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    Has he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior?
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    Olympic Wrestling TV coverage

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    And Uetake did lose a match in an Olympic trials to another Cowboy great....Yoshiro Fujita...... GoldenAggie Posted on Dec 4th, 2014, 7:57 PM, , User Since 174 months ago, User Post Count: 5164 Dec 4th, 2014, 7:57 PM 174 months 5164 I think Yoshira Fujita may have been the best I ever saw. Uetake was his mentor, and Fujita beat him in the Japanese Olympic trials while Fujita was in high school. Uetake supposedly called Roderick and told him to get Fujita to OSU - When Roderick asked if Fujita was any good, Uetake said "He kick my ass, that how good he is". Fujita was the quickest human I have ever seen. He absolutely toyed with other wrestlers. The Keller twins were at OSU, and all 3 of them were natural 126 lbs. The ranking matches were unbelievable. The Kellers wrestled up at 34 and 42 and were NCAA champs. Fujita was 49-1. In 1971 he was undefeated and #1 seed when he dislocated his shoulder in the NCAA tourney. If they had let him wrestle with one arm he probably would have won that year as well!
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    Angie Dill goes to our club and she absolutely refuses to touch her opponents legs. Basically wrestled Greco for a freestyle World Bronze lol. She’s a little firecracker to say the least. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    US has 3 Greco medal matches coming up in about an hour... one for sure medalist in the gold medal match and two more going for bronze... we have brought home 4 medals at cadets the last 10 years... this is a good showing...
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    Nick Suriano in the transfer portal

    Actually him and RBY would be a good one too. Just no more Suriano/Fix pls
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    Housebye seemed to be the main one offering up rationale. However, Mineo now saying in his fb thing that ASU is not the frontrunner and seems to be adding more “rumblings” about tOSU. Some other dude claiming there was an issue with Suriano/ASU because of the positive covid test, but who knows. I don’t care where he goes, just wanna see him at 125 next year. But of course getting past Vito not gonna be easy to get his rematch with Lee.
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    Gable Documentary

    He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator.
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    Future of Big 12 Wrestling

    First of all, the Pac-12 is a conference and not a league. Second, they have had 2 teams in the playoffs in the last 5 years, so I'm not sure what you mean by "in years". Did you know that unless your team is Oklahoma (OUCH), Alabama or Ohio State there is a 90% chance your team nor your conference made the playoffs in the last 5 years? What do the results of the teams have to do with having solid league structure? You are arguing the wrong point. I have been watching the pac-12 network for quite a few years - many sports in fact - it's been pretty decent. Maybe you have been watching the Pac 12 league network rather than conference??? And....there is zero chance...maybe even not zero but a negative number...that Ok State joins the Pac 12 for wrestling.
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    Dake vs Sidakov

    Chamizo is just as much an athletic freak as Dake is. Albeit in different ways, frank has that classic cat like quickness while dake seems to be freakishly strong. Based on my expert analysis I believe Frank is a bigger threat to kyle.
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    Interesting Tidbit and a Possible bet

    Sammarinese Submarines Sub sandwiches Jimmy Johns JJ was founded in the Land of Lincoln Just how deep does this go?
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    Some results since 2016 for the Japanese Cadet team because I don't want to go look through all of the scores: 2016: Champions in 8 out of 10 weight classes 2017: Champions in 7 out of 10 weight classes 2018: Champions in 6 out of 10 weight classes 2019: Champions in 6 out 10 weight classes 2020: (No Cadet World Championships held) 2021: Didn't send a team
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    It's because of the Olympics and covid protocols. They always attend cadets and destroy on the womens side.
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    I'll take those odds. Maybe he'll do the same to the field.
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    Gable Documentary

    Apparently Rick Flair isn’t sure if he knows him or not.
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    I think getting caught on his back while executing a move he initiated is a better definition of being “caught” than getting caught in a well executed move by his opponent. I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse though lol
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    Flo Fargo Coverage?

    that's not true, LJB. i don't know the reason but people experience different feed qualities. on one hand, i (and, if you believe people on social media, many others) were getting ads right in the middle of wrestling including during fargo finals. i often let my feelings be known on how i feel about flo, but you didn't hear a peep from my re: Fargo. there were some inconveniences but it wasn't that bad and i was halfway around the world and often on shaky wifi in a restaurant or hotel. that being said there's been a long list of confirmed malfunctions on the company's end. and on the other hand, i've been watching flo streams where people are b!tching on twitter and yet i had flawless feeds. this isn't to criticize flo. almost every streaming platform (even big boy companies) have issues from time to time. i wouldn't write everyone off as 'lying' or the problem being on their end (although sometimes it is). (and again, this goes for ESPN, UFC, NBCSports, etc, etc.
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    Our young women are crushing people with pinning combos. Very impressed with Erica Pastoriza, Angelina Dill, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I respect your knowledge and input... but its not like he got caught by a nasty lefty headlock or something. It was his own move, which probably should have led to a tech!
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    I hope he brings home gold. It has been a while since this board has seen a pure chaos implosion.
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    It doesn't matter what I think, or what you think. The games are in Japan, not Ohio (nor in Florida, thank God). We don't have a say. I respect the right of the host nation to decide their own policy.
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    does kyle know when weigh ins are?

    no, nothing is making it funny and it isn't funny.
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    He is a sleaze and embarrassment to the state of Iowa.
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    Wrestling Subscription Advice

    You're not wrong, however that is the nature of anything in life. Too many wrestling people want everything for free and for many years most everything was free. I remember back when the only site that charged was Intermat. Some of the business models we have can limit our exposure. For instance, the Flo model is basically a cash grab in that you have to pay for a full year and there are technically no monthly or single event options(FYI you can go to another vertical to get monthly options and get wrestling content). That type of model hurts the people who want to watch a single event like Super 32, Ironman, etc and not pay $150 for it. The TrackWrestling model of having an option for MANY events(Gold+) or being able to buy a single event is great. The casual fans are who we hurt with poor business models such as these. Grandma and grandpa, uncle Joe, etc aren't going to shell out $150 to watch Billy at the Super 32 or Fargo. They might shell out $15 or $20 though. The news sites aren't really for the fringe wrestling fans, sites like Rokfin, Intermat, TOM, etc. are there for the hardcore fans that want to consume an insane amount of content.
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    Wrestling Subscription Advice

    Luckily a lot of lobbyists have made my life easy these days as I have subscriptions to Flo, Track, TOM, Intermat, and Rokfin. Flo- I have canceled my subscription, however will likely pick it up for Fargo. Their content is getting stale and their personalities can be very abrasive at times. I'll either take advantage of their 20% off offer(after I canceled they offered this) or go through one of their other platforms for a monthly subscription. Track- Lots of events on their Gold+ plan along with the text updates. Text updates are nice when you want to follow, but also have a life. TOM- They are still getting a lot of content published with the new hire. If I were to cut one they would be high on the list as I can't read everything. Intermat- Greatly increased content even in the off-season. Hopefully it continues. Rokfin- It is nice, but a little cumbersome to really consume a lot of content on there. I wish there was a Facebook/Twitter type feed with the new content so we could easily see the new stuff being posted. At the end of the day paying the money for these things is good for the sport. People promoting the sport and earning a living off of it is GREAT. Keep in mind when you complain about prices, money drives everything. Too many people want everything for free in wrestling and that is not sustainable.
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    Wrestling Subscription Advice

    I have Flo, Rokfin, and Intermat. To me, they're worth it, each one of them. If I had to put them in order, right now? Throwing moralities out the window? It's still even there. Roll a dice. Flo has the most content(currently) at $150 for the year up front($12.50 a month end-cost). Intermat is improving more and more under the guidance of Willie. I expect more content as well as an increase in cost (eventually). Not sure how their streaming plan/options are going to look in the future. Perhaps @Husker_Du can educate us. $40 a year ($3.33 a month end-cost). Rokfin @ $9.99 a month. Rokfin was easily the best, but since NCAA season started the content has leveled out a bit to make it rather even for the cost. Intermat at $40 makes that a no-brainer, looking at it honestly. Trackwrestling at $50 per year is also not bad, but their future/intent is clouded for me right now. I don't know what to expect going forward being as Flo bought them out. SO! In hindsight: Intermat first. Flip a coin for Rokfin/Flo If you're trusting that track is going to maintain current content for free or make more behind a paywall(like Flo) I would do track at $50 before Flo at $150 and do a Rokfin at $10 per month. SO!! In summary, after re-reading my rants/raves: Get all four. If getting three, get Intermat, Rokfin, Flo If getting two, get Intermat, Flo If getting one, and willing to spend $150, right now it is Flo. My opinion may change and if money is a concern for now, Intermat is the way to go, and the price option of monthly for Rokfin plust $90 for Track/Intermat total for a year is the easier option. Me, personally, I factor in moralities and will put Intermat and Rokfin ahead of Flo every time, if it comes down to that sort of cancel-culture mentality taking a priority in decision making. Sorry to be all over, but these are ramblings.
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