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    2006 NCAA Champions

    Two of these programs are no longer with us. And that is sad.
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    2020-21 Pre-Allocation Formula

    Posted recently on the NCAA website. The championship manual goes into greater detail and can be found here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ncaaorg/championships/sports/wrestling/d1/men/2020-21D1MWR_PreChampionshipsManual.pdf Note: They don't post stuff like this when they're not planning on a season. 2020-21 NCAA DIVISION I WRESTLING PRE-ALLOCATION FORMULA 1. Scenario #1 (100% of traditional brackets). 330 wrestlers (33 wrestlers per weight class). • Pre-allocations. The champion at each weight class for all conference tournaments. (1) 10 x 7 = 70 (21% of field) (2) Historical data to pre-allocate 220 (66% of field) other spots across the conferences. (3) Committee uses selection criteria to select 40 at-large (13% of field). • Brackets need to be balanced so allocations will need to be by weight class. 2. Scenario #2 (Approximately 75% of traditional brackets). 240 wrestlers (24 wrestlers per weight class). • Pre-Allocations. The champion at each weight class for all conference tournaments. (1) 10 x 7 = 70 (29% of field). (2) Historical data to pre-allocate 130 (54% of field) other spots across the conferences. (3) Committee use selection criteria to select 40 (17% of field) at-large. • Brackets need to be balanced so allocations will need to be by weight class. 3. Scenario #3 (Approximately 50% of traditional brackets). 160 wrestlers (16 wrestlers per weight class). • Pre-Allocations. The champion at each weight class for all conference tournaments. (1) 10 x 7 = 70 (45% of field). (2) Historical data to pre-allocate 50 (30% of field) other spots across the conferences. (3) Committee uses selection criteria to select 40 at-large (25% of field). • Brackets need to be balanced so allocations will need to be by weight class.
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    A great honor for Dan Gable and the sport of wrestling! Congratulations and well deserved!
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    my guess is he has a note from his mother as to why he should be on the team...
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    I found the cop
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    Since when are immigrants the same as minorities in this country? Especially those who came from Europe. At least for now, that is the definition of non-minority in this country.
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    RTC Cup

    There's definitely room for improvement for us. The event was a test and there will likely be some adjustments next year (e.g. # of teams, weigh-ins both days, roster makeup, etc...). The goal for the first year was to see if the concept worked for wrestlers, coaches and fans.
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    Wrestling photo of the year:
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    Mark Hall?

    Seems impossible for both to be true.
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    I got no clue, that probably seems right. And I fix the post.
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    For a laugh, go to the 6:05 mark.
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    Signed, Epstein's Mom
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    The next dual event.

    Also need to consider that every team got 20k just to show.
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    It is mind boggling that the last chance will qualify top two via a randomly paired bracket without a full back-draw to include a true second bout. I understand that this is by design to engineer diverse representation at the Olympics, but this game of chance is just a bridge too far with regard to "fair play". Fortunately these circumstances will possibly benefit the USA at 65 kg. In a bracket designed to accurately place the athletes, I imagine the USA would be worse than a coin-flip to finish top two. As it stands a fortunate draw could provide a cake walk to the finals and Olympic qualification. Of course the reality also exists where a poor draw could have us out of the running before lunch.
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    The next dual event.

    If J'Den had wrestled, they likely would have likely beat Wolfpack in round one of the bracket. Their bracket placement would have remained the same because his participation would not have affected the Day 1 finish. You question remains valid, but the point that the Ohio RTC would have qualified for more prize money assuming J'den's participation is relevant to the discussion.
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    Ugh... he is 100% correct... it is a horrible thread on a topic that is only important if you want to appear “woke” on the facetubes to other 20 year old white girls who know nothing of the world...
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    An out of shape, past his prime joe smith, then the immortal Thomas Bullard , then he lost to Lewis.....
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    Anyone who cares is an idiot
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    2004’s freestyle squads were very diverse. Abas, Guerrero, Kelly, Williams, Cormier, McCoy Sanderson was the only non-minority there. Three of the four women on their inaugural team were also minorities (Miranda, O’Donnell and Montgomery) with McMann the only non-minority.
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    bump him up. I bet he could take cozart.
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    Greek-Americans and Russian-Americans are minorities?
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    150 8-Man Bracket

    He announced it.The plan was to see how he felt if he felt good he was gonna try it.Hes realistic and knows he's to small to compete with the best at 74KG.
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    After now watching a bit of freestyle, I think we should have matside weighins for refs, if you can't make 40% over the avg of the matches you are intend to ref then you are out. Problem is some matches might have to go un-reffed thus just wrestle till one taps out or refuses to re-enter the circle.
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    Isn't he a little young to be wrestling at the Veterans level?
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    2006 NCAA Champions

    If all the other 9's hair (including chin hair) tag teamed together, Askren's hair would still win by TF.
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    If I’m not mistaken Michigan wanted him for football too but wasn’t too keen on him doing both. (Pun intended)
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    Goodbye Non-Revenue Sports

    I don't understand why you post here. I'm not being sarcastic or mean. You just seem like you don't really like wrestling. You've made multiple posts like this over the years, including your opposition to wrestlers taking extra college seasons if they are allowed. Do you watch wrestling regularly? Are you a fan of any athlete or team?
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    1) Gawd I love this weight-class! Consistently ludicrous competition level internationally. I could watch even just last year Worlds matches all day for a week and not get bored. 2) I will go to my deathbed arguing that Metcalf got a stupid amount of hate here for not placing at this weight when Olympic medalists pretty routinely get eliminated first round of Worlds. 3)There seems to me like only a chance in the context of "so you're saying there is a chance..." of the U.S. qualifying this weight at this point.
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    Question for Flo Insiders - Hvywt weights

    I always find it interesting to see what the heavyweight guys actually weigh in at. Does anyone with Flo have access to the weigh in sheets with the actual weights for the guys at the RTC Cup? If yes could you let us know? Thanks.
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    I wish they did matside weight checks. Just for fun.
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    Do RTC Cup matches count?

    DISCLAIMER - I'm not an expert but going to act like I am because.... you know.... Internet That said there is no way these can count for any official seeding given they were 3kg weight allowance and one day weighins. That would be crazy. If they don't follow the official weigh in rules I can't see how they would be officially counted.
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    Le duke

    RTC Cup

    I’d like to see Hidlay vs Marinelli. Also, Flo learned from their mistakes. No terrible gaps between matches, good streaming. Well done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RTC Cup

    I just have to say that this was an awesome event that Flo produced. This is a great format and there were so many great matches I lost count of them. This was great for the wrestlers and the fans. Great job Flo Wrestling.
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    RTC Cup

    Great event. Ran smoothly, feeds were clean, outstanding level of competition. Can’t wait until fans can attend.
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    College is expensive. The whole getting 5 years of school paid I would think provides some motivation. Injuries and other life events happen it might be nice to a college degree to "fall back on". The two guys who "went pro" that were mentioned had very different outcomes. I'm sure Pico makes a lot of money or whatever but a chance to win NCAA, World and Olympic titles would seem to be the goal. He already has a great training situation at Ohio State and the RTC, how would not wrestling in college benefit him?
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    Mekhi is also a junior world champ so he had the credentials to be an emerging star after his run at NCAAs. Not everyone is always able to continue steep upward trajectories the way Snyder and Burroughs did though. That’s why when it does happen, those guys are special.
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    Just looking at the # of guys in the euros that haven't qualified I think there is a good chance we have at least 2 guys that are better than us on most days, in the bracket. I haven't looked at the Asian qualifier... and who is still out...I think 70 is ambitious, 40 feels reasonable, we aren't head and shoulders over most of the world and I think we will need to win one we shouldn't win consistently over.... a Kilicsallayan or Skriaban or something. It's not impossible, I'd just say we don't make the finals more than we do
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    College Season ??

    Boy are we are lucky to have this many doctors and healthcare professionals participating in these forums.
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    https://twitter.com/nineteen84club/status/1324368122422398980 Edit: HWC insider basically saying that match would have given money to the NLWC and not the HWC which is counterintuitive to the goals of the HWC.
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    Lee / Gilman... TnT with the quack???

    That's cool Gilman wants to wrestle Lee. Pretty sure many of us wanted to see this match for a while now. And have to say it again. Very proud of Thomas that he beat Cuba and got 57 qualified for Olympics.
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    2020 Olympians

    You mean the older Lamont who took a two-year LDS mission and redshirted last year? I guess we can label redshirt freshman with two years off below average D1 wrestlers when they haven't wrestled an official varsity match yet? I know, I know, I shouldn't feed the trolls, but some like to use factual inaccuracies to prove points. Others like to use actual facts.
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    I know it doesn’t matter, just find it interesting that some say wrestling is a racist sport, but some of the best in the country (and world from our country) are minorities. 57: Vito (he counts right? Outside shot but not impossible) 65: Oliver/Green (I’m not counting Yianni, I think his parents were born here?) 74: JB/Imar 86: Zahid (probably longest shot) 97: Cox 125: Steveson
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