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    Seabass to 125

    Seabass has never met a competitor he is scared of or a consolation bracket he cares about
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    Here you go, Bronco. Your never-ending war against Stanford sports information can take a break for a week. https://gostanford.com/news/2021/10/26/wrestling-2021-22-schedule-announced.aspx
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    U23 Worlds Belgrade, Serbia (Greco)

    taylor lamont has been on every age level greco team since '58... has one junior bronze i believe... stepanian was in the finals of senior trials against jones... he is not a punk... and he can definitely roll up 55kg kids in par terre... nutter was on a couple of age level teams in the past... not much to add past that...
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    Fantastic JB Interview on FRL

    Jordan Burroughs is the finest ambassador for wrestling at the moment. And he is an absolute topnotch interview. He was on FRL this morning and if you are not a Flo subscriber, it is available for free on YouTube. His insights and how he thinks about wrestling and competition are excellent. He also has a very mature attitude toward his competitors. Well worth the listen. And as a bonus he called Ben Askren out for his roll in the Kyle Dake fiasco. Ben apologized, but his explanation was cut short by JB unfortunately. I would have liked to hear more about his thought process.
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    What move/technique is this?

    See the video below. It should be queued right before a takedown. Red then wraps his legs around blues arm and appears to be going for a pin? I am not sure I have seen this in the FS matches I have watched.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    not in the preliminary round. but both of their clubs are expected to make it to the final 4. so that's possible
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    Knox beats Basset at Super 32

    matside weigh-ins would essentially do away with the need for current weight control programs, as having to wrestle immediately after weighing in would require participation at a healthy weight.
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    U23 Worlds Belgrade, Serbia (Greco)

    hey... i am hopeful... USA Greco brought home a medal at cadets, juniors, seniors, and veterans already this year... the bus is rolling right now...
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    U23 Worlds Belgrade, Serbia (Greco)

    I'm just here to say I love Serbia.
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    Wrestle Off Results

    Mizzou had some interesting results but only a few "true" wrestle offs 125: Noah Surtin over Connor Brown 9-7 133: Trey Crawford over Korbin Shepard 4-2; Matt Schmitt didn't wrestle tonight but didn't have any obvious issues, I still think he'll end up starting 149: Josh Edmond over Logan Gioffre 12-4; this could end up being relevant if Mauller redshirts like some have predicted 174: Peyton Mocco over Sean Harman 5-3
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    Knox beats Basset at Super 32

    I believe the weigh is were the night before so keep that in mind. Definitely helps the guy with the bigger cut.
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    Someone piss in your Wheaties this morning? Not everyone knows every team's tournament schedule, do they? I found it interesting that these two schools (pretty sure that Cornell wasn't listed on Stanford's schedule at these tournaments, so the ability to read wasn't at issue) will be facing each other four times (including NCAAs).
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    Iran Wrestling News

    This is what I think of Mohammadian. That Matteo Pellicone tournament where he smoked all his opponents including Kyle Snyder. After that performance, I was beginning to think that this would be the one to stop Sadulaev’s reign. But instead, Mohammadian seemed to shut down a lot. It makes me wonder how was he so dominant at that tournament with a good number of past World and Olympic Medalists and dominating them. And after that, slowed down and was never the same. It would have been a far better deal if either Goleij or Shabani were at Tokyo. I’m beyond excited for Goleij to be Iran’s entry till at least 2024. He just missed a win over Snyder by 3 seconds that obviously ticked him off terribly. But I’m confident he’s going to use that defeat as motivation to do better down the road. I can see him beat Snyder. I know it’d take more work to beat Sadulaev, but I can count on him. I like Goleij for Iran at 97kg. The whole team is consistent of winning medals.
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    Wrestle Off Results

    My friend was in the mic with Corby calling the event and said it was awesome!
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    Onitsuka Tiger #oldschool

    Show of hands : ) How many of "us" (yes me) started our wrestling careers with a pair of Onitsuka Tiger wrestling shoes that later became known as ASICS? http://www.onitsukatiger.com/en-us Cael recently tweeted a photo of a "classic" pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes and it brought back old memories. Here's the link: https://twitter.com/caelsanderson/statu ... 46/photo/1
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    Wrestle Off Results

    Couple upsets over at LockHaven. Luke Werner losing his starting spot?
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    NIL Issues in Happy Valley?

    Snitches get stitches.
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    NIL Facts

    What is Onlyfans? I just googled it at work and now I have a meeting with HR?!?!
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    Onitsuka Tiger #oldschool

    Here's a favorite pair of mine....Russian wrestling shoes from a long time ago....
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    Anticipate Lineups for 21-22

    Hope it is this one
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