Dean 2014 Bronze No No 4 2 0 Kyle Snyder 2014 Bronze Gold No 4 3 0 Adam Coon 2014 Bronze No No 3 0 0 Alex Ringer 2013 Silver No No 4 3 0 Pat Downey 2012 Silver No No 1 0 0 Logan Steiber 2011 Silver No No 4 4 0 Chris Perry 2010 Bronze No No 3 2 0 Dom Bradley 2009 Gold No No 2 0 0 Jordan Oliver 2009 Bronze No No 4 2 0 Andrew Howe 2009 Bronze No No 4 1 0
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    I mean hell, Jeff Jordan's motto for a million years was "take him down, let him up." "Secure hand control, get your escape," just doesn't sound quite as sexy.
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    Ohio State 157?

    You know Ohio state did beat them at NCAAs, right? As I wrote... those days are now over.
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    Good there shouldn't be.... ever..... That said . STEIBLER Elf won the spot fair and square. Should be end of discussion. It's his last year and I wish him the best, hope he can capture some serious magic again and bring home that gold. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk