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    USA cooking brackets...

    You stand by what you said. You said that they did not follow criteria or the rules in putting kids into the bracket. Please cite the rules / criteria which were not followed. If you cannot and you still stand by what you said, it makes you an idiot.
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    Cadet Trials

    Iowa recruit Ryan Sokol has looked great. Pretty dominant. Facundo with his 2nd straight 1 point win. A win is a win, but he has not dominated at all.
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    Akron 2019

    Pletcher is already advanced to the semis over Dom Demas. Wonder what that's about?
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    Final X - Rutgers

    I’m doing the same as you suggest. 6 PM session. Even one of bouts 4-7 is worth the ticket price.
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    USA cooking brackets...

    I’m not confused no matter how much you want to paint that picture... The bracketing does not follow normal convention which is not a big deal in and of itself... it is not consistent and that is not debatable... again, the end result proved it didn’t work... I’m good with that... keep banging your drum, sparky...
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    USA cooking brackets...

    you went from 'usaw crookedness' to 'the formatting confuses me' just for the record.
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    USA cooking brackets...

    Easy little fella... call it what you want... it’s not consistent formatting... not being consistent will raise questions... always... like I said, I’m pleased it did not work out...
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    Gavin Hoffman vs Michael Beard

    I suppose you're correct. Probably not this year, at least. Different weight classes.
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    Or they thought DT would be waiting for them at Final X. But....yeah....let's believe Cox, Ringer, and Bo are terrified of Downey. Again, he rightfully earned the spot and I think it would be awful to change the rules mid-session. But lets be real. If any of the guys mentioned above would have known DT wasn't waiting at Final X then rest assured that 86 would have filled up with a few very good guys looking to claim that spot.
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    I'm not sure Gross matches up well with Yianni.
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    All in HS, blew out shoulder before Sr. year in HS Sean O'Day - NCAA Champ for Edinboro - Lost twice - pretty close matches Bubba Strauss - Ohio State champ, Went to Iowa. Lost in St. Ed's finals. Worst 6-0 ass whooping of my life. Link below to Spiral ride. Craig Olmstead - Match where I blew my shoulder out. Defending world (?) and National Greco champ and I was leading when I fell back and posted with arm. (Had to be leg foul btw) Paul Keysaw - NCAA Champ - Won, match not close Beat a few PA state champs in FS (Reed and Kennedy) and pinned NY state champ (Billups) in folkstyle and a bunch of PA placers. Never made it to PA states though. Headcase with confidence/pressure issues. Jimmy Carr was my coach in 7th and 8th grade, Nate would come practice at his alma matre to work with brothers Solo and Mike when on break from Iowa State. Those guys showed me what wrestling the next level felt like. Humiliating, demoralizing and baffling. Incredibly talented and were the nicest guys off the mat.
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    I have to say, it does sound s bit ridiculous, and I still get it.
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    Conel's wins over Moore were flukes. Both of them - and yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds. You'll see.
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    Jeff Blatnick. In practice. Did not go well.
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    Yojo Uetake. I lost.
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    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Yup, MMA or WWE. I was pretty surprised by how enthused Bo Nickal’s mom was about her son going MMA. When asked about the hazards of the sport, she said something like “oh, that’s what doctors are for” - yikes.
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    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Haha! I thought they looked familiar!
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    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    I see your point. But parents that let there kids wrestle enough to get cauliflower ear don’t care that much if they get it. It’s a badge of honor. It says I am a bad dude. Parents don’t let there kids wrestle because they think it is too violent and they don’t understand it. They think it is safer to play basketball.
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