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    57: Muslil Sadulaev (Dagestan) 61: M-rasul Idrisov (Dagestan) 65: Islam Dudaev (Chechnya) 70: David Baev (RNO-Alania) 74: Timuv Bizhoev (Krasnodar Krai) 79: Gadzhi Nabiev (Dagestan) 86: Artur Naifnov (RNO-Alania) 92: Aslanbek Sotiev (RNO-Alania) 97: Igor Ovsyannikov (Krasnkoyarsk Krai) 125: Said Gamidov (Azerbaijan-Dagestan)
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    Another World Championships has come and gone and it's time to update the rankings! Welcome to the list David Taylor, Kyle Dake and Joe Colon! I tweaked the scoring to give Olympic Gold a little more value. As always, if missing someone, let me know and give their credentials if possible. Remember, this a career ranking and not who was best at their peak. Olympic Champion = 8.5 points World Champion = 6.5 points Olympic Silver/Bronze = 5 points World Silver/Bronze = 4 points NCAA National Title = 2 points NCAA Finalist = 1 point NCAA All-American = 0.5 point Bruce Baumgartner (74.5) 2 Olympic Gold/3 World Gold/1 Olympic Silver/3 World Silver/1 Olympic Bronze/3 World Bronze/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA Finals John Smith (48) 2 Olympic Gold/4 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Jordan Burroughs (47) 1 Olympic Gold/4 World Gold/2 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Dave Schultz (38.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/3 World Silver/2 World Bronze/1 NCAA Title/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Kyle Snyder (31.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/1 World Silver/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Lee Kemp (30.5) 3 World Gold/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Rick Sanders (29.5) 1 World Gold/2 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Mark Schultz (27.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/3 NCAA Titles Kenny Monday (24) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 NCAA Title/ 2 NCAA Finals Kevin Jackson (24) 1 Olympic Gold/2 World Gold/1 NCAA Final/3 NCAA AA Terry Brands (23) 2 World Gold/1 Olympic Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Wayne Wells (22) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/1 World Silver/1 NCAA Title/ 1 NCAA Final J'Den Cox (22) 1 World Gold/1 Olympic Bronze/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Ben Peterson (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles John Peterson (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze Tom Brands (21.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/3 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Cael Sanderson (21) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Silver/4 NCAA Titles Chris Campbell (20.5) 1 Olympic Bronze/ 1 World Gold/1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Lincoln Mcllravy (20) 1 Olympic Bronze/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Sammie Henson (20) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Gold/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Dan Gable (20) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Kurt Angle (20) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final Barry Davis (19.5) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Greg Gibson (19) 2 World Silver/1 World Silver (Greco)/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Finals Melvin Douglas (18.5) 1 World Gold/1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles Jake Varner (18.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/2 NCAA Finals Ed Banach (15.5) 1 Olympic Gold/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Finals Cary Kolat (14.5) 1 World Silver/1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Joe Williams (14.5) 2 World Bronze/3 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Logan Stieber (14.5) 1 World Gold/ 4 NCAA Titles Kyle Dake (14.5) 1 World Gold/ 4 NCAA Titles Randy Lewis (14) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Zeke Jones (13.5) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Gold/1 NCAA Final/2 NCAA AA Nick Gwiazdowski (13.5) 2 World Bronze/ 2 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA Final/ 1 NCAA AA Bobby Weaver (13) 1 Olympic Gold/1 World Silver/1 NCAA AA David Taylor (12.5) 1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/2 NCAA Finals Lou Banach (12.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles Bill Smith (12.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Titles Stephen Neal (12) 1 World Gold/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Doug Blubaugh (11.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA AA Kendall Cross (11.5) 1 Olympic Gold/1 NCAA Title/2 NCAA AA Nate Carr (11) 1 Olympic Bronze/3 NCAA Titles Stephen Abas (11) 1 Olympic Silver/3 NCAA Titles Brandon Slay (10.5) 1 Olympic Gold/2 NCAA Finals James Green (10)1 World Silver/ 1 World Bronze/ 4 NCAA AA Jake Herbert (9.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA Final/1 NCAA AA Russ Hellickson (9) 1 Olympic Silver/1 World Bronze Don Pritzlaff (9) 1 World Bronze/2 NCAA Titles/ 2 NCAA AA Coleman Scott (9) 1 Olympic Bronze/1 NCAA Title/1 NCAA Final/2 NCAA AA Bill Zadick (9) 1 World Gold/1 NCAA Title/ 1 NCAA AA Kerry McCoy (8.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/ 1 NCAA AA Royce Alger (8.5) 1 World Silver/2 NCAA Titles/1 NCAA AA Henry Cejuda (8.5) 1 Olympic Gold Tervel Dlagnev(8) 2 World Bronze Thomas Gilman (6) 1 World Silver/ 1 NCAA Final/ 2 NCAA AA Mike Zadick (5.5) 1 World Silver/ 3 NCAA AA Joe Colon (4.5)1 World Bronze/1 NCAA AA *Honorable Mention: Yojiro Uetake-Obata (23) 2 Olympic Gold (Japan)/3 NCAA Titles
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    Badger Fan


    At the first home dual meet of the season, the Wisconsin Badgers unveiled a word printed front and center on the wrestling mat - bELIeve. The letters ELI are capitalized for Eli Stickley, the Badger wrestler who tragically passed away this past summer. After the unveiling, there was a moment of silence in honor of Eli. It was the greatest tribute to a person I have ever seen in my entire life.
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    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Budapest had more people every session for two more days than Vegas did. Had a bigger venue and the last three days of Greco were loud, boisterous and constantly rocking. It's also much costlier for countries to come to the U.S. (flights alone are basically starting at 1K just to cross the pond), whereas flights in and around Europe are seriously cheap by comparison. Flight costs coming to the U.S. are problematic. Flights around Europe are cheap. Crossing (any) pond is not cheap. There's also the visa situation, which our government can be a little sticky about. It's not easy to travel here from abroad. Lots more hoops to jump through than people have to go to when going to Hungary. Each country has its own uniqueness regarding which countries you need a visa and which ones you don't. - I've needed visas for Uzbekistan, Russia and Brazil in advance, while I picked up visas upon arrival in Azerbaijan. We didn't get NCAA-type crowds in Vegas, but to be fair, Paris and Budapest weren't getting 18K either, but the dynamic fanbase having the event in Europe, as well as quick access to international dignitaries who can drop in for a day or two at a time vs. spending four days total to spend two days at an event is better for international reach and accessibility. Both those spots the last two years outdrew the destination city of Las Vegas, which has a pile of cheap flights in and out around the U.S. As far as wrestling goes, we need to look at it from a global perspective. In North and South America, the medalists are coming from the U.S., Canada and Cuba. It's not often a South American country wins a medal (it's happened, but it's rare). So we are basically a no-man's land when it comes to wrestling competition. It's us and Cuba in freestyle, us and Canada in the women and just Cuba in Greco. With women's freestyle and Greco, do we have enough American fans to want to have tickets for them too? Vegas crowds didn't seem to be as receptive to those styles. The support for the U.S. is great, but no way we pack a place for Greco like the Hungarians did (or pretty much any other country that's hosted outside of the U.S.). I'd love for it to be here, but we are also a reactive fanbase as American wrestling fans. International wrestling fans are more like soccer fans - they sing, chant, cheer, blow horns constantly. They don't sit back and wait for a score to cheer. We just aren't wired that way. American ticket prices are also higher than overseas. I think we run fantastic events here, but there is a big, big world out there who can do things just as good, if not better, than we can when it comes to events.
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    https://www.si.com/olympics/2018/11/07/one-legged-wrestler-aiming-pull-world-record-during-jets-bills-halftime Anthony Robles has been training and will try to break the record for pull-ups in one minute. The current record is 61.
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    Takuto Otoguro

    He was at the same weight as Rei Higuchi
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    Well that gives Jets and Bills fans something worthwhile to watch.
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    Wrestle-Off Results

    They were both huge gets. Zahid wasn't flying under anyone's radar.
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    eliminate all folkstyle and see how the list changes.
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    Because my wife worked for an NCAA Div 1 football program I learned a long time ago that there are a lot of reasons why athletes do or do not compete at any given time. Coaches rarely talk about discipline unless it becomes a chronic problem. Brands could be sitting out because he missed a tutoring session, was late for a lift, etc. Those are all things that would be ahead of ducking someone in November in my opinion.
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    Penn State Media Day just ended

    I am excited to see Cassar at HWT. I think Nevills will be the guy but I'm just interested to see just how big Cassar is and just how well he moves at HWT. Schnupp is interesting but I'm not all that surprised. This is something Cael has done in the past with Nick Lee and Mark Hall. If history is any indication one of Teske or Teasdale will be the guy after the Scuffle. I think it will depend on what weight Teasdale and Busiello will slot in at. If either of those guys is going to go 125lbs while at PSU I see no reason to RS both Teske and Teasdale this year. There would be plenty of talent that would need spread out for the weight. However the message board rumor mills and speculation are that Busiello could easily outgrown 125lbs by the time he gets to PSU and that Teasdale is already having to cut to get there and probably won't be able to stay there after this year. Who knows, though. Message board warriors are wrong far more than any of us are right.
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    Essentially killing off National Duals was a duck of another color.
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    Griff the BullRam

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    I have to agree with Housebuye here. I'm a big Mizzou and Eierman fan, but I think Carr is the real deal. I'd still take Eierman in a rematch, but man, if I were an Illinois fan, I'd be pretty pumped about Carr.
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    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    alright I will divulge...it's just a confusing attempt on my part at comparing last years pre-season hype and comparisons of Spencer Lee to this years pre-season hype and comparisons of Fix - i.e. Spencer Lee vs Cruz/Tomasello and Daton Fix vs Gross...it's eerily similar.
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    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    I think you're either great at sarcasm or bad at comparisons.
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    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    Flo originally had him moved up a spot to #8 when they posted the rankings. He must have been removed today. As for Maruca moving to 141, doubt he could get there. If so, would have moved down last year.
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    We had the same thread last year when Brands held Stoll out vs. Kyle Snyder. Stoll wrestled the week before Snyder, then he wrestled again the week after Snyder. Just not Snyder. This looks pretty similar. The only difference is Brands pathetically weak excuse of Under23's (a month ago for cr***akes) as the reason he can't wrestle Conel. And so what he will wrestle guys like Brucki and Brunner, he isn't going to see Nickal or Moore this regular season so Conel is the top guy on his schedule. And Brands holds him out.
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    Pssstt... Did anyone notice...

    Prediction: Gross vs Lizak in NCAA finals.
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    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    I have been in training camps ran by Dennis as well as rooming with him overseas. This guy is seriously an incredible coach. Not just greco, but his mindset as a competitor, as well as his knowledge of how to prepare physically, mentally, and technically. He is a guy who can just walk in the room and the intensity and focus go way up. Huge score for those guys.
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    Rick Sanders, where have you been my whole life! Who wrestles with such panache?!? He is the proto-Saitiev
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    Very sad news Cletus Tucker

    RIP brother if true. Some of the lowlifes on this board who gave him a lot of abuse have a lot to think about. One of the smartest and kindest people I knew from wrestling. RIP ol' cletus.
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    Russ Hellickson should be on this list. Three time World Team member, two time Olympian. Won world bronze in 1971, world silver in 1979, placed fourth at the 1975 World Championships, and Olympic Silver in 1976 so he has 13 points. I am betting he was overlooked when the list was compiled but he was someone I thought about before posting. Russ is one of the guys that gets caught up in the numbers and loses out to some of the single cycle guys when it comes to his three cycle impact. In cycle one, Russ won Bronze a year after graduating colle. In 1972 and 1973 Ben Peterson won Olympic Gold and World Bronze at his weight. During his second cycle in 1974 Russ won Tbilsi; in 1975 he moved up to 220 and finished fourth at Worlds; and he won Olympic Silver in Montreal. During his third cycle he won World Silver in 1979 and made his last Olympic team and never saw the mat. Katie brought up a good point about the boycotts in 1980 and 1984. Wrestlers who competed in 84 got the benefit in these rankings while those who were forced to sit in 1980 were penalized. With that in consideration I would give everyone that made the 1980 US Olympic Teams three points to balance out the inflation of placement of the 1984 US Teams. Here are two great resources when researching all-time rankings: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Team-USA/Olympic-Team-History https://www.teamusa.org/usa-wrestling/team-usa/world-team-history
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    I don't know how he can feel so under the radar, but with our current loaded team, he still does somehow. Yet with just one more medal of any type, J'Den Cox will be a top 10 all-time guy for us. I think he gets lost in the shuffle because of his NCAA career being juxtaposed with Snyder and just after favorite son Dake and favorite son Taylor. And his ascension to national team-er felt like Goliath vs. Dake and Goliath vs. Taylor where he was the afterthought in "expected" results. And now his freestyle accomplishments are happening in the shadow of Burroughs, Snyder, and again Dake and Taylor. But suddenly you look up and it's J'Den Cox, all-time great. Awesome wrestler, awesome talent...and seemingly awesome guy. Much, much respect.
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    90% good countrues from Euro/Asia. UWW based inEurope too. Time zone is very bad for us. let the United States will suffer from the time zone than the remaining 99% of countries. It is logical + after the 2015 World champ's there is a doubt injustice. The American championship of the world was very easy for Americans; they were helped in bracket, refs etc. I think Worlds should be in Asia. Iran, Kazakhstan, Aze, maybe even in Mongolia or China not USA. Astana 2019, then 2021 in South America, maybe Japan. Then Europe, Slovakia or Poland. No usa. USA did in 2015. Thats enough. Maybe in 10 years maybe
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    Joe Colon should not have suprised anyone

    Well, I have to admit that I did not think Joe would medal at these World's, I predicted on one of these other threads that he would top out at 5th place. But Joe trained hard, and put in a good summer of work, as well as going overseas and doing well there, and when Garrett got hurt, Joe was able to step right in. But I believe what helped Joe get over the hump was his gritty and hard nosed mentality. And now that he is a World Medal winner, I am sure that this will embolden and reinforce that attitude and mentality. Next year Joe will be sitting in the finals of Final X, awaiting the winner of the WTT, and I may be in the minority here, but I believe Joe with a full year of being our number one guy, will only improve, and will hang on to his spot.
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    Yarygin 2019

    Illegal drugs coursing through his veins? He didn’t take an illegal drug. Your bias is showing. Stop lying. you sound like an anti pot activist from the 80s. He tested positive for an amphetamine, which is legal out of competition. It was still in his system when he was tested for in competition, which made it not allowable. It isn’t illegal. it isn’t a steroid. It has zero impact on his performance on the mat. He is likely to end up in prison because he took a legal drug and had tattoos? Ok then buddy.
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