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    What the Fokken

    World champion Aline Focken ... recently married, so her name shows up in UWW as Aline Rotter Focken. On scoreboards, it's Rotter Focken, A.
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    Donald Rumsfield

    In addition to being a two-time SecDef, he was *not* a 3-time EIWA champ:
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    Wrestler Takes On Cancer!

    Five years in and I think I'm winning! I have Multiple Myeloma, which is an incurable blood cancer. So what does one do when one is faring well against such a beast? You try to help others who are not faring as well. That's what I'm doing. A couple of years ago, I went to Patagonia. This year, I'll be trekking throughout Alaska, trying to heighten awareness of the disease and to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma research foundation. I leave in August, and my itinerary actually includes spending time in the wild with Grizzly bears. Only a wrestler would look forward to such a thing. Anyway, please click the link below to go to my fundraising page. I cannot put in words what support from our community means to me. Did I mention that today is my birthday? Mike http://give.click-card.top/6dobjn8
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    NCAA NIL Policy draft

    Ironic isn't it? Ferrari does not wear shirts, but now sells them? At least I use the Viagra I promote.
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    2021-2022 Rosters D1

    Some Beav fans on another forum were discussing this. Thoughts are 14 more names will be added when the guys arrive on campus. So it's still a work in progress.
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    Paging Blue Dragons

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    NCAA NIL Policy draft

    So who’s going to put shoes on this man?
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    The Olympics will not have uneven top/bottom brackets as they have at Worlds due to having only 16 wrestlers per weight.
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    Donald Rumsfield

    In addition to being a two-time Secretary of Defense, he was a 3-time EIWA champ. https://iwcoa.net/hall-of-fame-2/honorable-donald-rumsfeld/
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    Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
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    Seeds are out and Micic is number one

    It’s adorable you think that’s an insult...
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    Donald Rumsfield

    My bad. He was a 3X EIWA place-winner. Still impressive. I saw the item about the Olympic Trails. I did not understand it, so I left it out.
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    Football and Futbol are the two most boring spectator sports on Earth, so I think popularity is much more culturally influenced than anything.
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    I wholeheartedly agree! I am not a good wrestler but I am positive that I could earn an escape point against Justice Ginsberg, especially now that she is dead.
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    What does this tweet mean?

    as always... mineo is the biggest jack ass in wrestling...
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    What does this tweet mean?

    Exactly. We're a small community. I get tidbits, too. I rarely say anything about it, because I don't really have the capacity to vet it, nor do I see it as my role within the community. I'm just a fan. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    What does this tweet mean?

    He did share some news before others. He is right sometimes. That’s it. I sometimes have insider information too, but I don’t post it. He acts like he is some ultra connected insider.
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    What does this tweet mean?

    Mineo did have some good information, and he was great at breaking it this past year. However, I was completely annoyed by his attitude about it, he acted like a God. He definitely loves the attention, and loves to point out that he was a wrestler, albeit I'm pretty positive he was a mediocre to decent wrestler at best. He is very arrogant and will never accept that his opinion is not the right one. He does have a loyal base that kiss his a** on his pages, which is hilarious to me. I don't even like Flo at all, but I don't like him either.
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    uncle bernard

    2022 Finals Detroit

    This just in: people who don't live in cities have no idea what cities are actually like.
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