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    Absolute beast of an athlete. Gentlemen and ambassador. We’re lucky to have him. This guy needs his own thread. How long till we see another like him? *note* It was 23 years between him and John Smith.
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    I have compared 2 time periods - 1960-1991 with 1993-2021 to estimate the impacts on medal counts for the former Soviet Union and Soviet bloc countries before and after the soviet union breakup. It is an excel workbook with 2 pages and would print on 4 printed pages. If you can't get excel and would like to look at, email me and I will paste it into Word or something else (timjoemcc@gmail.com). The information is shown by country for both time frames with total medal count and gold medal count. I found it pretty interesting to do but I am a nerd number type guy - not for everyone I know. The several key messages are: * The Soviet Union won 26% of all medals and 46% of gold medals in the 32 year period from 1960-1991. The former Soviet Union won 47% of all medals and 53% of gold medals in the 29 year period from 1993-2021. Russia performed much better in acquiring gold medals than did the other 10 countries in the former FSU that won wrestling medals. * The USA won 13% of all medals and 13% of gold medals in the 1960-1991 time frame. The Soviet Union won 113 more medals than the US and 100 of them were gold during this period. The USA won 11% of all medals and 16% of gold medals in the 1993-2021. The US medal count dropped overall but the % of gold medals increased. The US had 45 fewer gold medals than Russia and 85 fewer than FSU. * As everyone knew, the breakup of the Soviet Union led to the FSU countries dramatically increasing their total and gold medal counts. * I compared the Soviet Bloc countries to see what happened to them (Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia). Their total medal count went from 26% of all medals down to 6% after the Soviet breakup and the gold medal count went from 9% of all gold to 4% of all gold. So the change was dramatic and the opposite of the countries in the FSU. I had not realized this impact and don't know why it happened (eg. maybe the Soviet Union subsidized wrestling in these countries and the money dried up?, or ???). * The combination of the Soviet Union + Soviet Bloc won 51% of total medals and 55% of gold medals before the Soviet breakup and 52% of all medals and 57% of gold medals after the breakup. So the breakup of the Soviet Union made it harder for a non Soviet related someone to win a medal but not nearly as dramatic as when you look at the FSU numbers alone. * One other detail, the average number of weight classes was 9.4 for the 1960-1991 period and 8.0 for the 1993-2021 period. So the wrestling talent was more concentrated in the fewer weight classes in the post Soviet break up era (same number of wrestlers in ~85% of the weight classes). * Wrestling medals increased for Cuba, India, and Iran after the Soviet break up (as measured by % of total medals won). Turkey remained constant. Every other significant wrestling country had their overall medal count drop after the Soviet break up - including the US which went from 13% to 11% of the total medal count as mentioned previously. Japan had the biggest drop - they went from 9% of all medals to 3% of all medals.Soviet Breakup Info.xlsx I can send anyone a list of all the wrestlers names, medals, weights, countries that I used if you want the next level of detail. Just email me if you are a glutton for data.
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    Seabass to 125

    Can you ever pay your debts? That's really what people want to know.
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    Sanderson: the artist

    These days, all he does is lock himself in his studio for hours on end and creates the same art over and over..... nudes of Bubba Jenkins. Sometimes it's paintings, sometimes sculptures, but it's always Bubba and he's always nude. I hope this answers your question.
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    (All times are Eastern.) Saturday, 10/2/21 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 61-74-86-125kg Qual. Rds. 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM: 61-74-86-125kg Semis Sunday, 10/3/21 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 57-65-79-92kg Qual. Rds. 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 61-74-86-125kg Repechage 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM: 57-65-79-92kg Semis 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM: 61-74-86-125kg Finals Monday, 10/4/21 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 70-97kg Qual. Rds. 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 57-65-79-92kg Repechage 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM: 70-97kg Semis 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM: 57-65-79-92kg Finals Tuesday, 10/5/21 4:30 AM to 8:30 AM: 70-97kg Repechage 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM: 70-97kg Finals
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    Sadulaev is the best I've ever seen

    A counter-argument:
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    I won’t feel bad for him. It’s easy and painless to get. And highly effective.
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    Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg

    Good win but J’Den Cox needs to start acting like he’s part of this team and run arm bars to finish his opponents like everyone else
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    Spencer Lee Questions Answered

    NCAA 2021. Zero ACL's... 16-1 Rnd 1 15-5 Rnd 2 10-2 Quarter 11-0 Semi 7-0 Final
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    Just another example of my team leading the way. Women and senior citizens are welcome in this wrestling room!
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    Marcus, You do the sport no favors when you spout off incorrect stats and figures as if they are gospel. I provided you the exact information you SHOULD be talking about when beating the Title IX drum. I want you to voice your opinion, but I also want you to do it from an educated stance - I disproved two of your claims in two minutes. Others can do the same when you bring that argument to the table. I'm glad being educated on an issue and having the factual information to back it up is considered "fancy." It seems you have a rounding error somewhere.
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    From UWW: "I really wanted to win in Oslo, because five-time world champion sounds better than four-time champion." "Years of work pays off and thank God I won again. I always have tough matches with Snyder. I could barely get off the mat at the Olympics, today I was tired at the end, but everything went well." "In Tokyo, I immediately began to attack, but here in the first period I decided to see what he would do. I understood his tactics, and in the second period I did not let him take the lead." "I don't have any special tactic for the matches against Snyder. I know he is trying to wear me out. So I was trying to make him wrestle my way and not let him set his own rules. In the end, I noticed that he got more worn out than me." "Personally, I think [Snyder] was better prepared physically and mentally at the Olympics. I was more tired there. It was easier to win [for me] here." ___ Nothing too shocking, although I found the last sentence interesting. I expected Sadulaev might point to his knee injury as a reason for the closer match in Tokyo, but he pointed to Snyder being better prepared for that match instead.
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    Can't believe no mention of KJ

    In my opinion KJ is simply not the big-picture CEO type that is required to run a national program at a high level. That's very different than being an assistant to one of the best CEO's in college wrestling in Sean Bormet though. I think he will excel in this role and be an absolute beast for them on the recruiting trail.
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    Turns out, it is not as easy as it looks.
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    BSaitiev is my favorite wrestler ever, but he is not as "perfect" (as in mistake-free) a wrestler as Sadulaev. He was way more fun to watch, incredibly creative, a grandmaster of many more techniques than Sadulaev is a master of his key moves, but I am just so impressed with how Sadulaev completely owned Snyder and how Sadulaev keeps solid position every second of seemingly every match. He is so good at being so basic. Maybe having a few kids keeping him up at night will slow him down.
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    Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg

    Pretty clear 0:00 here in the building.
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    Are you telling me an anti-vaxxer is getting his data from a bad, obviously propagandistic source that confirms his priors? WHAT???? Not all vaccine skeptics are this stupid, but some of the stuff posted on this forum is breathtaking. I've met 8 year olds better at vetting information sources.
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    Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg

    WHOA! FIX HAD HIS JUICES FLOWING THERE! You see what I did there. But also, seriously, Fix looked incredible.
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    I don't think I'm getting caught in the moment. The Tank is just that good. He made the world finals with Olympic and World gold medalist Snyder look like a routine practice session. It was pretty much a perfect match. Took almost no risk, scored all the points, blocked everything Snyder had (which was nothing, since Sadulaev gave him nothing), and controlled both the pace of the match and where the wrestling occurred. 10 out of 10 in "mat generalship" (to borrow a boxing term). He has the best mat generalship. He holds position the best. He can handfight the best even against a bigger brute like Snyder who has both a size and reach advantage. He has flawless technique. He has the cardio to go with anyone. He has hands down the best par terre. He can scramble the best. He is the best and after this match, I'm calling him the GOAT. The medals will follow, but even right now, he is the best wrestler I've ever seen. How do you beat him?
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    About the time I read play by play of Helen Maroulis' dominant world gold medal from my wrestling streaming sites Twitter account.
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    Suriano to PSU

    Pat Mineo is the king of throw everything at the wall and claim he's a genius if it ends up being true. I wouldn't believer Mineo if he told me the sky was blue. I'd look outside to make sure.
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    Covid in 21/22

    I would like to see us evolve the headgear to also include a mask. But each wrestler will have a customized design like in Mexican Lucha Libre. Just have the N95 technology over the mouth hole and problem solved
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    Do you have a meeting? Because it's going to be during your meeting. And end 1 minute prior to the conclusion of your meeting. The result will be ruined and you won't be able to watch without going in blind. You're not alone because I have already resigned myself to this fate as well.
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    Worlds Day 3 70/97kg

    Can people PLEASE stop responding to NJDan at this point? Put on ignore and move on, it's enough already...
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    Worlds Day 2 57/65/79/92kg

    Dake gets a title at 74 KG. He is going to keep moving down in weight as he gets younger and secure titles consecutively at 70 KG and 65 KG. The reverse of what he did in his former NCAA life. Good job, Benjamin Button!
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    It is still a World Championship regardless of who chose not to go. The amount it is "watered down" depends a lot on the particular weight you are talking about. 86 kg, 97 kg & 125 kg are very tough and most of the non-Olympic weights are comparable to an average year. 57kg 74kg & 65 kg are missing some pretty key guys but you can only wrestle the guys that bother to show up.
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    Worlds Day 1 61/74/86/125kg

    It was the classic Dake trifecta 1. Won the match 2. Got a lead and quit trying to score 3. Jawed at the ref and his opponent
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    He accidentally grabbed a juice box out of the Fix family garage refrigerator.
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    Please help Bo Nickal

    Bo Nikal is cool as is. Doesn’t need a nickname.
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    Along a similar line of thinking I’m going to wait until he can beat a prime Dan Gable and John Smith back to back, followed by a prime Brock Lesner and Jon Jones in the octagon, then prime Flair and Hogan in a triple threat steel cage match, and just to ensure it wasn’t all luck we will go international and he can face a Sicilian in a battle of wits when death is on the line. If he make it through all of this I maybe sold he could win a couple college matches. Inconceivable!
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    Iowa to add Women’s program

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    na I looked into it you and fletcher were right. sorry for wasting time.
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    Dad (Jim) is a world medalist and led Indiana University to much success in the 1980s before heading into the business world. Some say he was the architect of the Kendall Cross win over Terry Brands.
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    Unrelated but I didn't even realize Beloglazov was at Michigan. I wrestled with his son growing up and Sergei the father would occasionally drop by practice and do something astonishing. I remember him doing about 20 one armed chinups. One arm unassisted (no holding it with his other arm). We were all just kids and thought it was cool but he never explained (nor did our coach) exactly who this guy was. The family was humble and kind. Sorry for this tangent. I realize this is completely off topic. I'm having am old man moment.
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    Snyder and Taylor - need new RTC?

    Snyder did make the change of scenery to help him specifically challenge sadulaev. The gap is actually widening.
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    Iran is on fire

    Deserves its own thread. Congrats to our Iranian forum bros. I'm glad you guys relatively mailed it in at the Olympics, though!
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    The Genius

    Iran is on fire

    To be fair to Ben, he probably has very bad CTE for suffering the quickest KO in UFC (MMA?) history then getting knocked out by a Disney star.
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    Is JB now the American GOAT?

    Ummm Tsargush was a two time world CHAMPION before Burroughs beat him in 2011. WTH are you talking about?
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    JB is rare among wrestlers in that he thinks, A LOT, about everything. What's more, is he's willing to talk about it and let people know what he's thinking about. In doing so, there were a few years there where from the outside it didn't seem like he was all-in, with talk of what's next, should he hang it up, can he still be the best, etc. Listening to him today, I don't get that sense at all, which might worry me a little bit if I was Kyle Dake. Granted, by the time those trials roll around JB will be nearly 36 and Dake will just be hitting cadet eligibility.
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    Daily Worlds Thread (Day 4)

    Basically two ways for Snyder to win: 1. Just go all out coming forward knowing that Sadulaev is comfortable not attacking for a bit to conserve his gas, and hope Sad doesn't score TOO much before he tires out. 2. Plant your ass dead center and hand fight (even if you're losing) the **** out of Sadulaev, counting on Sadulaev's willingness to conserve and hope to tire him out that way and win at the end. Today he did a lackluster version of 2. He needs to fully commit to it. Even if he does, though, Sadulaev is so good anyway... Anyway, he's the only current senior level athlete to have a win over Sadulaev. Nothing to sneeze at there, even if he (likely) never beats Sadulaev again. I know that's not what Snyder wants to hear or think, but it is what it is. Sometimes, people are just better than you no matter how hard you work.
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    He won this coming off a torn calf at the trials. What a legend.
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    Iran is on fire

    Think I saw they were 16-0 today. SIXTEEN AND ZERO
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    Moved up to the veterans world championship this year
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    Flo is not in Oslo

    My good buddy, Erwin Schrödinger, told me they're both there and not there. I have not looked yet.
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    But this is NOT VAERS. It's OPENVaers.= which is an anti-vax site. https://www.logically.ai/articles/california-woman-anti-vax-site-openvaers I believe the reported figures are simply those that happened AFTER getting vaccinations. Just because B happened after A doesn't in the least mean A caused B.
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    Please help Bo Nickal

    Bo Nickalback is hilarious to me. I do love dad jokes
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    Le duke

    I got Yianni

    The sport with the athletes with the highest VO2max measurements ever taken. Perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't understand the obsession with breaking recruiting news. I guess it drives traffic, but it's not as if it's some incredible news story or scoop that requires proper attribution. I feel the same way about the people who are obsessed with being the first to break news about trades or signing in the NBA/NFL/MLB. Wow, good job, you beat the announcement by ten minutes. With that said, this isn't a criticism of Willie breaking the news...Just the overall trend of people caring about who the first is to break it.
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    Micic graduated high school in 2014. Same class as Snyder, Nickal, and Nolf lol 133 should be loaded this year
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