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    I know 149 is on the weaker side, but Teske 100% will not AA there, LOL.
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    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    That position Fix got a reversal is a position Lizak has absolutely owned at 125. Fix isn't even a large 133 but the leverage is just different at 133 for Lizak. Just clinging to a guy and rolling on your own back while looking for NF is a very unique style that demands tons of skill and also that you control a guy physically, and 133s will be far harder for him to control physically. He's obviously got the same skill level but without the physical advantage I think a much higher percentage of guys will survive under him.
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    With a high protein diet and some heavy weight training, I have faith damn it! He's only 20lbs off.
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    Yes, but they won't. Max potential with 10 scorers is 192 (Housebuye is close) but we live in reality so here is a breakdown. 125) 6 I'll say they keep Schnupp in all year and they do not qualify the weight 0 points. 133) 18 RBY probably takes his lumps and most of his points will come on the bottom side of the bracket 8 points. 141) 18 Lee is pretty consistent with last year 13 points. 149) 18 Probably Berge here and it's hard to get a feel for him with such limited work 9 points. 157) 26 Nolf is Nolf on one leg or two but if he got better you probably would think some of the other guys did as well 24 points. 165) 24 Cenzo looks improved so far but he has struggled with a few at this weight and if White keeps losing they could meet early 22 pts. 174) 21 Hall is the second best at this weight but Amine is close 19 points. 184) 20 Rasheed is better here and stronger but its not a walk through weight 14 points. 197) 23 Bo will not bonus much but does Bo things 22 points. 285) 18 I'll take Cassar here. He looks good up a weight but its a long season 15 points. 146 points 9 AA's and they win it again. The only problem is we live in reality but PSU doesn't and hasn't for 7 of the last 8 years. Anything can happen.
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    Bucks are slightly overrated at moment. The four M's--McKenna, Martin, Moore and Micah are all potential finalists. But the drop off is huge. Pletcher is the only other guy I can see on the stand and he's got to contend with Micic, Gross, Fix, Wilson, Suriano and Lizak among others at a deep weight. Hayes at 157 is just another solid guy. Same for Campbell at 174. Romero is a question mark at present. Same for Singletary. Heinselman is their best option at 125 but he's not close to AA status at present. Iowa looks to be overrated as well as they have a lot of potential low placers but only Lee is a likely champ. I like Michigan and Cornell among others if they stay healthy. The only sure thing is PSU. They may win it by 50 points.
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    100% agree. At full strength next year, also hoping Smith is included, this squad will be very good and competitive with anybody.
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    We have 6 active gold medalists, 4 of which aren’t on this list. Pretty crazy
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    Still a terrible dual team. Not a terrible team and will score some quality team points at the NCAAs. But duals, they wont beat anyone of any significance. Disappointed in the progress Maruca has made the past 3 years. Would have loved to see Norfleet wrestle a quality opponent over the weekend. Most likely 184 would have been a 9 point swing in the team score (25-11 team score with Martin, even 22-14 if Norfleet upsets him.) Stand by my statement that ASU looked terrible this weekend. 141 197 and HWT are dead weights. 133 is just a notch above that. CPag has looked solid at 157, but I dont think he wins a Pac12 title. Im not even confident right now Maruca wins the Pac12. Shields is getting better and better. Think he could make some noise at NCAAs.
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    Well there is no chance I can escape the family to watch on Sunday. My only dual this week will be Fresno state vs Stanford...I’ll make a live thread. I expect at least 4 pages.
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    Minnesota vs Oklahoma State

    Fix dominated Lizak. Ethan even got the position he wanted and Fix reversed it.
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    Flo is on fire w content!

    ... this thread is brought to you by FloSports...
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    I know this is all purely hypothetical... but I'm positive that champs in either sport would find the idea that someone could walk out of the octagon and win wrestling world gold, or step off the mat into the cage and take out a UFC champ, extremely disrespectful. Both take insane commitment and years of dedication. Sadulaev likely loses to Cormier just as quickly as Cormier gets teched by Sadulaev on the mat. Now, if we're giving them years to train? Most every wrestling world champ could make it very far in MMA. The same can't be said in reverse.
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