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    According to this website story from 2 days ago. One of nine announced new additions to the Little Rock wrestling team is Gabe Beyer from Tallahassee, FL - who has been on a church mission for the last two years but was committed to Arizona State out of high school. https://lrtrojans.com/news/2020/9/3/little-rock-wrestling-completes-2020-21-roster.aspxhttps://lrtrojans.com/news/2020/9/3/little-rock-wrestling-completes-2020-21-roster.aspx
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    Underground Card #1 - Legends Matches

    Kolat would lose on a protest!
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    List also doesn't have Dwayne Keller, who like Gable only lost one match in his collegiate career, the finals match of his senior year the day after his wife gave birth to his son. But the best wrestler in Cowboy history may have been Yoshiro Fujita, who later beat Uetake in the Japanese Oly Trials
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    Re: Wisconsin HS wrestling and West Bend East Considering their best wrestler (coaches' son) is probably the most famous wrestling Youtuber/vlogger in the country (Cayden Henschel), you should have no problem doing your homework on what the team culture and training situation is like, although he's off to college now. Watch his vlogs, introduce yourself, etc. I coach with a middle school program that feeds into one of the schools in your conference (North Shore) that "crossface21" positively referenced in the above post (Thanks, man!). WBE is very respected in the area and wrestles a good schedule. As previously mentioned, everyone who isn't a multi-sport athlete these days works out with a club at Askren's North Shore (Max is the coach) or Ringers club. Both are maybe 30 minutes from West Bend. Unless you transfer to a national power-type team in Wisconsin like Stoughton or Kaukauna that travels all over the midwest, you'll mostly be wrestling in-state competition against different sized WI high schools, with some tournaments having IL or MN teams. You'll have a dual or two during the week (usually Thursday nights in the NSC), and a tournament every weekend where you'll probably get 5 matches. Over the Winter break you'll go to a HUGE tournament that lasts 2-3 days and are usually held at colleges. The big ones are "On the Water", "Mid-States", "Bi-State", "The Clash", and "Cheesehead" (which is probably one of the top 5 toughest high school tournaments in the country). If you go to WBE, there will be a conference individual tournament, and then regionals (top 4 advance), sectionals (top 2 advance) and then State. The State tournament in WI is really, really great. Sold out every year, 15k fans at the finals, etc. You'll probably have between 40-50 matches if healthy, and there usually aren't too many undefeated wrestlers in a bracket at the state tournament, which speaks to the depth of the state. I would put us as a top 15 state, that happens to be bordered by a top 5 state (Illinois) and 2 top 10 states (Iowa and Minnesota).
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    I just meant based on the points they used here. Ranking all these guys from different eras is too tall a task for me.
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