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    Best Wrestlers in Clarion History

    I can’t tell if this post is a parody.
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    Then a first period pin should be worth 7.
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    Manville has been a backup as PSU since 1998
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    McDonough couldn't score an offensive point on a one legged wrestler....
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    WrestleStat Rankings | Week 13 2020

    These are actually what would be considered ratings and not rankings. The difference is that Rankings such as Flo or WIN or Intermat are opinion driven for things that don't have direct, simple answers. Wrestlestat and Pirate are computer rankings driven off the metrics of results.Therenis absolutely no human element. Meaning a wrestler A who defeats the same opponents by a score of 8-2, including a convincing win over wrestler B, can be ranked(rated below) wrestler B if wrestler B techfall the same guys wrestler A decisions. It favors margin of victory as well as the victory itself.
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    if you can't score an offensive point on a one armed wrestler you don't deserve to win quite frankly
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    For example, if you want to see if a particular wrestler is improving over time, their ratings are awesome. You can notice trends far more easily that way. Flo rankings over value wins often. That makes sense for rankings, but less so for predictions. Let’s look at ASUs 133. He had some really solid wins early this season, and sites like Flo had him around 15. Wrestlestat kept him in the 25-35ish range (this is from memory so may me slightly off) based o his career abilities. He has been in a “slump” and dropping in regular rankings, but he most likely is just regressing time the mean. Wrestlestat accounted for that. not bashing Flo or other traditional rankers. I think multiple approaches are helpful. There isn’t one right answer.
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    No. They are independent of each other. wrestlestat does a lot more than ratings, do even if you don’t like those, the site serves other purposes. personally I really like their ratings. By the end of the season they are generally pretty good and give me another data point to help pick the team race, bonus points and who AAs.
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    New feature from WrestleStat

    "Quality Matches" There's an additional tab on a Wrestlers profile page. This will show the matches, as well as the Win% and Bns% vs opponents (starters) ranked in the top 16. As requested by a fellow BWI poster. Check it out: https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/39501/valencia-zahid/profile
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    Ok, so can we pls, finally, stop talking about him as if he is a current wrestler? The ship has sailed folks.
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    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    “No matter how much he begs, don’t throw Terry after the match!”
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    drag it

    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    If I remember correctly, he did it at a recent match right there on the mat as he was exiting and ADS was walking toward the center. I think it was Purdue, and I also think that ended up being one of his few incidents this year with some jawing with his opponent after the final whistle blew. As others have pointed out, he's a full package. The intensity and courage that it took to go down a weight class to put an undefeated season on the line in order to challenge the best wrestler in the country who had tech'd you in no time flat the year before is highly, highly unusual -- fictional, almost. It's got to be expected that a personality of such extreme intensity will carry with it the potential to do some extreme undesirable things as well. If anyone could understand walking that tightrope, it would be those twins guys (both of them -- the more coldly ruthless head coach and the more emotional lightweight coach) he is wrestling for now -- and it's to his credit that he sought out that place to challenge him to be better not just at wrestling but as a person. So far his development under them has been a net significant positive and continues to improve.
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    Big tens

    it is my understanding Big Tens will revert back to the historical schedule and it will be PSU, Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern and then Nebraska in 2025 and Maryland in 2026. Nebraska had the option of hosting after the end of the last cycle - which was thrown off when Purdue and Northwestern swapped years due to the remodel at Mackey Arena in 2011. As Nebraska turned it down they were advised they would not host until the end of the next cycle. The schedule changed this year when Rutgers partitioned the Big 10 two years ago to host Big 10 championships in multiple sports. As a result the schedule as altered to allow Rutgers to host in 2020.
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    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    This kid is giving me whiplash with the love/hate/love sentiment he's triggered in me the past few years. In high school, I LOVED that he refused to go to a different weight as a senior, seeking out a rematch with Lee after getting teched the year before. I LOVED that he won that match, refusing to let up in the third period. I LOVED that after that match, even when Lee gave him credit and wouldn't use his injury as an excuse, DeSanto made a point of volunteering that Lee clearly was favoring his leg and wasn't at 100%. And I LOVED that he stuck with his commitment to Drexel -- and that he continued to make noise there as a freshman with his relentless style. But I HATED that another side started to show at Drexel -- seemingly trying to injury his opponents. The match with Charles Tucker was an eye-opener, and the NCAA match against Micic was horrifying. I HATED that he transferred to Iowa -- not just because I'm no fan of them, but also because his bad tendencies were apt to get worse there, not reined in. And once at Iowa, as expected, I HATED that not only did he continue with physical unsportsmanlike conduct, he added a verbal component to it too, jawing repeatedly at opponents and generally making an ass of himself. Yet now the pendulum is swinging back again. He's openly admitted his past conduct has been out of bounds and needs to change, and so far this year, he's been pretty well disciplined. He's continued to be relentless and has upped his technique too, and for the most part he hasn't acted like a douche when, for example, losing to Gross. All good. And I loved his last match against OSU, where he destroyed the kid the "right way" -- breaking the kid, but more to get the tech than to be an ass, and then getting the hell off the mat without adding any BS shoves/jawing. Hope DeSanto stays this way as I want to root for him.
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    Three straight undefeated seasons

    Who are some wrestlers who have had three straight undefeated seasons? Zain did it, as did Cael (4 in a row, obviously). I don't think anyone did it between those two or since Zain, so who did it before Cael? By three straight, I mean exactly that: three consecutive years without a loss. No redshirts in between.
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    Has it ever been done before?

    yeah I think that was meant to be a sassy counter-point but its not a bad idea lol.
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    Zain's Path

    Worst draw of all time. Brett Haas of Iowa in the Greco Junior Nationals at Fargo. 1st round, Kyle Snyder, 2nd round, J'Den Cox
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    Yes, and recently. Zain did it in 2017 (Fall, Fall, Fall, TF).
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    Ohio State v Nebraska

    Combining rosters improves their chances, but not substantially. Nebraska won 141 and 197 against Iowa--two of the weights Ohio State already wins. Venz has a good chance to reverse his result vs. Assad, and you'll take Robb/White/Labriola over Cleary/Smith/Romero, but it's still a long shot because of Lee's guaranteed 5+ points. Path to victory for the BuckHuskers (or CornEyes?) is bonus out of Pletcher and Moore, Sasso wins, and 2 of Robb/White/Labriola/Venz turn around their previous results.
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    Yargin, etc

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    Yargin, etc

    He wrote something like 'and your family is feminine?' because my username is SidakovA (Russian family names end with -a/-aya only for girls), but I wrote it because sidakov is my family name and my first name's initial is A lol
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    Suriano .

    Maybe he is just coming back to PSU.
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    I am actually officiating on Friday night.
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    BTS Baltimore

    I am not sure but the main BTS site doesn't show Baltimore as one of the locations: https://beatthestreets.org/ There's a # there to call, probably the best way to get the info.
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    Real stalling--- like putting your arm behind your back and not attacking. Good coaching would be to show how to handfight and avoid a firemans. They only had all season to do that. But no--- let us avoid wrestling.
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    Desanto vs RBY 2019 - will it be closer?

    I'd agree, dont see a level jump. The meet is in CHA so stalling will be a factor, not real stalling but the kind called against any not wearing black in CHA. You can count on it.
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    2020-2021 line-up input

    Sad but unfortunately the trend going forward.
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    LOL...kinda like how Blair recruits wrestlers from all over the USA then loudly thumps the "supremacy" of NJ wrestling :D
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    He was clearly not going to chase Traub who was content to not wrestle. When Traub engaged, Gable got anTD. Traub is also ranked and has beaten Singletary btw(to treep). He’s not the reason they lost the dual and he’s not the only Gopher who looked tired late. I think it’s safe to assume they’re not exactly at their peak right now.
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    So that’s means he is out? Seems they are protecting Sidakov? I would like to see this match
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    You know you have problems when your strategy is reduced to geographically calling out someone who is not even involved in a thread while at the same time wrongly correcting someone else on geography. You can now predictably respond in the way you typically do, although I doubt it will cure what ails.
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    Hombres ...

    We would have seen that on Instagram.
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    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    Right on time Fanboy.
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    DeSanto - Love/Hate/Love

    The kid is hard nosed, refuses to quit and hates to lose. He fu$&ed up a couple years ago. I'd take ten DeSantos.
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    Chael Sonnen on the Matteo Pellicone

    I like that I got called hardcore and made the club. (On top of Chael's video title above.) :D
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    Chael Sonnen on the Matteo Pellicone

    I watched it, and love that he speaks out for the sport and gives it exposure, but it seemed pretty clear he doesn't really "keep up" with it. From the not knowing the current weights, to not knowing the names. and what not, despite having it sitting right there in front oh him. @Lurker I mean he is a good arguer, so it sounds like it makes sense, but lots of u23 champs get handled. But in Bo's case he did destroy Tsakulov, who is a legit Senior level wrestler, so yeah he is a "World Champion" but whether it's Military, Cadet, or Junior.... blah blah blah... it 100% matters when we are talking about senior level tournaments. Ok I'm done
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    Yarygin 2020 brackets

    gotta love these sitcom caricature "fans" :)
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    But he would get the #1 seed right? i believe I read that. Interesting. DT would have one seed. Cox 2 seed (right?) with Cox sitting in semi finals. Interesting bracket challenge.
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    Reward is he gets the rust off before trials. Kinda like dake going to Spain. He wouldn’t get a bye to semi’s though, that’s for medalists from another weight. Risk would be same as any tournament...injury. But that’s the game.
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    I like what he said in regards to Bo’s world championship.
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    Hey...anyone can go on Google maps! Keep trying Bob Costas.
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    Askren on FRL

    IIRC, they were kicked out the olympic press corps for stealing.
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    But again why are we still talking about this non record pipe dream when TC has 28 NCAA titles, reported 3 or 4 in one year, they also have two coaches in the NW Hall of Fame & produced four 3x NCAA champs. Can AV really do all that this year? ;_;
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    Zain's Path

    Worst hypothetical draw for sure :) Would be even crazier if Bajrang had applied for American citizenship and Zain gets him in a pigtail... :) JO is the Rep, though, despite my love for Yainni. Very excited for trials
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    Disqualification Question

    Although the team points for the tournament are nullified, I don’t believe the actual wins are, but PA could have a state-specific rule.
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    St. Ed’s had a crazy run of something like 17 straight years with at least 1 DI AA. That is downright crazy!
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    Yayrgin 2020 resutls

    The names all end in "V". I assume that's a clue.
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    The Genius

    Aniuar Geduev

    Normally I'm pro-Russia (especially on a forum full of 'Muricans ganging up on you) but come on man, JB is a legend and an awesome guy outside wrestling too...
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    Iowa has 0 Iowan starters

    I'm no Iowa fan, per se, but their fans travel exceptionally well and make the sport really fun at live events where the Hawks compete. The sport is fortunate to have them.
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