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    The all about me thread

    Last night my girl, who I’ve lived with for about two years, threw a party for my 45th bday. When it game time to open presents....boy did I put a good one on everyone there. Opening what was supposed to be a gift from my oldest daughter, I instead pulled out the diamond, shocked the hell out of everybody, and got down on my knee. I called this the all about my post, but it’s really all about her. I am super excited that she will soon be my wife. Merry Christmas to everyone! We have some squabbles around here but that’s what family does. Wish you all the happiest of holidays. Mine has already been beyond blessed.
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    Still can't believe Myles didn't win last year
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    Since Christmas is coming up I thought I would lighten it up a little and put this out there. There are numerous posters who I think are more knowledgeable than me, that would be almost all of you, but here are a few who I think are not only the most knowledgeable but objective as well: wrestlingnerd LJB VakAttak SteamboatCharlie Housebye By the way, I know this wasn't part of the title, but after last weekend I can honestly say that any of you who think TBarr is the biggest homer or the most unobjective are sorely mistaken. He is not even in the top 10. I give him a hard time every once in a while but at least he will admit he's a homer for Penn State and, in my opinion, very knowledgeable. Some of my Cornell fan brothers literally need a reality check and to lighten up as do some of the Hawkeye fans. Some of these guys make me look knowledgeable and to hear them talk you would think every time one of their wrestlers lost it was because of bad officiating or some other thing out of their control. Anyway just something to have fun with and I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas. I must admit personally that having my son land at home today from college might be the best Christmas present I've ever received.
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    Who's better at developing wrestlers?

    Iowa turned a guy, who was only a state runner up his senior year, into a 2 time ncaa champion, with 2 more years to go. How can you even compare the two.
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    I’m also going to add @SetonHallPirate to the list. He spends time every week compiling a comprehensive list of matches/tourneys for everyone on the board to have quick access to find. I’m not sure about you guys but I check that list lots throughout the week and it saves me a bunch of time from having to go to teams websites to find what I’m looking for. Thanks for the time you spend doing that. It is extremely appreciated SetonHallPirate!
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    Your Best 6

    I’m curious to know others thoughts on the best 6 the United States could send to the Olympics. I’m going to start by saying this is NOT OTT predictions. Pretend like the president of USA wrestling came to you and asked who do you think would be the most successful at each weight in the Olympics and why? This is not asking who you think will win the trials to represent USA, just who you think would have the best chances at medals if they were to represent USA. Again folks this is just other people’s opinions so no need to flame anyone. Also this isn’t intended to turn into a 14 page thread about how Spencer Lee could tech fall every opponent in the world regardless of their weight easily. Here are my 6: 57 kg: Spencer Lee. Maybe I’m just a victim of the moment but Spencer has me believing right now. I don’t think there’s anyone internationally that he couldn’t at least give a tough 6 minute match. Also if he absolutely needed 2 at the end of the match I trust him more than Gilman or Fix to get it. I honestly don’t even know where to begin thinking through his chances to medal based on lack of international results at the senior level, but I know he’d put on a hell of a show so that’s why I have him here. 65 kg: Jordan Oliver. Right now I think we are seeing what everyone has been clamoring to see from JO for years now. He’s focused and steamrolling everyone in his path. If he takes this same mentality into the Olympics the sky is the limit for him. I just really love his upside here more than anyone else at 65 kg. 74 kg: Kyle Dake. I know a lot of people are going to go JB here. But for me I think in 2020 Dake has a higher floor than JB. JB probably has the better chance to flash and win a gold, but he also has a higher chance to flame out early and not medal at all. I think with Dake you know exactly what you’re going to get and I predict he medals barring something crazy happening (with the upside being he has the chops to compete for gold). 86 kg: J’Den Cox (this is me assuming he goes down, not up): This was by far the hardest weight for me to decide. Two world class guys here in Cox and Taylor, both of which will be very much in the mix for a gold medal. I think both would be borderline locks for at least some medal. So ultimately I decided to go with “what have you done for me lately”. Taylor has been hurt and Cox just won a world championship without conceding a single point. I went with Cox, but I absolutely wouldn’t mind Taylor being the guy either. It was a 1A vs. 1B decision for me. 97 kg: Kyle Snyder. With Cox at 86 kg this was a pretty easy decision. Snyder already has an Olympic gold medal in his cabinet and he’s still in his prime. I think he uses his 2019 world championship results and RTC change as motivation to come back in prime form. He’s another guy that’s a virtual lock to at least medal, with gold medal upside. 125 kg: Gwiz. This was another tough decision as I think Gable is right on his heels. I think this will be Gwiz’s swan song before Gable catches him and takes the reigns as the USA heavy going forward. I think that here Gwiz’s upside is probably a bronze medal. I can’t see him being in contention for a gold.
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    WrestleStat Rankings | Week 8 2020

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    Your Best 6

    Fix, no medal Zain Train, no medal JB, gold Cox, gold Snyder, gold Steveson, no medal
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    Your Best 6

    57: Can Fix/Gilman/Lee beat Uguev, Atli, and the 61kgers coming down? I think Fix and Lee have the best chance because they score in transition and in bunches. Upshot is probably Bronze here, but both are game competitors. Gimme Lee who seems slightly stronger and more physical. 5th 65: I'm a U.S. cynic here, sorry. This weight class is comically deep and I don't really see a path to the podium when all these freaks are peaking for the Games. Upside, with an otherworldly performance, is Bronze. JO has looked phenomenal, and I think he is definitely a better rep than Zain, but he hasn't seen anyone on Rashidov/Otoguro/Aliev/Punia/Musukaev/etc. level. Zain just does not have the dynamism or offensive heat to mess with these guys, though. Will know more after Pan Am Quals. DNP 74: Can Dake or Burroughs beat Sidakov and Chamizo is the same tournament? Absolutely, and i think they both crush any of the 70kg guys who come up. I am throwing Burroughs on my 2020 dream team simply because he is the best team leader still, and I think the younger guys get a small performance bump from him being there. Medal depends on draw. 86: David Taylor can obviously beat Hassan, and I don't think anyone else here can beat him. Gold/Silver 97: I am pretty confident that Sadulaev never loses to Snyder again, and I think there are at least a couple other guys here who can beat Kyle before the finals. J'den Cox is the best all-around wrestler in the U.S.A the past couple years, and I think he presents a bunch of problems which those guys have never had to deal with before. Bulk him up and send him for the Gold or Silver. 125: Gwiz can nab a Bronze. We are just going to have wait until Geno and Akgul retire and then Gable can try to win it.
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    Your Best 6

    I agree. The parity we see at 65 is a bad sign for us. Yianni is right there with Zain, and he just lost a close one to McKenna. And Lee and Eierman aren't far behind. Time will tell whether JO's performance this weekend is a flash in the pan or if he has really developed into the potential world beater everyone thought he could be. 65 is (probably) the deepest weight in the world, and if one of our guys is not head and shoulders above the domestic competition, it would take a dream draw to medal. If JO can blitz through OTTs the way he did this weekend, or if he actually enters some overseas tournaments like he mentioned in his post-Nationals interview, maybe I'll become a believer.
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    There are a bunch of names I could include. I appreciate Splade08’s takes on freestyle. VakAttack does a good job with getting me to see how good/bad Iowa really is. tBar might be bias, but also provides helpful insight. Happy holidays to everyone.
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    Separated at birth?

    "...the warm glow of electric sex..."
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    Hey, I'm on a positive list! Guys I always enjoy reading thoughts from: olddirty wrestlingnerd LJB Housebuye russelscout BAC (he and I used to squabble quite a bit) jaroslav hasek (who is also Andrew Spey) HuskerDu (Willie Saylor) Crotalus wrestlingphish ionel madcat11 boconnell msu158 treep2020 steamboat_charlie Jason Bryant scribe headshuck lemonpie (probably has made me laugh out loud more than anyone besides maybe headshuck) 1032044 nom hammerlock3 (I know he can be abrasive, but I like him) Fletcher gimpletf plasmodium ConnorsDad There are a couple of Ohio State guys, Cornell guys Penn State guys, and Missouri guys that I'm forgetting, too. Happy holidays to all!
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    drag it

    Cassar injured

    Just pulled it up. I thought that his delivery and language were at best inartful but I would be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't trying to make light of Cassar's misfortune. He prefaced what he said by complimenting Cassar and he was smiling throughout the interview because he was just off the mat and pleased that his recent training adjustments paying off so I didn't read what he did as a true laugh. I could see it seeming offensive but I think he probably awkwardly stumbled on the reference to Cassar rather than had any intention of treating the injury as funny.
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    My understanding is that they're paying Askren in Pyles Bucks. These can very easily be converted into Spey Dubloons which can be traded in for Toys R Us coupons, which, while for a defunct company, are actually the preferred currency of the Dark Web, and then turned into Ethereum. From there, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to cash. Easy peasy!
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    Who are the most knowledgable posters on this forum? Quite obviously, ConnersDad. Merry Christmas.
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    Your Best 6

    Cassar is a tough cat but that's a big stretch
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    I was impressed with Arajua. Really improved. Took both Suriano and Lee down. Hopefully he makes trials. Lee just special. Expect him to beat Tomasello and run table in Happy Valley. Frank C
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    Hombres firing up the stabbin cabin getting the hands together opened her up gents aired her out had one of the hands in there with a bucket of Liceall swamping her down after the football season festivities got her gassed up heading down to Dallas sure the roofing crew will be cramped up sleeping in there gents but the Voice of Wrestling goes first class got myself a room there to the Intercontinental reel 5 star been a good year rolling in dough some of you gents out there scratching a poor mans ass staying in dumps eating that **** they serve there to the concession stands pinching your pennies listening to your old ladies *****ing at you consider the fortune and glory of the world of roofing $20 bucks an hour all the hours you can handle roadside joints barley sodas painted ladies best of all no old lady ragging you and running you down and spending all your hard earned cash. Now to get to the main point here hombres Tommies playing reel coy about Spencer Lee but what he aint saying is he cut a dealio with Lee and if he finished top 5 down to Dallas thats the end of wrestling in the black and gold for this year and its Cashman thats why he threw Cashman out there to Princeton gents get a look see against some D1 competition and let Lee get all schooled up on freestyle and all that. Now friends you all know I brake all the big ones and I broke this one last year and rubbed Tommies fur the wrong way but the Voice of Wrestling dont steer you wrong going to be down to Dallas look me up Im reel hard to miss legendary hair style then on to Midlands same cast of characters hombres look me up so what we can share some fellowship and libations and chase some tail and bang some beaver and talk about the worlds oldest and gratest sport you guys are like a reel family to me.
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    Me too! I made a list! Hooray! That made my Christmas. Seriously... glad to be a part of the Wrestling Forums, and have this "extended" family to bicker with over things that... well...quite frankly... take up way too much of my adult free time. Now... back to work and training BJJ. Merry Christmas fellas.
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    I was going to add him, but is he is more of a thought provoking questioner than super knowledgeable. Put him on the list for best thread starter.
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    I'll admit to a seriously large pucker factor. I didnt think I was getting any ink, but there it is. Whew!
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    Who's better at developing wrestlers?

    It's OSU right now.
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    Askren in the transfer portal

    All of the Dernlan boys are righteous dudes. /e - Just to add, for those uninitiated... https://www.springfieldnewssun.com/sports/high-school/dernlan-brothers-teamed-for-state-championships/aAxl3YjifXd75HvHLZsikN/
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    Arujao seems to have questionable defense (against the best guys). I am sure he is a bit underpowered too. He clearly has the offense to take down anyone. I’m super excited for him. I think he would’ve won more age level medals with more opportunities. It’s rare that I say that too. I tend to underestimate how we will do at age level tournaments. I was burned when Hall lost to Nagy. It confused the **** out of me. I didn’t watch nearly as much freestyle then and just kind of assumed Mark would kill Nagy, who’s most impressive achievement was qualifying for NCAAs up to that point. random tangent. Not deleting it. Got excited.
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    Lots of great posters on here, and I am very thankful for this forum. I wont list any as Im sure will forget more than I remember, so Merry Christmas ya'll!
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    Wrestfan and the legend Cletus Tucker ( rest in peace)
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    Dallas and the Spencer Lee Mystery

    So which would you rather be: A) 3x NCAA champ & 2x Olympic gold having never lost in either discipline, B) 4x NCAA champ & 1x Olympic gold with a few losses, or C) 2x NCAA champ, 2x Olympic gold, 4x World gold and a dozen losses?
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    Yazdani injury

    https://twitter.com/wrestling/status/1209213703914237952?s=21 Had surgery on his knee. Injured it in practice. Torn meniscus. 2 months recovery.
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    Separated at birth?

    I've seen this photo countless times in my life but I have to admit that I had never noticed the phallic symbol shadow from the chandelier in the upper left corner. Now that I've noticed it, I wish I never had noticed it....
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    Askren in the transfer portal

    Not really, which is the point. Any list of guys you tried to come up with for guys as decorated or more than Askren from the past 20 years would be short. List of guys who have won 2 or more Hodges - real short. List of guys who only lost to 2 or fewer individuals in college - also real short. List of guys who wrestled in 4 ncaa finals - real short too. List of guys who won over 50% of their matches by fall - real short.
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    Your Best 6

    Did Fix 5 on 2 you a few years back or something?
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    High school, but Rokfin has started showing matches now. This weekend there were streams of the WPIAL Showcase on PA Power’s Page, and a tournament hosted by Wyoming Seminary on Coach Green’s Page.
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    I'd bet Askren told flo to go fly a kite on the non compete and Flo prbly didn't even ask him for one. - Askren is the one with the power here. I've always felt employers will throw non competes out if they think it will cost them talent - it's usually something they get you with because employees don't read what their signing or even think they can negotiate it or care about it at that time. And talking on a podcast is not anything that is intellectual property so it's not even needed for Askren - they only got willie on the high school rankings I'd guess Askren will keep his rokfin vlogs and still do flo - he may not even see it as a conflict of interest, though it's certainly weird in that if these two companies are direct competitors Askren was the very first rokfin poster , was posting everywhere on twitter about willie joining rokfin, always promoting rokfin in general, and is a best bud with martin. If all that is true and you join a competitor then I think you have to wonder what is going on Is Askren not making any money at rokfin and flo is giving a offer so large he can't refuse ? .....Maybe he just wanted the larger platform ? .I think I'm in the camp that there isn't much harm/or competition in askren doing frl that is going to hurt rokfin. Flo is already established and has live video content - people are going to go to flo first over rokfin because people want to watch matches. Until rokfin adds that , i don't see either hurting each others business. Although, askren doing a podcast together with willie on rokfin.........that would of drawn more interest to rokfin podcast and away from flo. Wonder why that didn't go down ? ........all in all , starting from the floerinis still having interests in both flo and rokfin it sounds like a weird dynamic from the top down.
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    I've enjoyed just about everyone's post at one time or another in this forum. It's been my, 'goto' forum for a long time. The posters range from comical to pompous and from snarky to academic. The posters mentioned seem to be the, 'leaders of the pack.' I read for years before I ever joined and posted. I'm grateful this forum is here. Cheers to you all. Peace.
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    Shouldn't all Jimmypastry threads end this way?
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    Lol I almost edited my reply to include you but then thought "you're taking this too seriously, it's not olympic seeding"
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    What if he would've stayed at Mizzou, wrestled this season and trained with Mauller and Leeth? Don't think his outcome wouldve been any worse this weekend if he stayed.
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    Olympic Team Qualifier Spots

    Karate chop https://drive.google.com/file/d/1whpdOrdPY2FxBJOMHXaEOwHq0COxI3fA/view
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    Best Wrestlers in Ohio State History

    Id have J at 4th
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    Flo announcers need to improve

    Ehh... did you not watch any other wrestling throughout the weekend? They did quite well. Nomad especially. The finals was a bit different atmosphere to it, as they had also announced that Askren was joining FRL. Kind of Disney playground effect. They were happy, and being an avid FRL listener, I was right there with them. Apologies if it sucked for you. It was awesome for me, and being as I watched wrestling the entire weekend, I know that they did well on the whole. They get better damn near every large tournament like this.
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    Askren in the transfer portal

    Yeah, so they should just never try again.
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    Yianni / McKenna - Seriously?

    Here’s the 2 seconds left still frame. Sitting right on his butt. Thanks for the video upload above (I’m out of likes for the day ha).
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    Vito looked great against Lee, despite the teck. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy, but...
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    Maybe Rokfin should countersue for copying their logo
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    Separated at birth?

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    Separated at birth?

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