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    From Junior World to Senior World

    I'm going over the last quad and putting together an article. the research is almost done, but i wanna put some additional color to it. but my initial reaction to this thread is that y'all's threshold for relevance seems pretty high. it's looking to me like somewhere around 55-65% of SR medalists medaled at JR's. I think that's incredibly high (and relevant). what would you consider high?
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    UWW World Cup on TV

    It is on the Olympic Channel and has been enjoyable. Russia looking great and nice to have it back. Usual officiating hijinks with Russia. Vlasov vs Nemes in the semis. Vlasov with a passive in the first and Nemes in the 2nd. Of course, a phantom passive on Nemes late in the 2nd to win it for Roman. Kyrgyzstan has really improved as a country. Also, Polish greco 67kg Pacurkowski really let's it fly. Russian greco 55kg Sefershaev is new to me but blitzed the field. Stefanik lost and left shoes on the mat.
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    Thomas Gilman throwing shade at HWC

    Weak. .... he did quote me out of nowhere. @nhs67 get off my nuts turd.
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    Thomas Gilman throwing shade at HWC

    Yikes, no need to be so melodramatic. There aren’t many events so they pushed a fluff piece and the thought is simply “could you do one on the guys in your program “. Using one on a former athlete can be appropriate but when the underlying relationship status is “ we didn’t want you, you now don’t want us” why is it out of line for Gilman to ask respectfully—please don’t use stuff with me? it would be like Flo pushing out a piece Willie did in 2018. They can do it, but would be quite dumb if they did. As is the HWC, and then their board members call him an Elf. No victim here, just a poorly run RTC social media strategy.
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    College Season ??

    And yet they continued to race just inches apart. :0 Its amazing they didn't all get the covid drafting off of Hamilton! ;_;
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    Thomas Gilman throwing shade at HWC

    If I were a hawk fan I would have tough feelings towards Gilman but you have to admit he makes a pretty good point in a non-emotional & straight forward tweet. Did anyone see a board member from the HWC tweet a response with a meme calling Gilman an Elf? What kind of regime, leadership and culture does that represent?!? Extremely disappointing. With a club that optically is behind other RTCs in innovation, creativity and talent (while also very likely taking a bath in the one event they have put out) it makes you wonder. Who has the keys in Iowa City.
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    Joey Silva and Pat Glory?

    Cornell will have 15 guys not enrolled 2nd semester according to Koll interview from RTC cup
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    Thomas Gilman throwing shade at HWC

    Wonder how pissed Hawk fans are gonna be In 3 years when Spencer decides to leave.The Iowa guys realize once they graduate that they don't have to hate every wrestler who doesn't wear black and gold.They realize it's not me against the world like they've been told.Once you graduate and become a Pro it's tough on a island by yourself at training camps and while traveling.
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    Toughest NCAA Weight Classes of the 2000s http://www.jerseywrestling.com/news.php?story=Toughest NCAA Weight Classes of the 2000s We break down the toughest weight classes at the NCAA tournament from the past decade. Each weight class is scored by adding up the career scores of all the wrestlers. Check out the toughest weight classes from 2000 to 2009 ranked by NCAA medals! Here are the top five! Rank - Year - Weight - Score - Medalists #1 - 2008 - 149 - 253 - Brent Metcalf, Iowa; Bubba Jenkins, Penn State; Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska; Josh Churella, Michigan; Darrion Caldwell, North Carolina State; J.P. O'Connor, Harvard; Dustin Schlatter, Minnesota; Lance Palmer, Ohio State; #2 - 2007 - 125 - 243 - Paul Donahoe, Nebraska; Sam Hazewinkel, Oklahoma; Troy Nickerson, Cornell; Angel Escobedo, Indiana; Jayson Ness, Minnesota; Ode Blanc, Lock Haven; Tanner Gardner, Stanford; Charlie Falck, Iowa; #3 - 2009 - 125 - 232 - Troy Nickerson, Cornell; Paul Donahoe, Edinboro; Brandon Precin, Northwestern; Anthony Robles, Arizona State; Angel Escobedo, Indiana; Zachary Sanders, Minnesota; Scott Sentes, Central Michigan; Nic Bedelyon, Kent State; #4 - 2006 - 125 - 230 - Joe Dubuque, Indiana; Troy Nickerson, Cornell; Sam Hazewinkel, Oklahoma; Nick Simmons, Michigan State; Coleman Scott, Oklahoma State; Chad Mendes, Cal Poly-SLO; John Velez, Northwestern; Tanner Gardner, Stanford; #5 - 2003 - 149 - 225 - Eric Larkin, Arizona State; Jared Lawrence, Minnesota; Jesse Jantzen, Harvard; Jerrod Sanders, Oklahoma State; Jake Percival, Ohio University; Collin Robertson, Boise State; Jon Masa, Hofstra; Dustin Manotti, Cornell; http://www.jerseywrestling.com/ncaa_toughest_weights.php?end_year=2009&start_year=2000 Check out the full story from the photo! https://lbsphoto.smugmug.com/Olympic-and-College-Wrestling/2008-NCAA-Championships/NCAA-Champion-149-pounds-Brent/ === Like and follow us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/jerseywrestling/
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    Steveson retiring after this year?

    GOAT? Not even close. BBB World and Olympic Medals ONLY 83 B 84 G 85 B 86 G 87 B 88 S 89 S 90 S 92 G 93 G 94 S 95 G 96 B
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    From Junior World to Senior World

    JB and Taylor made JR Teams. Dake made a JR Team in GR. Numbers get a little down with no Cadet Worlds from 2000 to 2011 though. 63% of Medalists from 2016-2019 Worlds had made a CD/JR World Team. 43% of Medalists from 2016-2019 Worlds had wrestled for a medal (Top 5) at CD or JR Worlds (also to include YOG).
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    Maximus Meridius

    Mark Hall?

    Hall has been such a class act. I wish him nothing but success.
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    That's not a very good analogy. A junior world champ is competing against the best in the world in their age group, just as a senior world champ is. A HS state champ is competing against the best in one of fifty states (and in most cases not even the whole state, but the best in that particular subdivision of their state), then moving up to competition against the entire country. I don't think anyone is saying a junior world gold automatically guarantees senior world/olympic gold. But to deny a junior world gold is a very good indicator of senior level potential seems pretty silly.
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    From Junior World to Senior World

    A bit of an outlier to the dataset since Sadulaev was too busy winning senior worlds at 18 years old in 2014
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    Iran Wrestling News

    and another news, Amir Mohammad Yazdani is COVID positive, they are not going to send him to Belgrade. it will be only Amouzad at 57kg.
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