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    So all in all, Tom Ryan has had better offseasons. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Bo on Flo

    I love Bo (his personality and his family). have known them a long time and they are very good people. Bo's suggestion isn't a bad one. It would be a really cool piece or series/concept. However 2 things - i think he approached it wrong. we have a million archives we can run and paying wrestlers to talk about them before we re-run them, while a cool concept, shouldn't be 'assumed'. that's just not feasible. Second Thing - it was pretty odd b/c we reached out to Bo when he graduated and asked if, now that he could make some money, he'd be interested in doing some things. he said he would in the future but he was prepping for FS season. so it was odd to see that method when he had an open invitation and could have gave us a holler. it's all good though. cp and bader talked to him since and it seems like he's gonna do some stuff with Flo in the future.
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    Wrestling at Decathlon USA

    (I wasn't sure where else to post this topic, sorry) So Decathlon Sports is expanding into the US and I had the chance to visit one of their stores recently. They are a big European sporting goods chain with a global retail footprint and they produce pretty much all of their own merchandise under in-house private label brands, which I think helps keep their prices affordable. It's sort of like REI meets IKEA - think basic swimsuits & swim shorts starting at $4; two-person camping tents starting at $20; running sneakers starting at $15. Decathlon seems to mostly target casual/first-time participants and weekend warriors as opposed to serious competitors. They have some "performance" stuff at higher price points too, but I'm not sure about the quality since the brands are unfamiliar. The stores are setup so you can come in and try stuff out/play all you want, plus they're cashless and have inventory robots drifting through the aisles so they probably tend to attract a younger crowd. Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the selection and layout of the store, not to mention the prices, but was a bit disappointed that they didn't carry any wrestling gear. Decathlon has sections in their stores for combat sports like boxing, MMA and martial arts but unfortunately nothing for wrestling. They also have entire dedicated aisles for sports like equestrian and bow hunting (which actually seems really mismatched with the clientele of this particular store) but no wrestling shoes, headgear, singlets, etc. whatsoever. I actually sent the company some feedback that I liked their store concept, but it kinda sucked that they have pretty much all the major sports represented plus stuff for a bunch of really niche activities like bocce, "turnball" and cruise sailing but zero merchandise for a big growing global Olympic sport like wrestling. To my surprise, Decalthlon's customer support was very responsive. They apologized and said that they are still trying to get a handle on the interests of US sports & leisure consumers and will consider adding wrestling products as they plan further expansion of their stores. All this got me to thinking that maybe a retailer like Decathlon can help draw interest to wrestling by selling the equipment in an attractive retail environment that young people like, at prices that are extremely reasonable for parents. It could place wrestling into the consideration set alongside other "cool" sports and maybe make it easier to give it a try. Who knows. If you'd like to pass along similar feedback to Decathlon, they have a contact form here: https://www.decathlon.com/pages/contact-us Just thought I'd share.
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    Changing college to freestyle

    VPO: Victory by Points (0 points for opponent) VPO1: Victory by Points (opponent scores) VSU: Victory by technical superiority VFA: Victory by fall the 1 at the end signifies a technical point scored, which is use for classification points. A wrestler who gets beat 9-1 scores one classification point whereas a wrestler who gets beat 9-0 doesn't.
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    Changing college to freestyle

    It gets confusing, but I dont think the battle for riding time is drawing in boatloads of fans either. I love folkstyle, but it is far from perfect.
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    You are my new favorite prepubescent poster! Thanks for the laughs and anger!
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    Lee's olympic run isn't legit

    There is no third period in freestyle so he’s golden
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    However, Kyle Conel's mustache did look very good.
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    2020 BTN Wrestling Schedule

    One option is the list Earl Smith posts weekly on TOM https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/live-stream-schedule-for-ncaa-division-i-wrestling-nov-7th-nov-10th/75282
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    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    I think the issue was that he told everyone that he didnt know when its clear now that he did. It must be tough to tell the truth when you are sooooooo used to lying and deflecting.
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    Marcus Cisero


    For me, I gladly pay the $150 annually because they provide the content the national networks refuse to do.
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    All times Eastern, with local times in parenthesis. *-Indicates a one-pound weight allowance shall be granted. Thursday, November 7: Wisconsin at Buffalo, 7:00 PM Chadron State at Nebraska, 7:30 PM (6:30 PM) Nebraska-Kearney at Nebraska, 9:00 PM (8:00 PM) Friday, November 8: North Carolina at Michigan, 7:00 PM *Edinboro vs. Wisconsin at Saegertown, PA, 7:00 PM Saturday, November 9: Air Force, Appalachian State, Central Michigan, Duke, Gardner-Webb, Kent State, Oregon State, West Virginia at Mountaineer Invitational, hosted by Appalachian State, 9:00 AM American, Maryland, VMI at AU Round Robin, hosted by American, 10:00 AM Minnesota, North Dakota State, South Dakota State at Bison Open, hosted by North Dakota State, 10:00 AM (9:00 AM) Little Rock at Oklahoma City Open, Oklahoma City, OK, 10:00 AM (9:00 AM) Buffalo vs. Purdue at Troy, NY, 10:00 AM Long Island vs. Virginia at Troy, NY, 10:00 AM Sacred Heart vs. Utah Valley at Troy, NY, 10:00 AM Southern Illinois Edwardsville vs. West Liberty at Lansdale, PA, 11:00 AM Arizona State vs. Virginia at Troy, NY, 12:00 PM Long Island vs. Sacred Heart at Troy, NY, 12:00 PM Purdue vs. Utah Valley at Troy, NY, 12:00 PM Drexel vs. Southern Illinois Edwardsville at Lansdale, PA, 12:30 PM Drexel vs. West Liberty at Lansdale, PA, 2:00 PM Campbell at Pittsburgh, 2:00 PM Arizona State vs. Purdue at Troy, NY, 2:00 PM Buffalo vs. Long Island at Troy, NY, 2:00 PM Life Pacific at California Baptist, 3:00 PM (12:00 PM) Sunday, November 10: Binghamton, Franklin & Marshall, Harvard at Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open, hosted by Binghamton, 9:00 AM Cleveland State at Ohio Intercollegiate Open, Cleveland, OH, 9:00 AM Arizona State, Bloomsburg, Brown, Davidson, George Mason, Hofstra, Indiana, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Long Island, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Old Dominion, The Citadel, Utah Valley at Journeymen Collegiate Classic, Troy, NY, 9:00 AM Army West Point vs. Illinois at Chattanooga, 10:00 AM Iowa State, Northern Iowa at Harold Nichols Cyclone Open, hosted by Iowa State, 10:00 AM (9:00 AM) Northern Colorado at Northern Colorado Open, hosted by Northern Colorado, 11:00 AM (9:00 AM) Army West Point at Chattanooga, 12:00 PM Northwestern at Virginia Tech, 1:00 PM Illinois at Chattanooga, 2:00 PM Navy at Penn State, 2:00 PM *Campbell at Ohio, 4:00 PM Stanford at Ohio State, 7:00 PM
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    The Genius

    U23 Discussion

    People saying Bo would beat Yazdani already... Yikes.
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    Bo on Flo

    Bo needs Flo more than Flo needs Bo. Flo running a front page piece on Bo benefits Bo more than it benefits Flo. Sure, Flo will get a few clicks and may keep some subscribers interested, but Bo has graduated and it’s freestyle season, where he is, so far, pretty irrelevant. Putting his career highlights in front of wrestling fans at this time helps Bo stay relevant and popular. It would’ve been different had Cox made the comment (Cox apparently agreed with Bo’s tweet), but Bo has a long way to go before he’s like Cox and he likely will never get there. He should appreciate what is effectively free brand-building for him.
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    Well I met bill Clinton back in the day and all he did was stare and creep on my girlfriend (who was 18) so in hindsight I think we would’ve preferred a cold cheeseburger and some limp fries over creepy looks from Bill
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    I bet they will get a very classy and healthy meal. Cold Big Mac and limp fries are so appetizing.
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    The Brace is Back

    Full disclosure: I actually heard that Nolf's leg was an issue earlier in the day. He was seen limping around at precisely the moment that IMAR entered the NYAC. Apparently, even looking at IMAR causes his leg to hurt. Instant limp.
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    He had mono. Got it after that first flurry. Should be fine going forward.
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    It did that the first time I tried but now seems to be working. Thanks for the thread, I learned that Sean Fausz is an assistant coach there, and they have a guy named Legend Lamer on their team. Apparently he's a 149, if he wrestles Brock Mauller that may be the matchup of the 2 best wrestling names.
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    Yes, if you're a fan of wrestling why wouldn't you? I'd imagine many of the "the quality of wrestling" people out there wouldn't watch, then the sport will take off (which it is) and they'll become invested. Honestly, it would only be a good thing. With women's wrestling growing as one of the fastest sports in the US right now, it would be great to see a new demographic/new group of people get the exposure to wrestling that many of us on here do. I know for a fact that many people would watch (not the "get off my lawn" people) as participation continues to rise. Giving our aspiring young women more wrestlers to look up to outside of our World/Olympic team would be great.
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    Cassar only 238 pounds

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    steamboat_charlie v2

    RTC Discussion

    I agree with your general sentiment nerd, but in this case I think it's pretty easy to get a solid picture of each operation from their 990's. RTC's generally don't have (or have very little) physical plant assets, and no liabilities. They're not really set up to turn margins, and with the exception of a few exceptional lead gifts it's purpose-based fundraising and $1 in $1 out, for the most part. Most recent publicly available filings below for anyone that's interested: Nittany Lion Wrestling Club: https://pdf.guidestar.org/PDF_Images/2017/251/408/2017-251408517-103dfd14-9.pdf Hawkeye WC: https://pdf.guidestar.org/PDF_Images/2018/237/302/2018-237302974-0fa179a5-9.pdf Ohio RTC: https://pdf.guidestar.org/PDF_Images/2017/061/778/2017-061778223-0fb262d1-9.pdf Gopher WC: https://pdf.guidestar.org/PDF_Images/2018/410/003/2018-410003982-10ad0d08-9.pdf Penn RTC: https://pdf.guidestar.org/PDF_Images/2017/471/577/2017-471577889-0fd2402e-9.pdf
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    I mean I'm pretty cool with anything avocado.
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    Last Man Standing - 2019/20

    Thanks for the support! I love my job. Can’t say the cadets always love West Point, but they love wrestling there. I’ve been in the army for over 16 years and Kevin Ward is probably the best leadership developer at the academy right now. Joe Heskett was super phenomenal in that regard as well. The athletic department should do everything they can to keep him there.
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    Is Mizzou in trouble?

    Just because my wife asks for an open marriage doesn't mean she'll start sleeping around.
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    Willie at Flo

    International refereeing is a complete joke at times. I’m so glad Flo ran that piece calling out Rio referee assignments. I think it was a courageous thing to do because Flo knew what the repercussions were going to be. I know a lot of people have many gripes with Flo, but I honestly have no problem paying them my yearly dues. I’m on there every day and watch pretty much everything they cover. If you take advantage of all their services, it’s actually a pretty good deal.
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    steamboat_charlie v2

    Willie at Flo

    I don't know how you can spin this any way other than as a big loss for Flo, and even more so for fans of FRL and WNO. Anyway, good luck to Willie. Curious to see what he does next, whether it's Rofkin, another wrestling media outlet, or some other platform. And for those of you clamoring for a more professional or buttoned-up broadcast, go watch the Big 10 network.
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    Based on what I saw, if the NCAA tourney were tomorrow, Sasso would be the favorite to win it. But it's a long season and lots of time for coaches to devise strategies to combat the things he does well. If nothing else, however, I'd suggest you purchase his matches on Track. Sasso is worth watching.
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    Spencer Lee in Tokyo

    Remember how good Joe Heskett was on the mat for Iowa State and then the US? How surprised so many of us were when he had to retire because it was found he did all his great wrestling with major medical heart problems? Enjoy the guys on the mat and hope for the best and whatever health challenges come up for the Athletes that they will be resolved.
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    Bo to 97kg

    Bo had a great tournament but I thought his final might have been his best match. Tcakulov had a great tournament too breezing through GEO, MGL, UKR and CUB in his half bracket. But when he met Bo in the final, looked like Tcakulov didn't know what was coming. Bo just had a beautiful array change-ups and misdirections with precision execution into big points. Really fun to watch. Congrats to Bo on the gold!
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    Bo to 97kg

    I have no problem with a Nickal over Snyder prediction. I love Nickal and would definitely root for him there. If someone wants to make a wild prediction on his behalf (or anyone else's) more power to them. But to try to have some sports radio hot take about how you called it and you were right (when you weren't) and everyone else was wrong (when they weren't) is just being childish.
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    uncle bernard

    U23 Discussion

    Dunked on yourself again with that DT example. DT showed those people were idiots, like you are now. You know you don't have to spend all your time online licking Penn State boots right?
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    I’d like to apologize for posting 30 times in a row. I got excited.
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    Lee's olympic run isn't legit

    Worked out well for Carl. No 4 timers have won the Olympics other than Carl. Rare feat. Dake has a legit shot at being the 2nd guy to do it.
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    Hot Take: VT at tOSU

    Seriously. There guys are always ready to go. They just got a handful of recruits I am super high on too. They are going to be nasty in 2021 and 2022. Like dark horse title contender maybe
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    ...... isn’t you wanting someone’s IP banned over a post you don’t like literally the definition of bigotry? If you don’t like a Jimmy post then just don’t click on it. Pretty simple. If it still hurts your feelings then log off.
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    Bill Farrell Discussion Thread

    Patience Spladle, It will come.
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    For starters, the 3000 times he said he had proof of collusion. Mueller debunked that.
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    RTC Discussion

    This guy ^^ Yea and plenty of parents would thrilled knowing there child received a great education, still got to train and compete at a high level and now at 22 they have a good job and possibly there career immediately ,while most there friends and peers move back home at 22 23 and spend the next 5 years of there life trying to find a job and figure everything out. And I’m pretty sure no parent wants there child to go to any conflict regardless but at the end of the day that’s not the parents call, if an individual wants to answer that call and sign on the dotted line then I’m pretty certain any parent would be thrilled to see there kid go the West Point /Annapolis route then just being a regular enlistee
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    Flo Talent

    Am I wierd for liking what they do now? I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but FRL is far and away my favorite one. I think CP is great on commentary. He is maybe one of the best I have heard for wrestling. I cant really comment on the interview skills, bc i dont watch many of them.
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    so ... he is breathing now? ;_;
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    all the people on here that love to question and complain about Flo, it's actually funny......no one is forcing you to get it, it's like any other choice you make.......cable tv, dish, hulu, netflix, join a gym, join a country club, go bowling, don't go bowling, go out to eat don't go out to eat, buy the new Call of Duty, or don't........your choice, if you like it and you want to do it then decide if you really want to and can afford to pay the price, if not move on.........but to constantly nitpick them, seems like a waste of energy....... but I guess all people get off on different things It's their product, they could literally charge $1,000 a month if they wanted (some might even still pay it lol).......we aren't socialist (yet).........supply and demand.........they obviously feel they can be successful at the price point they are at......
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    1. Northern Colorado may be the best team in the Mountains. 2. Finger Lakes has some good Cornell redshirts. 3. Ohio State has some young studs, but also some question marks. 4. Along with Starocci, Joe Lee looks pretty good. He's not Nolf, Nickal or Zain type, but he has added some strength and looks to have developed a style. No longer shooting from space but more close offense from ties. 5. I think Oklahoma is much improved. Not just the Dom Demas show, but look at some other guys like Jacob Woodley. That's all I got.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    because Greco results are so random. unlike freestyle when you have the entire 6 minutes to score, in Greco you have mostly 2-3 chances in the match ( the most important one is your parterre) it depends on who uses his chance the best. for example, Delkhani lost to an Armenian guy in bronze medal match in the Worlds. that guy was here too but lost to Turkey here and Delkhani beat the Turkish guy in the semifinal. for example in 130kg semifinal. the Turk scored 2+2 on gut wrench, I believe he could score more if he tried harder but he thought that's enough and he can protect his 5-0 lead but he underestimated Yousefi's physical strength . that was his only chance in the entire match to score and he didn't use it good enough. That's why I always believe in Greco, every match is a final and you can't underestimate anybody.
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    They say no man is and Island. Parris is.
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    Great news. Wrestling is the hardest sport but no one expects this kind of injury. Regardless of who you root for let’s hope he’s back on the mat soon.
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    Came here to say @Jimmy Cinnabon. Thinking further on it and I'm sure he'd twist into a PSU thread with subordinate intent. So: Hard pass. I choose @Husker_Du. Something very Keto-combative, too. Heavy whipped cream pecan pie doused in powdered sugar. Have someone otherworldly in size do it. Adam Coon anyone? Oh! Randy Johnson! I'm sure he can launch one quite well from 15 feet or so, still.
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    Iran Wrestling News

    according to IAWF, this year Takhti Cup will be the main "trial event" (or maybe i should say pre-trial) for the Olympics, whoever misses the Takhti Cup will miss the Olympics they announced a list of eligible wrestlers for Takhti Cup, this list includes last year world team members, Nationals gold medalists, U23 world team members, Military Games medalists, + Maghsoudi and Foroutan as Juniors gold medalists and Hadi and R. Yazdani as trial winners last year (even though they didn't go to the worlds) there will be extra trials for the remaining wrestlers to qualify for the Takhti Cup beside that, they made 5 wrestlers exempt from the Takhti Cup , this year World medalists + Atri ! all other wrestlers except these guys (Ehsanpour, Emami, Karimi, H. Yazdani and Atri) have to wrestle in Takhti Cup. 97kg will be very interesting if everybody shows up, we will have R. Yazdani, Mohammadian, Foroutan, Goleij and Shaabani. ! Hadi/Mohebbi at 125 will be interesting too. I can't see Hosseinkhani in the list , we know he is recovering from a surgery, I think if he fully recovers they will give him a chance.
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    From that story: When Bauman stepped down as KU wrestling coach to enter medical school before the 1932-33 academic year, Mehringer became a student-coach for the second time in his young life. He met with continued success on the mat, but Athletic Director Phog Allen would not grant him the funds necessary to travel to the National Intercollegiate Meet to attempt to win a NCAA crown. (Thus it was that Mehringer, an Olympic champion, never could claim a NCAA title.) Financial considerations, made more difficult by Allen’s refusal to permit Mehringer to keep his campus job, led the star athlete to leave the University after his senior year without a degree. Phog sounded like a complete tool.
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