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    Hot Take Time

    How amazing is it that Dake actually beat J’Den once? Cox is a freak and a much much bigger person. That win may end up being the most impressive of Dake’s career.
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    Abounader forfeits?

    Please keep this to the breitbart comment section. Stick to actual wrestling policy here
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    Predict the 2020 Olympic Team

    57kg- Fix 65kg- Oliver 74kg- Burroughs 86kg- Cox 97kg- Snyder 125kg- Steveson
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    Anyone Else Sad its Over?

    Oh hush, everyone here makes this place pretty awesome. Im just being a stick in the mud. Lets see this Spencer Lee already
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    Snyder to 125?

    This topic treats the Olympic team like its a high school dual meet.
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    Predict the 2020 Olympic Team

    Note * no disrespect to Dake. But the weight overall is a joke. We have 3 or 4 guys who would be in the hunt for Gold. I think the match up is as close as its always been. Dake is great, but i favor JB
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    Predict the 2020 Olympic Team

    Austin Gomez. He has great freestyle chops.
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    Jimmy Cinnabon

    Zain wins worlds, then the next day a guy named Johnny Krispy Kreme comes along and starts trolling the boards.
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    Wow what a performance! India has been investing in wrestling for the part few years and they have completely jumped levels. They had their first junior freestyle champ in many years this year too. Women’s Vinesh - just wow. She is very quick and moved her opponent’s around well. Her sneaky go behinds is a perfect low risk move for women’s Freestyle. She got smashed by Japan but other than that, she looked amazing. Dhanda - places 5th. Not sure how good she is but 5th even at a non Olympic is something to build off of. Mens free Ravi - out of nowhere medals. Super impressive wrestling. Only loss was to now 2 time champ August and it wasn’t a blow out. Also decisively took out a former world champ and returning bronze, plus other high level guys. Weight is qualified Aware - in bronze match. Weak weight but still overperformed. Bajrang - dream draw but he earned that seeding. His semi was ridiculous. He wins that 9/10. Props for the bronze. Qualified the weight. Punia - this is the guy that bear Warner at junior worlds, won juniors this year and made the finals. He had a dream draw but still overperformed. He isn’t the second best guy, but still props for beating the grown men in front of him. Qualified the weight. That is 3 medals and possible a 4th! The US is in a similar spot with 3 medals and possibly 5. We have more finalists though. India also qualified 3 weights. That is very impressive. I’m really blown away by their improvements
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    Hot Take Time

    Dake is the best for me
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    Cox vs. Sadulaev?

    I don't know about definitely, but that is a match that I would pay top dollar to see
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    Team Race is Crazy

    That seems to happen often for the host country. Hmm, wonder why?
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    Team Race is Crazy

    In freestyle at least, Kazakhstan benefited from some fortunate draws and from some miraculous officiating.
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    Predict the 2020 Olympic Team

    Cejudo Pico Askren Sanderson DC Lesnar
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