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    Richard Perry accident

    Thought this was worth re-visiting. Very inspirational and amazing recovery!
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    Hair Cut

    When that's what you begin your response with, it's time to move on to other things...
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    Separated at birth?

    Vitu Arujau and Christian Pyles
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    PSU looks horrible

    125-Do they even have one? 133-RBY gets tossed on his head. At least DeSanto was able to fight off his back even if he puked. 141-Lee-His weight was so weak and he barely beats a true freshman whose parents apparently aren't sure if forests are real. 149-OkStates backup beat the guy Berge lost to. Shameful. 157-This weight was so bad that their backup walked to the Finals and then made sure to make it easy for Nolf keep his 100% bonus rate. 165-I thought he was supposed to have really turned it on this year. Tbar said so and he definitely would be the one to know if men are turned on. Too many close matches. 174-Hall barely beat a fat 157lber. shameful. 184-Rasheed only beats VTechs backup 4-1??????? 197-Nickal beat who he was supposed to beat. 285-Cassar lost to a Senior 1x qualifier? Really????
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    Bench Misconduct

    So you should have been penalized, too?
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    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    You forgot to slot in Nickal at 97 as well, Teasdale and RBY at 57 and 61, and Cassar at heavy.
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    Separated at birth?

    More like:
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    I care. Enough to fly out there to see it, actually. I took notes of the match, since I follow both of these guys pretty closely. Period 1: First minute is what you'd expect from two guys with their history of trading matches: caution. Very little from either but Yianni did control the center of the mat more and had the only legit TD attempt close to the minute mark: an elbow slideby attempt which Eierman was ready for. Last two minutes of the first were uneventful but Yianni asserted himself more as the aggressor, generally controlling the center of the mat and the tie-ups. He also took the only significant shot of the period but Eierman's head-hands are too tough when he's first-period fresh. Period 2: Y chooses down and E immediately sticks in the right leg. Spends about a minute on the crossbody ride breaking Y's tripod down. Very similar situation to last year's second period at this same event, when Y was down. But this year Y had more strength to take the tripod to standing position a few times. After about minute of riding time, Y stood up and when E draped over him to attempt a mat return, Y tried a sweet looking arm throw to his right. Ultimately, it was not successful as a throw but it did shake E loose and Y got the escape after giving up 1:15 of RT. After a restart from going OOB, Y immediately starts pressuring forward, forcing E to either shoot or back up. E backs up and circles, faking a few shots, setting up Y's patented misdirection single. Y fakes left (slaps the leg) and immediately slides right to a single. Eierman sprawls but Y is already in deep and in position and secures the left leg to lock up a double but is halfway out of bounds and E smartly hips out of bounds, leaving Y with a low single to try to pull back in to the mat before the period ends. Period 3: E chooses down and has to escape in 15 seconds to secure his RT but fails to do so. Y used a claw and two solid mat returns to keep E down, but E is very active from bottom and got out fairly quickly. Alas, only 56 sec of RT. Now they're neutral where Y has been the aggressor the whole match and E looks tired to me, not moving as well. Y looks fresh and keeps pressuring forward. E fakes a few times but Y doesn't flinch and keeps pressuring. Y hits a low double that converts on the edge with 25 seconds left. Fresh start after going OOB. E shows urgency and gets up twice but Y responds with two athletic mat returns, the first one being Dake-like but with a very solid counter attempt from E who pivoted his hips midair and tried to land on Y after the back arch, drawing oohs and aahs, but no dice. Key Takeaways: 1. To me, Yianni looked significantly stronger/bigger than last year. Eierman clearly had the strength advantage last year and that is now gone. Look at last year's match at the SB Duals and then this year's. The main difference from bottom is that Y is now a man. 2. Y controlled all the action from the feet. He controlled the center of the match for 90% of the time they were in neutral and took the only meaningful risks, showing good variety with a throwby attempt, his patented misdirection single attempt (which he was in a decent spot to get had time not run out in the 2nd), and the low double that was money in the third. 3. Eierman is still dangerous as hell and usually only one move away from stealing any match. He will be very hard for anyone to keep down for long unless he unexpectedly starts struggling with the weight cut and loses steam by the third.
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    Hair Cut

    Jay Z Kanye Eminem Chris Rock, Louis CK, Rickie Gervais A person who is trying to verbally injure someone and spits the worst name they can think of ........ I could go on, but to what benefit Ever strike out at someone and make a derogatory ethnic or religious remark? Ever? Ever say something for effect and miss the mark, offending people? Never? Ever say something rotten and regret it forever? Does it mean you truly hate and would discriminate against all members of that ethnicity or religion? We are a wrestling community getting sucked into the racial divisiveness that sells advertising clicks. The kids on the team are watching the adults and shaking their heads. No more from this corner.
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    Hair Cut

    You couldn’t have just kept this all in one thread? You needed your point heard separately? ok. I’ll bite. 1. It isn’t clear cut the ref was in the right, even according to the rules 2. This ref needs to have common sense. Is he so ignorant about what dreadlocks represent? What they might mean to this kid? It is not the same as a white kid with long hair 3. The ref is racist. He has a significant prior incident supporting this claim. Why should he be given the benefit of the doubt? Just enforcing the rule? Are you that naive? Do you also think cops who beat black protesters in the 60s are off the hook because it was the law? (Obviously one is far more severe than the other, but the logic is the same) 4. Why not listen to both coaches and try to find a solution that isn’t so blatantly ridiculous? Maybe borrow the legal headgear the other team had? 5. This guy has a reputation for abusing his power as the ref. Do you agree that this should be taken into account? pretending that this wasn’t a decision steeped in racism is absurd. Use some common sense.
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    He needs to be banned from reffing.
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    i just have to jump in here and laugh at how ridiculous this statement is... not counting the effects of not being able to train for several weeks leading up to the finals, but, clearly you have no understanding of how antibiotics wreck your body and zap all strength, energy, cardio levels... suriano stepped on the mat, so, he has to live with the results as did lee yesterday, but, to make such an ignorant claim that being hosiptalized with massive amounts of antibiotics shoved into to combat a serious case of staph wouldn't effect anything beyond a little soreness pretty much removes you from consideration of being a reasonable person...
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    Need reminder on Joe Smith

    Smith was more than family hype, although that was part of it. He was freshman hype as well. As a true freshman he RS'd and was undefeated until Reno where he lost to IMar but had an offensive TD and looked competitive. This was before IMar had ever lost. Then he lost a relatively close one to Nolf at the Scuffle. So he was a true freshman in RS with a number of solid wins and a few encouraging losses. This was all a monster improvement curve for a guy who had not been an elite HS kid despite his lineage. That put the Freshman hype train in full swing and would have done so if his last name was something else. Ultimately he came out of RS, got hurt, got a staph infection in the hurt knee, and has never looked as good as he did the first half of his true freshman year. The years since have been filled with injuries, weight issues, cardio issues, zero improvement, and possibly some HEW. Despite all of that he's AAd in every NCAA he entered and has a chance to be a 4X AA. He'll never be what it looked like he might be as a true freshman, but that's still not a bad career up to this point for a kid in the shadow of the greatest American wrestler ever.
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    I saw a thread analyzing NC state and as a longtime UNC fan, I would love to analyze their roster this year as well. First of all, huge kudos to Coleman Scott for the staff he's assembled and the job he's doing with the program. I remember a time when I would be hopeful for half of the UNC lineup to even qualify for the NCAA tournament and for just one weight class to be an AA. In Coleman's 4th season the team has continued to close the gap with top tier ACC programs every year. I don't think UNC is ready to beat NC State or Virginia Tech yet, but I am expecting a competitive dual with both. Pittsburgh is another team I'm expecting a competitive dual with, although I think UNC should be able to edge them out. Here's my roster breakdown for this year. 125: Joe Heilmann (true freshman) 5-5. 125 has been a tough weight for UNC recently. Last year there were a couple duals UNC forfeited at 125. Enter Joe Heilmann (younger brother of Troy who placed 4th at 149 last year). Joe is a blue chip recruit that's a hard worker. He gets lots of praise as being one of the hardest workers in the practice room on the Coleman Scott podcast. On the mat I've been impressed with him this year. His two notable losses were 3-0 to Milhoff of ASU and 4-1 to Mattin of Michigan. He seems to be little small compared to other 125s but that may be a good thing to be a long term solution at 125. I like how the future looks for Joe and think by his JR/SR year he could be in contention to AA, assuming he can stay at 125. NCAA prediction: I think he gets an at large bid, but his ceiling is 1 win. More likely than not he will get a bid, but finish 0-2. It will be great experience for him though. 133: James Szymanski (redshirt senior) 2-8. This is by and far away UNC's weakest weight. All due respect to Szymanski, but he just can't compete at the division 1 level at this weight. He will not qualify for the NCAA tournament. However, UNC has Gary Wayne Harding waiting in the wings. He has wrestled a couple unattached tournaments, but I'm not sure why he hasn't wrestled for the team yet. I'm wondering if it has to do with the transfer or something along those lines. If UNC can get him in the lineup with enough matches I think he will qualify for the NCAA tournament. I haven't seen him enough this year to predict his result. I do think the future of 133 is in great hands with Zach Sherman redshirting this year. He showed a lot of potential as a true freshman in the lineup last year. Next year this weight should be much better. NCAA prediction: no qualification. 141: AC Headlee (redshirt junior) 9-4. AC is one of those guys I watch and think he's this close to figuring it all out. He only lost to Yianni by 1 last year and lost to McKenna by 3 this year at CKLV. Headlee also beat Limmux of Purdue at CKLV before falling to a red hot Kanen Storr. He knocked off Chad Red in UNC's last dual. Watching him he seems to be just as gifted as everyone he takes the mat with. Little mental errors seem to be his biggest downfall right now. NCAA prediction: I think Headlee makes it to the R12 this year and then loses there. I like his chances to figure out how to win big matches as a senior and become an AA. 149: Austin O'Conner (redshirt freshman) 15-2. O'Conner was probably the most excited I have ever been for a UNC wrestling recruit and he has he lived up to the billing. His two losses this year were to Jordan of OSU and Finesilver of Duke. He's already avenged the loss to Finesilver at CKLV, where he placed 3rd. Against Jordan there was obviously a little gap in strength and pace. I think O'Conner is a good enough wrestler to wrestle a closer match if they meet again. The sky is the limit for this guy and I'm excited to see how he performs at the NCAA tournament. Another key for O'Conner is that he's just a winner. He constantly finds ways to win big matches. NCAA prediction: this is tough for me to predict because 149 is so wide open. I feel confident he will AA. There are only 4 guys I think can beat O'Conner right now; Oliver, Ashnault, Kolodzik, and Jordan. Based on styles I think O'Conner could give Oliver and Kolodzik tougher matches than he could give Ashnault or Jordan. Ill play it safe with my prediction and go with 5th (although him placing higher wouldn't surprise me). 157: Josh McClure (redshirt sophomore) 9-4. I'm going to go ahead and slate McClure here even though he hasn't wrestled a match at 157 yet. He has been a pleasant surprise this year. He gave up a lot of strength at 165, but he's a scrapper with great technique. Unfortunately for McClure I think this may be his only year as a starter. The future of 157 should be Mason Phillips who is redshirting this year. NCAA prediction: McClure gets a bid to the NCAA tournament where his ceiling is 2-2. I think it's more likely he loses in the first round and wins one match in wrestlebacks before falling out of the tournament. 165: Kennedy Monday (redshirt sophomore) 10-5. Monday wrestled his first dual against Isaiah White at 165. Monday got a pretty quick takedown in the 1st on a guy that is very tough to take down, but then he gave up a takedown in the last 10 seconds to lose. However, he looked great at the weight. He seemed to have so much more energy throughout the match than he ever did at 157. I love the style he wrestles with as well. He's long and deceptively strong. One thing he's going to have to figure out (hopefully sooner than later) is how to finish matches he's winning. He has two losses this year, to Berger and White, where he gave up a last second takedown to lose. This was a problem for him last year as well. NCAA prediction: This is a tough one to predict because Monday is a straight up bracket landmine (just ask Joey Lavallee). I'm looking for Monday to go on a tear now that he's not cutting so much weight. I'm going to predict Monday breaks through this year to become an AA and finishes 7th. 174: Devin Kane (redshirt sophomore) 9-4. Kane has been another pleasant surprise in the lineup this year. He is as strong as an ox and just looks the part of a 174. His downfall right now is everything right now is just trying to out muscle his opponents. He's not the greatest technical wrestler and that's something that's going to have to vastly improve for him to ever make strides to the next level. Since the Devin Winston decommitment, this is Kane's weight for the foreseeable future. NCAA prediction: I think Kane qualifies and goes 2-2 this year at the NCAA tournament after his 4-2 CKLV performance. 184: Chip Ness (redshirt senior) 8-4. Ness has had a few stumbles to start the season after finishing last year as an AA with a 7th place finish at the NCAA tournament. I'm not concerned at all about his slow start because he started last year the same way. He is a guy that peaks in March. He did get back on track with a big win against Venz last weekend. Ness wrestles with a very unique style. He often gives up the first takedown and then goes to work on bottom. He is also a leech on top and a very funky wrestler. Outside of 4-5 guys, he can ride anyone in the country for an entire period. NCAA prediction: Ness peaks by March and finishes as an AA in 6th place this year. He will have had a heck of a career if he becomes a two time AA. 197: Chasen Blair (redshirt freshman) 5-5. To be frank Blair is starting here because UNC is redshirting another great recruit, Brandon Whitman. Blair is a 184 pounder and is extremely undersized at 197. But the guy has so much heart and gives it everything he has every match. He's very flexible and a great technician. I'm excited to see him at his natural weight next year when Ness graduates. Whitman will be a stud for 4 years at 197 and I expect him to contend to be an AA as a redshirt freshman. NCAA prediction: Blair is unable to qualify. Heavyweight: Cory Daniel (redshirt senior) 10-4. Daniel, much like Ness, has continued to improve every season. He's just a solid wrestler. Above average on feet, can escape on bottom, can ride decently on top. He's lost a couple tough matches so far this year, but he's not a guy I'm overly concerned with taking a few losses in November/December. I expect him to peak around February . He has 2 potential rematches with Thomas of Pitt before the NCAA tournament and I think those will be huge for him. NCAA prediction: Daniel qualifies and has a great tournament before falling in the R12. He's a guy I would love to see AA as a senior, but I just don't think it will happen unfortunately. Summary: UNC is getting better every year under Coleman Scott. They have a great shot to have 3 AA's this year which would be the most UNC has had in a long time. There's a lot of growing excitement around the program and recruiting has been great. This year is great, but next year will get even better as I expect a lineup that can compete in all 10 weightclasses as Sherman will be added at 133, Phillips at 157, and Whitman at 197.
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    The message boards were a tire fire during Oklahoma A&M's reign
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    Hall vs Valencia Two NCAA Champs that have each prevented the other from currently being a 2Xer going for 3X.
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    This is mumbo-jumbo bull****... and since Gilman has already been more successful at his chosen profession than you have in any aspect of your life I am going to go ahead and say that we should listen to him and not you.
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    You bozos complaining about blood time are obviously the other fine silver siblings
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    I could conceivably win midlands 30-40 times before I die.
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    Not correct. A few years ago the rule changed to that the cover needed to be attached to the headgear. My understanding is that was the issue here (he had a cover, just not the “proper” cover). So as stated by Mr. Roberts in the article, the referee technically made the correct call. What’s not known is when the ref first saw the cover. Technically if you need to wear a cover you’re supposed to show it at weigh ins.
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    You'd need particular insight into each individual program to know the motivations behind each guy's participation (or lack thereof) in opens. There are plenty of reasons to not participate in Opens. Too much homework... exams coming up... a long drive in the back of a van... a couple of pounds to lose to get to your "correct" weight class... some soreness in your shoulder... etc. etc. etc. Nobody on redshirt is required to participate in opens. That's why, in general, the guys that tend to participate in more open tournament are the guys with higher aspirations. Some of the guys on the team are just there to be part of the team... and that's fine. But It's a big red flag to me when a freshman on redshirt doesn't compete. That tells me (a) he has a serious injury, (b) he doesn't think he needs to, or (c) something else is wrong. The last 10 NCAA champs that redshirted as freshmen wrestled an average of 17 matches during their redshirt year.