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    Greg Strobel

    I had the great honor of working with Greg during my two-plus years as director of media relations and communications at USA Wrestling, back in the mid 1980s. My office was right across the hall from Greg's and we spent a lot of time talking about wrestling, and life in general. Also, I was in press row in 1973 at the U. of Washington when he won his first of two NCAA titles and was voted O.W. Greg and his wife Donna and their two daughters and my wife Bev and our three kids got together often to play shuffleboard and Trivia Pursuit in our family room. After Bev and I left USA Wrestling, we exchanged Christmas cards every year.. Greg was always upbeat and enthusiastic and very generous with his time to strangers. He stayed in great shape, working out all the time. We last talked shortly after Donna passed away and he shared an incredibly intimate story that I will always cherish. I say with all sincerity -- Greg Strobel was as nice and as thoughtful a person as he was a great wrestler. What a tremendous loss for the entire wrestling community. -- Mike Chapman
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    Where is Hall at?

    You gotta be careful throwing around word "cycle" in this context...
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    Iran Wrestling News

    yes I just saw the list, which is weird and somehow stupid if those guys really want to move up weight for the Olympics. let me write the whole list for the others who can't read Persian based on this list it seems Ehsanpour and Hosseinkhani are already "selected" (unless someone changes weight), interesting that Meisam Nasiri is invited again, he said some negative things about the coach. Karimi is in the list too, I wonder if he is recovered ?! 57, Atri, Sarlak, Amouzad 61, Ehsanpour, Dastan 65, Yazdani, Maghsoudi, Nasiri, Biabani 70, Emami, Hosseini, Elahi 74, Hosseinkhani, Firouzpour 79, Teymouri, Yarahmadi, Savadkouhi 86, Yazdani, Ghasempour, Bazri 92, Karimi, Ebrahimi 97, Mohammadian, Goleij, Shabani 125, Hadi, Zare, Mohebbi, Foroutan * there is a note in bottom of the list about Reza Yazdani! he is invited to "talk" with the coach, then they will decide about inviting him to the camp or not! and this is also interesting that Mehdi Taghavi is in the list too but as a coach!
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    130.073 if you want to be really precise.
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    Gable going 97kg?

    bulk szn
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    Best Wrestlers in Iowa History

    Thanks, @nhs67! Topic has been updated.
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    Where is Hall at?

    He’s waiting for his body to catch up and join his head in the 97K class.
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    Respectful agreement? I am going to have to ask you two to take it elsewhere.
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    NLWC Event 2.0

    The only re-match I see in that list is Zacherl v Lee. Zacherl beat Lee in the final at the Clarion Open in 2017. I dug up the video. Zacherl looked huge. Lee, as is typical, outshot Zacherl 20-4, but was only able to convert on one (and that took 20 seconds of hard work). Zacherl didn't score on any of his shots but had two strong counter moves. Zacherl has wrestled 149 for the past several years while Lee has been at 141. 65kg is 143.3 so my guess is if there is a weigh-in (big if, I think) it will probably be at a catch weight.
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    That is a very fair point. I agree.
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    Jordan Burroughs commits murder

    36....but it was kind of a Willy Mays catch.
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    Dylan Ragusin - Impressive

    I expect after the NCAA vote tomorrow this year season won't count towards eligibility.I imagine it helped him some training under Sergei but he won 2 Fargo titles and was 6 time Fargo AA.He was trained by Izzy his whole life so he had great coaching.
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    Thats high school club coaching, its not much compared to in season high school coaching and ludicrous compared to college coaching.
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    To be fair... to bee faaaaaaair....... ... DT also beats Drew Foster every time they wrestle unless he gets hurt. Foster is 1 for 1 on that as of now.
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    Dylan Ragusin - Impressive

    Is Dylan's success this week due to training under Sergei?
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    I'm surprised Hall didn't find a loophole for an extra year of cadets eligibility
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    2020 Juniors Cancelled/Seniors is on!

    I assume that USAW will release it's selection criteria soon, and that is IF the USA is going.
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    Does anyone know about Veterans worlds? I'm ready to dust off the Converse.
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    Taylor with another one of his mean spirited, slanderous shots!
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    Snyder better at NLWC?

    Not questioning Snyder's phenomenal early results. But definite signs of regression, being decked by Sadulaev in 2018 and then totally shut down by Sharifov in 2019. The international guys are figuring him out; superior cardio and weight training power can only take a single leg so far. Now being outwrestled by Gadson before the injury and then Gadson being handled by Moore does not bode well. Can he turn it around? Of course. Unless he grows as a technician, though, not gonna happen. He's always taken some losses at small meets (being beaten by juice freak Boltukaev, etc.) but I think this recent spell is very different. You age quickly at this level. The 24 year old cannot and should not train the same as the 18 year old.
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