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    RBY possibly just tore his ACL

    That’s one way to finally get a solid 125lber.
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    Glad to see that the Iowa fanbase has taken a completely unbiased look in to the accusations against this Iowa wrestler and cleared him of all charges.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Tommy Aint Afraid to Run

    One thing about Tommy gents is he aint afraid to run he aint gonna throw Lee and Young out there on account hes afraid theys gonna get beat just ask him gents its a coaches decision he said he did the right thing now the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport never did protect a seed nor keep a guy on the sidelines no he coached them up and they went out there and took on all comers but Tommys no Gable and that aint no lie. Gents the Voice of Wrestling was there in full war colors and listening to my fellow Hawkaholics they was disgruntled drove all that way and watched a miserable series of matches and such but most of thems drinking Tommies Kool Aid and content to finish 4th so leave that to them that wants it sure 4th is 4th but thats what you got hombres you want the thrills and chills of being in the team race choose another team hombres.
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    zero, see Minnesota
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    Injuries and Season Length

    In a perfect world without the logistic nightmare of moving everything, wrestling is a one semester sport that starts in January. 1) Wrestlers can focus on study during the first semester. 2) Wrestlers can eat during the holidays. 3) Shorten the season 4) Don't conflict with NCAA basketball 5) Our late season doesn't conflict with high school post season. Not that easy I know, but that's my dream scenario.
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    Phillippi screwed up

    He should’ve transfered to Penn State, Okie State, Iowa, or Ohio State. It is pretty much impossible for anyone to find success outside of these programs. I don’t know what he was thinking going to Pitt. Edit: Oh never mind he just beat Fix!
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    Fix vs Phillippi - Flo coverage..

    I provide a free daily newsletter that links to all the day’s top news worldwide. It’s curated, so I’m putting it in there. Worldwide stuff, major sites news, but also feature stories from newspapers around the country. That newsletter also links to the nation's most robust and comprehensive wrestling scoreboard, which I also provide free of charge to the wrestling community. Sign up free at http://www.mattalkonline.com/news It gets sent every morning (unless I’m traveling) at 7 am Eastern.
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    Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

    Yarygin 2019

    i am going to make wiki page of Ivan Yarygin 2019 for you my burger friends!
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    Ducking: an enlightened perspective

    Losing a wrestling match can be horribly traumatic. I’ve heard of wrestlers feeling triggered over losses years and even decades after the fact, long after anyone else could possibly care. Are we fans being selfish for wanting to see these student athletes risk future triggerings? Maybe it’s time we stand and salute those coaches who understand how devastating it can be to not be the best wrestler of all time. Maybe it’s time to give coaches emotional forfeit bricks so they can protect their guys from emotional damage even after a match has started. I pity anyone who puts entertainment above potential emotional carnage.
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    Tommy Aint Afraid to Run

    Odd though that Brands is willing to build a rocket ship to travel to other galaxies to find better competition but when he crosses the border to Illinois he gets scared for his wrestlers and has to implement an alternate plan. :(
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    57: Abasgadzhi Magomedov (Dagestan), Khuresh-ool Donduk-ool (Tuva), Amiran Guvazhokov (Kabardino-Balkarkia), Aryaan Tyutrin (Sakha-Yakutia), Muslim Sadulaev (Chechnya) 61: Ramazan Ferzaliev (Dagestan), M-rasul idrisov (Dagestan), Maydyryk Dongak (Mongolia-Tuva), Eduard Grigoriev (Sakha-Yakutia), Semen Vladimirov (Sakha-Yakutia) 65: Akhmed Chakaev, Muslim Saidulaev (both Chechnya), G-murad Rashidov (Dag), Kurban Shiriev (Dag), Nachyn Kuular (Tuva). 70: M-rasul G-magomedov (Dag), David Baev (Ossetia), Razambek Zhamalov (Checnya), Anzor Zakuev (Checnya), Chermen Valiev (Ossetia) 74: Zaubek Sidakov (Ossetia), Timur Bezhoev (Krasnodar krai), Magomed Kurbanaliev (Dag), Nikita Suchkov (Krasnoyarsk Krai), Arsalan Budazhapov (Buryatia) 79: Akhmed G-magomedov (Dag), Gadzhi Nabiev (Dag), Alan Zaseev (Ossetia), Khalil Aminov (Dag), Magomed Ramazanov (Dag) 86: Dauren Kurugliev (Dag), Vladislav Valiev (Ossetia), Soslan Ktsoev (Ossetia), Omar Ziyavitdinov (Dag), M-sharif Biyakaev (Dag) 92: Batyrbek Tsakulov (Ossetia), Anzor Urishev (K-Balkaria), Alikhan Zhabrailov (Chechnya), Azamat Zakuev (Stavropol Krai), Magomed Kurbanov (Dag) 97: Igor Ovsyannikov (Krasnoyarsk krai), Shamil Musaev (replaced Sadulaev, Dag), Rasul Magomev (Dag), Tamerlan Rasuev (Chechnya), Erick Dzhieov (Krasnoyarsk Krai) 125: Anzor Khizriev (Leningrad oblast), Zelimkhan Khizriev (Checnya), Said Gamidov (Azerbaijan-Dagestan), Pavel Krivtsov (Kemeroro Oblast), Ostap Pasonok (Kemerovo oblast) ***Abdulrashid Sadulev missed Yarygin, He afraid of rematch! he goes to Hawaii, rest and drink pina colada on the beach!
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    Found this on youtube.Enjoy!
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    A proposal to address ducking

    How to address ducking? Tom Brands c/o Hawkeye Athletic Department University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242
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    PSU Bubble Bursting?

    I figured it was hyperbole and I don't take offense to it. Devin Schnupp won't qualify for the NCAA tournament and he doesn't win a lot of matches at 125lbs at PSU but there is a pretty huge difference between high school and college. Devin was a pretty successful high school wrestler and anyone who steps on the mat for PSU likely has a pretty impressive high school resume, even if they are typically nothing more than a room guy. The same goes for every major D1 program. You have to have a certain pedigree to even be in the room at schools like PSU, Iowa, tOSU, OSU, Minnesota, etc. My apologies if I left any program off the list here. I like to give the guys like Devin a little credit (and there are guys like Devin on every team) because they go out there and give 100% despite knowing the chips are not stacked in their favor.
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    Maybe he had the same flu that Joseph had when Evan Wick came to town?
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    Sad to see what "Iowa style" means these days.
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    The way you express yourself on these boards, I'm betting that the over/under on the age is about 19.
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    Berger calls out Nolf

    Nolf won't even see that tweet. There's no cell service in State College.
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    It’s a Cinny topic, silly.
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    Nolf. I can easily hate all the other PSU guys but not Nolf. edit: Nevermind, I hate them all.
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    Berger calls out Nolf

    I don't see it as calling out Nolf so much as committing to his vision--namely by making it public within a community that will (dang sure) hold him accountable to it (allheseesisgold). Nowhere to hide, and all eyes on the prize. I say good for him.
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    Teasdale leaving Penn St

    Good to know. I took pride in scoring a 1600 SAT back in the day. 780 the first time i took it, 820 the second.
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    Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story

    Dave wasn't truly malicious though. He might do some mean stuff on the mat, but afterwards he'd be your best friend and show you exactly what he was doing to make you not feel so good. One of my coaches wrestled Dave at the open or Sunkist one year and this was like a year or two before he was murdered. He saw my coach warming up and knew a little about him and was saying how he should try doing certain things because of his build. Then my coach says to Dave, you realize we're wrestling soon right? And Dave says, oh yeah, and then continues showing him some technique. Then they get called to the mat and before my coach went out he asked whoever was coaching him, maybe Lee Roy, what he should do. And whoever it was said, if you shoot he might tear your arm out, if you don't he might throw you on your head. Of course Dave won and almost took his shoulder right out and afterwards was coming off the mat and was like hey, try this and went right back to showing him whatever it was they were doing before. So even though on the mat he was tough and nasty, he wasn't really a bully who would hurt you for laughs and was smug about it. He wanted you to get better, I think, because he thought that would help him raise his game to a higher level because then he would have to improve if the people around him he wrestled knew what he was doing. And if he could do that then he would be able to beat the Russians. Also because I just don't think he was really a mean spirited guy. Like he really wanted guys to get better even if he didn't wrestle them because then they would do better for Team USA.
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    PSU fans don't get to decide when jokes at their expense are no longer funny.