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    Why not Cox at 97kg for Poland?

    He couldn't make 97kg, so he's going 92kg.
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    Weird it seems like you like talking down to people. Hope you are doing okay
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    Roman Vlasov

    i would like to point out that after losing in the semis, Vlasov actually wrestled in repechage and took home the bronze... imagine that... actually wrestling in repechage... 2 olympic gold medals... 2 world gold medals and another silver... still wrestles all of his matches... respect...
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    2016 Flowrestling Big Board

    So I was listening to one of the FRL's and Ben Askren was talking about how he wished there was a way that they could compare the Top 100 Big Board and see who excelled vs who fell off and recruits that they missed. I had some free time so I decided to put it all together. I made a scoring system and went through the top 100 and then tried to find other relevant wrestlers who would have results that put them up there. My scoring system basically went from a top career score of 100. This means that the top score a wrestler could get was 25 points as a national champ, so a 4x national champ would be a perfect score. Then I tried to find an appropriate scaling system to rank other results which led me to this. Champ 25 2nd 23 3rd 20 4th 18 5th 15 6th 12 7th 10 8th 8 R12 5 Qualifier 3 Starter 2 The weird part was the 2020 tournament being cancelled, I decided to just count them as qualifiers and not score them on their seeding or anything. Then there are some guys that also have another year of eligibility with how they used redshirts so their score isn't perfect. This led to a lot of highly ranked guys or near AA's miss out on more points. I won't attach the full file because I don't want Flo to get mad about me posting their big board, but I will highlight some of the results. Two guys finished exactly where they were ranked, Mark Hall at #1 and Josh Hokit at #24. Biggest Risers: 11 guys had a ranking increase of 50+. Tariq Wilson was the highest ranked initially at #66 and finished ranked at #5. These next 5 all had the biggest changes from initial rankings. Ryan Deakin: #97 -> #9 Taylor Venz: #96 -> #13 Sebastian Rivera: #75 -> #3 Montori Bridges: #93 -> #31 Max Dean: #74 -> #12 Biggest Fallers: 7 guys had a ranking decrease of 50+. Mason Manville was the highest ranked initially at #5 and finished with zero points which tied for last along with 20 others. These next 5 all had the biggest changes from initial rankings. Rudy Yates: #17 -> Finished with zero points Zander Wick: #26 -> Finished with zero points Osa Odighuzwa: #28 -> Finished with zero points (Played football at UCLA) Beau Breske: #28 -> #66 Tyshawn White: #33 -> #85 Best Unranked: 11 wrestlers scored double digit points despite not making the board. This includes two AA finishes, three Round of 12 finishes, and 6 of the top 7 are coming back. Drew Hildebrandt: NR -> #15 Louie Hayes: NR -> #27 Andrew McNally: NR -> #33 Gage Curry: NR -> #35 Josh Heil: -> #36 Notable Results: These are just some relevant names that I found interesting. Evan Wick: #25 -> #8 (Has another year of eligibility) Luke Pletcher: #9 -> #7 (Was seeded 1st in 2020) Isaiah White: #10 -> #20 (National Champ for Notre Dame in 2017) There's a lot of guys who just kind of disappeared or had injuries, while others went and wrestled at different divisions and had success. This is not supposed to say anything about any of these guys as wrestlers, I just like to look at numbers and see how things pan out. I sent the whole doc to flo to see if they'd be interested in it but never heard back so I figured I'd post it here!
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    Just when I thought I was out....

    After three years of reffing and, (up until about 10–12 days ago), 100% confident my coaching days were days of the past.....not so much. Perfect situation has arose at a school well established in Athletics and plenty of resources, but never had wrestling. Starting one next year, they came calling....by the time we got done with talks it’s a scenario I can’t pass up. Super excited, but I can’t tell anyone yet, so you guys get to be my social media for the weekend. This is the third program in the area I live that I’ve started from scratch. I’m fired up for this one. ‘pray’ for me. Cheers!
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    Post Covid, What Changes?

    That rule saved many lives. Just imagine how many wrestlers would have died had we not prohibited the touching of palms for 1 second before and after a match. Only a science denier would be pro handshake.
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    Vincenzo Joseph to Stanford

    mineo is the biggest jackass in wrestling... OP is a close second to several...
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    Akin to telling someone who struggles with depression to “just cheer up!” If you haven’t experienced it, and you’re not an expert (in any way), have a little empathy and keep your mouth shut.
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    I went a solid 6 years just holding my hand up to the referee as if I had a blood rag in it
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    John Morgan

    International Ref Pay?

    Over or under the table? :)
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    If Spencer L., Yianni D., David Carr....

    I would have to disagree with you - I don't see believe it shows lack of depth in college. It is due to the fact that the best guys are coming out of high school much more college ready as far as their technique goes. I would attribute that to better coaching at the high school level and access to practice with higher level college and senior competitors through RTCs and Clubs. I think the guys mentioned above as freshmen compare pretty well to past NCAA champs in those weights. I expect we will continue to see the top guys compete well right off the bat especially if they can spend significant time in the college room/RTC prior to suiting up.
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    Team USA OLY Projections

    May as well start it... Here we go: 57kg -. Gilman would have to wrestle the tournament of his life to medal. DNP 65kg - no entry 74kg - Dake coming home without a medal would be a disappointment. I predict Gold over Sidakov. 86kg - We haven't seen Taylor against top competition since his injury. He's had close domestic bouts. Predict Silver, but... Gold over Yazdani is absolutely in play. 97kg - Sadulaev and Mohammadian appear to be on another level. However, Snyder has this uncanny ability to win... A lot. As such, predicting Bronze, but Gold or Silver is a definite possibility dependent on draw, and some amazing wrestling HWT - calling my shot. Stevenson for gold. Shocks the world by beating the two best heavies of modern times, back to back, to win. Pick it apart. I'm not skeered to be wrong, or to be corrected. ;-)
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    Griffith staying at Stanford

    Better numbers than Fauci
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    Long title droughts

    I saw this tweet today from Minnesota, and I was struck by the fact that the last Gopher champ was Tony Nelson in 2013. If you had asked me when the last Minnesota champ had been, I probably would have guessed later than 2013, even if I couldn't say who it was. Got me thinking about last champs. Here's a list of the last Division I champ for each team. The 2021 champs last wins were Iowa (2019), Penn State (2019), OK St. (2017), Iowa State (2015), Minnesota (2013), Stanford (2004), UNC (1995). Please let me know if there are errors in the table below Team Last Champ Air Force 1967 American 2007 Appalachian State none Arizona State 2019 Army 1963 Bellarmine none Binghamton none Bloomsburg 1987 Brown none Bucknell none Buffalo none Cal Poly 1976 Campbell none Central Michigan 1999 Chattanooga none Clarion 1996 Cleveland State none Columbia none Cornell 2019 CSU Bakersfield 1999 Davidson none Drexel none Duke none Edinboro 2009 Franklin & Marshall none Gardner-Webb none George Mason none Harvard 2010 Hofstra 1977 Illinois 2016 Indiana 2008 Iowa 2021 Iowa State 2021 Kent State 2011 Lehigh 2017 Little Rock none LIU none Lock Haven 1997 Maryland 1969 Michigan 2012 Michigan State 2009 Minnesota 2021 Missouri 2017 Navy 1973 Nebraska 2011 North Carolina 2021 North Carolina State 2018 North Dakota State none Northern Colorado none Northern Illinois 1960 Northern Iowa 2019 Northwestern 2014 Ohio 1998 Ohio State 2018 Oklahoma 2015 Oklahoma State 2021 Oregon State 1996 Penn State 2021 Pennsylvania 2007 Pittsburgh 2008 Presbyterian none Princeton 1951 Purdue 1992 Rider none Rutgers 2019 Sacred Heart none South Dakota State 2018 Southern Illinois Edwardsville none Stanford 2021 The Citadel none Utah Valley none Virginia none Virginia Tech 2019 VMI none West Virginia 2005 Wisconsin 2010 Wyoming 1960
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    dude...what? Do you also get bent out of shape when people ask how wheat bread is made, or what the finer aspects of needlepoint are?
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    Cody Chittum Commits

    He reads beyond a 3rd grade level so he was going to be asked to teach classes as well. Didn't want the added responsibility.
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    Tokyo Olympians at the Poland Open

    Four of 57kg Olympians also will wrestle at 61kg, Atri, Kumar, Sanayev and Abdullaev I also think this will be 74kg trials for Kazakhstan between Kaisanov and Kaipanov! similar names. Kaisanov won the quota but Kaipoanov won the gold in Asia and he is a world silver medalist at 70kg. this might be their 125kg trials too between Boltin and Batirmurzaev. this is also probably 125kg trials for Egypt between that Kamal guy and former American Youssif Hemida. Olympians Bekzod Abdurakhmanov and Vasyl Mikhailov are listed for 79kg. btw I believe none of the guys here will represent Turkey in Tokyo. barring injuries Atli, Gocen, Karadeniz and Akgul will go to Tokyo.
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    Why is everyone always so sure that great wrestlers will be good coaches, or will even want to coach?
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    Nolf was supposed to head to Stanford before the program was dropped according to the KSW Town Hall zoom call the week of the reinstatement.
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    Rumor: Rob Koll to Stanford

    Dake is very ready for the bay area...
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    Long title droughts

    Or....he fell on his sword to give his (idiot) wrestlers a chance at a good life instead of the felony albatross about their necks.
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    This is not a strong indicator of reverse aging.
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    Ness vs Dennis

    You’re welcome.
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    The Genius

    Team USA OLY Projections

    It's pretty crazy that Stevenson has yet to wrestle in an international tournament and people are talking about him winning Gold and possibly being the HW GOAT already. I do not see how he beats Taha, he's an underdog against Geno, and 50/50 against Zare. Happy to eat humble pie if he does what everyone else thinks he will, though.
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    if she reads this forum she is encouraged to post!
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31567128/tennessee-titans-sign-all-american-wrestler-adam-coon-play-offensive-line Coon has no college football playing experience but was an all-state linebacker in 2012 at Fowlerville High School in Michigan and was an honorable mention offensive lineman in 2010 and 2011. Interesting to see if he sticks on the roster...maybe the next Stephen Neal? He is certainly good at pushing people around.
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    Poland Thread

    Truly startling that you were able to deduce all of this. Completely driven by emotion... boogeyman came home to roost... staring down a long dark hallway? Missing weight was inexcusable, no question about that. But to belittle his accomplishments and his commitment because he dropped a match at the... let me check my notes... Ziolkowski, Pytlasinski Memorial Poland Open? It's a bit ridiculous. This dude has never come back from the Olympics or World Championships empty handed. And if Cox is "long in the tooth," then what exactly is David Taylor? I would ask the same question about Dake if he wasn't aging in reverse.
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    Adam Coon is now a Tennessee Titan

    Uhhh...say what???
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    Jordan Oliver to NYCRTC

    2nd prize is 2 weeks in Easton! (I'm from Phillipsburg!)
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    Jordan Oliver to NYCRTC

    The right answer as to why Columbia has an RTC is Columbia wrestling alumni, two in particular, have money and care about wrestling. We should all be cheering for donors to continue donating. It's only good for the sport.
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    uncle bernard

    Jordan Oliver to NYCRTC

    It's actually a really good RTC. Two elite coaches in Kendall Cross and Valentin Kalika. Chamizo, Khinchegasvilli, Finesilver, Mack, and Taffur train there. I think Jack Mueller was there at one point. It's a really attractive place for guys to live and train. Chamizo like NYC. That's why he's there. Why on earth wouldn't Columbia want to host an RTC? You don't want Tanelli to try to improve the program?
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    Koll's Last Cornell E-mail blast

    That is a classy email. Better than just about every “later fellas” email I have read.
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    My Hat is Off - Cornell & Stanford

    A very dark cloud looks like it has a wonderful silver lining. My hat is off re: Stanford to: (i) the leaders at Stanford who realized a mistake and corrected it and now will build back better; (ii) Coach Koll who was a big part of the development of a wildly successful Cornell program and earned an opportunity to build another great program at a great institution with even better weather (and perhaps get paid!); (iii) the Stanford wrestling community who are fundng the effort; (iv) the Stanford wrestlers who stayed the course and even won an NCAA title - which may have been a key help in winning the day. My hat is off re: Cornell to: (i) Andy Noel and the administration in building such a great program that raised the level of EIWA and Ivy wrestling (in addition to the many fine Coaches) and had the wisdom to choose Mike Grey; (ii) Mike Grey for earning a chance to maintain and improve a top program; and (iii) the Cornell wrestling community who has funded such a strong program. Both of these programs can thrive.
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    Pan Am Games

    Winners get seeding points for 2021 World Championships. Guys get some (additional) international experience. There were several (not many) potentially interesting matches at 61 KG and 65 KG (Seabass). It can help to build confidence for some wrestlers. It's a short flight from the US. Cuba might have shown up and provided some worthwhile matchups. It can encourage team cohesion for the Olympics and Worlds. Not much else is going on for both wrestlers and fans until the Olympics (except maybe a tournament in Poland in June), and Yarygan in Russia was probably too far and too risky given Covid.
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    Rumor: Rob Koll to Stanford

    From eliminating the program to pilfering Rob Koll from Cornell in less than 2 months. You can't make this up.
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    He doesn't know, he has to ask Frank. ;)
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    Long title droughts

    ...you can do that and keep your job in the Pac12
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    I hope he stays. He’s a thoughtful guy, very eloquent, has his own personality and is already a hell of a wrestler. I love watching Penn State wrestlers, but they all turn into Cael God zombies the same way Iowa guys all start parroting the gable/brands grind-grind-grind mottos. Wrestling needs more thoughtful speakers and thinkers, and Shane’s story is one for the ages already.
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    You are forgetting one very important thing: it is Ferrari who called out Steveson some time ago. Otherwise I doubt anyone, and certainly not me, would have brought it up. If Mr. Fabulous wants to prove it, it’s go time.
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    Do you know how you feel about a 5Xer?
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    What are the chances that, in a field that has less than 100 years of research, some sociology major(Kyle Dake) has the answers? That seems way more misguided as chances are he has only read the entry level arguements and doesnt understand the deep and complicated nuance in biology. Kyle Dake doesnt even know what he doesnt know.
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    Nah man, I’m saying it is misguided to place undue weight in the hands of professions that have less than 100 years of research to them, especially ones that have such wildly hit or miss results in their areas of expertise. I don’t know what @Billyhoyle does as a profession, so if he is a cutting edge geneticist I will offer my apology. Deciding who you think is an intellectual and who isn’t is arrogant and a herd-motivated mentality. It is certainly easier, but I caution you in that conviction bc said intellectuals do not have your best interest at heart. I balk at labeling any group medical “experts” or “intellectuals” if they come from a system that is so enabled and entrenched that use of said system without insurance is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the country. Incentives and motivations up and down our current medical system are sideways at best, perverse at worst. All I’m saying is, be open minded. just because something seems to completely contradict your understanding of the workd doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means it is challenging and potentially frightening to contemplate the ramifications if it is right.
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    Is it crazy because you just don’t understand what he’s talking about or referring to? I would posit that Kyle Dake knows a f*ckton more about the human body and cell biology than you do good sir. Keep in mind, according to mainstream medical professionals, eggs were considered heart attack grenades 10 years ago and pasta was good, now pasta is evil and eggs are worth their weight in gold. We live in an age where, because we do a few fancy things with electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum, we are suddenly incapable of admitting we don’t have all the answers. Western science treats the human body like a car at an auto body shop, all while carrying around a boatload of topics and questions that doctors just shrug at and say “we don’t know” EDIT: Apparently I missed a rather large topic about KD having some very sideways takes on all manner of things last year.
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    Wow he is out of his mind. Usually people who say this type of stuff are running a health scam, but he clearly believes it. I think this type of insane thinking actually helps his ability to compete by removing all self doubt, but it does not bode well for his future post-competition.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Flo New Setup

    this is excellent feedback, and I encourage everyone to leave more feedback like this. Negative is totally cool and the more specific you can be (e.g. I liked it when it was set up like X, I don't like it now that I have to do Y to get to X) the better. I also encourage people to leave comments with what features they wish the site had, whether it was on the old layout or not. general feedback is cool, just less helpful to the product team, who I'll make sure sees all your comments. Thanks!
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    Putting together some data, if you know of a place to get it for your state, send it to me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sCcESZRzBobVFbeJlkmYCtBAxZ2b0eVadBydOsDRtE8/edit?usp=sharing *Thanks to the guy who does not like Republicans @JasonBryant's Almanac it has made it a lot easier to verify NCAA placings.
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    Poland Thread

    Apparently tourney organizers did not leave enough time to smoke the whole pack of cigs between semis and finals
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    Damion Hahn to Stanford?

    If you live in a state where ice fishing is a thing, then you should move.
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    Ill miss him big time on FRL. He was my favorite host. Really happy for his next move though, seems to be his dream job.
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