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    I have compared 2 time periods - 1960-1991 with 1993-2021 to estimate the impacts on medal counts for the former Soviet Union and Soviet bloc countries before and after the soviet union breakup. It is an excel workbook with 2 pages and would print on 4 printed pages. If you can't get excel and would like to look at, email me and I will paste it into Word or something else (timjoemcc@gmail.com). The information is shown by country for both time frames with total medal count and gold medal count. I found it pretty interesting to do but I am a nerd number type guy - not for everyone I know. The several key messages are: * The Soviet Union won 26% of all medals and 46% of gold medals in the 32 year period from 1960-1991. The former Soviet Union won 47% of all medals and 53% of gold medals in the 29 year period from 1993-2021. Russia performed much better in acquiring gold medals than did the other 10 countries in the former FSU that won wrestling medals. * The USA won 13% of all medals and 13% of gold medals in the 1960-1991 time frame. The Soviet Union won 113 more medals than the US and 100 of them were gold during this period. The USA won 11% of all medals and 16% of gold medals in the 1993-2021. The US medal count dropped overall but the % of gold medals increased. The US had 45 fewer gold medals than Russia and 85 fewer than FSU. * As everyone knew, the breakup of the Soviet Union led to the FSU countries dramatically increasing their total and gold medal counts. * I compared the Soviet Bloc countries to see what happened to them (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia). Their total medal count went from 26% of all medals down to 6% after the Soviet breakup and the gold medal count went from 9% of all gold to 4% of all gold. So the change was dramatic and the opposite of the countries in the FSU. I had not realized this impact and don't know why it happened (eg. maybe the Soviet Union subsidized wrestling in these countries and the money dried up?, or ???). * The combination of the Soviet Union + Soviet Bloc won 51% of total medals and 55% of gold medals before the Soviet breakup and 52% of all medals and 57% of gold medals after the breakup. So the breakup of the Soviet Union made it harder for a non Soviet related someone to win a medal but not nearly as dramatic as when you look at the FSU numbers alone. * One other detail, the average number of weight classes was 9.4 for the 1960-1991 period and 8.0 for the 1993-2021 period. So the wrestling talent was more concentrated in the fewer weight classes in the post Soviet break up era (same number of wrestlers in ~85% of the weight classes). * Wrestling medals increased for Cuba, India, and Iran after the Soviet break up (as measured by % of total medals won). Turkey remained constant. Every other significant wrestling country had their overall medal count drop after the Soviet break up - including the US which went from 13% to 11% of the total medal count as mentioned previously. Japan had the biggest drop - they went from 9% of all medals to 3% of all medals.Soviet Breakup Info.xlsx I can send anyone a list of all the wrestlers names, medals, weights, countries that I used if you want the next level of detail. Just email me if you are a glutton for data.
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    If by Happy Valley you mean Evansville and by Ford you mean Dodge, I saw that too.
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    Is JB now the American GOAT?

    I had no idea Gable was that old.
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    "Lee's knees"

    If he wrestles at 125, Vito Arujau should be included as someone who is a threat to Spencer
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    I am sure he is a great guy but I would be more worried about the loss of Russell than excited about his hire. National coach for 2 cycles and we sucked the entire time. Iowa State got progressively worse each year he was the head coach. Maybe some guys are more suited to be assistant coaches. Hopefully this is the case but his track record really isn't that impressive.
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    NIL Issues in Happy Valley?

    I saw Nick Lee in a commercial for Happy Valley ford.
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    Loss of weights at the lowest end impacted Asian nations considerably. Instead of medal contenders, those weights don’t exist anymore.
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    "Lee's knees"

    We are in the "take a knee" era so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    No one wants to see this. Snyder would get worked by Zare. I'm not sure if Snyder can beat Ghasempour. These fantasy matches with guys wrestling outside their weight are silly. It would be an amazing dual if both countries bring their #1's in each weight. Let's not make this more complicated than it needs to be.
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    If he struggled with Goleij, I think Zare would be a nightmare for him. The Zare that beat Geno and Taha. Can't see Snyder having much of a shot. Zare isn't the biggest but he he is a good bit bigger than Kyle.
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    Why the hell won’t Snyder move up to wrestle Zare if Gable doesn’t go? He’s not that big of HWT.
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    Mendez posted a pic of the two of them and congratulations. Mendez has said RTC and olympic aspirations are big to him. Mendez has spent a decent amount of time with KJ. Michigan has a three time world and olympic champ, six time world and olympic champ on staff, three Olympians and junior world champ on the roster. Two of those athletes are from northern indiana. This move has to elevate them in the Mendez sweepstakes.
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    You bring up a valid point but you left out the other side of the coin. I don't know if that was intentional to only focus on the negative or what? His track record as a head coach is not great. His track record of developing talent is phenomenal. We didn't have a good stretch when he was National teams coach. But when he was at OTC as developmental coach, our cadet and juniors have had among the best runs ever at the age group level. Slay, Cox, etc........he's shown he can develop talent, which will be his role at UM and CLWC, as opposed to a CEO type role.
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    I am super stoked for this. The man was responsible for developing high school/pre-university kids at the OTC. I expect to see some big recruits with heavy freestyle aspirations to head there that we might not have expected to go there before. I imagine Cox splitting time has a lot to do with this. I guarantee you KJ was open with Cox about this. Now if Cox heads to Ann Arbor with KJ, that room... lethal man. Olympian at 57kg. Olympic medalists at 86kg, 92kg. #2 rank in the world at 79kg. Guy who pinned the 2021 World Champ at heavyweight at Junior Worlds 2 years ago at 125kg. Just to start.
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    Clever! I'm sure no one has made that joke yet
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    Suriano to PSU

    CBUS has a spot at 133...
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