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    Over the last few years, the US has dramatically improved it's junior world success. I looked at the last 10 years to try and understand how we can use this larger data set to help predict future college success. There is way more you can do with this data. I kind of wish I was still in college so I could spend way more time on this, but I still think this info is interesting. I'm specifically looking at Men's Freestyle. Facts From 2009-2018, there have been 27 junior world medalists, including 5 who have at least 2 medals. I'm removing Pico from the rest of this as he gave up his college eligibility without wrestling, so I'll be using the 26 number for the rest of this. The USA has won 9 golds from 7 wrestlers (Mark Hall (2x), Spencer Lee (2x), Mekhi Lewis, Daton Fix, Gable Steveson, Kyle Snyder, Dom Bradley) Only 1 of the gold medalists who has competed in college hasn't won an NCAA title (Dom Bradley). That included Hall and Lee, both of whom won titles as true freshman. Medalists with completed eligibility average 2.8 AAs over the course of their career. That means that a medalist is more likely to AA than not in any given year. 20 junior world medalists have competed at least 1 year in college. Only 3 haven't AAd and only 1 is out of eligibility (Butler). 13 of the 26 medalists have used up their NCAA eligibility and 12 AAd at least once. That suggests that junior world medalists have a 92% chance of AAing Only 1 of those 12 out of eligibility AAers AAd once (Pat Downey), wihch suggests junior world medalists have an 85% chance of AAing at least twice. 11 of the 22 wrestlers who have competed in college at least for 1 year were finalists. 9 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least 3 times! (69%) 10 of the 13 guys without eligibility left AAd at least twice Ryan Deakin and Mitch McKee are at risk of throwing off these numbers, as they are both junior world medalists (and finalist) who haven't AAd. Each still has eligibility, so it is likely they AA. 7 out of 12 guys without eligibility remaining won an NCAA title. This suggests that 58% of medalists will win a title. What is even crazier is if we include those still with eligibility (excluding those that haven't competed yet), 50% have won an NCAA title! The guys added here include Zahid Valencia, Mark Hall and Spencer Lee. 6 out of those 12 won multiple titles! There are all kinds of interesting extrapolations that can be made from the data, but it is pretty clear that being a junior world medalist means it is highly likely you will AA multiple times and you have about a 50/50 chance of winning more than 1 title. For a gold medalist, the likelihood of winning a national title is 75%. If we take this way too far... Gable Steveson, Mekhi Lewis and Daton Fix each have a 75% of winning a national title at some point Both Mitch McKee and Ryan Deakin are very likely to AA Joey McKenna has at least a 69% likelihood of AAing this year (although if we account for it being his senior year, nobody who has AAd previously and won a junior world medal didn't AA their senior year, so 100%) Micic is extremely likely to AA and likely to win a title in the next two seasons Aaron Brooks, Zach Elam and Brady Berge have a 76% chance to AA at least twice and a 58% chance of winning a national title. Mark Hall, Zahid Valencia and Spencer Lee are likely to win at least 1 more title I can't wait for the season to start
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    Mckee/Brock style

    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.
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    Bobby Knight

    Just watched the 30 For 30 - "The last Days of Knight". It's amazing how much physical abuse and bullying he got away with at Indiana (and Texas Tech) without anyone standing up to him. It led me to Knight's wikipedia page to read through a list of all his incidents dating back to the 70s and came across this: "1960 Olympic gold medalist Douglas Blubaugh was head wrestling coach at IU from 1973 to 1984. Early in his tenure while he jogged in the practice facility during basketball practice, Knight yelled at him to leave, using more than one expletive. Blubaugh pinned Knight to a wall, and told him never to repeat his performance. He never did." I thought this crowd might appreciate this.
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    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    The year is 2024, Grant Leeth is completing his junior year of eligibilty but also now eligible to run for president...
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    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    those ads aren't chosen by the themat.com, they are populated by a third party vendor based on your browser history and ISP details. so maybe it's time to start surfing in incognito mode.
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    Gents drownt my sorrows out to the club car after the meat now Tommys Purse Puppies over on that other bored saying theys all got the flu if pigs **** dollar bills them gents would be millionares but hombres that team aint strong and dont got no fite in them goes way back to that strenth and conditioning coach they hired on for $40k a year theys all muscled up but it aint wrestling strong and they flat gassed out each and every one of them guys needed a gas mask. Amigos down on the mat afterwards buttonholed the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport Dan Gable and some of his old hands from way back he dint say nothing just shook his head and said he sure taught Dresser rite to bad his teaching dint stick on Tommy Dresser flat outcoached him in each and every dimension strategy scouting mat coaching preparation I told you gents Dresser knew how to coach tell me on of you guys think he warnt the best coach out there and Ill call you a liar. Hombres thanks for the kudos and laudations expecially you MSU158 and all your getting to my head with all that praise you guys took me in when nobody wanted me your like a reel family to me.
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    Idea: Don’t read KMF’s posts.
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    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Hopefully this one doesn't embarrass the wrestling community like the last few.
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    Maroulis gets smashed.

    That is hard to watch. Helen is a Champion and always will be a champion. Whatever she decides, nothing changes. Still a Champion.
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    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Snyder needs to know I got pinned too. Many times. And look at me now. It will be okay.
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    ... this thread is brought to you by FloSports...
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    I don't know how he can feel so under the radar, but with our current loaded team, he still does somehow. Yet with just one more medal of any type, J'Den Cox will be a top 10 all-time guy for us. I think he gets lost in the shuffle because of his NCAA career being juxtaposed with Snyder and just after favorite son Dake and favorite son Taylor. And his ascension to national team-er felt like Goliath vs. Dake and Goliath vs. Taylor where he was the afterthought in "expected" results. And now his freestyle accomplishments are happening in the shadow of Burroughs, Snyder, and again Dake and Taylor. But suddenly you look up and it's J'Den Cox, all-time great. Awesome wrestler, awesome talent...and seemingly awesome guy. Much, much respect.
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    It was amazing worlds! Yes i like greco more than fs. I wait for greco worlds. But fs was more interesting than many boxing/mma events! Amazing soviet Taylor and Dake, upset by Bonne, last seconds by Gazi, Agkgul losses, Surprise from Japan at 65, pulled singlets, tears, Ohio sad day etc!. All of this was in this words! thanks for the support! Together - we are force! Fight and Olympics forever!
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    Taylor wins

    I could not be more impressed with Taylor in this tournament. He is not dominating, but he is wrestling through really tough positions, making small adjustments on the spot, and competing with conviction, determination, and self-confidence. Beautiful tournament.
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    Duck of the month club

    2. Kemmerrer ducking the whole season
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    You guys are misunderestimating KMF.
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    Great idea, let's run off one of our only posters putting forth solid effort on original content.
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    Badger Fan


    At the first home dual meet of the season, the Wisconsin Badgers unveiled a word printed front and center on the wrestling mat - bELIeve. The letters ELI are capitalized for Eli Stickley, the Badger wrestler who tragically passed away this past summer. After the unveiling, there was a moment of silence in honor of Eli. It was the greatest tribute to a person I have ever seen in my entire life.
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    Yarygin 2019

    Illegal drugs coursing through his veins? He didn’t take an illegal drug. Your bias is showing. Stop lying. you sound like an anti pot activist from the 80s. He tested positive for an amphetamine, which is legal out of competition. It was still in his system when he was tested for in competition, which made it not allowable. It isn’t illegal. it isn’t a steroid. It has zero impact on his performance on the mat. He is likely to end up in prison because he took a legal drug and had tattoos? Ok then buddy.
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    Russian Revolution

    JhRose, I don’t think it’s that simple. I agree with a bunch of what you say but there’s something about culture and spartan training conditions that bring out the best in some athletes. There’s a very interesting book named The Talent Code that discusses cultural and geographic hotbeds of talent in various sports—soccer (Brazilian ghettos), LPGA golf champions (Soruh Korea), etc.—and makes the argument that it’s not just practice and talent, but other factors not often studied such as “ignition” (identifying deeply with a certain elite group or role model) also matter a lot. Whether you agree with the book and it’s research or not, it’s impossible to ignore how fabulously productive a very small percentage of the Russian population that lives in abject poverty has been in wrestling. I highly doubt we’re drawing from a weaker genetic pool even after we lose a ton of talent to football and the more popular sports.
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    Day 2 Thread

    Stud! Hopefully the Living the Dream Fund will cover Lasik surgery
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    Day 2 Thread

    Honestly, it started when I first covered the World Championships in 2003 in NYC. I've been around it since then. My first non-U.S. worlds was in 2007, then haven't missed a World or Olympics since 2009. I've been on a broadcast/announcing role every year since 2013, so it's years of of piling this stuff up, understanding naming conventions. I've kept a massive announcing sheet Google Doc that I've shared with Ken Berger, Bryan Hazard and other announcers and it's just familiarity and practice. I don't nail everything, but I do spend heavy time between when I get the entry list and the start of the event hammering out the details of the athletes.
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    As an American wrestling fan, it would be nice if I could dislike our main rival but nothing but respect for Sad and the way he goes about everything. Classy guy and just a joy to watch on the mat, every time.
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    El lucador

    congratulate me!

    It's not official until the drug tests come in.