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    As a HS coach I’ve been implementing throws (lat drop, step around, hip toss and arm) as part of our warm up. I try to teach them to hit them smoothly and actually lightly. When a throw presents itself you should know how to hit one. I teach them to not necessarily go out there looking for the throw, but if a guy is pushing into you in over unders or when you jack him up off a single and end up in a whizzer a lat drop is like a hot knife threw butter. Since we’ve implemented them in our warm ups I can’t tell you how many times we’ve hit them in big moments. And I hate the idea that they are “high risk.” They are high risk if you haven’t worked on them and aren’t proficient at them or you go out only looking for them but I’d say their scoring percentages per attempts are just as high as our single legs. I think a major factor in the US lack of throws is Gable’s high percentage mindset that permeated our country for a few decades. I want my guys to be comfortable wherever the match goes. When we get most of our competition in an over under position they are simply looking to clear out. I want my guys to be dangerous everywhere. That’s where I think the Russians really excel is being proficient in every single position not just the high percentage ones. I think the most underrated throw might be an arm throw. I remember Cejudo saying he was shocked when he was over in Russia how many dudes were hitting arm throws. Last point let’s not forget in freestyle they have the slip rule. That creates even more incentive to try them.
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    Definitely not the best, but arguably the most famous was Mario Lopez aka Slater from Saved by the Bell. We wrestled at a J. Robinson Intensive Wrestling Camp one summer. He had probably 3 years on me and at least 25 lbs but I won, because even if I didn't, I would never admit losing to this guy. LOL!
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    couple of other things to think about... as a country, our kids compete exponentially more and start competing younger than just about any other country... plus, the little league win at all costs to stroke the parents ego is pervasive... easiest way to win as a youth? back up... don't shoot... wait for the other kid to take a bad shot... blah blah blah... so, the vast majority of american kids are learning how to do the bare minimum to win a tourney no one cares about instead of learning to open up with their styles and be creative... throw in awful folk rules that promote not wrestling and this is what you end up with... go to any USA regional and it is easy to pick out the kids who actively pursue free/greco as opposed to those who do not...
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    Final X Pick'em Contest

    Here are the rules for the Final X pick'em contest: Entries are due June 7th. You can change your entry before the deadline if you want, but please do this as a new post rather than editing your original post. You pick the winner of all 10 match-ups and also decide which of your picks are "locks". Picks that a "lock" are worth 10 points if correct, but if you get even 1 of your locks wrong, your entire entry is disqualified Picks that are not a "lock" are worth 1 point (so they are basically just a tiebreaker) If there are wrestle-offs after Final X, we will wait until those are decided before declaring a winner Probably obvious, but any sort of forfeit or injury default counts as a loss for that wrestler and a win for their opponent To give an example of what an entry should look like, my entry is: 57 Fix 61 Graff - LOCK 65 Zain 70 Green - LOCK 74 Burroughs - LOCK 79 Dieringer 86 Taylor - LOCK 92 Cox - LOCK 97 Snyder - LOCK 125 Gwiz - LOCK Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
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    Makes it easier to watch the guys wrestling. Too soon?
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    Alphabet Championships - D1 level

    Don Dickason
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    Super cereal. Decent plan is for 149 so he can go 65kg for Oly trials.
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    History Question

    Heard Pete never lost he just ran out of time.
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    Fewer PA weight classes

    12 does not seem like the right choice. How about we go to 13 and clean up the upper weights a little bit? Something like: 108, 115, 121, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 171, 185, 205, 285
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    Alphabet Championships - D1 level

    Only have L.
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    History Question

    Not sure how to answer that because they went from 3 3 3 to 2 3 3 to 3 2 2. The latter change was around early eighties. Pete Schuyler who was one of the best conditioned wrestlers ever was in that time frame and he complained about losing the minute.
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    His only "proof" is that TJ Dillashaw got caught with EPO on multiple tests, and DT flies out to CA to see the same nutritionist and exercise physiologist. Aaron Pico is a client as well, not that that matters to the wrestling world anymore.
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    Dr. Novak

    Transfer Success Stories?

    Santiago Martinez.
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    Well I just named 2 of them. Other 2 I lost to were JP Oconner and Gregor Gilespie. Nickerson was untouchable after the age of 12. I just wanted to add that I don't put much stock in that win both Nickerson and Escobedo were wrestling age group up so I had 3 years on both and Nickerson sent me to the wrestle back's.
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    Best I’ve wrestled was Dustin Schlatter. Wrestled from youth through high school probably 12 times. Never beat him, but I faired better than the majority. My biggest ass whipping was Mike Poeta. Went from “maybe I can pull this off” to “Maybe I should re-evaluate my wrestling” reallll quick that match.
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    Likely a default setting no one bothered to change.
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    He tried, but I deployed a variation of the eye-poke defense which bought me enough time to flee.
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    I think Downey can do it

    I have no problem with PD3. Can anyone even recall a card being pulled on him? Taylor? His sportsmanship is well vetted.
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    Transfer Success Stories?

    Tywan Claxton AA'd for King (TN) then transferred to Ohio. Didn't AA but beat #1 guy from Mizz. Wrestled well and now in Bellator
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    Perhaps you missed the subtle message about weight cuts.
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    I salute you for seeing the value of having international competition training in US freestyle training centers, a position so different from the whingers on flowrestling and their petty complaints about how the foreigners are benefiting from US facilities and coaching. They are blind to the fact that US wrestlers equally benefit from the exposure (no pun intended) to international competitors, who bring unfamiliar styles into the room, giving our guys a chance to get accustomed to and develop strategies to deal with them.
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    LeeRoy Smith....unfortunately
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    I wish this message board allowed emojis. Problem solved!
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    Lee is 20, and has been wrestling basically year round in the toughest tournaments possible since probably age 12, if not younger (this is an educated guess I’m not pretending to be that familiar with his training cycle) and has had health issues the last few seasons. He’s someone I think could strongly benefit from some time off. Why rush his senior level debut when he still might not be 100% and let everyone in the world get a look at him before 2020? Seems a bit high risk low reward to me. As for the rest of Iowa, I’m disappointed we aren’t seeing guys like Cass, Warner, heck even Desanto doing no freestyle. But 2020 is supposed to be THE year for Iowa, and I seem to recall NLWC basically taking a freestyle season off a year or two ago in order to get ready for the NCAA grind that would be followed by the 2019/2020 worlds. All things considered, as a fan I’m disappointed we aren’t seeing some of Iowa’s best freestyle prospects: at the same time I see Brands and co trying to train and compete a little smarter, keep their guys healthy, and adapt methods that are a little more modern than the old school Iowa mentality of wrestling as hard as possible at all times. 2020 will be the judge
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    So you are in the red on likes? Oh well, you should know all about life in the red..
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    Why is there a limit anyway? What’s the harm in liking too many posts? Are they worried there will be too much positivity on these forums? Can’t see that happening lol
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    Could not agree more with the competing part--way too much time and energy wasted on chasing plastic monster trophies and trinkets that could be spent on learning technique. Great illustration: Carson Kharchla was not allowed to compete until he was in 8th grade; his father is from the old-school Russian system and it didn't hurt Carson a bit. I also remember Mark Churella telling me his sons did not compete until middle school age; they could pick one meet they wanted to go to (something like the Ohio State Fair meet) and that was it. It's not that they weren't training, practicing, and learning; quite the contrary. More could learn from this model.
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    I don't see the original post as suggesting we abandon a style that has been pretty good of late; I see it as a suggestion that we add to that style and work to not sit back on our laurels. Our World team last year was one of the best I've ever seen; sure, the Iranians and some other nations were down, but our team was exceptional. That said, the Russians still beat us.One thing other countries typically don't have to worry about is an American throwing them--makes it easier to gameplan against us. Russian kids grow up learning to attack legs and throw with equal proficiency. Because of the limitations of folk (slamming people is penalized, not rewarded) we avoid most throwing techniques. Sitting back and thinking we've got it all figured out is one of the surest steps toward a future downturn.
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    Transfer Success Stories?

    Or this one....... Many years ago, Manny Holmes was the 167-pounder for Mason City (Iowa)Community College. The Iowa State freshmen were scheduled to wrestleManny's team. A quote from Holmes in the Mason City newspaper - "It'stoo bad Jean won't be down to 167 for this match" - made its way toAmes."I cut 33 1/2 pounds in three days to get to 167," Jean said. "Manny was down 17-1 when I pinned him."Please, young Jeff Long, take this advice: When referring to Chuck Jean as "Chicken Wing," never forget to smile.
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    i was going to laugh at this absurd statement, but, decided it would be counterproductive... regardless... folk stifles freedom and wrestling... free promotes it... you can be so much more creative in free, but, you cannot just flip a switch and decide you want to wrestle after a lifetime of backing up and cross body rides...
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    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Hence why the best treatment facilities are in Iowa.
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    Chamizo's Weight Had Me Thinking

    Every time I watch that sequence at 2:30 left I let out a proper holler. Absolutely broke him there.
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    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Does the good Dr. give discounts if you are from related to LI Marty?
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    Two Words: Leon Spinks.
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    We're leg grabbers- always have been. Our young kids don't learn throwing proficiently or consistently. Additionally, there's a lot that can go wrong in big matches if you don't execute correctly. IMO, our feet wrestling has never been a problem - international wrestlers don't typically like our aggressive style and pushing of pace on our feet. Rather than throwing, I'd like to see us be better in par terre.
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    I was somewhat surprised to hear Bo Nickal expressing the exact opposite opinion in his interview after winning the World Team Trials and qualifying for Final X. He said that the NCAA tournament was comparable to the freestyle tournaments. I come to the conclusion that he hasn't faced enough tough freestyle competition. That will change soon. I'm rooting for him against Cox, of course, as I'm a Pa. homer and admitted PSU supporter. This matchup, and Bo Nickal, is great for the sport!
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    Taylor is definitely banged up

    That’s not really an answer and no you wouldn’t tell a lie. However sometimes there’s some kind of inside jokey thing going on that I’m too clueless to know about. Anyhow that would really suck if Taylor were out for good or even misses this year. But at least he won a world title. Fingers crossed.
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    Steveson vs Gwiz

    I think sometimes people forget just how really good Gwiz was/is.
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    Steveson deserves a thread

    Actually he is still 18. Yes an 18-year-old teched Adam Coon.
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    Of the guys listed I think Nolf was easily the best in folk.
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    Based on your criteria it’s Dake and it’s not even close
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Giving PDIII props

    Myles Martin's story gets a little complicated but I'll try to sum it up the best I can: He lived in NJ and went to high school in Maryland.
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    Taylor is definitely banged up

    Doesn't tOSU have a doc, Krause was it? I hear he has a massage treatment for the oblongata.
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    Taylor is definitely banged up

    If Taylor wants to be a functioning, able bodied adult he will probably hang it up. A torn medulla oblongata is nothing to laugh about and his quality of life is at stake if he continues to wrestle with it.
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