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    74 kg discussion

    Gomez (1x medalist) and Bezkod (2x medalist) will have the most heroic road to the finals. Pigtail- Eachother R32- old man Garzon (4x medalist) R16- Demirtas (2x medalist) Quarters- Burroughs (5x champ) Semis- Sidakov (reigning champ) Finals- Chamizo (2x champ) That's just ridiculous.
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    I'm copying this post I made on the other thread because I'm shocked at the lack of understanding on display about the Fix / Takahashi match. You don't seem to understand what passivity is in freestyle wrestling. The ref put Fix on the shot clock because he was passive, backing away from Takahashi's offensive setups. Folkstyle folks be like, "Only leg shots are offense." Watch that match again and realize what I'm sure the USA coaches have now realized, which is that wrestlers who want to pull out of a Russian tie or a two-on-one had better find a way to do so without backing or running away. Takahashi works his offense off of a few different two-on-one arm ties. 30 seconds into the match, Takahashi, standing on the center spot of the mat, reaches for the two-on-one twice. Fix backs and then runs away to the outer part of the circle and the official uses his blue hand to make the "move forward and engage" signal. Fix continues to try to escape Takahashi's throw-by set up, a two-on-one on Fix's left arm, and it's clear that ref is going to warn him (5:18). Fix's mistake is that he isn't clearing the two-on-one and transitioning into his own offense. He's moving back into outer space. Imagine a wrestler who works his offense off a collar tie, and every time he locks another wrestler up with a collar tie, that wrestler clears it and backs up instead of looking to attack. Imagine a guy who shoots from space, and instead of re-attacking and generating offense, the other guy keeps backing away. This is essentially what Fix is doing in this match; he's backing away from Takehashi's offensive setups. Watch the whistle start after the first passive warning. Fix starts in a very forward position, over the center of the mat, but as soon as Takahashi goes for the two-on-one, he circles into the orange outer band. The ref immediately puts his blue hand up and encourages him to engage. Do you not understand that this is passivity? Takahashi continues to go for the two-on-one tie on Fix's left arm, and Fix continues to back away, and it's no surprise that the ref puts him on the 30 second clock at 4:31. Watch the entire match with positioning in mind. Takahashi works the middle of the mat the whole time. After the first shot clock point, Fix ties up in a collar tie and makes some effective fakes, causing Takahashi to back away. The ref immediately lifts the red hand and warns Takehashi for passivity. The ref does a good job in this low scoring match of encouraging action. It's a disappointment that a wrestler with the dynamism of Daton Fix was unable to create more action. The takedown and ensuing flurries of action at the beginning of the second period were good signs, and Fix should have continued. When he creates action, he scores more that his opponent. Again, Takehashi continues moving forward, looking for the Russian tie on the left arm. Fix never turns it into HIS offense. At one point he uses his left arm to overhook, a great tactic, as Takehashi doesn't seem able to create action. The ref blows it dead quickly, as noone is attacking. Lessons were learned from this match. Daton will be better prepared for his next meeting with Takehashi.
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    Im cheering for team Michigan
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    More on Greco v. Freestyle

    Last style is typically the preferred style of the host nation. Kazakhstan are hosting and they prefer freestyle. Junior worlds, for example, were in Estonia, a greco nation, so Greco was last.
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    Greco Day 3...Coon, Smith, Hafizov

    lol you guys expect them to hand all gold medals to Russia. don't you ? sometimes you have to score yourself. another passivity parterre ? you really should improve your knowledge about wrestling rules before complaining !! per rules. only 2 passivity parterre is possible for a match. no parterre for the 3rd passivity caution. and they only award it in case of 1-1 score. Surkov simply walked into the final with the dream draw he had. Borrero survived a brutal draw beating so many tough guys including Staebler and Ryu Han-su.
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    50KG - 28 Entries, 8 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Ankicheva (KAZ) - Junior Silver 16 Islamova (KAZ) - World 5 2015, Asian Bronze 19 Ciricu-Budeanu (MDA) - Junior Champ 13 Conder (USA) - Junior Champ 07 Demirhan (TUR) - World Bronze 17 Irie (JPN) - Junior Champ 12, University Champ 12, Asian Champ 19 Kagata (JPN) - World Champ 17 Kim (PRK) - World Bronze 17 Livach (UKR) - World Bronze 18 Matkowska (POL) - This will be her 14th World/Olympics. World Bronze 06, World Silver 14 Petersson (SWE) - Junior Bronze 13 Poleshchuk (RUS) - U23 Bronze 17, Russian Nationals Silver 19 Riesterer (GER) - Junior Silver 18 Selishka Georgieva (BUL) - Junior Bronze 16, Euro Silver 19 Stadnik (AZE) - World Champ 09, World Silver 11, 15, 18, Olympic Silver 12, 16, World Bronze 14, Olympic Bronze 08 Stankevich (BLR) - Junior Bronze 15, Euro Bronze 19 Sun (CHN) - World Champ 13, World Silver 12, Olympic Bronze 16, World Bronze 18 Tsogtochir (MGL) - U23 Bronze 18 Vuc (ROU) - World Silver 17 53KG - 31 Entries, 14 World Medalists. 3 World Champs Akhmetova Amanzhol (KAZ) - World 5th 07, 10, 12, Olympic 5th 08 Eshimova (KAZ) - World Silver 08, World Bronze 11 Arguello Villegas (VEN) - Olympic 5th 16 Blaszka (NED) - World Bronze 15 Denes (HUN) - Junior Silver 14, Junior Bronze 12, 13 Erdenechimeg (MGL) - World Silver 13 Hemmer (GER) - Junior Bronze 11, Euro Games Bronze 19 Hildebrandt (USA) - World Silver 18 Kaladzinskaya (BLR) - World Champ 12, 17 Keunimyaeva (UZB) - Junior Silver 18, Asian Bronze 19 Khavaldzhy Blahinya (UKR) - World Bronze 08 Mattsson (SWE) - World Champ 09, World Silver 11, 13, 14, 15, World Bronze 10, Olympic Bronze 16 Montero Herrera (CUB) - World Silver 17, World Bronze 18 Mukaida (JPN) - World Champ 16, 18, World Silver 17 Nasirova (AZE) - Junior Champ 15 Nikolova (BUL) - World Bronze 15 Orshush (RUS) - Junior Silver 13, Euro Champ 19 Pak (PRK) - World 5th 17, Asian Champ 18, 19 Pang (CHN) - World Bronze 18 Prevolaraki (GRE) - World Bronze 12, 17 Weicker (CAN) - World Bronze 18 Yetgil (TUR) - Junior Bronze 17 Zasina (POL) - World Bronze 17 55KG - 18 Entries, 0 World/Olympic Medalists. 0 World/Olympic Champs Ana (ROU) - U23 Bronze 18 Husyak (UKR) - University Champ 12, World 5th 13 Irie (JPN) - Junior Champ 15 Khoroshavtseva (RUS) - Junior Bronze 13 Lukasiak (POL) - University Silver 16 Nadirova (KGZ) - University Bronze 16 Sedneva (KAZ) - Junior Bronze 15, Junior Silver 16 Wendle (GER) - University Silver 18 Winchester (USA) - World 5th 18, University Bronze 14 57KG - 31 Entries, 7 World/Olympic Medalists. 2 World/Olympic Champs Adekuoroye (NGR) - World Bronze 15, World Silver 17 Antes Castillo (ECU) - Pan Am Games Champ 19, World 5th 14 Barka (HUN) - World Bronze 13, 16, 18 Brugger (GER) - U23 Bronze 18, Junior Bronze 16 Bullen (NOR) - U23 Champ 18, Junior Bronze 17 Burkert (USA) - Pan Am Games Silver 19 Carieri (ITA) - Junior Bronze 15 Chykhradze Khariv (UKR) - World Bronze 14 Kawai (JPN) - World Champ 17, 18. Olympic Champ 16, World Silver 15 Kurachkina (BLR) - World Bronze 17 Lindborg (SWE) - Junior Bronze 18 Nichita (MDA) - Junior Champ 18, Junior Silver 17, 19. Euro Games and Championships Bronze 19 Rong (CHN) - World Champ 18 Simonyan (RUS) - U23 5th 2018, Russian Nationals Silver 2019 Yesilirmak (TUR) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 14, 15 59 KG - 18 Entries, 5 World/Olympic Medalists. 1 World/Olympic Champ Baatarjav (MGL) - World Bronze 18 Dhanda (IND) - World Bronze 18 Hanchar-Yanushkevich (BLR) - World 5th 15, 16 Inagaki (JPN) - Junior Champ 19, Asian Senior Champ 19 Lysak (UKR) - Junior Silver 16 Morais (CAN) - World Bronze 16 Omelchenko (AZE) - U23 Bronze 16 Ovcharova (RUS) - Junior Champ 14, 15 Pei (CHN) - World Champ 16, World Bronze 18 Ragan (USA) - World Silver 16, 17 Zhydachevska (ROU) - World 5th 18 62KG - 36 Entries, 8 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Amri (TUN) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Silver 17 Campagna (ITA) - Junior Bronze 18, Euro Silver 19 Cherdivara-Esanu (MDA) - Junior Silver 11 Enkhbat (MGL) - U23 Bronze 17, 18 Esenbaeva (UZB) - Junior Silver 18, Asian Bronze 19 Godinez Gonzalez (CAN) - Junior Bronze 19 Johansson (SWE) - World Bronze 10 Kawai (JPN) - World Silver 18 Kuznetsova (RUS) - U23 Bronze 18 Miracle (USA) - Junior Bronze 14, 16, Pan Am Champ 19 Niemesch (GER) - Junior Silver 14, World 5th 17, U23 Bronze 18 Renteria Castillo (COL) - World Bronze 17 Sastin (HUN) - World Champ 13, World Silver 05, 11, World Bronze 09 Tkach (UKR) - World Champ 14, World Silver 17 World Bronze 15, 18 Tynybekova (KGZ) - World Bronze 17 Yusein (BUL) - World Champ 18, World Silver 12, 13, World Bronze 14, 15 65KG - 17 Entries, 1 World/Olympic Medalist. O World/Olympic Champs Brouillette (CAN) - University Bronze 16, Pan Am Silver 19 Koliadenko (UKR) - Junior Bronze 18, U23 Bronze 18 Manolova (AZE) - U23 Silver 18, Junior Bronze 15, 16 Mattsson (SWE) - World Bronze 10, 17 Molinari (USA) - World 5th 18, Pan Am Champ 18 Navjot (IND) - Junior Bronze 09, World 5th 12 Ruike (JPN) - Cadet Champ 17, Junior Asian Champ 18, Asian Silver 19 Sleisz (HUN) - University Silver 16, University Bronze 12 Trazhukova (RUS) - University Silver 10, 12, Olympic 5th 16 Wang (CHN) - U23 Bronze 18 Yaneva (BUL) - Junior Silver 17 68KG - 32 Entries, 13 World/Olympic Medalists. 3 World/Olympic Champs Caneva (ITA) - Junior Silver 14, Junior Bronze 13 Domikaityte (LTU) - Junior Bronze 14, U23 Bronze 17 Dosho (JPN) - Olympic Champ 16, World Champ 17, World Silver 14, World Bronze 13, 15 Fransson (SWE) - World Champ 12, Olympic Bronze 16 Grigorjeva (LAT) - World Bronze 14, 17 Hanzlickova (CZE) - U23 Bronze 17 Lappage (CAN) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 12 Larionova (KAZ) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Bronze 13 Larroque (FRA) - World Silver 18, World Bronze 17 Mamashuk (BLR) - Olympic Silver 16 Mensah (USA) - World Bronze 18 Netreba (AZE) - World Bronze 18 Sanchez Rodriguez (CUB) - U23 Champ 18, U23 Bronze 17, Junior Silver 17 Soronzonbold (MGL) - World Champ 10, 15, World Silver 13, Olympic Bronze 12 Tosun (TUR) - World Bronze 18 Velieva (RUS) - Junior Champ 17, 18, Junior Bronze 19, U23 Bronze 18 Wieszczek-Kordus (POL) - Olympic Bronze 08 Zhou (CHN) - World Silver 15, World Bronze 18 72KG - 12 Entries, 2 World/Olympic Medalist. 2 World/Olympic Champ Anghel (ROU) - Junior Bronze 17, U23 Silver 18 Bakbergenova (KAZ) - U23 Bronze 18 Berezhna (UKR) - World Champ 13 Francis (USA) - Junior Bronze 14 Furuichi (JPN) - Junior Champ 14, 15, 16 Paliha (CHN) - U23 Champ 18, World 5th 17 Vorobieva (RUS) - Olympic Champ 12, Olympic Silver 16, World Champ 15, World Bronze 14, World Silver 13 76 KG - 33 Entries, 14 World/Olympic Medalists. 4 World/Olympic Champs Adar (TUR) - World Champ 17, World Silver 18 Bukina (RUS) - Olympic Bronze 16, World Silver 11, World Bronze 10 Chang (TPE) - Junior Silver 19, Junior Bronze 17 da Silva Ferreira (BRA) - World Silver 14 Gray (USA) - World Champ 12, 14, 15, 18 World Bronze 11, 13 Kuenz (AUT) - World Bronze 18 Mae (EST) - World Bronze 15 Marin Potrille (CUB) - Junior Champ 19 Marzaliuk (BLR) - World Silver 17, World Bronze 11, 15 Medet Kyzy (KGZ) - Junior Champ 17 Minagawa Suzuki (JPN) - World Bronze 17, 18 Ochirbat (MGL) - World Silver 09, World Bronze 13, 14 Palinska (POL) - Junior Bronze 12 Rotter Focken (GER) - World Champ, 14World Silver 17, World Bronze 15 Saenko (MDA) - World Bronze 05 Syzdykova (KAZ) - Olympic Bronze 16 Wiebe (CAN) - Olympic Champ 16, World Bronze 18 Zhou (CHN) - World Silver 15, World Bronze 14
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    This forum is pretty tame. I actually wish there were less restrictions like it used to be. The board is not designed purely for wrestling information. There is a level of entertainment posts that you cant find in other places. Lets not take that away because you find some posts crude.
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    Iowa ranked #1 by WIN magazine

    Of course Iowa should be #1 preseason. Not debatable. They’ve won 8 of the last 9 team titles, they have 7 returning AA’s, 3 of them being past champions. What ranking service wouldn’t rank them 1 to start the season? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys, Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were: Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried. Here is the link to listen. Ryan Warner Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
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    That was absolute bullsh*t to put Fix on the clock twice!
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    So very true. With the limited amount of recovery time, even if you are the clear #1 at the weight, wrestling the #4, #3 and then #2 back to back to back would be extremely hard to do. This is especially true if the last 2 guys have shorter, much easier matches leading into that match up. A solid example is Metcalf. Granted, he never got it done at World's(nor was he the #1 guy), but he was also sort of his own worst enemy. Whoever beat him was so drained by wrestling him, they inevitably had nothing left and couldn't pull him back through to repechage. Tough matches that early, or that often, make it that much harder to make it through the bracket. Pretty much simple common sense, actually..........
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    If Yianni didn't win, he would have his fancy Cornell lawyers sue for getting such a bad draw and they would have to re-wrestle the entire bracket, but with Yianni switching places with Bajrang. If Zain loses, Cael will just throw a chair.
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    Would be kind of funny if they went the Michigan route though... imagine Higuchi shows up at the 2020 games in a Liechtenstein singlet.
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    Mijain Lopez at 2019 Worlds?

    He came this year just to scare everyone. Next year he will wrestle.
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    Been a long time coming

    And we wonder why Zebra is leaving??????????????
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    Iran Wrestling News

    I was expecting more but It wasn't that bad. Saravi and Taheri could medal. Geraei and Abdevali could be in the final if they could use their brain. the only disappointment was Kaviani. this is a very young team. first World Senior Champs for 8 of them. most of them were in the junior team in past couple of years. and I care more about the Olympic quotas. they got 2 and Geraei has a chance to make it 3. no country won more than that. even Russia got just 3. I think 87kg and 97kg won't be a problem for Iran to qualify the weight in Asia, but 67kg doesn't look good. they have to try someone else next time. Hamed Tab is not the answer
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    I think the dominance of the women's team in Japan has ignited the men's programs. Both freestyle and greco have been on a steady uptick. The Japanese media treats the womens' team like the Beatles. It's both crazy and awesome.
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    Not to steer off topic, but I found this Russian Journalist's womens' picks to be interesting. TIGRAN AVANIAN Russian journalist Women's freestyle 50 kg/110 lbs. – Kika Kagata (Japan) 53 kg/116.5 lbs. - Mayu Mukaida (Japan) 55 kg/121 lbs. - Nanami Irie (Japan) 57 kg/125.5 lbs. – Risako Kawai (Japan) 59 kg/130 lbs. – Yuzuka Inagaki (Japan) 62 kg/136.5 lbs. - Yukako Kawai (Japan) 65 kg/143 lbs. - Naomi Ruike (Japan) 68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Sara Dosho (Japan) 72 kg/158.5 lbs.- Masako Furuichi (Japan) 76 kg/167.5 lbs. - Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (Japan)
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    You have a valid point that if you base it off of recent international results alone, it looks like he is going to dnp and I am not refuting that. However, if you look deeper into it, I think it paints a bigger picture as to where he is at compared to the top of the world. His Yasar results stem from losing to Yianni (who he has now beaten twice when it mattered) and then defaulting out of the rest of the tournament because of an injury. His Yarygin result is from losing to a 2018 World silver medalist by a last second takedown and then being eliminated when Rashidov didn’t make the finals. Before those results, his only international loss was from almost two years ago to another worlds silver. So his only losses to foreign wrestlers in the last two years have been to world medalists in competitive matches. Now I am not saying I think he will medal nor am I saying I think he won’t. I’m just saying that from what I see, he’s right there with the elite of the elite skill wise even though his credentials don’t necessarily show that yet.
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    This is clearly a Michigan thing....I find it to be sorta gross.
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    Does this look familiar?
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    Many thanks for the honorable mention! I agree with your 1-2% doing 90% of the damage. So for the most part, I focus on the 98% who help me enjoy discussing international wrestling.
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    Freestyle Day Two discussion thread

    Glad they wrestled the second period there...
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    74 kg discussion

    For no real reason other than gut feeling I think JB either DNP or Wins gold. I worry more about JB getting beat in the round of 16 or the quarters. I know he has talked about his weight cut in the past and trying to conserve energy in some matches. It seems like when that happens he leaves himself open to losses. I think if he gets to semi's "All He Will See Is Gold". :-). If he gets to the semi's I think he hits another gear. It is those early rounds where he may hold back a little and try not to expend a lot of energy that concern me. If that happens I don't think he will get pulled back in because Sidakov will go to the finals if JB isn't there.
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    Is Zain becoming Metcalf 2.0?

    Zain had 3 losses. Beat Steiber in the dual but lost to him at B1Gs and NCAAs. Lost to Port in the consi semis.
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    All I can hear is the whooshing sound of any person who might have been contemplating getting into reffing the sport - who would want to let themselves in for this kind of abuse and lack of support?
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    Wouldn't the wearing of a mullet back in 1987 be grounds for disqualification from the match?
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    Is Zain becoming Metcalf 2.0?

    and Tsirtsis as a first year JR (year after Cadet Gold) zain lost in jr trials finals 3 straight years.
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    I had an Asian kid from a very traditional family, he had to cut his in locker room at least once every season lol no one complained we all would laugh it was no big deal. We also had a kid from Pakistan and even if he shaved in the morning by match time that night the ref would make him shave again like clockwork,I had to do it too a few times .Never once did anyone say this was racist it just the rules
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    There's the mental aspect as well. Some guys wrestle better after a loss, other just mail it in. You never know what to expect in repechage *(wrestle backs). Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    65 bracket

    On the flipside, I am switching my pick to Bajrang. Anyone who makes it out of that bottom will be limping their way in to the finals and will be gassed by the handshake. Thinking it will be similar to a Geduev/ Yazdani final where Bajrang pours it on after the break.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    interesting note, our surprising bronze medalist, Alireza Nejati is from Qom ! you wouldn't expect something good to come out of Qom lol no disrespect to the nice people of the city. I was just joking. (Iranian users know what I'm talking about) Nejati was great, fantastic and I think he can beat anybody in the world if he avoids cautions. his parterre defense is disastrous.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    I think both of their medal chances are about the same at 77 for Rio. Abdevali loses his head sometimes but Gerai always has a bad match in him. I think they could both probably get a bronze or something.
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    Where to watch Worlds?

    Honestly, I love watching greco in the early rounds. Lots of throws and great action. When you get to the semis on, that is where the break down begins. And I suppose is that these guys are the best and can avoid giving up points but also cant score points. 2-1 with 3 cautions sucks. Greco needs some tweeking, but I do enjoy it. Interesting, my son is an 8th grader this year and started wrestling for real last year. Had some moderate success, won his middle school league, but he doesn't love all around wrestling. He basically wants to throw kids. While it made me cringe, every match he would try to lift his kid (kid shoots in, he does chest wrap, etc), but he was good at it. He is a perfect candidate for greco. I don't know of any programs locally and therefore, he will have mediocre success in folk and that will be it. I think our problem is that we don't have many programs that teach greco. The western states seem better at developing greco than the east. The east is where the population is and not many programs.
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    Womens NCAA Division 1 Championship - 2020

    I hope so too but I’d bet they go with folkstyle. It would make it so much more seemless for the NCAA to implement. No need for a new official rule book, can use same officials, etc...plus it would be a continuation of what they wrestle in high school (at least scholastically). To the extent they can influence the decision, it’s a safe bet that both folkstyle coaches and officials will be pushing folkstyle. Hope I’m wrong.
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    Me too. Bummer that match won't be a final where she has nothing to lose. Now she has no room for error in trying to get another medal and qualify the weight.
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    why do we suck at greco?

    Others have already mentioned good reasons, but I’ll add one more. Most of our best athletes don’t have an interest in Greco. For example, I think if someone like Dake decided to focus on Greco full time rather than battle it out with JB then Cox, he would’ve had a couple world golds by now. Coon is an example of one of our top athletes giving Greco a try (not even full time) and he got a world silver
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    Where will Braxton Amos end up?

    Word over on the WI forum is that Christensen is giving a big "thumbs up" on the deal and that there is the expectation (hope?) that Christensen will work his way down to 184. Guess we'll see.
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    2019 Worlds: Make your predictions

    Bold sir . Very bold. I like it!
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    Well, I thought Nowry, Mango, and Bunker all looked pretty good in their first matches, I know that there was a lot of talk about Nowry, and his first opponent, but I thought Max did an excellent job of dealing with a guy who has given him some problems in the past. In his 2nd match he came very close to prevailing, and he was able to hit a good throw near the end of the match however, they didn’t award him any points. Anyway tonight hopefully Nowry, can get by his first match ( which I believe he will ), and then battle for the Bronze. Mango, in his 2nd match, seemed to be at a pretty big disadvantage with his opponent’s size. Billici was able to jack Ryan up to his tippy toes with that under hook, and put Ryan on the defensive which cost Ryan time and effort trying to extricate himself from this. Although Ryan is a extremely muscular guy, his opponent’s height really helped him control the match. Raymond Bunker had a really active first match, and did well to overcome a deficit and pull out a victory. In his 2nd match Bunky was holding his own until par terre when his opponent’s strength and technique really came into play. Although this tournament is over for Raymond, hopefully we see Bunky again in the USA lineup. Stefanowicz, well I didn’t get to see much in his first match because his opponent’s quality and ability to control the match. But fortunately Gobadze was able to reach the finals and pull John back into repechage. Tonight John will first face off with Qian who shocked the arena with his fall of the Turk. Hopefully John can avoid any big moves from his opponent and move into the Bronze medal match.
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    Been a long time coming

    keep posting the same thing every time Flo comes up. i'm sure it will make all the difference. more fans follow wrestling more often and Flo is a major (perhaps most important) part of that. not the ONLY reason. but a big one. you want to railroad every thread that gives flo a thumbs up. you're obsessed. and it's funny.
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    Where will Braxton Amos end up?

    Post #1 of this thread.
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    2019 Worlds: Make your predictions

    Nice, good points & predictions.
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    California's bid to overtake PSU

    You are right, Fresno State will be a drawing card for ultra talented athletes.
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    Been a long time coming

    They all peel off a buck fifty annually?
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    California's bid to overtake PSU

    No the NCAA did not, but that is irrelevant. The question I replied to was asking about a player the NCAA was making millions off and didn’t specify anything about likeness. The NCAA makes billions off the television rights to march madness and use players images in advertising it. How much do you think a company wanting to use the image of the best player in college basketball in a TV advertisement would have to pay on the open market? Zion’s popularity translated into millions in free advertising for Duke and the ncaa’s march madness. Players like him put fans in the arenas, influence shoe buying decisions, and when a team goes on a deep post season run that’s increased revenue and advertising for the school. With advanced statistics a players contribution to the success of the season can be estimated and a value put on it. In a sport like basketball a star player can make a big contribution. Pro athletes use such metrics to negotiate their worth meanwhile a Heisman wining football player or Naismith winning basketball player who ostensibly the most valuable college player in their sport is compensated the same as any other scholarship athlete on the team and forbidden from making the market rate for their image or sports talent. The Ed O’Bannon case and others kind of put the kibosh on the NCAA and institutions outright selling a players image on t-shirts, to video game developers, and jerseys bearing their name.
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    Suriano to redshirt

    The way I read the Rutgers release is that he's red shirting to pursue Olympic hopes. Not necessarily an Olympic red shirt. And with the us open being before the start of the second semester it would allow a lot of the names mentioned a chance to get back on the mats by then if they see they're not in the range.
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    California's bid to overtake PSU

    If California does this you will find that other states do the same thing and the NCAA will have no choice to comply or a new organization will be formed for college athletics.
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    Zain Wins

    Unbearable, I tell ya. "Yianni had nothing for Zain". It was 2-1, and Penn State fans are crowing like Zain teched him. They can't just enjoy the well-earned win, they literally have to fabricate attacks against the opponent's ability.
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