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    2004 NCAA Champions

    If you’re referring to Tommy Rowlands, I believe he wrestled 125, but still a huge jump. If I remember right he wrestled like 125, 160, 189, 215, then heavy in college, or something along those lines. He was amazing in HS
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    2004 NCAA Champions

    Love these throwback pics and all the memories that come along with them. Wanted to throw out a few Oregon connections while I can, god knows we can't do it that often. Matt Gentry is a Native Oregonian, while both Chris Pendleton and Jason Powell are coaching in Oregon.
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    Echemendia nickname?

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    True... but imagine if the US only sent one guy at those weights? Not nearly as tough. The US domestic athletes made those weights much more competitive.
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    Flo fix your links again

    Silly Hammer, we are talking about fantasy match-ups here. How’s Dake record with those?
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