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    Post Covid, What Changes?

    That rule saved many lives. Just imagine how many wrestlers would have died had we not prohibited the touching of palms for 1 second before and after a match. Only a science denier would be pro handshake.
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    Weird it seems like you like talking down to people. Hope you are doing okay
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    125 -- I want to see how Glory returns.
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    Post Covid, What Changes?

    I’m all for the 30 minute breaks. It isn’t fun to watch guys who are exhausted. It’s also way more likely they would get injured imo.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Good question. They both have a guy who could random draw into their side who is a relatively high favorite over them (Mohammadean and Taylor). Snyder is opposite Sadulaev, so he doesn’t factor in as much. 97Kg is way deeper than 86kg though. It will depend on draw I think.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Just realised Kyle Snyder and Hasan Yazdani have similar medal records when it comes to the Olympics and the World Championship medals-i.e. 1 Olympic Gold, 2 World Championship Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze at the Worlds. I wonder who will be ahead after Tokyo ? Or will be still the same Tally?
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    Biggest flop in college

    The truth is, the DI wrestling lifestyle is NOT for everyone. A lot of the guys listed here had the ability to be highly successful in DI if it were solely about wrestling. But, the time you have to dedicate to school and wrestling, while basically being on your own for the 1st Time in your entire life is DAUNTING. Like Gable said, you only have the time to be successful at 2 of these three things: school, wrestling and partying. Pick 2. The truth is, you BARELY have the time for school and wrestling. You have to be so regimented and dedicated, it can get debilitating very fast. A few bad practices or a couple subpar test scores can quickly throw you into a downward spiral. Now, I do like this topic still, because, without a real pro Avenue, DI wrestling essentially is the pro level for folkstyle wrestling. As such, it is much like seeing a top draft pick not live up to expectations when you see top recruits not doing it. I just don’t see it in any negative light for the wrestler recruits as they aren’t moving into a position for millions of dollars while their sole focus can be on their craft. They instead are bombarded with a slew of basically never ending tasks for usually less than what it costs to achieve them!
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    Good post - I agree -Bakersfield solidifying their coaching is good for them as well. If they could just get a little funding...I mean a little - that would help a ton. The Dam RTC has really improved a ton in just 12 months. Big names coming in - especially in women's wrestling.
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    Cal Poly with an RTC too
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    There's some Dunning-Krueger effect as well combined with being the kind of parent that makes coaches close their practices.
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. People with this behavior were most likely treated as if they were superior or above others during childhood. These expectations can follow them as they become adults. They tend to brag and be elitist. Those with grandiose narcissism are aggressive, dominant, and exaggerate their importance. They are very self-confident and aren’t sensitive.
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    Ryan Anderson to Binghamton

    Love the story about slamming a mountain dew in the middle of a match. As always, will root for guys from district XI. Wish him well at Binghamton
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    Agree with this. LJB definitely loves to talk down to people (just read his posts) - Talk about a superiority complex (overcompensating for other shortcomings?)
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    He’s clearly very insecure about his self-image. He feels the need try to “prove” he is smarter than everyone on the internet. In some cases he does know what he’s talking about, but in many cases he is off the mark, will never admit it, and has to resort to put downs. Anyway, all our guys grew up making weight nearly every week. They know how to do it. I don’t think it’s wise to make weight as much as we do in our folkstyle system, but I think having OTT 4-6 weeks before the games would produce no issues with weight and could actually help guys that need the extra time to get weight down. I’d love to hear from someone in the know what the main reasons are. If weight is the only reason we really need to reconsider.
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    Bellarmine looking for a coach

    Jesse Castro was the head coach at Liberty when they were D-1, and has been with them for the decade since then. He wasn’t the person behind the “Faith not Fear” tournament, but his team did participate. For what it’s worth, Omi Acosta (Life) would be a good choice to target. Another would be Danny Irwin (West Liberty).
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    Old man yelling at clouds
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    Fresno State - Help Out & Join the Cause

    Your last statement makes your first extremely unlikely.
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