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    Wrestlers unbeaten streaks

    The Askren comment was made before my edit.
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    Abe Lincoln wrestling artwork

    Gables great great grandpa is clearly in the Right side of background
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    Abe Lincoln wrestling artwork

    Sure it wasn't in Iowa, the fans in the background are calling for stalling.
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    Abe Lincoln wrestling artwork

    For those of you who read the first Lincoln wrestling post, I thought you might want to see this beautiful artwork done by noted illustrator Jack Bender some 20 years ago. It shows Abe wrestling Jack Armstrong in New Salem, Illinois, in 1831. the event is an amazing story and was told Friday by author/historian Mike Chapman on the national radio show called Our American Stories, which has an audience estimated at close to 3 million. You can find it by going to the show's web site and searching in the archives.
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    Wrestlers unbeaten streaks

    Unbeaten, not win, streaks as some had ties. If the History of Collegiate Wrestling had a different stat than the school's web site I went with the former as being more reliable. Note that some historic figures don't make the list simply for lack of matches (Yojo Uetake, Dan Hodge, etc). 1) 159 Cael Sanderson (IA St) 2) 103 Lee Kemp (WI) 3) 98 Pat Smith (Okie St) 4) 96 Dan Gable (IA St) 5) 94 Zain Retherford (PSU) 6) 90 John Smith (Okie St) 7) 89 Jim Zalesky (IA) 8,9) 88 Kerry McCoy (PSU), Gwiz (NC St) 10, 11) 87 Chris Taylor (IA St), Ben Askren (MO) 12,13,14) 84 Ed Ruth (PSU), Gray Simons (LH), Mike Land (IA St) 15) 83 Stephen Neal (CSUB) 16) 82 Alex Dieringer (Okie St) 17) 77 Kyle Dake (Corn) 18) 76 Cole Konrad (MN) 19,20) 74 Troy Steiner (IA), Mike Sheets (Okie St) 21) 72 Sammy the Bull Henson (Clemson) 22,23) 69 Brent Metcalf (IA), Tom Brands (IA) 24) 68 Bo Nickal (PSU) 25,26) 67 Mark Ironside (IA), TJ Williams (IA)
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    Nahshon Garrett was a state champ at 103 as a junior and 112 as a senior; he eventually grew out of 125 and won at 133.
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    And possibly the smartest also. I believe he won the academic award two years in a row. Not to mention he was the only one that could spell his own name without looking it up!
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    The "is there talent" debate on Flo

    I mean "winning" is an example of success. "Success" in art would probably be the ability to make money off of your art.
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    It's good to see. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/June/01/USA-Wrestling-statement-on-social-justice BY USA WRESTLING | JUNE 01, 2020, 4:04 P.M. (ET) USA Wrestling statement on social justice Social injustice is wrong and contrary to the inclusive nature of wrestling. USA Wrestling’s mission is to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full athletic and human potential. Recent tragedies in our nation compel us to do more and do it better. We stand with our African American and black communities and all of the diverse people who are part of our sport. We will focus our actions on how we can drive change against unjust treatment, police brutality, and systematic racism that is plaguing our nation and world. We need to come together now and use our voice, platform, and actions to help create the kind of society that reflects our values. By its nature, wrestling can be the most inclusive sport on earth. Anyone can wrestle and everyone is welcome. When we hit the mat, we are all part of one wrestling family.
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    3 brothers - Mikey, Paul, and Tristan Tristan - 3x Champ, 4x Finalist going to ASU. Mikey - 3x Champ went to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (18'-20'). Placed 3rd this year in NJCAA. Paul - 4x Champ (Top 50 recruit in 13') went to South Dakota State for a year and redshirted (14''). Then NIACC where he was 6th in NJCAA (15') and NQ (16'-didn't compete). Now at Grand View where he wrestled some opens this year.
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    Yep - He's at Grand View. Didn't wrestle last year or if he did it wasn't much.
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    James Green

    Not in my opinion, no. Burroughs is better at adjusting than Green. That is my opinion. So Green needs more drastic changes and improvement than Burroughs to challenge him appropriately, let alone defeat him in a best of three(if he even gets there).
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    He did. But he wasn't close to winning that match. By contrast he lost to Russell twice in OT in Russell's two title years. First time in the semis in the very controversial match where it looked like Marion had the TD but it wasn't called perhaps because of Russell's reputation for his incredible "gyro"; no replay yet and this match often credited with helping to change that. Second time in the final in a tight and exciting low scoring match. Exciting when Marion got his escape at 59 seconds of riding time. All this is assuming my memory still works, which is a big leap of faith.
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    James Green

    Are you telling me some people have more than wrestling in their life?
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    Tough to hear. I loved the way he competed. RIP Mike. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Wrestlers unbeaten streaks

    Was The History of Collegiate Wrestling written by Dana White? No Askren and his 87 match streak?
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    Moving up a weight class or two

    A. Satiev, won gold in 99' at 76k, gold in 2000 and 02' at 85k and 84k respectively.
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    Open Sat vs. every medal winner not named Besik Kudukhov from 2007-2012. Would have loved to see him against Asgarov at 60 kg in 2012.
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    Several US wrestlers vs 1980 medal winners Several Russian wrestlers vs 1984 medal winners
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    Abe Lincoln wrestling artwork

    That is deifinitely Lucas McCain....and Gary Kessel refereeing
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    Would you go to dual held today?

    You could have stopped after the first 3 words.
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