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    Injuries and Season Length

    In a perfect world without the logistic nightmare of moving everything, wrestling is a one semester sport that starts in January. 1) Wrestlers can focus on study during the first semester. 2) Wrestlers can eat during the holidays. 3) Shorten the season 4) Don't conflict with NCAA basketball 5) Our late season doesn't conflict with high school post season. Not that easy I know, but that's my dream scenario.
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    PAC 12 Network - ASU vs OrSU

    Got a chance to watch the Arizona State at Oregon State dual today as I was watching football live and have a few thoughts. Not a fan per say of either team but I record all of the college wrestling I can with the Dish sports package 1. Women's basketball game ran over seven minutes. Even with the delay the dual started at the begining of the broadcast with all matches. Wonder if the dual was scheduled to start a few minutes late or if they delayed the start because it was a national broadcast. Anyone in attendance know how it went down? 2. Zalesky has only had two freshmen national qualifiers at OrSU in 12 years as HC. 3. I really enjoyed Ken Chertow on the broadcast. Very knowledgable, great communicator, very enthusiastic. He is really able to talk strategy, situations, history, and give his impressions without a filter. Thought the SIDs and PAC 12 broadcst team did a great job providing prematch notes to the broadcasters as they worked a ton of background info on everything seemlessly into the broadcast and Ken added a lot of his general knowledge of the sport and rules. Ken talks a lot but it is not condescending to wrestling nerds but very educational for the casual fan. Ken and Rich Burk had great chemistry and played off each other well. 4. Riding time graphic was placed above the scores. Great to see the PAC 12 brass improving the broadcast. Would have liked to have seen the team scores shown a few more times though since they weren't keeping it on all the time any more. 5. Thought Shields at 165 started slow but came on strong as the match went on to earn the major. 6. In the 174 matchup, kc noted there was no video set up for challenges. Not sure why they couldn't use the broadcast video for this purpose. 7, Forgot Ian Miller is coaching at OrSU. 8. Thought 184 was a good match but a little disapointed that Coleman just conceded the td in ot. The coach and competitor in me would have liked to see him fight tooth and nail even if he only held on for five more seconds before giving up two. 9. Austin Harris has a great beard. Wrestling needs more beards. Thought he could have scored at end of regulation and off the first pass in ot. Good finish by Grant with the double for the win. 10. Hall will be a 27 year old sixth year senior next season. 11. Thinking ahead to March curious if Steveson and Dhesi have wrestled before. Loved KC stating both wrestlers are stalling in the second. Daniels was dead at the end and thought he should have been given another stalling call to end it. 12. Courtney did a good job of defending Bresser in the first and second but very few offensive attacks. Seemed like Bresser was content to do nothing in the last period with a 1-0. Courtney was the more active wrestler in the third and he still got called for stalling.... home cooking? 13. Was anyone surprised KC worked in some ads for his camps? 14. Willets-Crooks was a great match. Slow motion makes things seem closer than they are. I would have given a reversal in the second and not one plus two 15. Does Klackamas have a pipeline to OrSU? Heard they are wrestling them next weekend so they appear to have a great relationship. Got to be good for the pacific northwest. Overall an enjoyable and competitive college dual with two one-point matches and two twos in regulation, three OT finals, and wrestlers fighting to save bonus in the other three matches.
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    Injuries and Season Length

    We have a 5 month winter in South Dakota so it’s nice to have a 5 month wrestling season to pass the time.
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    Injuries and Season Length

    I agree with LHU125, that's just an ridiculous old-school statement from someone who I doubt is speaking from experience.
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    Hence why women's/girl's wrestling should be supported.
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    Injuries and Season Length

    I am sure this topic has come up quite a few times within the past few years, but I think it's more important now that ever to look at the length of the NCAA wrestling season and how it's impacting the wrestlers and the sport. Having gone through the gauntlet myself, the season is ridiculously long and puts a tremendous amount of strain and tax on these athletes. It seems like every week there's a post about someone ducking, or forfeiting out due to injury. Now the expectations are already high for many of these wrestlers, and criticism comes at them from all sides regarding their health. Many times these injuries have life altering effects on them as well. Regardless, I would like to hear some thoughts on where or how the season could be condensed. I'd imagine NCAA rules will change next year to further encourage action. That said something is gunna have to change so that we can all keep watching our favorite wrestlers.
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    Injuries and Season Length

    B1G schools have less matches potentially. And I agree with services. "They can't handle the grind" is absurd on the other hand. Must be a two time-county champ to be that tough.
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    Injuries and Season Length

    Have them a little later?
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    If LJB properly understood the issue he would get it....(see what I did there)
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    Blair Sem Who Won Box Scores?

    Is this a troll? They're at Bergen Catholic
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    No Teasdale?

    English scored 6.5 points that year. We beat Minnesota by 5.5. Awesome!
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    Eliminate neutral.. mat wrestling only.

    Some people pretend that Nelson was just as interesting to watch as Nolf is. I’ll never understand why.
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    3 years or 4 til ISU tops Iowa?

    wouldn't it be exhausting to be terry or tom and have to act mad and intense all the time? I bet their whole schtick has a pretty short shelf life when you wrestle for The Tom and Terry Show. They are grouchy little sawed off short horns. Iowa needs a coach who can lead them back to their glory days and its not tom.
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    3 years or 4 til ISU tops Iowa?

    Such a weird thing to read when you consider that without the Kemmerer injury, Iowa has 10 ranked guys in their lineup and are young.
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    Eff Dan. Rooster wins!
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    Idiotic weight cut on Dillashaw's part. Looked like Christian Bale in "The Machinist." I guess with the money he made he can buy himself a new set of kidneys some day... https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5198/7177376006_30261e9722_b.jpg
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    Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

    Yarygin 2019

    i am going to make wiki page of Ivan Yarygin 2019 for you my burger friends!
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    Pitt Vs okie state

    Pretty good take on the match. I like this guy's writing, tells it like it is. https://www.cardiachill.com/2019/1/19/18189584/pitt-wrestling-vs-oklahoma-state-ncaa-daton-fix-loss-micky-phillippi-pittsburgh-panthers-cowboys
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    Rutgers vs Iowa

    ^ tada
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    Rutgers vs Iowa

    I disagree with the double stall in the first period but the 2 stallings on top were correct.
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    Best Start to a Freshman Season

    Max Askren beat #2 JD Bergman 8-4 in his first official match. 3 days later he beat #4 Joel Flaggert 2-1. 2 weeks later he won Vegas beating new #2 Jerry Rinaldi 4-3 in the finals and eventual AA that year Nick Roy in the quarters. That was 3 top 4 wins by the first weekend in December. The following weekend he majored #8 Wynn Michalak. Undefeated through December, Askren then won the Scuffle title, beating Hudson Taylor then pinning JD Bergman in the finals. Askren then went 4-0 at the National Duals, beating his 3rd #2 ranked guy of the season, Mike Tamillow 9-4. He finished January by majoring #8 Craig Brester. After a couple more wins, Askren lost on a controversial defensive pin call against eventual Runner-up Kurt Backes, ending his 26 match win streak.
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    Steveson workout video

    I don't know man. If you have three world golds, and if you weigh 250 pounds and can do a backflip, it strongly suggests you're an elite athlete.
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    No Teasdale?

    Well oddly enough it was partly decided by a controversial stall call -
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    The jersey boys may be good wrestlers, but they seem as much like a bunch of street thugs. Maybe smith did give Gfeller a verbal spanking after shoving ashnault, but ashnault had just won, and then did the pistol thing to rub it in. That's not just good fun. It's punk antics, and hardly represents much civility after an impressive win. I'd be more concerned about cleaning up the street punk thing if I were a coach.