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    Dan Gable

    Biden's first act in office should be to award the presidential medal of freedom to larry owings.
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    WrestleStat error

    I don’t go to Walmart to tell them what’s wrong at Target. Go to the damn source first. If they willfully ignore you, then by all means complain away. This board is not the Flo/InterMat/Track/et al help desk.
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    Tell me your wrestling stories

    Another one that @Drake_Mallard just reminded me of. We had a 103lber my senior year who weighed about 90lbs. He was a 13 year old super genius who ran cross country and we recruited him so we didn’t have to forfeit the weight. His first match, ever, in his life, with three weeks training, was against Blake Frost from Christiansburg who had won a state title the year before and had a super aggressive style. Anyway they get going, 30 seconds into the match, Frost scoops him up, drops him on his shoulder/arm and pins him. Our guy gets up, shakes his hand and comes over to our coach and says, calmly, “coach, I do believe that I have broken both my clavicle and humerus” Coach : “ummm, I don’t think so, you’d be screaming right now” Thomas: “you are correct, however, my mother is in attendance and I feel that an uncharacteristic outburst of emotion, may cause her distress” Coach: “....” Thomas: “I’m going to remove myself and go discuss this further with the trainer of athletes” Coach: “ummm, ok bud” Turns out, he was spot on. Both his humerus and collarbone were snapped directly in two. He had emergency surgery to put plates in. The x-rays were like something I had never seen before, looked like someone sawed them both in half. He’s now a Harvard med professor.
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    Tell me your wrestling stories

    I know this is a cop-out, but man, I have too many to pick just one....going on 60 years in the sport!!! I guess if I could lump something together, it would be attending all the high level competitions I've been at....closing in on 45 NCAA's, 30 Big Tens, 17 World Cups, Midland's and much more....all the friendships, memories, learning that takes place.....can't beat it.
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    Dan Gable

    Great for Gable to get the award - too bad he had to shill for that dishonest dolt in return (who claimed repeatedly that he thought he could take Gable.) Made a deal with the devil here. Feels too much like what was happening at Foxcatcher... sometimes things that appear good are better turned down.
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    Gable going 97kg?

    I also expressed that desire.
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    Event Gold Silver Bronze 57 kg details Zaur Uguev Azamat Tuskaev Akhmed Idrisov Muslim Sadulaev 61 kg details Abasgadzhi Magomedov Ramazan Ferzaliev Ibragim Abdurakhmanov Zhargal Damdinov 65 kg details Gadzhimurad Rashidov Akhmed Chakaev Alan Gogaev Zagir Shakhiev 70 kg details Chermen Valiev David Baev Kurban Shiraev Ruslan Zhendaev 74 kg details Razambek Zhamalov Khetag Tsabolov Zaurbek Sidakov Timur Bizhoev 79 kg details Akhmed Usmanov Gadzhimurad Alikhmaev Gadzhi Nabiev Amanula Gadzhimagomedov 86 kg details Dauren Kurugliev Artur Naifonov Magomed Ramazanov Arsen-Ali Musalaliev 92 kg details Alikhan Zhabrailov Magomed Kurbanov Batyrbek Tsakulov Anzor Urishev 97 kg details Abdulrashid Sadulaev Aslanbek Sotiev Aslanbek Gazzaev Erick Dzhioev 125 kg details Alan Khugaev Shamil Sharipov Anzor Khizriev Vitaly Goloev
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    Hey Wrestling Fans, I started a wrestling podcast back in April and do a new episode every Monday with a new guest (usually college wrestlers). At this point I have 29 episodes out with a lot of guys you'll know. I think a lot of the episodes in the vault uncover really cool stuff so I'm gonna share a couple of my best ones. My favorites: Ep. 7 Kyle Conel (his positivity is contagious, I loved this one and Kyle is great) Ep. 9 Evan Wick (I can't believe he eats sushi before every weigh in...) Ep. 16 Albie McKinney (a D3 Finalist that experienced some really sad things) Ep. 22 Dave Malecek (all stories and a wild Dave Schultz story that is hilarious) Ep. 24 Tyler Berger (longer but super good if you enjoy people with strong mentalities.) Ep. 25 Jack Medley (good if you like running, all round great optimistic dude) Ep. 27: Anthony Ashnault (the top episode) Ep. 28: Anthony Echemendia (goes in depth on some of the scary stuff he experienced on his way here) Subscribe to get notified every Monday of who I have on. Here's the links... YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Mqo_QLlQ1CGhIhv7LPM5g Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mat-awareness/id1509095691 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5tRPWEx3HdpzE68PXXPQ0b Thank you.
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    2020 Juniors Cancelled/Seniors is on!

    qualifying tournament and body of work are both valid ways of picking a team. i prefer qualifying tournament, but tbh, if there's going to be a qualifying tournament i'd also prefer that be made clear not framed as "likely." there's no right answer here because i think many wrestlers expected that either there would be no worlds and even if there were, USAW may not send a team. That said, Snyder showed up (to his dismay), so it's not like there was nobody there who would have been selected for the team if they opted out of an event they expected to be an optional event. This is a long and roundabout way of saying there are going to be angry people no matter what the final decision is but all possible answers have reasonable justifications. Sometimes life is funny like that. Apropos of absolutely nothing, Russian Nationals were held indoors to a packed house and nobody was wearing masks, to which I will give a rueful "lol". And as one final note, LJB is (a) not particularly wrong here since it is totally reasonable to want to reward the winners of a "likely" qualifying event and (b) it is completely irrelevant that he didn't wrestle. Neither did I. Polk High is in the rear view mirror, Team Al Bundy. A smelly old singlet in the bottom of a closet is not a requirement to talk about wrestling much less a requirement to talk about team qualification policy. However annoying his rejoinders are it is also at least clear that it is intentional because it is hilarious to him to watch the rest of you flail in response. Everyone else is going insane because they can't help but respond, which is a sickness. You actually can leave him hanging with the last word and you won't turn to dust. I promise.
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    Greg Strobel

    I had the great honor of working with Greg during my two-plus years as director of media relations and communications at USA Wrestling, back in the mid 1980s. My office was right across the hall from Greg's and we spent a lot of time talking about wrestling, and life in general. Also, I was in press row in 1973 at the U. of Washington when he won his first of two NCAA titles and was voted O.W. Greg and his wife Donna and their two daughters and my wife Bev and our three kids got together often to play shuffleboard and Trivia Pursuit in our family room. After Bev and I left USA Wrestling, we exchanged Christmas cards every year.. Greg was always upbeat and enthusiastic and very generous with his time to strangers. He stayed in great shape, working out all the time. We last talked shortly after Donna passed away and he shared an incredibly intimate story that I will always cherish. I say with all sincerity -- Greg Strobel was as nice and as thoughtful a person as he was a great wrestler. What a tremendous loss for the entire wrestling community. -- Mike Chapman
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    I went to high school in Virginia. My senior year, at the Grundy tri-meet, our heavy-weight was out sick and our coach asked if I would be willing to bump up 4 weight classes and wrestler heavy weight. He asked that I just try to keep from being pinned. I agreed knowing the guy I was going to face had a bunch of 6, 7, 8 second pins. As we shook hands, my opponent looked at the ref and mumbled something. All I could hear was something about a headlock. I was confused and the ref just chuckled. Whistle blows, and I’m still trying to figure out what was going on. My opponent lunged forward, whipped me down with a headlock, flatten his hips, and I was flat on my back. All I remember is my opponent yelling “hit the mat!!!!” I was pinned in about 4 seconds I often wonder what happened to my opponent. I’m guessing he’s like the guy in Glory Days.
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    Fresno St to cut

    I hate when scholarships are used as an expense - they aren't a fixed cost. It's just sending money from one part of the school to another, while the part that takes gets the money to the school from the walk-ons doesn't get any credit for bringing kids in to the university bottom line. It's a one-way transaction that's a failure. Shell games. And don't tell die-hard football fans their sport doesn't make as much as they think they do - they'll automatically turn into some revenue seeking realist about our sport, but not their own. Distrust the admins until they take away your precious football.
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    Russian Nationals 2020

    Here’s a link to all the brackets from Russian Nationals. I translated them all into English and updated the scores for each match.
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    Dan Gable

    Dan Gable is one of the greatest wrestlers and coaches the United States ever produced. Donald Trump is the worst, most incompetent president of our generation. This event did nothing to change my opinion of either.
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    195 Bracket...

    Indeed, it just gets younger
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    Dan Gable

    He would be meeting with Biden?? So we are clear...I wrote that as a to point out how ridiculous it is to bring up politics when a great man/coach/mentor/athlete/etc. is receiving an award representing the greatest sport on earth (I too am not an Iowa fan). Does peoples hate know no bounds??? If you can't see fault in both our presidential options, and chose to call them very disgusting untrue names based on what the media tells you to believe then you sir are exactly what is wrong with this country, and thanks again for getting this thread shut down when it was started to honor a great man. SMH....
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    Dan Gable

    Who cares who gave it to him? Well deserved and I’m glad he received it in his home state. All you heard from Obama was basketball.
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    Greg Strobel

    He always seemed to have such boundless energy. He was still occasionally going live when I walked on at Lehigh. My experience wrestling him was that every thing he did hurt and made it hard for you to breathe. Felt almost like submission wrestling. When I did once or twice manage to pull out some surprise funk move that caught him off guard, he would always make an excited exclamation like, "Ha! Look at that! Amazing flexibility!" I wasn't a big time recruit when I was at Lehigh, or even a very good wrestler at that level, but he always seemed excited to talk to me, and had a real desire to help me progress, as did Pat, Chris and Kerry. That was the kind of program he built there. I saw him a couple of years ago for the first time in over a decade. There was a little more gray in the hair, but he still had that same youthful energy. Hard to imagine that he's gone. Rest in peace Coach.
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    Where is Hall at?

    Inside sources saying several fingers mashed in a horrific flute accident playing "Hot Crossed Buns." Waiting to see if it's a career-ender...keep this young man in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Basically this year is a redshirt for everyone. So you there is no reason for anyone to be redshirting this year. No matter how many matches you wrestle for your team it won't burn a year of eligibility. The idea being that this will allow kids the chance to compete without fear of the season being cancelled. And if the season is cancelled, they aren't penalized for trying to compete which will hopefully make schools and athletes decide to stop competition if there should be any health risks that pop up because they will get the season back either way.
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    130.073 if you want to be really precise.
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    I'll try to give some background on everyone. Vito Arujau- Top 5 overall recruit in the HS class of 2017. Cadet world silver medalist in 2016, Junior world silver medalist in 2019. 4th Place at 2019 NCAAs, has three years of eligibility left for Cornell. Dylan Ragusin- #38 overall recruit in HS class of 2020. Incoming freshman at Michigan, made the Cadet Greco team in 2017 and the Junior Greco team in 2019. Has four year of eligibility left Andrew Alirez- #3 overall recruit in HS class of 2019. Went 24-4 last year as a true freshman for Northern Colorado, runner up at junior world trials in 2019, has three years of eligibility left Evan Henderson- 2x AA for North Carolina, 2018 Bill Farrell Champ Logan Massa- #4 overall recruit in HS for 2015. 3rd place at NCAAs in 2017, has one year of eligibility left for Michigan. Anthony Valencia- #2 overall recruit in HS for 2015. 2014 Junior world team member. 3x NCAA qualifier for Arizona State, has one year of eligibility left Gabe Dean- 2x NCAA champ for Cornell, 4x AA. 2014 Junior world bronze medalist. Nate Jackson- 2x AA for Indiana. 2019 Medved champ, current assistant coach at Princeton Kollin Moore- 3x AA for Ohio State. 2x Junior world team member, 2017 Junior world bronze, 2018 U23 world silver. Kyven Gadson- 3x AA for Iowa State, NCAA Champ in 2015. University Nationals Champ in 2016. Mason Parris- #3 overall recruit for HS in 2018. 2019 Junior World Champ, current sophomore at Michigan, three years of eligibility remaining. Tanner Hall- 2x Junior world team member. NCAA 3rd in 2017, believe he has a year left of eligibility at Arizona State
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    Jordan Burroughs commits murder

    I don't want this to get lost on only the International forum. It's the most smack I think a non-Downey, non-Dake wrestler has talked in years. RIP to David Taylor.
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    Fargo 2018 and the only other team in our hotel was Wyoming. We are at a hotel breakfast of powdered eggs and rubber bacon, gathering to leave with the cadets for a practice facility, although it may have been for a weigh in, I don't recall which. Rulon Gardner is there with some of the Wyoming boys. I let our dudes know who it was, and they were familiar with his popular wrestling shoe, but their understanding of the man and his accomplishments was hazy at best. It occurred to me that these U15 athletes were no older than -3 years old when Rulon made his lasting impression on me and most of the sporting world for the first time. I felt an immediate internal struggle. You see, I preach not being a fanboy and putting no man on a pedastal. This may sound corny, but I feared speaking too much about being in the presence of our greatest Greco -Roman wrestler was a bad idea. I was thinking if one of our boys hit Wyoming in the course of the tournament, I would have placed my athlete at a psychological disadvantage. I am glad a more holistic view won out in my brain. The opportunity for these young men was too good for me to just leave it on the table for them. "Hey Rulon, can you tell my guys a story about one of your trips overseas?" I was annoyed with myself for bothering the man, but Rulon started talking to my guys with genuine interest in their attention. He focused on his world title in Greece in 2001. I was in awe and thrilled on a personal level to hear about a journey with which I was less familiar than his impossible feat in 2000. Plus, I had a comprehensive understanding of the victory in Sydney, so I knew I could fill in that blank for our cadets on the van ride to the dome. I don't remember the details about the Greece story. I remember the faces of my wide-eyed cadets, hanging on every word. And I remember Rulon, yielding to a request he probably gets on a daily basis, telling stories with total enthusiasm and joy. He certainly made the kids day and made my summer. Just like that it was time to go. I never got to thank Rulon, except for a brief thanks as we headed to the vans. I hope I get to someday.
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    Zeke Jones

    I don't know, I thought it was pretty cool. He was talking about working on that particular lace for Val. Talked about some of the shadiness that happens internationally. Things that went through his head during the match and what he did to prepare for that one moment of his life. I know of others who do this (yianni for one.) I think its an excellent teaching tool.
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    Canceling worlds isn't all bad

    More likely after the inauguration when, hopefully, we have someone that will try.
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    A blessed 26th birthday wish to our favorite comrade, Radik Khuzin! Enjoy a great day, moi droog!
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    NLWC 3.0

    how about NLWC try to set up any competitive matches instead of just showcasing their guys... that would be a welcome change...
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    No worlds...

    This is a plandemic not pandemic.
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    No worlds...

    I try to stay out of these discussions. I have my opinions, but it seems like it ends up becoming something where I am seemingly accused of advocating for the death of older people with preexisting conditions. I will generally do what the government asks; I will wear a mask if they tell me to; I can get if people are worried and respect that, etc. That said, I swear I have never seen a positive news day since March. It feels it somehow shifted from slow the spread/flatten the curve to there should be no new cases ever. My wife and I have six kids that all live at home. My oldest tested positive for COVID19 in June (sick a day or two), yet nobody else tested positive or exhibited any symptoms. My kids are largely back in the school building. All have been able to compete in sports so far. Sorry...rambling...as I said, I generally steer clear.
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    No worlds...

    F*** them. LJB was right, they were never gonna go, so they formatted the US open as if it was an olympic year, and then threw out some nonsense about the US Open winners "likely" going so they would only be 98% lying.
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    Russian Nationals 2020

    Who will be watching? Links can be found on the youtube channel below; although, many of you are in the USA, and will begin a little early/late: https://www.youtube.com/user/WrestRusRu Some of the bigger names competing: 57kg: Zaur Uguev, Azamat Tuskaev, Ramiz Gamzatov, Akhmed Idrisov 61kg: Aleksandr Bogomoev, Ramazan Ferzaliev 65kg: Gazdhimurat Rashidov, Soslan Ramonov, Nachyyn Kuular, Akhmed Chakaev 70kg: David Baev, Israil Kasumov, Magomedrasul Idrisov, Kurban Shiraev (Idrisov and Shiraev moved up to 70) 74kg: Zaurbek Sidakov, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov, Magomed Kurbanaliev, Razambek Zhamalov 79kg: Akhmed Gazhimagomedov, Gadzhi Nabiev 86kg: Artur Naifonov, Dauren Kurugliev, Magomed Ramazanov, Radik Valiev 92kg: Alikhan Zhabrailov 97kg: Abdulrashid Sadulaev, Shamil Musaev, Magomedkhan Magomedov 125kg: Anzor Khizriev, Zelimkhan Khizriev, Alan Khugaev, Baldan Tsyzhipov I think the National winners will look very similar to the 2019 squad: Uguev, Bogomoev, Rashidov, Baev (or Shiraev), Sidakov, Gadzhimagomedov, Naifonov, Zhabrailov, Sadulaev and A. Khizriev. But the Olympic weight classes are the ones that matter here. Would have been nice to see Baev go to 65 or 74, Gadzhimagomedov to 86. Should be good!
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    Dan Gable

    Why are you trying to pretend that a political move isn't political? Do you see any hypocrisy in starting the post with a partisan comment and then scolding others for being partisan? Unreal..... Happy for Dan. This should have been given to him years ago. Its still politically motived, but I doubt it swings any voters anyways.
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    Dan Gable

    I'm guessing (hoping) that you are pointing out correctly that the Orange Agent will use anything or anyone as a means to his pathological and narcissistic ends. It would great if Gable accepts the award but refuses to meet with the liar, racist, corrupt, and incompetent Fool and Con Man.
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    To be fair... to bee faaaaaaair....... ... DT also beats Drew Foster every time they wrestle unless he gets hurt. Foster is 1 for 1 on that as of now.
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    Snyder better at NLWC?

    He needs Rosseli again. Badly. I talked about this on another thread. But watch his film in 2015 and 2016. Then you can watch a gradual regression since Rosseli left. Everything from shot selection to match management. Hes started to get some of his good habits under Cael again.. BUT. He gives all the signs of being burned out to me. It’s hard to describe, it’s based off my experience coaching. But a bunch of little things in his demeanor; how he’s wrestling, his body language, facial expressions. Idk how to specifically articulate it. But he gives off all the same red flags as that stud who’s cut weight all season who burns out and takes a weird ass loss in the post season. Shocking to outsiders, but if you look at the coaches.. you can tell they saw it coming and were hoping they were wrong. That kinda thing.
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    Senior Nationals

    @GranbyTroll you are going to have to settle for the second step on the podium today...
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    Brands vs Henson

    Would've been funny if they switched out Terry and made Tom Brands the new roomie for Sammie :D
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    Jordan Burroughs commits murder

    I don't think its revisionism at all. It's not like Taylor just grew a few inches between seasons. After another unsuccessful attempt at making the team at 74, he specifically went on a weight gaining program to move up to 86. It was a specific, committed, intent....to move up from 74.
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    Perhaps you've heard of Kyle Snyder, Helen Maroulis, Pat Downey, Aaron Brooks, Nathan Kraisser..........
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    Flo's "Metcalf"

    Was this Hall’s true kindergarten year, or his RS kindergarten year?
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    NLWC Event - PSU's future

    Oof. That means what is MY optimal lineup. 125) Lee TF Howard Iowa 5-0 133) Bravo-Young DEC Desanto Iowa 5-3 141) N.Lee DEC Eirmann Penn State 6-5 149) Verkleeren DEC Murin Penn State 9-5 157) K.Brands DEC J.Lee Penn State 9-8 165) Marinelli DEC Berge Iowa 11-9 174) Kemererererr DEC Starocci Iowa 14-9 184) Brooks DEC Assad Iowa 14-12 197) Warner DEC Beard Iowa 17-12 285) Kerkvliet DEC Cassiopi Iowa 17-15 Iowa we know their lineup. Only question is who goes 141/149. Penn State has many more options. Bartlett at 141 and N.Lee at 149 is one of them, but I believe it hurts them here. Kerk could pin Cass. Beard could beat Warner. Brooks could bonus Assad(yep). Starocco could beat Kemererererr(also yep). Marinelli could bonu ls Berge, but Berge healthy at 165 could be a sleeper AA for then. J.Lee(or Verk?) could beat K.Brands. Lee could Major or worse Murin at 141 or 149, and beat Eirmann soundly at '19 Senior Nattys. Verk could be at 157 if Bartlett is in and could lose or win any match, ever. Bartlett could be at 141 and is an immediate High AA threat there. RBY is Tier 1 at 133 and I believe is in Desanto's head now. Lee with techfall whoever Penn State outs out. Howard isn't on his level nor is Meredith.
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    About the booze

    I was talking about the combination of bevs I had last night, and how we were celebrating my father beating covid and getting him home thursday. JP commented to the effect that sounds like Pops is a pretty tough dude, and I kinda told him a little bit about how the whole journey went. The greatest mind in wrestling came in and had some....well not so nice things to say. Didn't bother me at all like he was attempting I just answered his not so kind questions, thread got deleted. But anyway back the booze. Have had the pork butt working for a couple hours now for some pulled pork sammiches tonight. Trying to decide what the selection should be this evening to go along with it.
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    No worlds...

    Burning and looting buildings are part of Antifa's battle against free speech. A very undereducated violent mob of malcontents. Bums, losers, anarchists, and Communists. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Dan Gable

    This post wasn’t started with a partisan comment, I started it to acknowledge someone in the wrestling community receiving the highest civilian honor and you guys ran over here to give your best impressions of Bozo of the clown and starting whining about politics Biden most likely just give it to some D-bag ,like when biden was VP and they gave Harvey Weinstein and Ellen the presidential medal of freedom , but yea trumps bad and let’s all hate on Dan gable getting pretty much a life time achievement award bc the people on the Tv in my living room told me I should be angry. No politics were mentioned until the anti trump crowd rolled in with their elementary school comments , then you same people get angry when someone replies to your ridiculous comments and you instantly just start talking down to anyone who disagrees with you.. honestly we all should appreciate Dan gable and what he’s done for our sport but you people ( on both sides )that have to turn everything into some type of political sparring match ruin this site and honestly if politics get you this worked up and angry that you’ll talk down and yell at strangers on a wrestling site then maybe it’s time to turn off the tv for a little bit, maybe find a new a hobby , or talk to a doctor because from a neutral outsider a lot of you are bordering on insanity and it’s not healthy for you or the people around you
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    Senior Nationals

    thank god valencias knee got better.
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    Tell me your wrestling stories

    Junior high school, match against our rival school whose team, to a man, was much better than us. Part way through my match, I'm predictably on my back desperately arching to avoid the pin. I'm looking at the sideline where their cheerleaders were, and I see the girl who had a crush on me in 5th and 6th grades (we were in a Rapid Learners program for those two years), and she's screaming "PIN HIM! PIN HIM!" For the record, I did not get pinned. Also for the record, we just had a 50th reunion with our 6th grade teacher, and it was very nice to see Lisa and the others again.
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    Tell me your wrestling stories

    Sounds like some tough competition in VA in the late 90s!
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