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    All natural like
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    Gavin Teasdale update

    that is when it became public. it might not coincide with when things occurred.
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    Thanks for all the kind words, all. More content on the way!
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    An NCAA investigation?
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    While I think they've been the 2 best teams for the last 5-10 years, I don't think the gap between 2 and 3 is as sizable as most think. Iowa is only a baby step behind OHST right now and will likely have a better finish come March. Ultimately, I don't think the formula is complicated but pulling it off consistently is. You need a big name as a coach, an RTC with a good name in association with the school, and you need your guys to perform when it matters. That will make the recruiting easier all around and you can take some of the blue chippers away from the big guys. People are high on AZ State being able to break that ceiling to the top teir and their recruiting has taken a major uptick in the last 4 years but I'm still not sold on them. I don't feel the results have quite been up to expectations. Maybe with the new crop like Schultz, Richie Figs, etc., they'll go the Zahid route but that remains to be seen. I don't think any program right now has their ducks in a row to make that leap. I thought Oklahoma could have with Roselli and I thought Iowa State could have as well but they are still a few years and recruiting cycles away if ever.
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    Gavin Teasdale update

    Personally I feel as it would be very risky to pull the redshirt. Everyone must remember that we are discussing a young persons life and it's imperative that the university and coaching staff make sure that he is completely well before throwing him into the lineup.
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    Gavin Teasdale update

    It’s also too risky. Unless he is going to AA and is clearly better than Teske, it doesn’t make sense.
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    Gavin Teasdale update

    Lets hope that they wait and see how he does at the Southern Scuffle before they pull his redshirt this year. If I were the PSU coaching staff I would keep the redshirt on him. There is zero reason to have him compete on the varsity level when he has already had various issues adjusting to college life. Give him the Spring and Summer semester to get his act together and prove that he is worthy of being in the PSU lineup. Let's remember that we are dealing with a young college student athlete and the goal is for Teasdale to be not only become a good wrestler but a productive citizen after his athletic career is finished.
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    Yariguin—Official Program Posted

    I *think* Russia did qualification matches to narrow down their "entrants" to three in the past as a pre-first-round.
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    assuming Yarygin is still a ranking series tournament and these rules are still in effect: "each National Federation will be able to enter a maximum of three wrestlers per weight category."
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    Merge two teams together. Works every time.
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    Gavin Teasdale update

    So you think he was lying when he said he withdrew from school for health reasons? ;)
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    Yariguin—Official Program Posted

    What I hope happens: 57kg: Gilman gets back out there. I'd love to see Lee go, but I don't think Brands is as lenient as Ryan. 61kg: Colon! A nice followup to the WC... keep it going brotha! I'd love to see Fix go, but I don't think Smith is as lenient as Ryan. Maybe NaTo? Midlands as the "test run"? Then Yarygin? 65kg: Zain, Stieber, Oliver... all three need to go... we can only hope they don't meet 1st/2nd rounds. 70kg: Green, Molinaro... (Hey Cael, let Nolf go just for ****s n' giggles) 74kg: Burroughs, Imar? 79kg: Dake! Ringer! (Hey Cael, let Marky Mark go! Also... love to see Zahid out there scrappin') 86kg: Taylor of course... Heflin? Downey? Can Reenan go to make the trek? 92kg: Cox, Kollin Moore? This could very well happen. Much closer weight class to in-season AND, a Ryan guy. If Snyder did it, why can't Moore? 97kg: Snyder. I don't really care about anyone else at this point from USA. Gadson? Sure... he may win a match. HWT: Gwiz! Coon! Gable! Make it happen! This is the first time in a long time that we could theoretically pick a current collegian that you would want to see go, and be competitive, and nearly every weight class. This is a fantastic tourney, and one that as many of our guys need to participate in, as possible.
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    Four Finesilvers Finish First

    Fastest pin should be the Quicksilver Award.
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    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    I say what I say because I don't believe Tom would be in the position today without Russ doing what Russ did. No disrespect to any wrestlers who wore a Buckeye singlet but for the first sixty plus years in the history of the program, wrestling was not a priority for the school. Those who achieved good for them, those who competed good for them. The school did not ask for or demand greatness or results on the mat or in the classroom. Ohio State chose to make wrestling a priority when they hired a former Michigan wrestler and head coach as their Athletic Director, Rick Bay. He wanted winners, academics, and class. He made a number of hires for underperforming varsity sports and started the groundwork for the billion dollar construction boom in the athletic department over the next twenty years. Bay was a visionary for Ohio State. Andy Geiger gets the lion's share of the praise for the success, growth, and evolution of the Athletic department, but in my opinion Rick was the start to budgeting, planning, and hiring. As a man of principle, when the board wanted to fire Earle Bruce, Bay resigned because he didn't agree. When it came to wrestling Russ was Rick's man and his hire forever changed the direction of the Ohio State wrestling program, just as his vision changed the direction of the athletic department. As Bay laid the groundwork for Geiger, Hellickson gave Ryan the foundation to build upon While Russ never won a Big Ten or ncaa title he had seven of the eight of the best finishes at the NCAA Tournament that Ohio State had in 85 years. He had more All-Americans then every coach not named Ryan had combined. He was responsible for getting the team out of Larkins and into Steelwood and seeing their budget double every five years. He also backed Ohio International to the Buckeye Wrestling Club which Ryan turned into the Ohio RTC in his third year in response to USA wrestling. Among the many coaches and wrestlers that came to Ohio State because of Russ, there are seven guys who gave Tom Ryan instant credibility in coaching and wrestling for the Buckeyes and across Ohio; Tommy Rowlands, Blake Kaplan, JD Bergman, J Jaggers, Reece Humphrey (and Jim), and Lance Palmer. Tommy was on staff for the first 3-4 years while taking TBWC to RTC while making a couple world teams. Blake did a lot behind the scenes with the alumni and the RTC. Ironically J would have been at Wisconsin if not for Russ, he won Tom's first national title, and he has stayed on to be a key assistant. JD was in the room for a decade as a three-time All American and a World Team members as was Reece. Jim coached for Russ and Tom and was a resource for every wrestler in the room as long as a Hump was in Cbus. Lance never wrestled for Russ but after Rowlands and Jaggers classes, he was the next recruit and a key to opening the door for Eds to Ohio State and really any recruit in Ohio. Do I think if Russ had another ten years he would accomplish all that Tom has built or accomplished? No, he gave all he had to give and it was time for the next guy to come in. Do I think Tom would have Ohio State where they are today without Russ? No, because I think it would have taken him more time to build what they have now when you look at the big picture and have an understanding of the changes that took place before Hellickson was hired and while he was there.
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    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Well I am a huge Varner fan, and I actually I think his style is more suited for 125. But I believe Jake's issue at 125, is that he is just undersized, in comparison to some of the larger heavyweights around the world. But I do hope that he does decide to compete in 2020, just so that it helps us put the best representative out there.
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    The white waistband is slimming.
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    Duck of the month club

    What else floats? A DUCK. If it weighs the same as a duck . . . then it's a witch.
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    Colton Schultz

    New rule: All top 10 recruits must first pass through PSU’s last minute evaluation before honoring any early commitment to another school.
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    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Perhaps ionel could submit a draft of his post to you for vetting, prior to public posting?
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    Kinda wacky, but cool Dake training video

    Is that the standard dress code for chiropractors now? Where do I find one like that?!
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    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    Yeah it's hard to believe that a staff can change guys that quickly who have been wrestling their whole life but it sure looks like Bono has them wrestling harder and with the mindset that they can win regardless of opponent. Instant results already...
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    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    Wisconsin is absolutely on the rise. You can tell by the way they wrestle. All 3 duals this weekend came down to 1 match. Wisconsin also gave up 6 points in all 3 at 125 and beat some damn good teams.