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    2020 Juniors Cancelled/Seniors is on!

    qualifying tournament and body of work are both valid ways of picking a team. i prefer qualifying tournament, but tbh, if there's going to be a qualifying tournament i'd also prefer that be made clear not framed as "likely." there's no right answer here because i think many wrestlers expected that either there would be no worlds and even if there were, USAW may not send a team. That said, Snyder showed up (to his dismay), so it's not like there was nobody there who would have been selected for the team if they opted out of an event they expected to be an optional event. This is a long and roundabout way of saying there are going to be angry people no matter what the final decision is but all possible answers have reasonable justifications. Sometimes life is funny like that. Apropos of absolutely nothing, Russian Nationals were held indoors to a packed house and nobody was wearing masks, to which I will give a rueful "lol". And as one final note, LJB is (a) not particularly wrong here since it is totally reasonable to want to reward the winners of a "likely" qualifying event and (b) it is completely irrelevant that he didn't wrestle. Neither did I. Polk High is in the rear view mirror, Team Al Bundy. A smelly old singlet in the bottom of a closet is not a requirement to talk about wrestling much less a requirement to talk about team qualification policy. However annoying his rejoinders are it is also at least clear that it is intentional because it is hilarious to him to watch the rest of you flail in response. Everyone else is going insane because they can't help but respond, which is a sickness. You actually can leave him hanging with the last word and you won't turn to dust. I promise.
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    Event Gold Silver Bronze 57 kg details Zaur Uguev Azamat Tuskaev Akhmed Idrisov Muslim Sadulaev 61 kg details Abasgadzhi Magomedov Ramazan Ferzaliev Ibragim Abdurakhmanov Zhargal Damdinov 65 kg details Gadzhimurad Rashidov Akhmed Chakaev Alan Gogaev Zagir Shakhiev 70 kg details Chermen Valiev David Baev Kurban Shiraev Ruslan Zhendaev 74 kg details Razambek Zhamalov Khetag Tsabolov Zaurbek Sidakov Timur Bizhoev 79 kg details Akhmed Usmanov Gadzhimurad Alikhmaev Gadzhi Nabiev Amanula Gadzhimagomedov 86 kg details Dauren Kurugliev Artur Naifonov Magomed Ramazanov Arsen-Ali Musalaliev 92 kg details Alikhan Zhabrailov Magomed Kurbanov Batyrbek Tsakulov Anzor Urishev 97 kg details Abdulrashid Sadulaev Aslanbek Sotiev Aslanbek Gazzaev Erick Dzhioev 125 kg details Alan Khugaev Shamil Sharipov Anzor Khizriev Vitaly Goloev
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    Good questions... Floarena and track wrestling will have live results. Typically the streaming service streaming the event will also post live results. Flo and track both allow you to access those live results for free. Twitter is where a lot of wrestling media, coaches, and wrestlers interact. If you have a certain program you follow or if you’re really into freestyle, there are Twitter accounts that will keep you up to date on the latest and most important info. As far as Flo, Track, and other streaming services, I think they’re all worth it. Each has their own focus and are relatively inexpensive. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have.
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    Russian Nationals 2020

    Here’s a link to all the brackets from Russian Nationals. I translated them all into English and updated the scores for each match.
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    195 Bracket...

    Flo says the first half of the bracket is set...how could they know one half and not the other? Its gotta be seeded somehow right? Anyway Nate Jackson Gabe Dean Drew Foster Sammy Brooks
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    2020 Juniors Cancelled/Seniors is on!

    my granpappy used to say... if god didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep... admittedly, i get a little too much pleasure in making the monkey's dance... i know it is a character flaw...
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    There is no conceivable justification for them saying the US Open Winners would "likely" be the reps. It just makes USAW look corrupt and stupid.
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    Quit. Feeding. It.
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    Not to interrupt, but Taylor just wrote on instagram "World Championships in 2 month...I'll be ready!" So apparently he isn't worried.
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    Snyder injury

    Did you see the joke as it whooshed over your head? Or should we stop play after a knock on to explain it you -_-
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    Fresno St to cut

    True that is a problem....however you have to adjust your schedule and expenses to stay on budget. In a fiscally fragile sport like wrestling, you can't go several hundred thousand in the hole every year. Which means they could have adjusted any way they wanted to stay on course with the budget. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of every budget line in a wrestling program...but I do understand that people work with bottom lines and that's where people look when making tough decisions. Not a good day for wrestling...and probably an even worse day for the West in terms of trying to improve the sport and the opportunities. At least they are honoring scholarships and Steiner's contract for where it is currently -which I am not sure about.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    195 Bracket...

    All good! Looks like I read too much into your response so my bad there. Glad we can put on events that folks are looking forward to!
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    Fresno St to cut

    Feel terrible for the athletes
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    Fresno St to cut

    I hate to say I told you so in this situation tjey have some good young talent in that squad that will end up landing somewhere.
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    Dan Gable

    Biden's first act in office should be to award the presidential medal of freedom to larry owings.
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    Cael Valencia

    Cael Rahnavardi - Don Bosco, IA is committed to Northern Iowa! How many Cael’s will be wrestling in college the next 6 years?
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