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    I previously posted about the website I created, FreestyleWrestling.org. This contains all of the matches I've compiled for the top 20 Men's Freestyle guys in the world at each Olympic weight since 2018. So, there are roughly 8-10 thousand match results. Goal is to add non-Olympic weights by next Spring. I have updated the site and added the results for the 2019 US Men's and Women's National teams since 2018. Felt like you all would be interested in that and could use it as a resource for the upcoming Olympic Trials and beyond. Because there are so many results, I've noticed a few errors here and there. I'm doing my best to clean them up. If you do use the site and find an error, let me know by sending an me an email at JonathanJKozak@Gmail.com.
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    So Burroughs Missed weight vs martinez?

    USAW “has” to abide by their established rules and criteria for selecting a team which are spelled out explicitly every year... Fir the most part, that is making weight and winning the “competitions” we have in place... Compromising any of those procedures compromises the entire org and everyone associated... being okay with that is extremely telling...
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    Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 1990s

    2 points IronChef!
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    Many of you are coming up with alternate ways to determine the team if he missed weight - extend the time, etc. so we get the "best guy" at the weight. Making weight is as much a part of it as anything else. Are they going to do that at worlds? If you show up late for your match do you still get to wrestle but the other wrestler gets 2 pts.? 4? You make weight at a set time. If you don't, your not the best guy at that weight on that day. Would Imar have received the same chance? What about Snyder @ 97? What if the best guy is 1 lb. over? 2 lb.? If it was you or your kid, you would scream bloody ****ing murder and rightfully so. You do anything but exactly what the rules say then you are opening up a Pandora's box. Its utterly ridiculous.
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    My bad. I meant if that had happened. Sorry.
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    I was in a Lincoln bar missing my own weight goals, so don't yell at the ocean with this recollection as a source. They had the weigh ins on a big screen. He missed weight. Then he immediately dropped his drawers - naked in front of God and everybody! - stepped on the scale and everybody left happy.
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    I have no idea what the actual situation was but the scenario described above is a very tough one and I can see both sides. I do think you need to have the actual weight class as a cut off. If you are .1 over, you missed weight. However, it is essentially a wrestle off and our country wants the best guy there. No one wants to see a world team spot decided over a weigh in. So what would you do if you are USA wrestling and Burroughs misses weight by a few ounces? Possible solutions could be: 1. Delay the weigh in. Allow him to go loose a bit of weight then step back on the scale. During this time, IMar can refuel and rehydrate, but JB must make weight before the competition starts. JB still makes weight, IMar gains an advantage for JBs mistake, USA gets the wrestle off they deserve. (I’m guessing this is what actually happened) 2. Give IMar ONE win for the missed weigh in... don’t just hand him the spot though. Schedule another day for the final wrestle off. JB has to win two in a row to gain the spot. Just my ideas. I don’t think it’s right to allow someone to wrestle if they missed weight, but I don’t think we should just hand someone a world team spot either. Keep in mind, many countries like Russia wouldn’t have made JB weigh in or even compete. They would’ve just given him the spot, but I don’t like that either.
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    So, what is your limit? .25 over? How about .26? .27?
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    What if it were a pound or less? Two pounds or less? Five?
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    It is all about the money and I am ok with that. I would love to have one of these a month especially since I think it is 50/50 on the Olympic trials happening.
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    Iowa State recruited Sanderson from Mormonistan, a small country in the Caucasus Mountains.
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    Taylor almost always demolishes second tier guys, and unless Dean can get to a TD with multiple gut wrenches BEFORE Taylor starts a scoring spree on him, I don't see any way Dean has a chance. Since the event is including a Cornell guy, maybe they should also pit Dake against Nolf. That would actually be a more interesting match.
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    If the NCAA cared about developing the “mind” they wouldn’t have such low eligibility requirements. 2.3 GPA and 980 SAT/75 ACT are the minimum. No one with a 2.3GPA deserves to get into a college, let alone receive a full scholarship, when kids with 3.7GPA+ 1300+ SAT may not get in, and if they do, will be paying $100k+ after doing all the right things while in high school. As a former coach, educator, and college athlete, I know for a fact that a lot of those students with 2.3-2.5 GPAs should have been 1.0 or less as coaches and administrators, all over this country, pressure teachers to bump up grades, give extra credit, redo tests, all because “they are being recruited”. The entire education system is flawed. Colleges put so much emphasis on athletics because it’s a money maker, not just the athletic department but also applications and enrollments. After VT played in the National Championship in 1999, applications increased by 35%. This is common of all colleges.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    and Greco not much surprise here 55kg: Dadmarz 6-2 Abbaspour 60kg: Nejati 9-5 Nasserpour 63kg: Dalkhani 8-0 Mardi 67kg: Asadi 3-1 Rezaei 72kg: SF: Arsalan 9-0 Saadatifar Final: Kavianinejad 1-1 Arsalan 80kg: Naghousi 3-0 Esmaeili 87kg: Nouri 2-1 Taheri 97kg: SF: Bali 4-1 Aliyari Final: Saravi 5-1 Bali 130kg: Ghasemi-Monjazi 3-1 Yousefi
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    Iran Wrestling News

    so let's take a look at the complete results. first with freestyle I have to say at 61kg, 97kg and 125kg where the coach's favorite wrestler lost, they ordered a new format, best of 3. 57kg: R1: Atri 4-4 Amouzad / Sarlak 5-3 Hajaghania R2: Amouzad walkover Hajaghania / Atri 2-1 Sarlak R3: Sarlak 10-8 Amouzad / Atri BYE 61kg: Final: Dastan 2-1 Ehsanpour they ordered best of 3, but Ehsanpour left the stadium 70kg: SF: Hosseini 5-1 Elahi Final: Emami 5-2 Hosseini 86kg: Final: Yazdani 11-0 Bazri 92kg: R1: Mohebbi 5-2 Shahbazi / Jalalinejad 7-4 Mirbaghban / Ghasempour BYE R2: Mohebbi 7-6 Mirbaghban / Ghasempour 4-0 Shahbazi / Jalalinejad BYE R3: Ghasempour 6-0 Jalalinejad / Mohebbi BYE R4: Ghasempour 6-2 Mohebbi / Jalalinejad BYE R5: Mohebbi 3-0 Jalalinejad / Ghasempour BYE 97kg: R1: Shabani 7-3 Goleij / Mohammadian 5-0 Shariatinia R2: Mohammadian 2-1 Goleij / Shabani 6-2 Shariatinia R3: Shabani 8-4 Mohammadian Final 2: Shabani 4-0 Mohammadian 125kg: R1: Taheri 9-4 Hadi / Zare 4-1 Mohebbi R2: Taheri walkover Mohebbi / Zare 4-0 Hadi R3: Taheri 2-0 Zare Final 2: Zare 3-1 Taheri Final 3: Taheri 4-3 Zare
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