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    My wish for each wrestling country

    I know none of these will happen in the near future, but here is one thing I wish each wrestling country would do differently. Russia - Get hard vigilant against juicing, and get rid of it once and for all. Russian wrestlers are already very good, no need for juicing USA - Get rid of folkstyle wrestling at the college and high school levels (at least college levels) , and replace it with Freestyle wrestling. I guarantee US would do much better in world championships and olympics Iran - Stop the stupid policy of avoiding athletes from Israel. Go back to the days before the revolution where Iranian wrestlers pinned Israeli wrestlers left and and right Countries that suck in wrestling (e.g. Bahrain) . Instead of paying good wrestlers from other countries to change their citizenship to yours and wrestler for you, do what India did, invest in some good foreign coaches, and turn your program around.
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    drag it


    Wanted to give some separate-thread props to these two guys. That was fabulous. The first half of the dual had a close score but no competitive matches and with the injury at 133 everything seemed a little off (watching by TV anyway). Then the top marquee match of the top dual of the year if not years leads off the second half and the 2x nat'l champ and the guy who was undefeated against him put on a show. Great ties all match, particularly multiple extended stretches with the best double unders guy and the best double overs guy getting their holds in and ending up in a titanic throw that went the other way from prior matches. Marinelli battling back and hitting his own throw which with more time in the period might have made it a nail biter to the end. Blood all over both wrestlers faces for half the match. Boom! Great stuff.
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    The Littlest Hawkeye

    Personal announcement, a future world champion for the USA and Hawkeye Wrestling Club was born yesterday. My daughter is going to end Japanese stranglehold on women's wrestling. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I’ll have him on Short Time next week.
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    Best Wrestlers in Clarion History

    I can’t tell if this post is a parody.
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    I completely agree. I too am a miserable old man who hates fun.
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    J'den Cox Announces Move up to 97kg

    One side using facts (beat DT, moved up a weight, opened things up for DT) and the other side is using excuses (fake injuries, horrible refs). And one side is saying the other is an idiot. Hmmmm
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    Occam's Razor is a problem solving framework that is often summarized by stating that the simplest solution is most likely the correct one. Through that prism let's analyze the problem of whether Austin DeSanto faked injury or not. SPOILER ALERT: He did not. To come to the conclusion that he faked injury requires a number of assumptions and guesses each with incredibly low probabilities attached to them, yet many posts assign absolute certainty to these assumptions and guesses. Some of my favorites are that he was faking injury to preserve his ranking and faking injury to avoid humiliation. What do we know about him? He is an incredibly skilled wrestler. One of the most skilled wrestlers in the country at his weight class. We also know that to become one of the most skilled wrestlers in the country at his weight class requires traits like dedication, diligence, perseverance, hard work, fortitude, discipline, and probably many others I am too tired to remember. So on the one hand we can parse video to determine which steps he did and did not limp on, judge his motivations and thought processes without ever having spent a moment in his presence and ignore all of the traits I already listed above to make the highly unlikely assumption that he is faking injury. Or. And this takes a big mental leap here. We can assume that he is injured. Occam's Razor, my friends. There is one absolute certainty in wrestling. Any person who spends any significant amount of time wrestling will absolutely, positively get injured in some way at some point. And yet, when a wrestler actually claims to be injured we do not want to believe the simple, hugely likely possibility that he actually is injured. I understand that some of his past behavior has been distasteful (for example, Micic's elbow), but that in no way changes the likelihood that he is actually injured. I fear it only changes what people want to believe about the likelihood of the more improbable, more tortured set of assumptions and guesses. Lest you think I am in any way connected to Iowa or Iowa wrestling, let me state for the record I was, in fact, in Carver Hawkeye Arena this past Friday. I was also one of the approximately 10 people there wearing a Penn State pull over and Penn State Wrestling t-shirt. Though I never know what to say when someone inevitably says "WE ARE" to me. Sorry. If none of that moves you perhaps try this more selfish motive. Believe him when he says he is injured. You will just feel better about yourself.
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    How to watch Iowa vs PSU tonight

    I believe there is actually a pre meet show dedicated to wrestling for the first time on BTN
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    just watched it... not even close to a pin... i really don't know what some of you people are seeing...
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    Marcus Cisero

    New FLO FRL's

    Flowrestling continues to look for ways to give us more for our money. They seem to get better each year. The new FRL’s are just another example. I also believe they have something to do with the extra coverage provided by BTN and other national broadcasts. For me, the $150 annual rate is a bargain for the content they provide.
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    Old Corps

    Most tap outs in NCAA history

    American Folkstyle wrestling actually allowed submission holds for a while in the 1920's and 30's. The double-wristlock and Japanese keylock were two go-to moves back then.
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    DeSanto "No Mas" Against RBY

    He tweaked his knee and freaked because he was caught in a cradle. Then when he got caught in the second cradle, he freaked out again and quit.
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    Iowa vs tOSU

    Iowa fans making excuses after talking ****. IM SHOCKED
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    Sabanov of Ossetia df. Orudzhiev of NY
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    I'm in the camp that this guy should be ignored til he pays up.
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    Interesting that Desanto said he "just tweaked" his knee and is "100%" Things that make you go "Hmmmm..."
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    For people that are there in person to go take a piss
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    tOSU/PSU discussion

    I'm a Penn State fan, but found myself rooting for Traub!
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    Kyle and J'den will both be working on their cradles in the next few weeks.
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    Parris vs Gable S., who ya' got?

    Here's really all you need to know: * Gable is a witch (warlock to be specific) * When weighed, Gable weighs similar to that of tiny pebbles or small churches * Witches also float in water, like tiny pebbles or small churches. * Ducks also float in water Therefore... Gable is a DUCK.
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    Parris dominates Cassioppi last night to check one more "deficiency" off of his resume (sort of) because of having lost badly to him in freestyle pre-NCAA career. It's well documented that he's got a world class takedown with his fireman's, but I saw a few things in last night's match (as representative of his folk style season, really) that I like for his international future: 1) He can shoot almost at will without ever being in trouble against big, strong guys. He can maneuver back out if necessary or work to his patented fireman's and dump as a re-shot when it's there. 2) He can defend a very tough snatch single or snatch high-c, which he'll face often against top competition. Last night, he twice went to the wizzer/near ankle grab. The first time, he limp-armed out and spun behind. The second time, Cassioppi pressed in to defend the limp arm, so he reached across and attacked the opposite ankle to take him down and follow up with his turk and the fall. He will find those same two sequences very useful on the international mat. 3) His attack rate and gas tank are top notch. He attacked non-stop last night, yet is somehow very relaxed and under control between sequences and scrambles. I'm not sure any top heavyweight in the world has his gas tank with it not being emphasized nearly as much outside the U.S. I anticipate him getting into some high-scoring, high-output types of matches down the road against international guys. He's obviously got the makeup to push through and come out on top in those types of matches. I think Parris will have enough holes defensively on the feet and in par terre to be vulnerable to a handful of guys at the Trials, but I'm increasingly optimistic that he's developing into something beyond an NCAA force.
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    Lee will pin Pletcher

    Name your RTC, I got a c-note this doesn’t happen.
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    red blades

    Cornell Big Red Wrestling

    Cornell cruises 30-6. Darmstadt back in action, scores a fall under a minute.
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    My favorite part of the FRL yesterday was Kyle Bratke's Flo defense, which went something like: "The reason Flo's rankings are better than anybody else's is because Flo has rules. They're not written down anywhere, and I can only think of two of them off the top of my head, but, believe me, we have rules and everybody knows them."
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    You mean revenge on his revenge. Everyone seems to mention Moran beating Lee last year (in SV-2), but fail to mention that Lee turned around and majored Moran in Big Tens. And while Pletcher has looked amazing this year I still have to lean toward Lee.
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    I think so. Both for celebration. Why does wrestling hate itself so much?
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    Folks here spend more time arguing/discussing semantics than they do wrestling... Once you figure out who those arguers are, it becomes way more enjoyable. We could all name 5-7 posters off the top of our heads who do this. The issue becomes those said posters would then argue to the death that they don't do it... My favorite forum by far. I'm glad it's here.
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    You make a great point. Like you, I was on the fence about 141 as a whole. Pletcher and Lee are disposing of everyone. Big 10's is going to be a good one. I am Iowa born and raised, but I don't think there's any way Murin could even keep it respectable against either of them. I honestly think he gets majored by either. That's saying a lot too, because Murin is solid. I just think Lee and Pletcher have evolved a lot this year and are on another level.
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    Am I the only one who thinks finishing is a good life lesson? It’s not like he’s endangering his health cutting to his weight class or wrestling with a crippling injury.
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    Iowa vs tOSU

    Your team lost 7 matches to 3 and you're in here crowing about a SV rideout win where your guy didn't even attempt a TD let alone come close to scoring offensively, and had to win three video reviews to win the match. Incredible.
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    Nebraska v. PSU

    Brooks was injured at Senior Nationals. He's not quite back to form yet.
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    I think you also have to add Michigan State and Indiana to this list. They were just dead when Minkel and Ski mask Goldman were there. They change coaches and Chandler and Escobeda are starting to get things going. I thought it was an awful hire when Michigan State hired Chandler who was part of Minkel staff but I was wrong.
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    Marinelli vs White

    How often does Marinelli get the wrist in that position, bar it up and come out front to get a turn or even a pin? In a vacuum, ok, I can see what you are saying, but Marinelli has consistently used this position to get back points.
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    What does this tell us

    Maryland is garbage, MSU is less garbage
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    i'm just trying to do my part... make a difference...
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    Dream On

    Excellent, Med Man! Your descriptions hit home for me, and it WAS like I know you! Terrific.
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    Michigan State beats Wisconsin

    No. You aren't getting the point. We could all play what if all we want. Wisconsin put their best team out tonight. That didn't include Moran because the staff knew he shouldn't wrestle. Santos tonight still beats Moran tonight, had he suited up. You don't get to choose what version of Moran shows up. Using your logic I could then turn around and say that had Foley wrestled 125 would have been bonus the other way.
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    Except get his hand raised!
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    1997 NCAA Champions

    The book following Dan Gable for this season was a great read. Highly suggest it for everyone.
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    Yarygin 2020 brackets

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NImcKBCtXYITUVjq35uxACRaVRQ5VyE0RgslDK1FmKY/edit?usp=sharing There's a link to a spreadsheet I put together a while back. It has all of the Russian, USA, and Iranian World and Olympic team members and how they placed at Worlds/Olympics since 2008. The first page shows Russia's information and whether or not the representative won Russian Nationals. On the years a different rep was sent, it is highlighted and shows the rep sent, along with their finish. Out of 94 total World/Olympic team members, they sent a different rep from the Russian Nationals Champ 17 times. 14 of those who took the place of Russian National winners won medals (6 golds, 3 silvers, 5 bronze). I don't have any contextual information concerning why a different rep was sent but at least this is a starting place for you.
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    Iowa vs tOSU

    Comments by a former NCAA Champ about Sasso's effort v Lugo: "He was masterful in countering a high performing Lugo. He did it in Carver Hawkeye Arena. The referee made the right calls and he did not get homered, (although every Iowa fan on every public forum thinks Lugo got robbed.) It's telling when people attack the person rather than the call and have no basis for the call. Brands swore Sasso went to his hip which he didn't in part to his amazing flexibility and kinesthetic awareness. To know the rules and wrestle the gray areas (unorthodox and positional) was just outstanding. Thank you Sammy Sasso for your show of excellence. Not to mention your outstanding ride on top in regulation and in overtime. You should have the confidence that you are ahead by 2 points due to your ability to escape and ride your opponent. All you have to do is execute."
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    Iowa vs tOSU

    I feel bad for Decatur. This is just an awful match up.
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    Yarygin 2020 brackets

    I assumed he was saying McKenna had a takedown at the end that wasn't awarded. But I havent seen any results. i took it as pointing out that although mckenna was "behind" him, he didn't have control or 3 points on the mat and therefore no takedown...
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    1) Will Berge start breathing? 2) Will Carl tell Bo which MMA weight class he is allowed to compete in? 3) Will anyone taking an Oly RS make the Olympic team?
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    And then there are those of us that lay...
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