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    Zeke Jones

    This Zeke Jones match against Jordanov is crazy. Zeke is so fast. There was so much cheating. And there is a creepy shot of John DuPont in the coach's corner.
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    HWC is getting in on the fun

    Wow, Desanto-Meredith is a fun match up.
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    Best Wrestlers in Maryland History

    Both from PA
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    I'm fairly certain that referee did a few DII and/or DIII nationals. I too am baffled by the "checking the shoulders" part. Here are his "comments" on the pin http://yappi.com/forum/index.php?threads/ask-the-ref.233955/post-4941261
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    The mechanics of the referee in that match indicate he isn't fit for decent high school. On second thought, Iowa v. NC State was assuredly a near walk-over in the mid 2000s, and the magnitude of that specific match would have been hard to project at the time. Regardless, Caldwell would have been playing with a 5 point advantage had the fall not been called. The match is an oddity that robs Caldwell of a chance at win that would garner appreciation from our community (like their finals match does) and is correctly trivialized as a blip on the radar by Brent as he reflects on his career.
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    On my smart TV, which is an LG, I can go to "screen share" mode which is in with the web, netflix, etc. then I right click on my desktop, chose display settings then scroll to multiple displays, then click on connect to a wireless display, then select your TV if it is setup right. Fadz
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    Yep, slam dunk hire - elite skillset in both greco and free, alum and a universally liked guy in wrestling circles. They nailed it...
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Wow...if we all got judged for acting like a jerk a few times in our life none of us would be liked by anybody. Some of you guys need to get over yourselves. I have an utter dislike for Iowa...especially the way the Brands act...do I claim to know them as people and how they are like in their day to day life...absolutely not...do I dismiss the extremely great things they have accomplished and done for many many kids and for the great sport of wrestling...absolutely not. I am sure overall they are great guys. As for Metcalf...I hated what he did to Caldwell...and have no problem criticizing him for that...but did I or would I claim to know who he is as a person based on that...absolutely not!! Great wrestler that accomplished more than 99.9999% of the people on this forum and I am sure is a stand up dude.
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Just watched episode 2. As a Hawk fan I really enjoyed it, but I thought it was missing something. IMO I think they failed to capture just how big of a phenomenon Brentcalf was as a polarizing figure in the wrestling landscape, how that influenced the Iowa brand, and the wrestling community as a whole. Not that this should be in the documentary too, but I believe it had an impact on wrestling which inevitably lead to the PSU counterculture. Whether these things are actually real in application or not, the image and branding of these characters has had an influence on fans perception of our sport. I think there is a story there, but can't quite wrap my head around it. One thing is for sure, that collegiate wrestling has had defined eras of dominance and distinct differences in the cultures that produce them from Gable, to Jrobs Minnesota, to the OSU resurgance under Smitth, to Brands and finally Cael....now Im rambling.
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Not a Hawkeye fan per se, but I always liked Clark. He wasn't a punk like Gilman or a bully like BM. Don't know him personally but I'd say his "mat persona" was pretty blue collar, which I appreciate.
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    With Michael Novogratz funding civil disruption and anarchy in our streets, Cael Sanderson endorsing Rokfin, there seems to be a lot of pressure on Flowrestling to up their game if they are to stay afloat. In one way I see the new landscape as bringing competition to wrestling media and exposure, but on the other hand I think that some of the so called ambassadors of our sport are exposed in ways that are not helpful.
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    for sure, ideally we'd have regular competitions with high level of participation with standardized rules but unfortunately there have been vanishingly few of them over the last 9 months. there's definitely a lot more art than science to the current rankings than we'd prefer but its either work with what we've got or don't have rankings, and if you prefer the latter then everyone still has the option to completely ignore the rankings that we did do. I'm not sure I agree that 2 day weigh-ins are all that important as to what gets counted in freestyle rankings. the NCAA tournament is the only event on the calendar with 3-day weigh ins but we obviously factor in results from 1 and 2 day events for the college rankings.
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Exactly why I think he had a serious advantage over guys that had to wrestle him 2-3 times per season. Very few guys show up to every match fully ready to go and that is why what Cael did was so incredibly impressive. Some of those Friday and then Saturday or Sunday dual weekends get considerably less than peak performances!
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    Purdue Suspends 13

    Too many boilermakers at this party?
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