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    The best dual team may not place in the top 4....
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    Ian Miller vs Realbuto scoring debacle
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    1972 NCAA Champions

    Likewise, I enjoy these jerseywrestling posts and this one in particular. I qualified and competed in this tournament. Like Gary Barton I was unseeded but unlike him I wrestled to my seed.
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    Sunday? I think the OP is underestimating how difficult it is to wrestle with a hangover.
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    Team race idea: Dual on Sunday of NCAAs

    I like the creative thinking. I don’t think this is the right idea for a few reasons, but I hope we have more threads with more ideas here.
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    Team race idea: Dual on Sunday of NCAAs

    This would never pass the coaches. I've been at the head table for quite a few and one thing that stood out to me was in looking at the guys pass by during the AA parade before the finals. These guys have been through a war. They gear up to wrestle on Saturday not Sunday. It would be like having a race and then suddenly putting a second tape another 50 yards beyond and expecting them to go full steam again for a separate award.
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    That would mean guys would have to weigh in 4 days in a row , who just grinded through the hardest 3 days of wrestling to turn around and now wrestle a dual. Also if you are a starter on one of these teams but you aren’t an NCAA qualifier that means you’ll have to make weight for the first time in 2, 3 weeks in some cases and you wouldn’t even know if you had to til Saturday night in some cases.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Bazri lost in the final dual 3-2. His very weak leg attacks will always be a problem for him when he faces a guy who can handle his underhook as he does not have other ways to score. Interestingly in the final at 97 after beating Mohammadian Sharipov lost to Zhabrailov 5-2. Zhabrailov is the same wrestler that Karimi ran over in the semi finals at worlds a few months ago before losing to Cox.
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    I’m not saying it was or wasn’t. Just pointing out a close call worth studying.
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    What a stupid post
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    Bo jordan vs marl hall at ncaas in 2017 I believe. Video review was used and the right call was still not made. Mark hall should not have any ncaa titles to his name at this point.
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    Unique/Creative Trophy

    At a college open, I got a pretty nice backpack and a cheap medal. The tournament was sponsered by Brute I think. I used that backpack for years until a hole wore through it. Definitely the most practical "trophy" I ever got.
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    Thx @Jaroslav Hasek. I ended up looking right after I asked. :P
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    next saturday evening, December 7 https://www.flograppling.com/events/6547139-2019-third-coast-grappling-championship-3/entries
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    Hall vs Valencia headgear pull.
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    I was literally typing this, haha
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    Heflin -Zerep dual OT: unexplainable bad call Dake - Taylor Southern Scuffle: a few questionable calls, but mostly the final seconds of the match Caldwell - Metcalf spladle: shoulder blades down or not Storley - Evans dual: questionable non TD Suriano - Lee singlet grab: Spencer Lee’s freshman year, can’t remember if this was at Big Tens or NCAAs Probably a bunch of Dean Heil’s matches Downey’s Twitter feed
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    Where does J Renteria Land Next?

    Sheeshus, if I were a new fan learning the sport from this forum I'd have to assume everybody but the Top 4 suck
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    UNL Verne Gagne, Minnesota RD Dick Hutton, Oklahoma A&M, 1–1
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    Where does J Renteria Land Next?

    I just looked him up and noticed his name on the Triton College roster. Great to see that he’s still wrestling, I hope he and his family are OK.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Separated at birth?

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    Pfffft. GO WOLVERINES!!! I'll give you this much: if it comes down to OSU vs ANY SEC team in the playoff, I'll root for the Buckeyes. Otherwise....I'll root for whomever you guys are playing :D
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    Regular season Brands tech or pins J. Post season, when it matters most.....J wins by decision.
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    I just checked to see when the Iowa vs Wisconsin battle takes place on BTN this Sunday and found their complete wrestling coverage through March 2020. According to BTN, this is the most wrestling coverage in network history – a 40% increase from last season! OUTSTANDING! Day Date Visiting Team Home Team Time (ET) Sunday November 17, 2019 Virginia Tech at Ohio State 12:00 PM Sunday December 1, 2019 Wisconsin at Iowa 8:00 PM Sunday January 5, 2020 Oregon State at Michigan 4:00 PM Friday January 10, 2020 Wisconsin at Minnesota 9:00 PM Friday January 17, 2020 Ohio State at Wisconsin 9:00 PM Saturday January 18, 2020 Indiana at Northwestern 2:30 PM Saturday January 18, 2020 Nebraska at Iowa 9:00 PM Sunday January 19, 2020 Maryland at Michigan State 3:00 PM Friday January 24, 2020 Penn State at Nebraska 7:00 PM Friday January 24, 2020 Ohio State at Iowa 9:00 PM Sunday January 26, 2020 Ohio State at Minnesota 8:30 PM Friday January 31, 2020 Penn State at Iowa 9:00 PM Saturday February 1, 2020 Rutgers* vs. Michigan* 1:00 PM Friday February 7, 2020 Penn State at Wisconsin 9:00 PM Saturday February 8, 2020 Iowa at Michigan 8:00 PM Sunday February 9, 2020 Penn State at Minnesota 2:00 PM Friday February 14, 2020 Michigan at Nebraska 9:00 PM Saturday February 15, 2020 Ohio State at Penn State 7:30 PM Saturday February 15, 2020 Minnesota at Iowa 9:30 PM Sunday February 16, 2020 Purdue at Illinois 2:00 PM Sunday February 16, 2020 Michigan at Wisconsin 4:00 PM Thursday February 20, 2020 Northern Iowa at Wisconsin 9:00 PM Sunday February 23, 2020 Oklahoma State at Iowa 8:00 PM Sunday March 8, 2020 B1G Championships at Rutgers 3:30 PM
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    As a bjj brown belt that competed in a high level and a D1 grappler from long ago, the ground game in bjj feels pretty foreign to a wrestler. Gordon's inverted game, along with his highly creative leg and foot locks, will be hard to pass from guard. Gordon will always keep his legs and knees between Bo and himself, so even if Bo gets some sort of cradle, he would be able to hold it long because it will be Gordon's leg strength against Bo's grip/arm strength. I rolled with a lot of blackbelts and if you can keep your body tight, (arms and legs close to body) you can avoid making the mistakes that lead to most submissions. However, one small mistake and it could be all over. BJJ , perhaps even more so than wrestling, is really a thinking mans game at the highest level and creating unconventional situations where your opponent unfamiliar with the permutations and makes a mistake are crucial.
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    Wiscy-Iowa on Sunday

    Desanto beats gross easy. Gross gasses in the 2nd period.
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    Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?

    I thought it was Sandusky filling holes up there?
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    Why do you have to do that? Seriously? Trying to derail a meaningful thread with your Trump hate? Just stop.
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    Sounds like you're shopping in the wrong pawn shops...
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    DeSanto is hard nosed, focused, goes the entire seven minutes, hates to lose and gets excited when he wins. What's not to like? His immediate reaction to winning? Because he doesn't give, "all glory to god?" He hasn't tried to rip anyone's arm off in a couple years. I choose to let it go.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Changing college to freestyle

    a freestyle battle of 'pushouts' is no way resembles an actual sumo match. sumo allows open hand striking. sumo is 2 super charged heavyweights beating the hell out of each other for 10 seconds and then its over. 1 step out ends the match. just youtube some sumo competitions, at no point will you ever say, "ah, yes, this is exactly like a boring freestyle wrestling match".
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    I think DeSanto has mental problems.
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    He could definitely be more unsportsmanlike. He could act like Billy George for instance.
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    the great thing about him is that it's only when he wins. He handles losses just fine.....
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    Changing college to freestyle

    Spoken like a guy who got rode out quite frequently!
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    1972 NCAA Champions

    Gary Barton had a legendary title run. Unseeded, he knocked off the 5th, 4th, 2nd, and 1st seeded wrestlers on the way to the title.
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    Make your Olympic team picks

    denken Sie nicht, dass Dake so viel verändert hat, vielleicht ein wenig verbessert und mehr Werkzeuge zu seinem bereits vielfältigen Toolkit hinzugefügt hat. Aber ich denke, JB hat sich zum Schlechteren verändert. Das ist es, was das Matchup besonders faszinierend macht (als ob es in der Vergangenheit nicht faszinierend wäre). Ein Zusammentreffen von Kleinigkeiten könnte den Unterschied zwischen diesen beiden machen, die näher sind, als die meisten JB-Fans zugeben wollen. Es ist NICHT wie Dake vs. DT, eine Serie, die Dake immer gewonnen hat
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    Changing college to freestyle

    The concept of it, I'm fine with. What it means now, in execution, has become a painful point in our sport. How many matches in recent memory are 3-2 decided by 1:04 of riding time where it's grab ankle until a four count, drive opponent down to the mat, rinse, repeat. As I have stated several times on this forum, there are consequences for being inept or unskilled. When one can demonstrate dominance, control, and mastery, he deserves a reward...be it riding time, an escape point, back points, or a takedown. Escaping from bottom is hard especially if the top man understands the physics of balance, torques, and action/reaction. Bottom techniques are labor intensive and difficult, so I completely understand why folks like freestyle. It eliminates the difficult to teach and learn, top and bottom. And why shouldn't the top man be rewarded with a point for his ability to control? It's very hard to put a decent wrestler on his back, especially the way the rules are set up now...bottom man doesn't have to do much. I read the same gloomy descriptions as yours.. "grab ankle until a four count, drive opponent down to the mat, rinse, repeat." Who's fault is that? Trust me on this...It is grueling for the top man to control a bottom man who doesn't want to be there....Maybe it's just me, but I was taught on bottom the techniques to prevent my ankles from being controlled or taught how to counter ankle control. I think it is incredibly unfair for someone to exhibit control, dominance, and mastery, and get nothing for it. Like high school. The bottom guy gets a point for escaping, whether being let go or earning it...and the top guy gets '0' for the 1:58 he controlled him... I think it sucks in its current format. I believe it should be kept and only scored if a viable nearfall attempt has been scored. We have stalling rules aimed at reducing "riding" yet we still have something called "riding time." I didn't grow up in wrestling from a young age. I discovered it in my teens after being an avid and rabid fan of all sports. It's one less nuance as well. When I went to the Virginia Duals and saw the second clock, it confused me. Without fail, I have to explain riding time to every single high school fan under the age of 50 who looks over to watch college wrestling. It's been my personal experience that it's another unnecessary nuance that slows matches down, creates controversial scenarios with ankle riding, added rules to combat it and ultimately, serves as what exactly? I'm not sure how difficult the riding time clock is to understand. It's either red or green and the accumulated riding time is in one of those colors. As far as my experience with explaining wrestling rules to newbies, that one is relatively simple. I'm trying to understand how RT slows matches down...as far as ankle riding...I will reiterate: learning the techniques to prevent or counter those skills solves a lot of problems for the bottom man. I will agree that we have way too many rules and that is what is difficult for me to explain to people trying to appreciate the sport. I think the plethora of rules resulted from the lack of knowledge and skill sets that have gradually gone by the wayside, especially on top and bottom. We have a general societal mentality that when one is superior, something must be implemented to level the field. We can't have Valedictorians. We must penalize wealthy people. If you are good at controlling the bottom man, you shouldn't be rewarded, you must be penalized/not rewarded and we have to do something for the bottom man for parity (instead of the bottom man doing the work and learning the methods to free himself). Some time of weird tiebreaker? With all the attacks on freestyle and its criteria, we decide a winner based on seconds of riding time when athletes go into the tiebreakers. In many sports, races are won by 1/100ths and 1/1000ths of a second. Touchdowns/first downs are made on fractions of inches. Putts are made or missed by fractions of inches. Same thing with "safe" and "out." And if a wrestler loses/wins a match because of a few seconds riding time...so be it. No one should be able to "hang on the ankle." That's not right either, but I certainly do not begrudge anyone who can control the top man with a variety of skills and change-offs...It's very difficult to put a good kid on his back and even harder when he's fighting like hell to get out from bottom...you will be lucky to get riding time....riding time is the reward/consequence for being able to control a bottom man who is very active but can't be put on his back. I think the concept of riding time, perhaps in your era, was justified and provided some merit. I've only been around college wrestling approaching 25 years, so my scope of why I don't like riding time comes from this era. I'm pretty sure that's the mentality of many of those who didn't witness the late 60's, 70's, 80's...I would refer you to watch the Tomasello/Lee match if you want to see excellent top/bottom wrestling...it was with the dual or the BIG tourney...I just remember how impressed I was with how tenacious both were in each position. EXCELLENT. Wrestling's got three positions, top, bottom and neutral. I think proficiency on top should be about turning and going for the fall, not hanging on and going for a point for hanging on for a minute. I guess I don't understand how one can be "hanging on for minute." That should only happen if a ref allows it to happen...and/or the bottom man allows it to happen and has no offense. I will still maintain that if top man was awarded 1 pt for every 30 seconds of control, top/bottom wrestling would be incredibly entertaining... I don't subscribe to a theory that we should go freestyle, but I've just never liked riding time. I also don't subscribe to the theory that one style is wholly superior to the other. I like them both. Thanks for your response and thanks for your many contributions to the sport of wrestling. Respectfully, Pat
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    Wrestling Law

    Did you get that hunch by reading his name in the link he provided?
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    Is this Doug?

    still don't get it
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