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    As an American wrestling fan, it would be nice if I could dislike our main rival but nothing but respect for Sad and the way he goes about everything. Classy guy and just a joy to watch on the mat, every time.
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    In Nevada, we say WTF was that?
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    source: http://www.wrestrus.ru/news/Novosti_turnirov/chempionat_mira_2018/abdulrashid_sadulaev_rozhdenie_docheri_podarok_motivacija_i_otvetstvennost Sadulaev: "I did not know how the match would go, but I started the match ready to fight till the end. I was ready to wrestle for all 6 minutes, but when I got the chance to finish the match earlier -- why not use it? ... It was very difficult for me this past year, so don't just look at the match that it ended quickly. I waited for this moment the entire year, and I have a hard time finding the right words now. But I say thank you, I am very happy." You and Snyder were together in the warm up area for 2 days. Did you guys communicate? We first saw each other in the hotel, we greeted each other, and wished one another success. After that we met on the mat. Last time you wrestled you had few hours till the final only, now it was an entire day... Today, I woke up, had breakfast and went to rest. Slept until noon, woke up and waited for the final match. Recently, you had a daughter. Did you see her already? I was in Moscow when I learned that I have a daughter. I have not seen her yet in person, did not feel any parental feelings yet, but I was very happy. Birth of my daughter -- it is such a gift, and also motivation, responsibility. I called my daughter Amina -- the mother of prophet Mohammad. So, the win is for the daughter? Well, before we boarded the plane, we agreed the wins are for Besik Kudukov. So its for him. What are you next plans? I have not been home for a long time, and now I have a daughter there. I will go home, relax, spend time with family, friends -- and then again, start preparing. Quite soon will be the Yarygin tournament and then 2019 is critical as the Olympic slots will start to be determined then. I already have experience with the Olympic Games. What did you weigh today? 95kg. But I was ready for this worlds, so it doesn't matter what the weight scale shows. I know my opponents cut 5-6kg, but I am already used to the new weight class, feel good there, and I am ready to work more. You won the worlds for a 3rd time. Are you thinking about setting records? You are only 22 after all... Well, Karelin won it 9 times. 9! For me to reach this record, its like walking by foot to China. I don't think about records. I have people to aspire to, for instance Karelin wrestled at 4 Olympics and I am not even thinking about a 3rd one right now. Ahead of us -- world championships and second Olympics. So we will go forward in small steps. Khabib Nurmagomedov is your friend and he won an important UFC fight this montn. When Khabib was fighting, we were in a training camp. This was Sunday, rest day, so we sat in our rooms, watched and supported him. He also made Conor be responsible for his words. Many things were said about Khabib's Dad, our religion, and our country. I am using this opportunity to tell all athletes, from all sports: if you don't have a medal on your neck or a belt around your waist, don't talk so much trash, you will be sorry later. Snyder also talked a lot about you, how you have bad coaches and improper training. Before we left for Hungary, I saw one of his interviews, where he said I have bad coaches, who force me to wrestle in 97kg. As if I have not chance there and I cannot win against him. But one has to be responsible for their words. Kyle Snyder is a great competitor and opponent, Olympic champion. But lately, he was talking too much, and he got what he wanted. I want to tell Snyder and all others: I can be doubtful for many things, but not in my skills and my coaches. I hope I have closed this discussion forever and we don't have to talk about it again. Your win -- is it a gift for Putin? I know that last year Putin watched my match. I was so ashamed I lost...but this year I managed to win. You see, professional sport does not like long breaks. I want to tell everyone: I lost last year because I did a huge pause, too big. I was not ready fully for the tournament. The loss last year was useful at the end, as it motivated me greatly to train more. And now I am ready to show everyone my superiority.
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    Different values, different culture, different sense of duty and obligation. A lot of these guys were selected at an early age, most around 10 or so, to be groomed by what would be college level coaches here. They aren't being driven every weekend to compete for three-foot high plastic trophies to fill up the mantel or an awards shrine. When we trained with the Belorussian Cadet and Junior national teams in Minsk, some of the kids didn't even have wrestling shoes and most wore the same training clothes every day--they didn't have squat. This is life for them, survival, their chance at a future.
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    A few days ago, when the draws started rolling in, there was a lot of dissatisfaction at the seeding criteria. I thought it would be interesting to see how accurate the seeds actually were. Based on my research, 14 of 31 seeded wrestlers earned medals, for a success rate of about 45%. That's not bad, given that guys like Yazdani and Sadulaev were not seeded. Here is where I am getting my numbers: 57- 1 of 4 seeded wrestlers medaled 61- 2 of 4 seeded wrestlers medaled 65- 1 of 3 seeded wrestlers medaled (Bekbulatov did not compete here) 70- 1 of 2 seeded wrestlers medaled (Kurbanaliev & Muslimov did not compete here) 74- 1 of 3 seeded wrestlers medaled (Kaisanov did not compete here) 79- 3 of 4 seeded wrestlers medaled 86- 2 of 3 seeded wrestlers medaled (Naifonov did not compete here) 92- 0 of 2 seeded wrestlers medaled (Ebrahimizivlaei & Sadulaev did not compete here) 97- 1 of 3 seeded wrestlers medaled (Baitcaev did not compete here) 125- 2 of 3 seeded wrestlers medaled (Kartavyi did not compete here)
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    Interesting that they seem to take Conor McGregor's insults seriously. Apparently their culture very much values an earnest sense of honor.
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    Would it blow your mind if I told you that every guy on their team was from a combined region that is roughly the size and population of South Carolina? Their lineup has 6 from Dagestan, 2 from Chechnya, and 2 from North Ossetia-Alania.
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    It was amazing worlds! Yes i like greco more than fs. I wait for greco worlds. But fs was more interesting than many boxing/mma events! Amazing soviet Taylor and Dake, upset by Bonne, last seconds by Gazi, Agkgul losses, Surprise from Japan at 65, pulled singlets, tears, Ohio sad day etc!. All of this was in this words! thanks for the support! Together - we are force! Fight and Olympics forever!
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    I have a feeling there is no such interview. The only time I saw him ever comment at all about the coaches was that they had scouted him well when he went for his foot-stomp "radar" single leg in match one and Sad dropped to Snyder's right leg. I don't think Sad speaks a lot of English, so I would not be surprised if there was a mistranslation or a story about disrespect concocted to motivate him.
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    Not even meeting your daughter is hardcore. This is an example of the focus needed to compete and dominate at the very highest level. There is no way I would have missed the births of my sons, but I was not a world class athlete either.
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    You are a fart that lingers, leaving a stench on every thread you visit, which unfortunately is most of them. Most try to ignore it but are forced to hold their nose in disgust.
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    McGregor was out of line. Religion? That’s like bringing race into a trash talk. No room for it ever and not surprising at all that Dagestanis and Muslims in general took offense.
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    65kg Meh...

    JO being effective with multi day, same day weigh-ins at 65 is something I have to see to believe before I'm going to anoint him. He struggled making 65kg with night before weighins and often wrestled at 70kg. I hope he can handle the cut, but his past hasn't show that he can. Seems to be rejuvenated at Cornell though, more firepower at 65 is good for the US so I hope it happens.
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    65kg Meh...

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    Close race thanks my U.S. friends!

    Man, comparing this to 2006, just night and day
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    We have imported Cubans and Russians before, but by the time all the red tape and "green tape" got exchanged they were way past their primes.
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    97kg bronze match. Scoreboard says Italy vs Hungary, and I am clearly watching a Ukrainian wrestle a Cuban.
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    America is a nation of immigrants. I’m all for a Russian or three coming here, less for the immediate shot in the arm and more for their potential impact on their training partners and the US wrestling scene overall. I thought the Russian visit to the NYC RTC and the Okie State room from last year was awesome.
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    All 10 medalists...greatest team ever?

    Greatest American team ever? All 10 are officially world-level medalists now. 10 world-level medalists 6 world-level champs 5 multiple-time medalists 8 of 10 are multiple-time medalists and/or world-level champs!! (would have been 9 with Gilman)
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    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Snyder needs to know I got pinned too. Many times. And look at me now. It will be okay.
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    I know of a caravan they could join for fast entry.
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    The preseason rankings have been updated on WrestleStat to prepare for the start of the Fantasy Pick'Em contest tomorrow. These should contain all transfers, weight changes, redshirts, etc. In the past few days I've also made numerous improvements to the speed of each of these pages. If you notice anything taking longer than you think it should, don't hesitate to contact me. Here are the rankings: Wrestler Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/starters Dual Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/dual Tournament Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/tournament Edit: Sorry, this new board format apparently does not auto-convert URL's to hyperlinks...
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    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    It starts at 12 so I'd say we can expect to see them go on that mat around 1-115 after they get the 3 70kg matches out of the way and the other 2 97 matches.
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    Andy Hrovat

    Great job by Andy and Shane, IMO. Sure they may have butchered a few things but at least they both acknowledged it and had fun with it. Also a little rough getting out of bed at 4:15am, but there they were doing the pregame. Woke me right up. Also loved all of Andy's insight.