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    To the guys who read the article , remember this ? "5. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions? Our team has a little chant we repeat in the locker room before we go out to each match. I won’t go over it because it takes about 20 minutes and involves some physical activity and advanced choreography, but that is a must before every competition." It just so happens I've found FILM FOOTAGE of the team doing that little number they do before matches. Check it out.
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    Meanest guys on the mat

    obviously, Mean Gene the Pinning Machine
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    125 getting more interesting

    Vito down as predicted. Hayes and Mueller flop weights.
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    Kyle Dake video

    I was wondering when this thread would finally get around to discussing job opportunities in North Dakota.
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    Not to take anything away from Cenzo, as he has had a very successful career up to this point. However, with all of the greats that have already and are graduating this year (Taylor, Ruth, Zain, Nolf, Nickal) would anyone have pegged Cenzo not only be the first one to win as a FR & SO but also be the first one with a chance at 4 after his Sophmore year? As much as I bleed maroon and gold, it is impressive and fun to watch the PSU guys compete.
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    Mueller back for UVa?

    It's indeed Mueller time! And he is going to take down, lock up, and get the fall on his overweight competitor who only uses Russian ties and illegal holds and cheats at every imaginable opportunity.
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    Mueller back for UVa?

    Mueller is back..... At 125.....wbf
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    I shall confess...i never put in the necessary effort to comprehend RPI.
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    Why would they not wrestle the match? It's one thing if its bolen/zavatsky and one is redshirting, but if the spot is up for grabs how on earth do you not settle it in a live match?
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    Anyway, it still sounds like a sure thing...
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    Pat Glory

    CP must have had really bad info.....Glory just pinned Tropea in their dual with Rider tonight!!!
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    J. Smith vs. J. Smith -- Who you got?

    yeah good call by the steamboat, wish I'd thought of that ;)
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    You're both wrong, but steamboat_charlie v2 nailed it.
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    nah ... J. Smith is gonna lose for sure.
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    Fix to 125 rumor?

    He was thinking about Lee Roy but ate Pat instead so look out!!
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    Askren Wrestling at Midlands?

    Ben would win if he enters. Did anyone think he would smash Quentin Wright so badly a few years ago?
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    Meanest guys on the mat

    Actually, he did say one other thing. He told the ref to mind his own business next time!
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    Meanest guys on the mat

    I'm thinking Steveson is going to make this list as the years go by.
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    Meanest guys on the mat

    Zain Retherford at least is the most recent one. It seemed like being on the mat with him was the least fun out of all the guys you could wrestle.
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    Kyle Dake video

    No, on a farm and no High Speed internet. Did have satellite - HughesNet - but when raining, snowing, too cloudy it would not work. Was worse than the direct dial up we had. We do have internet through the phone, not actual Dial Up with the beeping tones any longer. It is slow - and to watch videos often have to let it load for some time - 10 minuted to a few hours - to watch a video. At time it "times out" and just quits. Don't have a TV as we can't get broadcast reception. Too far away. Before they came out with the new and improved signals we could get two stations with an antenna on the roof. No longer. The new type signals don't go as far. I'm not paying for TV since I won't use it more than a half dozen days a year anyway. Do still have a good collection of video tapes and play them on the 13 inch TV hooked up for that purpose. Videos on DVD work just fine. Movies on Amazon and similar are hit and miss - with the slow speed, long download times and messages of "low bandwidth prevents the video" type of stuff. HS wrestling in our area with most of the teams hurting for kids in too many weight classes. The closest school does have an Olympic Level shooting team. A few of their kids have qualified for Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Some have College scholarships for it as well. Next town has State Champion trap shooting team. Agriculture is the big one here. North Dakota is #1 in 8 different farm crops and in top 10 in 20. Major farming here and it is illegal for Corporations to own farms - so no Monsanto or the like. Family farms - with legal restrictions on family corporations that are enforced. So family owned farms are the norm. Then, the Baaken Oil Patch. Big time Sweet Crude oil field. If you guys need jobs, North Dakota is the place to be. Need more than 35,000 these days. Every type of job you can want, from Drone operators for the military to oil field to support to technical to teaching. Not enough people for all the wants. McDonald's 90 miles away pays $16 per hour to start and a big bonus if you stay 6 months. Papa Johns Pizza - $15 per hour plus tips for delivery drivers. Motel managers, room prep, office management, Nurses, Doctors. Most any kind of profession is needed - and NO traffic or air pollution like in so many other areas. Hunting and fishing is big here. Central flyway for duck, geese and the like. Deer, moose, elk and furbearers. #1 in the nation for National Wildlife Refuges. All in all, a good place to live. Per our phone guys we are probably two years from quick internet - but it is coming. NDSU is going for its 7th National Title in football in FCS division. UND is a big time Hockey school. Small population, good people, clean air and NDSU has a good wrestling program - something a number of States don't have. A wrestling program at the States Flagship school.
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    I am going to say J. Smith wins for sure.
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    Kyle Dake video

    Doesn't make him a better person than others. Doesn't guarantee more happiness and success in all of life more so than others. But winning four titles in four weight classes is special. More special than......not.
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    Awesome review of UNC’s program. I watched Sherman wrestle Gustoffson last year at the Hokie Open as a true freshman. It was easy to see he had the skills, drive and confidence as a rookie to battle D1 veterans. He’s gonna be a good one next year after he shirts.