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    Erneste Wilson match was intense
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    Singlets at this year's tournament

    Cornell - Nebraska was even more confusing when one of the guys was named Red.
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    Suriano’s Dad

    On behalf of the southerners here ....why can't she be BOTH?
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    Nolf, Nickal demonstrate humility.

    Rewatching the finals, I think we may have witnessed something unusual in the Nolf and Nickal finals, where they deliberately avoided running up the score in deference to, and respect for, their opponents. In Nolf’s case, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one wondering why Nolf basically stopped trying to score halfway through, content to just ride Berger out with the major locked up. Any other match, I’d expect Nolf to go for the pin or tech. But what was the first thing Nold said in his post match interview? He didn’t even get asked about Berger’s Twitter comments, but it was obviously foremost on Nolf’s mind, as he proceeded to defend Berger as a great wrestler whose comments merely showed he was passionate. Watching the second half of the match again through that lens, you can basically see Berger ... I won’t say “break,” but realize he won’t win and dials it back. And Nolf senses that and respects it, taking the rideout for the win. To me, it was a conscious decision not to rub up the score as he usually does, driven by a sense that doing so would humilite Berger and break his spirit in an unnecessary way. Nickal gave me a similar sense at the end. Like Berger, Moore sufferered only 2 losses on the season going into the finals, both at the hands of the PSU 2x champ. Once Nickal locked up the cradle, and all of us watching were waiting for Nickal to at least try to drive it over (see Nickal-Moore 1st match), it seemed like Nickal sensed that Moore stopped contesting the bout at that point, and was resigned to lose — and Nickal seemingly made the calculation that, with his title and the team title locked up, and this being his last match, the more sportsmanlike thing to do would be to just let the match end there. As though he, like Nolf, didn’t really feel the need to add an exclamation point at the expense of a thrice-defeated opponent who was now resigned to lose. For both, I think it was an exercise in humility. And watching it a second time, in context, rather than being frustrated at them for not “putting on a show” with an over-the-top dominant performance, I find myself with newfound respect for what they did and how they conducted themselves. Not that holding back is ordinarily sportsmanlike conduct — it isn’t — but here I think both made a judgment that, in context, it was the right thing to do. And to me, it puts an entirely different spin in finals matches that i thought at the time were a bit lackluster. Your interpretation may differ, but rewatch those matches through that lens and see what you think.
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    Who are you and what did you do to KMF?
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    Hidlay/Nolf was awesome.
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    Heels v. Heals 2019-2020

    Which is more likely to happen in the 2019-2020 season: HEEL or HEAL? 10. DeSanto stays HEEL next season, or Gross HEALs up and is able to wrestle next season? 9. Massa goes full HEEL and wears a robe with a dead Hawkeye on it whenever he wrestles with Brands in the building, or Marinelli’s knee finally HEALS enough to ditch the knee brace? 8. Nice guy Coach Ayres of Princeton enjoyed his taste as accidental HEEL predicting Ashnault would score zero points and so creates his own shut-out-prediction for each Dual next season, or Tom Brands and Virginia Tech HEAL the wounds and dual each other at a home and away next season, Grapple in the Gridiron and NWCA Dual Championships style? 7. Spencer Lee’s NCAA finals opponent goes HEEL by ripping Pokémon cards in the middle of the mat just before shaking hands, or Sam Stoll HEALS his knee, trains at the Wisconsin RTC, and becomes a master of the funk. 6. Berger lays low as a shadowy figure within the USA Wrestling circuit and emerges in every tournament Nolf enters in an unsuccessful attempt to be Nolf’s Achilles HEEL, or Berger HEALS his relationship with Iowa and joins their RTC. 5. Micic goes HEEL in the quarters of NCAAs and hits a Kimura on DeSanto to start the third period while up 7, or Gilman HEALS the Dresser/Brands fued. 4. Pat Pop goes HEEL and invites Baldwin’s family to an NC State function only to set-up a backdraft killing his firefighting father to which Baldwin replies “Fair Game,” or Bryce Meredith HEALS his wolf bite wounds and joins the NC State staff. 3. HEEL: Kyle Conel breaks through the PSU technique iron curtain to post videos of himself double under-hook throwing a dummy with a picture of Collin Moore’s face on it, or 3-6 230lbs or less heavyweights decide to make the cut down to HEAL the lack of depth at 197. 2. Gable Steveson keeps his HEEL status by continuing his fancy feet and pushy-shove-shoves, or Gable takes out the extra in an attempt to HEAL from the knifing pain of two Caesar losses. 1. Bono invites Barry Davis to a dual meet as guest of honor, but hits him with an RKO as he waves to the crowd (HEEL), or Dan Gable HEALS up enough to get back on the mats with the Hawkeyes and leads them to next year’s team title.
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    Valencia post match interview.

    I like him. Nice kid, great wrestler. "Being offensive is going to win over being defensive almost every time" Like it.
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    Pittsburgh grades

    How did Pittsburgh do as a host? PPG Paints Arena: "B" There was a lot of talk that the arena would be too small but the attendance each session was around 18,000. Hotels: (n/a for me) There are a lot downtown. How were they with/for the fans? Restaurants: "B+" The ones I went to seemed to handle the crowds well. Food was good, food options were pretty varied. Nightlife: "A" Again, a lot of choices, from downtown, Strip, South Side, North Shore, Lawrenceville. All were handy and busy. Getting Around: "B" If staying dowtown, it's pretty easy to.walk places or UBER Fans: "A" Great atmosphere in the arena and in the streets Locals: "A" Locals seemed happy to host Fan Fest: "A" Great crowds, great venue - never been to a convention center with such a scenic view Overall, I'd give Pittsburgh an A- or B+ as as host.
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    My friends and I found the constant changing of singlets annoying and hard to follow from session to session. I would like to see the NCAA make a rule that each team establishes what singlet they are going to wear and wear it for the entire tournament. Thoughts? Did anyone else find it hard to follow teams from session to session?
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    Dr. Novak

    Yianni's Freakish Arms

    Is that Stiffler's Mom?
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    Im a sicko - I liked the Jennings/Elam match. That was some old school stuff right there.
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    How important is recruiting?

    You made the exact same mistake again.
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    Yianni's Freakish Arms

    Sounds like the New York Times,Washington Post , and CNN
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    141 Finals

    I agree it was a takedown when Yianni stuck JM on his back. I have to see the match again but I didn't think it was 2 at the end. I have a big problem with the inconsistency with how TDs are called now in college. They award TDs now if a guy barely turns the corner and his opponent's hand swipes the mat for an instant and the give no reaction time in that situation. So we see a lot of flash TDs where the "bottom" guy is out immediately. However if you double leg a guy to his ass or hip, or if you headlock a guy to his back, or if you did as Yianni did and bundle a guy to their back they want to give a lot of "reaction time" before a TD is awarded. All of those later positions are harder to get and much closer to "control" than the flash TDs being typically awarded now. I know those flash TDs are due to the rules committee wanting to remove as much referee judgement from the equation as possible as when "control is established. but I think something needs to be done to make things more consistent.
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    Coach John Smith

    During the review I thought the same thing. I'm not going to disparage anyone for their hair, but if the ref was looking for indisputable evidence, then there was more than one reason why Suriano's fingertips could not be seen in the video. Judging by the number of polished heads on top the stripes last week, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a depilatory bias amongst the officials.
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    Toughest path to the title

    Nobody wins in forum arguments. Nobody changes their mind.
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    Toughest path to the title

    I have the toughest path. I have to lose about 70 lbs., get in shape while staying healthy, get my NCAA eligibility back, pick a school, crack the lineup, qualify through my conference, and then win the NCAAs.
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    Have you checked your own avatar?
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    That's not a bad comparison honestly.
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    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    Interesting to see that Wrestlestat had the most best results, despite a 6th place overall. In fact it was the only one to have the best in over two(2) weight classes, with four. At the other end Flo, despite having the 2nd best overall had precisely zero weight classes where they had the best rating.
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    Penn Staters who need to redshirt

    I think Hall is just a true FS guy and folk is a means to an end.
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    Why are you comparing him to Lee? They wrestle different weights. Frankly, I'm not on board with Spencer because I just can't see him beating Yianni and if he can't beat Yianni then he can't...uhhh win a weight class he doesn't compete in? Suriano beat 3 NCAA finalists (one by fall) and two Junior World Medalists on his way to the title this weekend. I don't believe he gave up an offensive point all weekend either. I'm not sure why people on this forum always have to disparage his accomplishments. His worst career loss is Austin DeSanto at Carver in a match he gave up multiple penalty points in. Other than that, he's only been beaten by world medalists.
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    the credit goes to Jairus "Jay" Hammond, may he RIP
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    Maybe they should pull an Okie State, bump an AA so 2 guys (including the coach's son) could drop and score 3.5 pts. combined while DNP'ing.
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    Dr. Novak

    Suriano has the last laugh

    Took him more than 5 seconds to take his singlet down after winning so he missed a big opportunity to show off his little man/big man physique.
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    Ref bailed him out with the stalemate call or the hip heist would have never happened. But he won the match when he had to so congrats.
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    Coach John Smith

    He’s better off teaching Fix a go-to takedown than insisting on a hands to the face call. Fix never tried to score.
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    But Jimmy--how could you possibly rank Taylor 5th when you previously ranked him in your top 5 NCAA wrestlers of all time? How can this be! Let's go back to January, on the topic of Nolf you had this to say: Weird.
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    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    Lee basically said he wasn't interested in wrestling his practice partner in this All Star match
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    Yianni's Freakish Arms

    Baby J Bannister must be crying in the corner right now...
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    What makes you think Lugo has lifestyle issues? Might not look like what you're used to in Iowa but the kid has always been a straight shooter.
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    Iowa returns 7 All Americans next year

    Yes and look what happened there ;)
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    141 Finals

    Astute observation. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-wrestling/2018/04/92844/joey-mckenna-wins-us-open-senior-freestyle-wrestling-championship
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    What team did the best.

    Throughout Jan/Feb, Nebraska was ranked 6/7 by Flo. After their apparently poor B1G performance, they fell to 9th in the final rankings, and received seeds they were apparently able to outperform, to the tune of finishing in 10th. I wouldn't call that the best performing team. In contrast, after the Scuffle/Midlands, Mizzou (finished 6th) was ranked behind Princeton (finished 15th), Northwestern (finished 22nd), ASU (finished 12th), Minnesota (finished 8th), Nebraska (finished 10th), and NCState (finished 17th). There was a discussion about Mizzou's soft schedule and their underperformance at NCAA's. How did that turn out? Is it possible we put too much emphasis on mid-season tournaments? Cornell, btw, who also skipped the mid-majors in lieu of South Beach Duals, was ranked 15th in Jan and finished 7th.
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    Toughest path to the title

    That sounds like Cassar except he had to gain 70 lbs
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    Rob Koll

    Rob Koll gave an interview where he was honest about how he coached Dean to take on Foster: wear him out in neutral and beat him in the third. It didn't work because Foster rode him like a jockey for most of the second period and Dean didn't quite get the reversal when he finally worked himself free. Instead of wearing Foster down and beating him up and sapping his speed, DEAN had to do the work from bottom to get even the single escape point. In the third, when the plan was for Foster to be tired, he still had the strength to get out off the whistle and the quickness to finish his shot before it became a scramble. It isn't insulting Foster for Cornell to have had a plan or for Koll to have been honest about what the plan was. He didn't just say he tires easily, he also said that Foster is incredibly quick, so Dean has to keep the score close early when Foster has the advantage. The plan relied on Dean getting a quick escape and Foster flat blew up Koll/Dean's plans with a great second period ride. I guarantee you Foster has thick enough skin to not be insulted by the analysis and would probably feel good that he did well to ruin the planning. As for the politics of New York, please stop talking, Sublime. You have the direction of the money exactly backwards.
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    Toughest path to the title

    He’ll be in good hands with the SunDevil coaching staff. I kid....I kid...
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    Like, what do you mean?
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    I don't think any bracket will ever top that 2008 149 bracket. It looked brutal at the time, but historically it's going to be insane. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    California get another program.

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    I was born in Brooklyn, so I qualify. But really, we're famous for Florida Man. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Teams have scored > 140 pts. 11 times. Six times by Iowa, three by Penn State, and OK State two. 2018 Penn State – 141.5 2017 Penn State – 146.5 2012 Penn State - 143 2005 Oklahoma State - 153 2003 Oklahoma State - 143 1997 Iowa - 170 1992 Iowa - 149 1991 Iowa - 157 1986 Iowa - 158 1985 Iowa - 145.25 1983 Iowa - 155
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    Hey, you left out Dick Hutton. (<;
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    Pittsburgh grades

    Food - pretty damn good. On the expensive side, but tasty meat and cocktails. PSUMike was on the money with Meat and Potatoes, Butcher in the Rye. Blend was a good cigar and high-end cocktail bar strategically located to interfere with getting to FanFest. primantis sandwiches are always great. Carson Street had more bars than every other business combined. The South Side is pretty seedy as a whole though, Locals were very nice. They actually had greeters and people to give directions. You will NEVER see this in NYC. Fortunately all the streets run in a parallel and perpendicular grid so you don't need it. Nice to see smiling pleasant people though. Arena was plenty nice enough. Ushers were mostly very cool. Pittsburgh as a whole was a little rough except the immediate downtown. They need an influx of cash for infrastructure, etc. The city seemed happy to have us. I would definitely go back.
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    Who is moving up next year?

    Because Joe is still in control of the mouth.
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    Their recruiting doesn't suck. They got a good class this year, including one of the top recruits in the country. Also, you don't think producing two national champs is going to help with recruiting moving forward? I think they will have a drop in ranking the next couple years, but will be generally top 25 and sometimes top 10.
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    Mr. Peepers

    Suriano has the last laugh

    Yup, happy for Nick- if nothing else, he wrestles his @ss off, plus he's a warrior. You see his face after B10's? Yikes, he looked like an MMA fighter. But in interviews, he always looks like someone just killed his dog or something- just staring at the camera with this baleful look, and his cold, empty eyes.
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    Suriano has the last laugh

    Glad to see Nick win. i'm watching the off the mat version of the finals.They had video of his family in the corner...i sure hope nick breaks off a piece of that last laugh and shares it with his dad,not very smiley...i think he was mad at john smith
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    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    Will this be like the All-Star Dual where 1/3 of the match-ups change to an alternate and 1/3 get canceled?
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