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    Just put a bit of water in the bottom of a saucepan and let it cook inside covered for a couple minutes if you dont have a proper steamer. If you have a pan with a steaming compartment, steam as normal.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Kyle Dake shuts down guy who has been piss pounding most of the world in the past year. Internet forums: "Dake looks bad, I expect Dieringer to take match 2."
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    In freestyle why in the world would you open up when you're up 4-0? When you open up you expose yourself some too, and one 4 pointer and Ringer wins. He did exactly what he should have up 4-0 in a do or die series.
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    Not that great. Better. 1. 4x champ. One of four ever. 2. NO REDSHIRT 4x champ. Only one ever. Can't be emphasized enough. 3. Moved up on purpose to wrestle the defending and future Hodge winner and future world champ. Beat him three times in three different kinds of matches, twice from behind. 4. Beat two Iowa and two Penn State guys in the finals. Those four were: Guy who won Hodge year before and year after. Guy who was undefeated champ the year after and future Olympian. Dake put a literally humiliating beating on him with a shocking 6 minutes plus of riding time. Guy who was champ the next year. Guy who in future lost OT in finals and lost OT in semis to champ in one of most controversial matches ever. 5. Undefeated last two years. NCAAs those years: Jr. year: 1st pd fall, 1st pd fall, 2d pd fall, 4-0, 4-1 Sr. year: First four matches: 29-0. Final vs 2x Hodge winner (who had pinned way to finals with three in first period and won in 3:25), 5-4 with late stalling point, opponent took off ankle bands with time still on clock. 6. Did all this while dealing with going to class and getting good grades at Ivy League college, which I guarantee you was a factor in his (few) losses.
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    Top 5

    1. Cinnabon 2. Cinnabon 3. Cinnabon 4. Cinnabon 5. Cinnabon He's the reason that I seldom come here anymore. When it's closer to the season, I'll be back in full force I'm sure but he makes it hard to bear.
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    huh? sumo matches are like 12 seconds long. this was nothing like sumo. people need to watch more sumo and stop using it as a pejorative to describe anything they don't like about other wrestling styles.
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    More on Greco v. Freestyle

    Last style is typically the preferred style of the host nation. Kazakhstan are hosting and they prefer freestyle. Junior worlds, for example, were in Estonia, a greco nation, so Greco was last.
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    This is hardly an outlandish take. Snyder is a great technician, a physical monster, and an absolute force of will. But Sadulaev is a once in a generation phenom--already an all-time great at 23 (allegedly). He's lost 3 times in his entire career, and only once since 2013 (to Snyder). Sort of? He teched everyone at World's last year, including Odikadze who holds 1 win over Snyder back in 2016, and obviously pinned Snyder. Most recently he teched Baitcaev in their wrestle off. But he's had a couple of close ones as well... namely a 3-1 win and a 3-0 win at Euros. It's not rocket science, but I think Snyder's approach has to be to keep the match close, and make it extremely physical for the first 4:30. If he's going to get him, it's going to be late. And also, to reign in his damn adrenaline in the first 30 seconds of the match. It nearly cost him the match in 2017 and obviously cost him in 2018.
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    Jordan Burroughs DNP 3-1-1 Kerry McCoy DNP 1-3-1 TJ Jaworsky DNP 1-1-1 Ricky Bonomo DNP 1-1-1 John Smith DNP 2-1-1 Mark Schultz DNP 1-1-1 Nate Carr DNP 1-1-1
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    Koll on the Arbitration

    I really do not understand the extreme hatred for Koll by some people, or Cael Sanderson. Both have done amazing things as wrestlers and coaches. Both have found a level of success never before seen by their programs. Both have positively impacted more young men than most of us could ever dream of. This current situation really comes down to both coaches did what they felt was necessary to protect their wrestlers. The call was made on the mat. The correct scoring is debatable but the call was made and the score reflected that on the scoreboard. Should the score have changed? I have yet to see a definitive answer on whether or not 2-2 was even allowed. If it wasn't, a protocol is to be followed, which wasn't. Regardless, there is a rule in place for a challenge, the rule wasn't followed. All of these procedures and rules are put in place to make sure that the correct scoring occurs and the wrestlers know the score during the match. Cael decided to challenge the score on the scoreboard at the end of the match. I guess he didn't like the outcome and chose to try and get it changed, which I do not blame him for at all! Due to a complete disregard for the rules and procedures clearly outlined in the rule book (not the guideline book as some would suggest), he did get the outcome changed. At this point, Koll decided to follow the procedures in place to protect his wrestler because he did not like the how the outcome of the match was changed after the fact. So he followed the procedure and got the match thrown out. Really, the match should have been awarded to Yianni but I suppose a compromise was reached. The claim is being made that Zain is the better wrestler. Sure, you can argue that but it is not material fact. It also would not be a fact to say Yianni is a better wrestler than Zain. Yianni is not yet the world team rep. He has to win 2 matches in a row to earn that spot. This process just got him the right to try and win the spot, which he should have considering the miserable handling of match 2. If Zain is clearly the better wrestler, he will know doubt win at least 1 of the 2 matches. Especially since they seem to go back and forth with adjustments and Yianni dominated the last match. This process is still heavily to Zain's advantage. If Zain wins the first match, he is the rep. If Yianni wins the first match, they will wrestle again. If Zain wins the 2nd match, you will hear complaints that the first match should have been the deciding factor and Yianni got screwed. Not from me, but it will get said. If Yianni wins the 2nd match, it will be a very clear indication of who the better wrestler is right now. Maybe he is just better, maybe the injury is the reason or any other number of factors, but right now it should be a clear indication. Yianni will have won the last 3 matches (Dogu and 2 in a row) which could be argued 4 (2nd match at WTT). People will argue that Zain got screwed. Either way, this at least removes SOME of the doubt as to who should be representing USA. BUT, it will not stop the bickering. I just wish people would stop attacking Koll or Cael for doing their job as Coaches. They are both near top of the best coaches list (Cael is AT the top & Koll hasn't won a title, I know). Both of them do amazing things for their wrestlers, their programs and the sport of wrestling. This situation changes none of that! I have strong connections to all parties involved (Penn State, Cornell, Zain & Yianni). I am not rooting for either wrestler to win or lose. Both are great young men from great families, members of great programs and led by great coaches. I just want to see a process that is as fair as it can be. Match 2 at the WTT was extremely unfair to Yianni and I would say the exact same thing if the roles were reversed. This outcome is about as fair a compromise as one could imagine.
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    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    I was a fairly weak looking wrestler. And I was weak.
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    Greco Day 3...Coon, Smith, Hafizov

    lol you guys expect them to hand all gold medals to Russia. don't you ? sometimes you have to score yourself. another passivity parterre ? you really should improve your knowledge about wrestling rules before complaining !! per rules. only 2 passivity parterre is possible for a match. no parterre for the 3rd passivity caution. and they only award it in case of 1-1 score. Surkov simply walked into the final with the dream draw he had. Borrero survived a brutal draw beating so many tough guys including Staebler and Ryu Han-su.
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    50KG - 28 Entries, 8 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Ankicheva (KAZ) - Junior Silver 16 Islamova (KAZ) - World 5 2015, Asian Bronze 19 Ciricu-Budeanu (MDA) - Junior Champ 13 Conder (USA) - Junior Champ 07 Demirhan (TUR) - World Bronze 17 Irie (JPN) - Junior Champ 12, University Champ 12, Asian Champ 19 Kagata (JPN) - World Champ 17 Kim (PRK) - World Bronze 17 Livach (UKR) - World Bronze 18 Matkowska (POL) - This will be her 14th World/Olympics. World Bronze 06, World Silver 14 Petersson (SWE) - Junior Bronze 13 Poleshchuk (RUS) - U23 Bronze 17, Russian Nationals Silver 19 Riesterer (GER) - Junior Silver 18 Selishka Georgieva (BUL) - Junior Bronze 16, Euro Silver 19 Stadnik (AZE) - World Champ 09, World Silver 11, 15, 18, Olympic Silver 12, 16, World Bronze 14, Olympic Bronze 08 Stankevich (BLR) - Junior Bronze 15, Euro Bronze 19 Sun (CHN) - World Champ 13, World Silver 12, Olympic Bronze 16, World Bronze 18 Tsogtochir (MGL) - U23 Bronze 18 Vuc (ROU) - World Silver 17 53KG - 31 Entries, 14 World Medalists. 3 World Champs Akhmetova Amanzhol (KAZ) - World 5th 07, 10, 12, Olympic 5th 08 Eshimova (KAZ) - World Silver 08, World Bronze 11 Arguello Villegas (VEN) - Olympic 5th 16 Blaszka (NED) - World Bronze 15 Denes (HUN) - Junior Silver 14, Junior Bronze 12, 13 Erdenechimeg (MGL) - World Silver 13 Hemmer (GER) - Junior Bronze 11, Euro Games Bronze 19 Hildebrandt (USA) - World Silver 18 Kaladzinskaya (BLR) - World Champ 12, 17 Keunimyaeva (UZB) - Junior Silver 18, Asian Bronze 19 Khavaldzhy Blahinya (UKR) - World Bronze 08 Mattsson (SWE) - World Champ 09, World Silver 11, 13, 14, 15, World Bronze 10, Olympic Bronze 16 Montero Herrera (CUB) - World Silver 17, World Bronze 18 Mukaida (JPN) - World Champ 16, 18, World Silver 17 Nasirova (AZE) - Junior Champ 15 Nikolova (BUL) - World Bronze 15 Orshush (RUS) - Junior Silver 13, Euro Champ 19 Pak (PRK) - World 5th 17, Asian Champ 18, 19 Pang (CHN) - World Bronze 18 Prevolaraki (GRE) - World Bronze 12, 17 Weicker (CAN) - World Bronze 18 Yetgil (TUR) - Junior Bronze 17 Zasina (POL) - World Bronze 17 55KG - 18 Entries, 0 World/Olympic Medalists. 0 World/Olympic Champs Ana (ROU) - U23 Bronze 18 Husyak (UKR) - University Champ 12, World 5th 13 Irie (JPN) - Junior Champ 15 Khoroshavtseva (RUS) - Junior Bronze 13 Lukasiak (POL) - University Silver 16 Nadirova (KGZ) - University Bronze 16 Sedneva (KAZ) - Junior Bronze 15, Junior Silver 16 Wendle (GER) - University Silver 18 Winchester (USA) - World 5th 18, University Bronze 14 57KG - 31 Entries, 7 World/Olympic Medalists. 2 World/Olympic Champs Adekuoroye (NGR) - World Bronze 15, World Silver 17 Antes Castillo (ECU) - Pan Am Games Champ 19, World 5th 14 Barka (HUN) - World Bronze 13, 16, 18 Brugger (GER) - U23 Bronze 18, Junior Bronze 16 Bullen (NOR) - U23 Champ 18, Junior Bronze 17 Burkert (USA) - Pan Am Games Silver 19 Carieri (ITA) - Junior Bronze 15 Chykhradze Khariv (UKR) - World Bronze 14 Kawai (JPN) - World Champ 17, 18. Olympic Champ 16, World Silver 15 Kurachkina (BLR) - World Bronze 17 Lindborg (SWE) - Junior Bronze 18 Nichita (MDA) - Junior Champ 18, Junior Silver 17, 19. Euro Games and Championships Bronze 19 Rong (CHN) - World Champ 18 Simonyan (RUS) - U23 5th 2018, Russian Nationals Silver 2019 Yesilirmak (TUR) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 14, 15 59 KG - 18 Entries, 5 World/Olympic Medalists. 1 World/Olympic Champ Baatarjav (MGL) - World Bronze 18 Dhanda (IND) - World Bronze 18 Hanchar-Yanushkevich (BLR) - World 5th 15, 16 Inagaki (JPN) - Junior Champ 19, Asian Senior Champ 19 Lysak (UKR) - Junior Silver 16 Morais (CAN) - World Bronze 16 Omelchenko (AZE) - U23 Bronze 16 Ovcharova (RUS) - Junior Champ 14, 15 Pei (CHN) - World Champ 16, World Bronze 18 Ragan (USA) - World Silver 16, 17 Zhydachevska (ROU) - World 5th 18 62KG - 36 Entries, 8 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Amri (TUN) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Silver 17 Campagna (ITA) - Junior Bronze 18, Euro Silver 19 Cherdivara-Esanu (MDA) - Junior Silver 11 Enkhbat (MGL) - U23 Bronze 17, 18 Esenbaeva (UZB) - Junior Silver 18, Asian Bronze 19 Godinez Gonzalez (CAN) - Junior Bronze 19 Johansson (SWE) - World Bronze 10 Kawai (JPN) - World Silver 18 Kuznetsova (RUS) - U23 Bronze 18 Miracle (USA) - Junior Bronze 14, 16, Pan Am Champ 19 Niemesch (GER) - Junior Silver 14, World 5th 17, U23 Bronze 18 Renteria Castillo (COL) - World Bronze 17 Sastin (HUN) - World Champ 13, World Silver 05, 11, World Bronze 09 Tkach (UKR) - World Champ 14, World Silver 17 World Bronze 15, 18 Tynybekova (KGZ) - World Bronze 17 Yusein (BUL) - World Champ 18, World Silver 12, 13, World Bronze 14, 15 65KG - 17 Entries, 1 World/Olympic Medalist. O World/Olympic Champs Brouillette (CAN) - University Bronze 16, Pan Am Silver 19 Koliadenko (UKR) - Junior Bronze 18, U23 Bronze 18 Manolova (AZE) - U23 Silver 18, Junior Bronze 15, 16 Mattsson (SWE) - World Bronze 10, 17 Molinari (USA) - World 5th 18, Pan Am Champ 18 Navjot (IND) - Junior Bronze 09, World 5th 12 Ruike (JPN) - Cadet Champ 17, Junior Asian Champ 18, Asian Silver 19 Sleisz (HUN) - University Silver 16, University Bronze 12 Trazhukova (RUS) - University Silver 10, 12, Olympic 5th 16 Wang (CHN) - U23 Bronze 18 Yaneva (BUL) - Junior Silver 17 68KG - 32 Entries, 13 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Caneva (ITA) - Junior Silver 14, Junior Bronze 13 Domikaityte (LTU) - Junior Bronze 14, U23 Bronze 17 Dosho (JPN) - Olympic Champ 16, World Champ 17, World Silver 14, World Bronze 13, 15 Fransson (SWE) - World Champ 12, Olympic Bronze 16 Grigorjeva (LAT) - World Bronze 14, 17 Hanzlickova (CZE) - U23 Bronze 17 Lappage (CAN) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 12 Larionova (KAZ) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Bronze 13 Larroque (FRA) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 17 Mamashuk (BLR) - Olympic Silver 16 Mensah (USA) - World Bronze 18 Netreba (AZE) - World Bronze 18 Sanchez Rodriguez (CUB) - U23 Champ 18, U23 Bronze 17, Junior Silver 17 Soronzonbold (MGL) - World Champ 10, 15, World Silver 13, Olympic Bronze 12 Tosun (TUR) - World Bronze 18 Velieva (RUS) - Junior Champ 17, 18, Junior Bronze 19, U23 Bronze 18 Wieszczek-Kordus (POL) - Olympic Bronze 08 Zhou (CHN) - World Silver 15, World Bronze 18 72KG - 12 Entries, 2 World/Olympic Medalist. 2 World/Olympic Champ Anghel (ROU) - Junior Bronze 17, U23 Silver 18 Bakbergenova (KAZ) - U23 Bronze 18 Berezhna (UKR) - World Champ 13 Francis (USA) - Junior Bronze 14 Furuichi (JPN) - Junior Champ 14, 15, 16 Paliha (CHN) - U23 Champ 18, World 5th 17 Vorobieva (RUS) - Olympic Champ 12, Olympic Silver 16, World Champ 15, World Bronze 14, World Silver 13 76 KG - 33 Entries, 14 World/Olympic Medalists. 4 World/Olympic Champs Adar (TUR) - World Champ 17, World Silver 18 Bukina (RUS) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Silver 11, World Bronze 10 Chang (TPE) - Junior Silver 19, Junior Bronze 17 da Silva Ferreira (BRA) - World Silver 14 Gray (USA) - World Champ 12, 14, 15, 18 World Bronze 11, 13 Kuenz (AUT) - World Bronze 18 Mae (EST) - World Bronze 15 Marin Potrille (CUB) - Junior Champ 19 Marzaliuk (BLR) - World Silver 17, World Bronze 11, 15 Medet Kyzy (KGZ) - Junior Champ 17 Minagawa Suzuki (JPN) - World Bronze 17, 18 Ochirbat (MGL) - World Silver 09, World Bronze 13, 14 Palinska (POL) - Junior Bronze 12 Rotter Focken (GER) - World Champ, 14World Silver 17, World Bronze 15 Saenko (MDA) - World Bronze 05 Syzdykova (KAZ) - Olympic Bronze 16 Wiebe (CAN) - Olympic Champ 16, World Bronze 18 Zhou (CHN) - World Silver 15, World Bronze 14
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    This forum is pretty tame. I actually wish there were less restrictions like it used to be. The board is not designed purely for wrestling information. There is a level of entertainment posts that you cant find in other places. Lets not take that away because you find some posts crude.
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    Iowa ranked #1 by WIN magazine

    Of course Iowa should be #1 preseason. Not debatable. They’ve won 8 of the last 9 team titles, they have 7 returning AA’s, 3 of them being past champions. What ranking service wouldn’t rank them 1 to start the season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Zain Wins

    Unbearable, I tell ya. "Yianni had nothing for Zain". It was 2-1, and Penn State fans are crowing like Zain teched him. They can't just enjoy the well-earned win, they literally have to fabricate attacks against the opponent's ability.
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    Top 5

    1) People who don't call me "amigo." 2) People who don't tell me I'm like family. 3) People who don't boast about trysts with skanky, intoxicated cougars. 4) People who don't call it the world's oldest and gratest sport. 5) People who don't like to make fun of Tom and Terry.
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    Imagine mudflap on the loose in sin city
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    Hi LJB, That is one way to do it but I have found if you love wrestling, you can learn any style. It depends on your end game I guess. I remember in the my final trials match in 92 I lost to Dan Henderson. Dan was a great all around wrestler but he didn't take the traditional college route after HS and went to Russia to train in GR. Worked for him but I would say it is even more difficult today because you are dealing with fewer weight classes (Olympic years anyway). Right off the bat you have a 40% lower chance of making the team than in say 1992 because of this alone. I remember when someone asked Lincoln McIlravy why he retired and he simply stated because I didn't have a weight class anymore. Personal opinion though...I think the Olympics are way over rated and there are much better opportunities to pursue. I had three sons all wrestle through HS and I was their coach. All enjoyed the sport and what it offered them and they wouldn't trade the experience for anything. However, none of them had the same level of passion I did for the sport and now pursue different professions. In the end, to even keep them in a sport as demanding as wrestling is a challenge...especially when the world around them offers instant gratification. I digress though as that is another topic altogether.
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    Jimmy's pulling deep in to the well... If his legacy was Heil-like going into his senior season, then I could see where that has effect. But his was of always looking to score, sometimes with dynamic, creative stuff that many if not all had never seen before. One tight match with a little controversy doesn't impact his legacy at all.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Dake gave ref doctor note before match explaining why he can only go backwards due to the 'injury' ;_;
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    Mijain Lopez at 2019 Worlds?

    He came this year just to scare everyone. Next year he will wrestle.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    I was expecting more but It wasn't that bad. Saravi and Taheri could medal. Geraei and Abdevali could be in the final if they could use their brain. the only disappointment was Kaviani. this is a very young team. first World Senior Champs for 8 of them. most of them were in the junior team in past couple of years. and I care more about the Olympic quotas. they got 2 and Geraei has a chance to make it 3. no country won more than that. even Russia got just 3. I think 87kg and 97kg won't be a problem for Iran to qualify the weight in Asia, but 67kg doesn't look good. they have to try someone else next time. Hamed Tab is not the answer
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    Not to steer off topic, but I found this Russian Journalist's womens' picks to be interesting. TIGRAN AVANIAN Russian journalist Women's freestyle 50 kg/110 lbs. – Kika Kagata (Japan) 53 kg/116.5 lbs. - Mayu Mukaida (Japan) 55 kg/121 lbs. - Nanami Irie (Japan) 57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Risako Kawai (Japan) 59 kg/130 lbs. – Yuzuka Inagaki (Japan) 62 kg/136.5 lbs. - Yukako Kawai (Japan) 65 kg/143 lbs. - Naomi Ruike (Japan) 68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Sara Dosho (Japan) 72 kg/158.5 lbs.- Masako Furuichi (Japan) 76 kg/167.5 lbs. - Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (Japan)
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    You have a valid point that if you base it off of recent international results alone, it looks like he is going to dnp and I am not refuting that. However, if you look deeper into it, I think it paints a bigger picture as to where he is at compared to the top of the world. His Yasar results stem from losing to Yianni (who he has now beaten twice when it mattered) and then defaulting out of the rest of the tournament because of an injury. His Yarygin result is from losing to a 2018 World silver medalist by a last second takedown and then being eliminated when Rashidov didn’t make the finals. Before those results, his only international loss was from almost two years ago to another worlds silver. So his only losses to foreign wrestlers in the last two years have been to world medalists in competitive matches. Now I am not saying I think he will medal nor am I saying I think he won’t. I’m just saying that from what I see, he’s right there with the elite of the elite skill wise even though his credentials don’t necessarily show that yet.
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    This is clearly a Michigan thing....I find it to be sorta gross.
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    Does this look familiar?
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    Many thanks for the honorable mention! I agree with your 1-2% doing 90% of the damage. So for the most part, I focus on the 98% who help me enjoy discussing international wrestling.
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    Suriano to redshirt

    The way I read the Rutgers release is that he's red shirting to pursue Olympic hopes. Not necessarily an Olympic red shirt. And with the us open being before the start of the second semester it would allow a lot of the names mentioned a chance to get back on the mats by then if they see they're not in the range.
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    Track Wrestling Charges

    How is the deal US fans are getting from UWW “a by-product of living in a free enterprise society”? I’m definitely not following that logic.
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    Even assuming Dake did more schoolwork, that does not make him a better wrestler. Dake's wrestling is judged according to his wrestling, not according to his courseload or, for that matter, the amount of time he spent feeding the hungry, healing the sick or walking his dog.
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    My initial thought was 2 red, and I believe after rewatching it was pretty clearly the right call. Yianni's action was stopped. Zain started trying to roll him. Yianni tried to kind of initiate his own roll, but Zain had already started his own move.
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    Ogalthorpe Haywood

    Zain Wins

    Zain is just a better wrestler, plain and simple.
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    Bad Look For Wrestling

    A non wrestling person had to decide the impact of a match. Wrestling is the laughing stock of the sports world.
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    No offense, but you seem like you bet Don't Pass. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    McKenna bolts Columbus

    My goodness the level of sensitivity around here never ceases to amaze me. There is no derogatory undertaking to saying he bolted Columbus, nor is it saying Columbus a ****ty place. Hopefully that’s all cleared up now.
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    8 months. He refused to go out in public until he could grow a pornstache. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    We need 10 Olympic weights

    Yes. I do agree. Like I said, I would prefer 10. But I figure I’d point out the one positive. Very happy UWW went back to 10 in non-Olympic years. Wish Olympics would do the same. In the meantime, the drama that comes with the reduction to 6 is entertaining to this fan.
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    For one thing- they want a chance for any country to medal. The odds of that drop if they try to actually get the three best to medal.
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    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    We'll see what happens with possibly, Dieringer going up to 86 and Dake going down to 74 for Olympic Trials. But today, it didn't look like Ringer was that much bigger or stronger than Dake, if at all. Anyway, congrats to Kid Dynamite. Nice to see him healthy. (Would have like to see him open it up more but guess he did what he had to do to get the win.) Congrats to Alex too. He's had an awesome freestyle season and he had a great attitude throughout this whole Dake injury saga. Seems like a great kid.
  41. 2 points

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Man. I would never want the majority of you guys to coach my kids. So many excuses. Pathetic.
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    not only that, but, going to any of the overseas tourneys shows the same trend... greco is more popular worldwide no matter how scared of it we are in this country
  43. 2 points

    Now that the appeal is over

    the sheep who claim this is opening the door to litigating every match result live at the intersection of idiot and partisan.
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    Bill Ferrall International

    it's the plural version... two Rs and two Ls... duh...
  45. 1 point

    Weight Certification

    olddirty, that rule about the weights being locked no longer exists. Was thrown out about eight years ago (I don't remember the exact year).
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    scribe, take another look at your username photo in the mirror ... you will never 'look pro.' ;)
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    Iran Wrestling News

    Alborz (Karaj) is a province for a very long time, 10 years I think I have to say Younes Emami isn't actually from Tehran, he is from Kermanshah but he lives in Shahriar (Tehran province) for a long time. so he is representing Tehran province technically. I don't think Hadi's back problem was that much serious. he only had to check with the doctors to make sure.
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    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    Downey wouldn't beat Hidlay right now. Ringer would bulk-smash him.
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    Nay. Foster made a grievous error and landed on his back. Ala Tyler Graff.
  50. 1 point

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    I believe that is what this whole debate part of this started...vague rulebook. Some of the sequences that played out were known by officials, one official even made a training video that was published. He scored the major sequence in question opposite of how he said to score in video. Too much left for interpretation. But its alot better than it used to be.
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