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    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    You forgot to slot in Nickal at 97 as well, Teasdale and RBY at 57 and 61, and Cassar at heavy.
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    Over the last few years, the US has dramatically improved it's junior world success. I looked at the last 10 years to try and understand how we can use this larger data set to help predict future college success. There is way more you can do with this data. I kind of wish I was still in college so I could spend way more time on this, but I still think this info is interesting. I'm specifically looking at Men's Freestyle. Facts From 2009-2018, there have been 27 junior world medalists, including 5 who have at least 2 medals. I'm removing Pico from the rest of this as he gave up his college eligibility without wrestling, so I'll be using the 26 number for the rest of this. The USA has won 9 golds from 7 wrestlers (Mark Hall (2x), Spencer Lee (2x), Mekhi Lewis, Daton Fix, Gable Steveson, Kyle Snyder, Dom Bradley) Only 1 of the gold medalists who has competed in college hasn't won an NCAA title (Dom Bradley). That included Hall and Lee, both of whom won titles as true freshman. Medalists with completed eligibility average 2.8 AAs over the course of their career. That means that a medalist is more likely to AA than not in any given year. 20 junior world medalists have competed at least 1 year in college. Only 3 haven't AAd and only 1 is out of eligibility (Butler). 13 of the 26 medalists have used up their NCAA eligibility and 12 AAd at least once. That suggests that junior world medalists have a 92% chance of AAing Only 1 of those 12 out of eligibility AAers AAd once (Pat Downey), wihch suggests junior world medalists have an 85% chance of AAing at least twice. 11 of the 22 wrestlers who have competed in college at least for 1 year were finalists. 9 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least 3 times! (69%) 10 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least twice Ryan Deakin and Mitch McKee are at risk of throwing off these numbers, as they are both junior world medalists (and finalist) who haven't AAd. Each still has eligibility, so it is likely they AA. 7 out of 12 guys without eligibility remaining won an NCAA title. This suggests that 58% of medalists will win a title. What is even crazier is if we include those still with eligibility (excluding those that haven't competed yet), 50% have won an NCAA title! The guys added here include Zahid Valencia, Mark Hall and Spencer Lee. 6 out of those 12 won multiple titles! There are all kinds of interesting extrapolations that can be made from the data, but it is pretty clear that being a junior world medalist means it is highly likely you will AA multiple times and you have about a 50/50 chance of winning more than 1 title. For a gold medalist, the likelihood of winning a national title is 75%. If we take this way too far... Gable Steveson, Mekhi Lewis and Daton Fix each have a 75% of winning a national title at some point Both Mitch McKee and Ryan Deakin are very likely to AA Joey McKenna has at least a 69% likelihood of AAing this year (although if we account for it being his senior year, nobody who has AAd previously and won a junior world medal didn't AA their senior year, so 100%) Micic is extremely likely to AA and likely to win a title in the next two seasons Aaron Brooks, Zach Elam and Brady Berge have a 76% chance to AA at least twice and a 58% chance of winning a national title. Mark Hall, Zahid Valencia and Spencer Lee are likely to win at least 1 more title I can't wait for the season to start
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    PSU next year

    The kid you named last, Beard. Seth Nevills is about to wrestle Pelusi from F&M. Pelusi has qualified for NCAA's 2x and had 2 wins in last year's tournament. We'll see how this goes. Nevills isn't great on short rest and he had to on about 55 minutes his last match and this rest is probably even shorter. So we'll see. EDIT: Nevills majored Pelusi 12-3 to win the F&M Championship. Seth had 1:42 RT in that result.
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    You made me Google Jynx Maze.
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    Serious Question tho...

    Agreed. I think his technique shtick gets old really fast. Especially while watching a match. Comes across as a know-it-all, while many times being wrong. I got tired of watching his technique videos a long time ago because he starts every video by screaming at you and then he doesn't show the move as its actually performed in the video. Most of the time the technique he shows isn't the technique the wrestler hit.
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    Nick Nevills transferring to??

    Nick has already been asked about transferring and he said he came to Penn State for the competition. He is not going anywhere. As noted by Buckshot, Nick's kid brother Seth just beat 4th ranked Youssef Hemida 9-7. He was leading 9-5 and had 1:15 of RT before giving up a late TD that narrowed the margin to 9-7.
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    Mekhi wins 165. We’ve been over this
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    I think Kolodzik has a better shot than Ashnault. Is Martin NJ?
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    Serious Question tho...

    I really like Mike, and from a broadcast perspective (not talking about Mike), you absolutely don’t need to be a technique snob and bark out every single move you think you know to be able to call a good match. Most of the time, the way I learned something has a different name or set-up from the way you learned it I have that book. I never started for my HS team. I was basically “on the team” and that’s about it. Credentials don’t make you a qualified broadcaster - I’m not qualified enough to show and teach a broad range of techniques (when you actively compete for about 2 years, the things I was actually good at are few on the mat), so I’m not going to try to impress with my library of known moves.
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    Mason Parris

    I'll take Dhesi 9/10 times, Parris just happen to get the one this time.
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    The Milwaukee Bucks were at the Scuffle?
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    Mason Parris

    Dhesi is still recovering from the flu he had a month ago.
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    Surprise NCAA finalists - 2019

    125- RayVon Foley 133- Luke Pletcher 141- Kanon Storr 149- Brock Mauller 157- Larry Early 165- Logan Massa 174- Jojo Smith 184- Ryan Preisch 197- Rocco Caywood 285- Demetrius Thomas (Have to add Mason Parris after he just crushed Dhesi) Sent from my LG-V530 using Tapatalk
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    Best High School Team Ever?

    The question is, "What is the best developmental high school team ever."
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    Ray Brinzer

    Should I quit?

    Get back to enjoying the sport. Everything else depends on that. In theory, you run, lift, cut weight, and all that in order to win. But winning is predicated on actually wrestling. If you quit, the game ends. It would be a shame if you quit, because you basically like it. Quit doing all the other stuff (particularly cutting weight), and wrestle. The sport hasn't changed, and you haven't in any fundamental way, either, so you can probably get back to enjoying it. Then start building. When your head is in the right place, you want to win. So when you lose, start fixing things. If you lose in a particular position, study it and practice there. If you lose because you're not strong enough, add some strength training. If you find you're not in good enough shape, do more conditioning. Maybe this eventually leads you back to running in the morning, and stuff like that... but if it does, it will be because you chose to do that, in order to solve your own problems. That makes an enormous difference in how you feel about things. Here's the hard part about all this: it means taking over your own life. Right now, you're doing things because you don't want to disappoint your dad, or your teammates. You're doing what your coach and other people tell you to do. That's not a bad way for a child to live, but it's not compatible with being an adult... and by high school, you need to start making that transition. This may cause some conflict with the adults who care about you, and who are accustomed to making decisions for you. If so, however, that conflict is now inevitable. Quitting the sport will cause conflict also. Sucking it up and continuing to be miserable just postpones it (briefly, in all likelihood), and makes it worse when it comes. Making a positive plan and moving ahead with it will probably produce the best outcome all the way around. Burnout isn't permanent, and if you ever loved wrestling, some part of you still does. Change the details of your life until things work for you. Be bold about it. Have a good life, and go pin as many people as you can.
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    Separated at birth?

    More like:
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    Should I quit?

    Hi John - I don't look at the HS forum that often so I just saw this - That is one of the best answers to any question I have seen on this forum - very astute.
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    Living the Dream Checks

    Don’t forget about outside sponsorship, apparel sales, camp income, other appearances, etc etc Just on dakes website he lists eight corporate sponsors including Milwaukee tools, ASICS, TMWC, NYRTC, etc. These days your top tier wrestlers are bringing in some serious coin compared to just 10 years ago, it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan and I hope the trend continues!
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    Separated at birth?

    How about... Bo Jordan and Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph?
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    Separated at birth?

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    I didn't design this to be public facing, so it isn't the best format to display it, but sure. The year listed is the most recent year that they competed. The other medal columns are medals from previous years. Name Year Medal Medal Medal AA Champion Eligibility Left Mekhi Lewis 2018 Gold No No NA NA 4 Aaron Brooks 2018 Silver No No NA NA 4 Zach Elam 2018 Silver No No NA NA 4 Daton Fix 2018 Bronze Gold Bronze NA NA 4 Brady Berge 2018 Bronze No No NA NA 4 Mitch Mckee 2017 Silver No No 0 0 2 Ryan Deakin 2017 Silver No No 0 0 3 Mark Hall 2017 Gold Gold No 2 1 2 Zahid Valencia 2017 Silver No No 2 1 2 Kollin Moore 2017 Bronze No No 2 0 2 Gable Steveson 2017 Gold No No NA NA 4 Spencer Lee 2016 Gold Gold No 1 1 3 Stephan Micic 2015 Bronze No No 2 0 2 Aaron Pico 2015 Bronze Silver No NA NA 0 Nathan Butler 2015 Bronze No No 0 0 0 Thomas Gilman 2014 Bronze No No 3 0 0 Joey McKenna 2014 Silver No No 2 0 1 Gabe Dean 2014 Bronze No No 4 2 0 Kyle Snyder 2014 Bronze Gold No 4 3 0 Adam Coon 2014 Bronze No No 3 0 0 Alex Ringer 2013 Silver No No 4 3 0 Pat Downey 2012 Silver No No 1 0 0 Logan Steiber 2011 Silver No No 4 4 0 Chris Perry 2010 Bronze No No 3 2 0 Dom Bradley 2009 Gold No No 2 0 0 Jordan Oliver 2009 Bronze No No 4 2 0 Andrew Howe 2009 Bronze No No 4 1 0
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    great post. love this kind of stuff.