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    Michael Carr

    Oh well, if folks can’t read his writing, perhaps becoming an M.D. is the best career path. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    John Morgan

    2020 Bracket Busters

    cameron Caffey 184 MSU
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    Wrestling media

    With the piece of major news regarding NCAA and the Olympic team trickling out, I can’t help but think of how wrestling continues to shoot itself in the foot. Every major sport has a relationship with the media, except for wrestling where everything is kept top secret and any discussion of such things is deleted. The reason these stories get out is because the coaches are expected to make statements almost immediately regarding major incidents with the program. Does the media just not care? Does Flo not want to burn a bridge with the cash cow? like it or not people talking about the sport is the biggest way to grow it, whether it’s good or bad. I understand these are student athletes, but how many of us watched the dash cam of baker mayfield getting arrested? Just frustrating.
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    The match I would love to see in the semis or finals is Lee vs Glory. Glory is 19-0 on the year with a bonus rate right at 75%. He handled Picc back in December and it seems like he’s jumped levels. Now if he gets Spencer to the 3rd period and keeps coming strong, that’s a guy that could work a turn and bring some fireworks. But the smart money is still on Spencer. Last year I doubted Spencer after he took a few losses and I promised myself I’d never do that again. He’s the king of March until he gets dethroned.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Yes Maghsoudi is the junior world champion. And Bazri should beat Punia. No
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    Course he won't cradle Lee in this meet, it's a PD move in Carver. ;)
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    So your main gripe with the camp is that because it pushes you to your limit it is not a good way to train? I’m not sure what your understanding of the camp is especially since you never participated in it but the majority of the day you are wrestling and there is/was a cross training session once maybe twice a day. The camp helps kids to learn the level to which they can train and push themselves to take a jump to the next level just as Bigtenfanboy mentioned. When there isn’t someone such as yourself nearby with your extensive wrestling and training knowledge to devote that amount of time every day to high school athletes a camp can be a great option. I also strongly disagree with you that at some point in an athletes training they need to be pushed to and past their limit to achieve growth.
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    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    Vito will be a 125lber next year. Richard will try and get bigger and slot in at 165. Next years lineup will look like: Vito, Dom/Moomey/JJ, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian/Stroker, Ramirez/Richard/Berreyesa, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes The year after is the year us Cornell Wrestling Fans will be really excited for. Greg/Vito, Greg/Vito, Saunders, Yianni, Yapoujian, Ramirez/Richard, Foca, Dean, Darmstadt, Fernandes
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    #1 Spencer Lee vs. #4 Nick Piccininni

    Surprised if Picc makes the podium this year? He will make the podium, barring injury. That is just crazy talk.
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    Don't bring facts on to an internet forum. They have no place here.
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    Wisconsin Style

    I think it is Ben Askren emphasizing the Ben Askren-esque technique.
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    Hahahahaha holy crap this is nuts.
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    Loser of Snyder vs. Cox

    It's crazy how people think Snyder or Cox or anyone else whos not a heavy for that matter can just step right up and seriously contend with the best in the world or even the US for that matter. Snyder is getting pinned by guys his size for crying out loud.
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    Kemerer is a fine young man. But "who really did fit the mold" strongly implies that Hall is none of the things that characterize "the mold," which doesn't seem to fit. He's more demonstrative than the average bear after some of his big wins, but nothing that's out of bounds. He obviously has worked very hard at his wrestling and he seems like a decent guy as much as you can tell given that he's relatively shy. No rap sheet or any hint of bad off the mat behavior. Low key and direct but thoughtful in his interviews. I have no idea if he believes in God, and if so, in what way, but I hope we're not holding it against people whether or not they share their faith publicly. I remember seeing Hall, out of range of the cameras and with almost nobody noticing, signing autographs in the corner on his way to the tunnel after losing what had to be a very disappointing NCAA final last year (rubber NCAA match in a battle of titans; reversed his win earlier that year; lost on what I still think was a bad call). That struck me as a revealing, understated, and classy move.
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    Why do people get so caught up on this? Yes, Mark Hall winning as a true freshman is absolutely impressive. This level is the toughest level of folkstyle in the world. Winning at ANY point, no matter how old a guy is, is impressive. Only a very small percentage of NCAA wrestlers ever accomplish that. It's impressive when a 5th year or a 6th year guy wins.
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    Is it really impressive that he was a true freshman when he was 2 years older than Dake/Yianni as true freshmen?
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    Mitch Clark was the best leg-rider I've ever seen.
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    Good luck to all the wrestlers. EDIT: One of "the next big thing" type wrestlers is #1 ranked 160 Gabe Arnold. It will be interesting to see how he does.
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    Northern Iowa vs Wisconsin on BTN Thursday, February 20, 2020 The Big Ten Network continues to deliver more live action this wrestling season! Tonight, No. 14 Northern Iowa Panthers will take on the No. 12 Wisconsin Badgers at 9PM ET on BTN! The match will feature 14 ranked wrestlers. Full Story https://twitter.com/CKAwrestling/status/1228422452700700674 Northern Iowa's Profile https://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_team_profile.php?team=Northern+Iowa Wisconsin's Profile https://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_team_profile.php?team=Wisconsin NCAA Rankings https://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_rankings.php Best Wrestlers in Northern Iowa History http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Best%20Wrestlers%20in%20Northern+Iowa%20History Best Wrestlers in Wisconsin History http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Best%20Wrestlers%20in%20Wisconsin%20History === Like and follow us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/jerseywrestling/
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    #1 Spencer Lee vs. #4 Nick Piccininni

    So in a way it is kind of crazy talk because Leroy Vega looked to be a pretty solid top 3 guy his senior year and, man......that snit was crazy. As if to say it may be crazy talk, but it very well can happen. And most of us would be like daaaaaaamn that was craaaaaaazy!
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    The really comical part about what you just said is under the topic of the only team to have 10 all Americans that were coming off of an NCAA team title and all of those wrestlers and coaches apart of the program were the ones coaching and training the participants. It’s interesting to think everything they would teach and train is completely counter to what made them successful that year or in previous years. Im bowing out of this discussion now... It feels a bit like talking to my grandmother about politics.
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    Thank you everyone. This is what I have so far. Places to eat at State College Penn State Carnegie Inn & Spa https://www.carnegieinnandspa.com/experience/dinner-menu/ The Dining Room at Nittany Lion Inn https://nittanylioninn.psu.edu/welcome-the-dining-room The Tavern https://thetavern.com/ RE Farm Café https://refarmcafe.com/menu/ Otto's Brewpub http://ottospubandbrewery.com/ Kelly's Steak and Seafood https://kellyssteak.com/ Duffy's Tavern http://duffystavernpa.com/ im's Itailian Cuisine in Bellefonte https://www.yelp.com/biz/jims-italian-cuisine-bellefonte Clem's Ribs https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Barbecue-Restaurant/Clems-BBQ-59770836899/ Harrison's Overlook Grill https://www.theoverlookgrill.com/
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    The camp mostly helps kids who may locally be District and Regional level wrestlers become state level kids. The argument how a lot of these things could be done by themselves at home would be like people who take Zumba, yoga, aerobics classes... these could all be done alone at home but many people choose to take fitness classes at the local gym.
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    Homer pick of Mike Sheets, but also hard to argue against. He punished opponents with them.
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    What would the forum leaderboard look like with a new category that ranks posters based on their reputation to post ratio? Medicine Man would be at the top as his reputation is larger than his content number. Are there levels to good posting? How about a ratio of... | >75% is Hodge contender | >50% is tier 1 | >25% is tier 2 | >15% is tier 3. Medicine Man | 227:159 | 142% Jon Kozak | 172:231 | 75% Hurricane Wrestling 2 | 476:837 | 57% Jason Bryant | 1522:3085 | 49% TBar | 3554:18345 | 19% RusselScout | 151:3710 | 4%
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    Team Race

    If Cassar and Berge were at 100 percent I'd favor PSU. As it is, they would need a lot of those conceivable falters from Iowa to actually happen and that is unlikely. PSU could have 5 champs and Iowa can still beat them.
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    Team Race

    Agreed he will be opposite of Hall, but any of Kutler, Steiert, Lydy and Labriola are capable of beating him on the right day. I predict he's in the finals against Hall, but a finish of 3rd-5th wouldn't shock me either.
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    #1 Spencer Lee vs. #4 Nick Piccininni

    You gotta be within 1 point of Lee entering the 3rd period, and honestly he still probably wins. He's a winner. He is the one guy in the NCAA who the opposition knows what he is going to do and still can't stop him.
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    Don't count 125 out for OSU. I would pick Lee, for sure, but we all saw what happened last year.
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    Marcus, I am certain Mark is a class act. I will take your word. When he rode out Zahid and at end match at Penn state few seconds left gave a little extra at end( seemed like dick move) . It rubbed me wrong way. I started rooting for Zahid after that and was happy Zahid one and got him back when it mattered. JMHO on how I took it
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    and the score meant that the match was over meaning that Vak pointing out the clock was irrelevant. ADS knew he had the tech. he still gave a bonus shove. how do I know? because it pissed off snyder. lol "violence" look i like my team (Cornell) and only bust balls with one team (Lehigh) everyone else is white noise. I'm not saying there should be any discipline but I am saying he's kind of a jerk on the mat. a consistently poor winner and worse loser. it's not a crime but the lengths people go to prove he isn't being a putz is incredible.
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    Old topic, but just found some good old footage of Tim Krieger leg riding vs Carpenter of Iowa...pretty brutal rider...starts just after the 51 minute mark
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    Double Standard

    A vs An is by how you say the word. If a vowel sound an, if consonant a. NCAA is generally pronounced En-Cee-Double_A That starts with a vowel sound.
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    Double Standard

    Well done on the correct grammar; 99 % use an.
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    Wrestlers know how to handle a health crisis. Defense Soap.
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    Your dumbass crusade is stupid and I just lol at it.
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    Loser of Snyder vs. Cox

    I can’t figure out if OP is seriously pushing this agenda or just pulling an Allen.
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    If he goes 1-2-2-2 he will complete the Reverse Goldman
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    Wrestlers are not susceptible to communicable diseases. Don't move it.
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    Proves he selected the wrong school, plain and simple. While he is likely getting paid to wrestle, his coach has been unable to further develop the talent Hall possessed when he stepped foot on campus.
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    Not a restaurant but there’s that famous campus ice cream place. Just get there early before Kyven Gadson eats all the inventory haha.
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    I would say he most definitely does.
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    Sounds like he actually does.
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    Who has seen Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

    How'd they do? Damned if I'm going to prop some chick who went 2-22....
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    Nico - sad news

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    Commenters are also leaving out the fact that Amine only relatively recently has been trained by Belaglazov. His trajectory in freestyle over the past two years has been impressive.
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    you all took the bait... learn to internet...
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    In a sport where the terminology is different in every town, how can you be sure anything isn't a wrestling term? Witness the bar arm and chancery... or cement mixer... cement job... cow catcher... etc. The only things we agree on are that a "tripod" has four legs, a "seatbelt" goes around your lower back, and every tournament where people come from further than a long walk can be called, " Nationals".
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