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    totally agree. they got a little lucky with an Iowa transfer, but still one of the most successful programs in nebraska history regardless of school or sport what a waste
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    Bajrang training at CLWC

    For month of December (via flo on Twitter). Really a fan of what Bormet is doing up there.
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    Best Wrestlers in Nebraska-Omaha History http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Best Wrestlers in Nebraska-Omaha History The most successful program in DII history was cut in 2011. The top five wrestlers in Mavericks history won a total of fourteen NCAA titles and twenty medals and include a four-time NCAA champion, two three-time NCAA champions, and two two-time NCAA champions! Check out the best Nebraska-Omaha wrestlers of all-time ranked by NCAA medals! Here are the top five! Rank - Name - Score - Medals #1 - Les Sigman - 64 - 1,1,1,1 #2 - J.D. Naig - 58 - 3,1,1,1 #3 - Cody Garcia - 54 - 1,1,3,2 #4 - Braumon Creighton - 49 - 5,3,1,1 #5 - Todd Meneely - 48 - 1,1,1 There have been 100 All-American wrestlers who have won 192 medals in Nebraska-Omaha history! http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_dii_team_profile.php?team=Nebraska-Omaha Check out the full story from the photo! https://jcbjj.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/university-of-nebraska-omaha-to-cut-3-peat-national-champion-wrestling-program/ === Like and follow us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/jerseywrestling/
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    I think Stephen Neal would have been a great coach. He could wrestle well for a heavyweight and understood a lot of nuances that come with wrestling. Plus he's a friendly guy who can relate to a lot of people.
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    I genuinely do not know if it's Rokfin or Rofkin at this point without looking. I'm guessing it's Rofkin since Rokfin sounds better.
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    A 2nd Cuban enters the fray

    Gelogaev is a great example! He didn’t compete his first year at OSU. I imagine they spent 24/7 on bottom/top Luvsandorj Was a prep champ and wrestled in the US in high school. He had a couple years of folkstyle befor his first college match. Ugi I can’t remember well before college. Not sure if he had folk experience. All I’m suggesting is that it will take time for him to be able to beat the upper level college folkstylers. A junior world silver is really impressive, but it doesn’t mean right off the bat he will AA.
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    well there is one thing we agree on
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    RTC Cup

    @DocBZit is being discussed on FRL. :(
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    RTC Cup

    I see what you did there.
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    Bajrang training at CLWC

    I understand that all of our weights are deep in the US. In Myles Amines case the only one I would be shocked to see him beat would be DT. The other top guys (Zahid, Ringer, Bo, MyMar, and maybe include Dean) let's just say I would not be more surprised to see him win against any of those guys than I was to see him beat Shabanau of Belarus or Torreblanca of Cuba. Those are probably his best wins. Would I pick MA to beat one of those guys? I don't know - I just wouldn't count him out. I guess I would consider him another strong prospect who could break through and be the USA's rep at some time in the future. As far as Micic goes I guess we disagree a bit on him. I view him as very much in the mix with out top 3 guys (Lee, Fix & Gilman) who I think are a little ahead of the rest of a great and deep field. But it makes no difference as both those guys have made their choice and will be competing for San Marino and Serbia going forward. Sometimes idle speculation about what might have been can be fun. I hope they both have great success and I think it is awesome that they both managed to qualify Olympic spots for their teams.
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    Bajrang training at CLWC

    You make great points, and I maybe I am too puritanical, but there is something sneaky and gross about it to me. Also, and please remember my history of hyper cynical posts, but I really do believe in the US and think there is an element of ingratitude to casually running off to wrestle for another country at the Olympics.
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    Bajrang training at CLWC

    Yes I believe they wrestled once before with Bajrang winning a tight one. Bormet isn’t exporting out his athletes. It’s not like he’s shopping them out to the highest bidder. A few of his athletes have opportunities, and Bormet as their coach is fully supporting them in pursuing those opportunities. As any athlete would want their coach to do, and any coach should want to do for their athlete. Hard to knock him for that. Addition to that, none of these guys are/would be even on the US ladder, let alone a world team. So they are gaining training and competitive experiences they otherwise wouldn’t be getting, which pays out in the American rooms they’re training in....i.e. CKWC....thereby benefiting American wrestling. What’s not to like? EDIT: Sorry, just saw you answered your own question.
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    Gilman vs Gross- Dec 16

    yeah. The cool thing about gross is you have no idea how he is gonna do it, but unless he gets laced up he is gonna find the points somwhere.
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    Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire episode, Kyle and Andy are two of the best we have in this sport and their insights are a valuable listen, even if you don't always agree with them.
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    If I were Gabe Dean....

    This is a lame predication, but at some point vito beats Lee. Vito is one of the more consistently underrated wrestlers in america.
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    Bajrang training at CLWC

    Suriano is in AZ with Mark Perry as well
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