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    It’s actually extremely fortuitous because the technology behind the RNA vaccine being used by Moderna and Biontech was part of a DARPA program that was created to develop technology that can rapidly be deployed in the field and respond to a biological military weapon. In other words, the government saw military applications for rapid vaccine development and we are now benefitting from it. The timelines we are currently seeing would have been unthinkable/impossible as recently as 5 years ago. It’s also interesting because NIH/NSF are not currently designed for such ambitious programs and generally fund more incremental research. Because of the success of DARPA, Congress is trying to expand NSF to include a similar program to fund the development of non military technology. So yeah, we may be able to thank the military for the 2021 wrestling season.
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    Hey y'all! I'm a PSU Club Wrestling alum that posted here from time to time on my old account that I can't recover, but I lurk daily. I wanted to offer some resources that people in the wrestling community can support in this time. A bit of an anecdote: I'm a BTS Philly product that chiefly decided to go to Penn State because of the wrestling team. Even going to college at all was something I don't think I could've done without the support of BTS. My senior year, I was trying to decide between American, Drexel and PSU, and Ed Ruth put on a BTS clinic. Someone showed him a thread I started on TheMat about asking how to walk-on to a D1 team, and he told me a lot about State College and offered himself as a resource, which he held up on when I made it to campus later that year. Without that interaction, I'm not sure if I would've went to PSU, but I'm glad I did. I don't feel like I necessarily fit, but I definitely belonged in University Park, and I wouldn't be the person I am today without my time there. This is a non-exhaustive list that I'd like to expand, so if you know of community-based organizations that are filling in the gaps right now, please let me know and I'll add to the list! You can share this link here with all this info on a Google Doc which I'll be updating: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13pRQb_GS29Xg-Qb2HlGDME5nkIAg8k4aqc6a2drA5zk/edit?usp=sharing Beat the Streets: https://beatthestreets.org/faq-on-bts Beat the Streets is a collection of city based non-profit organizations that improve opportunities for underprivileged youth in communities across America. They operate in 8 major cities right now: New York, NY: btsny.org Philadelphia, PA: btsphilly.org Chicago, IL: btschicago.org Los Angeles, CA: beatthestreets-la.org Providence, RI: beatthestreetsprovidence.org Cleveland, OH: btscle.org Boston, MA: bostonwrestling.org Lancaster, PA: btslancaster.org Some articles on the work BTS has been doing: “Beat the Streets Uses Wrestling As Vehicle For Change”, Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michae...streets-uses-wrestling-as-vehicle-for-change/ “Women’s Wrestling is Changing Wrestling For Everyone”, Victory Press: https://victorypress.org/2017/07/14/womens-wrestling-is-changing-wrestling-for-everyone/ Wrestling for Life: wrestlingforlife.org Wrestling for Life financially supports young athletes and their families as they seek to grow competitively and in life. They are especially interested in helping girls and young women as they blaze the trail of female participation growth.
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    Ohio State is vastly underrated

    No way, behind at least Cornell, Nebraska and probably Iowa.
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    Rumors are circulating that Musukaev has been battling covid-19 for years! I'll see myself out now.
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    It was held in Toledo, Ohio and was the first World Cup held in the United States. There was to be 16 more World Cups held in Toledo, largely due to the influence of Joe Scalzo and Dick Torio who both were from Toledo. Scalzo, former U. of Toledo Wrestling Coach, a lawyer, VP of FILA at one time, also brought 2 World Championships to Toledo....1962 and 1966. Torio, who owned a health club in Toledo, was a 3 time All-American, wrestling for UT, was involved with 5 Olympic games, 4 as an official, and 1 as a coach. Both of these guys have been inducted into several wrestling Hall of Fames. That first World Cup had a very good team, including Jimmy Carr, Lloyd Keaser, Stan Dziedzic, John and Ben Peterson and maybe a couple other great ones. The single greatest thing I remember during the competition, was Jimmy Carr suplaying the Russian 4 or 5 times in a row, and the Russian coach, Yuri Shakmiradov getting all but one of them taken away during a time out. (no video review back then of course). Another memory I have was up in a press box "filming" from up high in the old Fieldhouse, and Neil Turner of Athletes in Action was sitting next to me during the gift exchange. He told me to watch when Ben and John Peterson (AIA) exchanged there gifts. All the other Soviets opened up there gifts right there....maybe t-shirts/jeans.......but the 2 Soviets with the Peterson's didn't open theirs, as there were Bibles wrapped in the t-shirts. Another great memory was that I was able to go the World Cup training camp.....actually went home and got my movie projector so Gable could show his Munich Gold medal match with Ruslan Ashruliev to the guys in the training camp. During the camp, I watched Gable work out with some really good guys, some who outweighed him and it didn't matter...he dominated. He didn't compete in this meet ....he was coaching with Bill Wieck and Jim Peckham. Gable was to wrestle one more match soon after this competition in Madison Square Garden against the Russians, and then retire, although he did try a comeback a couple years later. Gable beat the 149.5 pounder, Pavel Pinigin in the Garden. Pinigin, who was a Junior World Champion, actually scored a takedown, and then Gable beat him pretty good. Lloyd Keaser beat Pinigin in the World Cup. This meet was the beginning of a great tradition. Other teams that wrestled over the years in the World Cup included Russia, Cuba, Iran, Canada, Japan (As a side note, I attended one session of the 1966 World Championships in Toledo, but was young enough that I couldn't appreciate it yet. Also, it was Greco-Roman which was held the same week as the Freestyle)
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    Chris Martinez of Clovis West won and Vince Rodriguez of Clovis North was 2nd. Rodriguez was also a runner-up his senior year to Alex Cisneros with former ASU wrestlers Nikko Villareal (3rd) and Ali Naser (7th) also placing. Chris went to San Francisco State for a year and I don't see anything else from him. Vince went to George Mason and was a National Qualifier as a true freshman and didn't make it again.
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    Would you go to dual held today?

    One was end of year one was beginning of next. I see. And the better news is here he is saying the US should have that many not what I was hearing earlier which didn't specify the US and made it sound like would need to be for the world.
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    Yeah - I pulled this information over to the WI wrestling site to see if anyone knows something or can explain why the coaching staff might be sitting on a formal announcement. Might hear some rationale there...but I can't explain the silence.
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    Asa Packer

    1987 NCAA Champions

    "Not sure why I apparently have to do this now a 3rd time. HE FORGOT!" I thought the cartoon Sun at 1:39 was Gimp being Gimp (playful). Missed the 2nd post, so SORRY!?
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    Are you planning to try to finish 197?
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    I did misread his question. I glossed over it and thought he said tongue in cheek a grey shirt freshman 3rd isn't impressive. Nothing but respect for NG
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    Did you not read his post correctly or are you actually saying he wasn't impressive his freshman year?
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    PIAA NEW Weights = 13

    But the point is what they weighed in high school. Saying they weighed it “at one point in their life” is irrelevant.
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    All-Americans who were only good at Neutral

    This is a testament to "relativity". Is this a question based on "AA's that were only good at neutral" compared ONLY to other AA's or compared to the field at their weight during that season? Or just AA's, period? Simply put, even guys like Micah Jordan were more than good on bottom, except against the top competition and mainly had issues with guys that pretty much decimated EVERYONE from the top position. Hell, Micah even turned guys from top with 7 falls his senior year and even tilta-whirled a very solid Jared Prince like he was a carousel. As good as the neutral wrestling in DI is, what REALLY separates it from High School, let alone any of the "lower" College divisions, is mat wrestling. What a spectator sees as a weakness, hence this thread, is actually more of a testament to how good the average DI guy is and how freaky good a guy like Retherford was.
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    Well and this is where Ben deceives himself. He only evaluates the elite. It is hard to look at the Worlds and see where someone may have more natural talent than others because there is a filter at the college level that prevents those without adequate talent from getting to that level, just as there is a filter at the high school level. If you go to a high school or junior high tournament in the middle of nowhere, it is much easier to see that divide in natural talent.
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