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    Seabass to 125

    Yeah I don’t think anyone is actually expecting him to pay. Just doesn’t want to let him forget that he didn’t.
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    The Genius

    Iran Wrestling News

    Agreed, Yazdani is a bit too perfect and boring sometimes lol. But he's a humble servant of Iran and works hard to make his dear friends happy and that's nice. Zare is extremely young but works so hard to improve after setbacks and is a bit cocky, not in a disrespectful American way but in his own confident fun way, and I like that.
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    I wrestled in it in 2002 at 197. Previous weekend was brutal... both our 197 guys got knee injuries. I was weighing 211 and drew Kevin Hoy of Air Force at the OU Open. Back then no desent plan, so I cut down to 197 and coach took me. I drew a tough Wisconsin guy first round that was ranked 18th or something at the time, and then lost to an Iowa Central guy in the consos. Got to watch a lot of dam good wrestling. Would love to get back there to work the event as a play by play guy if ever given the opportunity.
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    Maybe the front page of the site of the forum you are reading? TheMat, UWW, Flo … well, those are three of the biggest wrestling sites in the world. IndianaMat, major news outlets retweeting the info on social platforms, my daily wrestling newsletter … if you were looking for it and didn’t see it, what do you actually look for on a daily basis? I’m asking sincerely, since if people can’t find this easily, then maybe someone’s doing something wrong. Cause it should have been impossible to not read the brothers line by most.
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    The Genius

    92 Kg

    Why would he move to 92kg? Tougher path to being the national rep (Cox v ... no one really at 86kg), he's 3-1 against the only guy that can beat him at 86kg (an Olympic weight) and there's no guarantee he'd have a better shot at beating Ghasempour than Yazdani (to the contrary, Ghasempour is clearly elite and could be a worse stylistic match up for him). Just doesn't make sense and hard to see it ever happening.
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    92 Kg

    This won't happen. He's the reigning 86kg olympic champ. Why move up to a non Olympic weight with a tough stylistic match up domestically and a guy that could usurp him potentially in Kamran. At 86kg he owns the weight domestically and currently is pretty much guaranteed a final position with him and Yaz. And the one loss to Yaz won't push him out. It will motivate him to try and beat him. Momentum is with Yaz of course. So yeah. Not happening haha. I imagine his main goal now is to be double olympic champ
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Thanks-Swagger that what it is - I knew there would be a proper word for that.By visiting this forum at least my English vocabulary is getting a bit of a boost...although shame my wrestling knowledge does not seem to improve much ;)
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    Love the ESPN+ Able to watch a lot of college football from FCS and FBS schools too.
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    Star is a nice community that used to be a small country town but exploded in population - CSI is still a JC. Idaho has several NAIA schools that could add.
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    Oregon State and UVU are wrestling in Nampa (by Boise) in January to bring more exposure to wrestling in the valley. I never thought we would have to do that in the valley. CP and Williams want BSU wrestling back and they hope it will help in that effort.
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    No coverage for Cliff Keen, Bearcat Open?

    That's why I said "yep" to your question....
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    NIL Issues in Happy Valley?

    I dunno. I think 1032004 should report Yianni to the NCAA.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Yazdani and Zare have differing characters/styles also. Yazdani Is the type of character that on most occasions does the right thing, says the right thing and perhaps in that respect is very much conventional and coforms with the role what Iranians want to see in wrestling Champion. Zare seems to have more personality and interested in pushing the boundaries a bit which make him a bit more colourful compared to Yazdani. But I guess we are lucky to have both as elite wrestlers.
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    Yet I've been able to watch it for years.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    I think they limited teams to only 2 World Team members. so I assume that wasn't possible. I think the league starts in 2 or 3 days in 4 groups in 4 different towns. the league's poster
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    Dad (Jim) is a world medalist and led Indiana University to much success in the 1980s before heading into the business world. Some say he was the architect of the Kendall Cross win over Terry Brands.
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    Top 10 at 65 kg

    2050’s posts are at least as worthy as any from the pastry or the guido…
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    My 2 Cents on Yazdani Vs Taylor

    Is this really 2 cents on Yazdani-Taylor? If it is then you should ask to be paid by the word.
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