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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Mark hall vs bo jordan a couple years ago
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    Article on Jordan Oliver: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/March/01/Freestyle-Friday-Jordan-Oliver
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    NCAA Made Big Mistake

    I'm predicting a whiplash effect. Prices are prohibitively high right now because brokers are assuming high interest and high attendance due to the PA location, but there will be a glut of tickets available the weekend of when people are scared away due to the high prices. If I'm right, y'all will see me in the front row; if I'm wrong, will be watching ESPN from my hotel room Sat. night.
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    I supported going back to an older rule about who qualifies for the NCAA tournament. But if that rule was bad, I am happy to hear the reasons. But instead of seeing reasons the old rule was bad, I seem to be seeing a lot of restatements of the obvious.
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    I don't think the no fall call was the most egregious part of that match. I still contend that two of the takedown calls were much worse. JO/Stieber: At that time, I still say no takedown. Rules changed to make it so. Wilps/Brown: I think the official had to call that because he had to review it. He may have wanted to ignore it but once that challenge was out there, he was forced to review it and it was there. The Kent State wrestler that had the wrong score recorded and the NCAA wished that away was pretty bad for a non-final.
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    This was definitely one of them.....don't get Medicine Man going on this one!!! Ryan Churella vs. Hendricks......he was in that position for 4 seconds....I had several sequential photos where you could see the riding time/match time change...that's why I know 5 seconds. Fadz.
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    Lee Threads (combined)

    Dr. Lee “Scrarch” Perry
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    Qualifiers have been released

    Mizzou with all 10 earned AQ's. Could they break their record of 7 MAC champs this year?
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    Correct but it was great when D3 guys like Kenny Mallory and Tom Martucci won the D1 Championship. It’s too bad that when a guy puts education first and elects to attend an elite liberal arts school (Williams, Trinity,) and cannot earn a way to the D1 Championship.
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    Total alpha post right there.
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    Didn't they stop inviting Grand View?
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    Chamizo should probably spend less time clubbing and drinking champagne if he wants to return to the top of the podium. His lifestyle doesn’t seem typical of a champion but it looks fun.
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    Guy comes up with a great idea and every post is about why it wouldn't work.
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    How about we use "facts", "science" and maybe a little actual video proof to demonstrate WTH I'm talking about. Notice that its AT Ohio State. Notice who else in the video. I recall seeing many videos of Kyle Snyder deadlifting, bench pressing, etc., but I don't recall seeing him do these types of movements and training. All I'm suggesting is that by incorporating these types of movements, it will "round out" the effort. If he's already doing it, bravo, I just hadn't seen it. Now... your analogy is a strawman, and has zero correlation to anything that pertained to my argument. Although I'm happy that you made an attempt, it clearly is outside your skill set. Maybe you could practice some "mental parkour" to keep up?
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    This board never ceases to amaze. I never even mentioned PSU. I also talked about Johni Dijulius, Kyle Dake, and Conor McGregor. The post was only about other training technique. You sound incredibly defensive. Give it a rest. Geez.
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    I've been on record all year that Stevenson has zero chance of winning! Willing to take any sig or real money bets.
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    Ogalthorpe Haywood

    C'mon, man...

    And get them off your lawn lol
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    And the action being stopped as Henning put Paulson into NF criteria!
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    Dr. Novak

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Not pee testing Brock Lesnar after his finals match against Wes Hand.
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    Ian Miller not being in one is the worst NCAA finals call.
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    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    You already covered it.
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    Best pinning move?

    Thomas Landrum & Johnny Thompson: The Snake
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    Bad scramblers

    Dumb. Next topic.
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    Man I totally forgot about Dorf. Thanks for the reminder of completely politically incorrect humor.
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    As evidenced by the famous photo below: