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    Giving PDIII props

    Man, Downey beats a 4x AA and a past NCAA Champion and now people are trying to downplay Martin's career so they can't give Downey credit. What is wrong with you people?
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    Suriano’s Dad

    On behalf of the southerners here ....why can't she be BOTH?
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    Separated at birth?

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    Bobby Knight

    Just watched the 30 For 30 - "The last Days of Knight". It's amazing how much physical abuse and bullying he got away with at Indiana (and Texas Tech) without anyone standing up to him. It led me to Knight's wikipedia page to read through a list of all his incidents dating back to the 70s and came across this: "1960 Olympic gold medalist Douglas Blubaugh was head wrestling coach at IU from 1973 to 1984. Early in his tenure while he jogged in the practice facility during basketball practice, Knight yelled at him to leave, using more than one expletive. Blubaugh pinned Knight to a wall, and told him never to repeat his performance. He never did." I thought this crowd might appreciate this.
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    Just put a bit of water in the bottom of a saucepan and let it cook inside covered for a couple minutes if you dont have a proper steamer. If you have a pan with a steaming compartment, steam as normal.
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    O.T here, but just wanted to publicly give credit where credit is due to this poster on this site. We made an obscure $100 bet last October 19 2018 regarding Ohio State and Iowa in FOOTBALL on here, which dealt with an end of season type result... so not a bet that would happen quickly. So you all know and understand how often these type of bets are honored nor consummated. I peruse this site often, but mainly in season. I almost never check my inbox. I decided to look at it recently, and was shocked to see what I did, and even more so what happened next. First off, I obviously forgot about the bet. I see 2 missed messages, the first from March 23 asking me how I want to handle this payment, and the second on April 19th, almost a month later, with simply a ?.... I responded literally 5 months after his first message to me, and gave him my pay pal email address, literally expecting nothing in response... I mean it was my fault... I wasn’t even responding to this guy for going on an half of year to collect a hundred bucks! I responded on August 11th, and with in days, I see the $100 received in my Pay Pal. So props to Hammerlock.... a true man of his word. There aren’t a ton of those around.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    kind of a tangent but anyone else think an anonymous message board post is odd way to call someone a coward and a hypocrite?
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    Mckee/Brock style

    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.
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    Career Senior Freestyle Records

    I am an old retired guy with time on his hands. So I did create a list of the senior freestyle matches that Burroughs, Cox, Dake, Snyder and Taylor have had. I picked all of the current gold medalists we have to try and make these lists. I am missing some data (names, country the wrestler came from, or scores) on a few items. I might also be missing other tournaments. If so, please let me know. All input is appreciated. The Burroughs list from his website is very complete. The Snyder list from his wikipedia page is missing the 2015 US Open that he won and a 2018 World Club Cup Dual match with India that he won. I tried to identify all the world medal winners each guy wrestled and calculated other comparative data. So scroll down to the bottom of each excel workbook page and you can see some of the calculations I have done. I think we live in a good time where we really have outstanding freestyle wrestlers in this country. Some have accomplished more, but we really have a good overall team. It is a lot of fun to follow. I have found it pretty disappointing how poorly documented the records of our greatest freestyle wrestlers are. I find all of the discussions on the forums interesting but often lacking in the real data. So I decided as part of my retirement time hobby, I would try to study it a bit. I guess it's time to share that info with all the other geeks and nerds out there. I wasn't ever sure what I would do with the stuff I created. If someone wants to put any of this out there on Wikipedia, be my guest. I am trying to do this same type of thing for Baumgartner, Gable, Jackson, Kemp, Sanderson, both Schultz brothers, and Smith. I have an outline done but this is very tough sledding finding the info. I am pretty certain that I can never find all the info and will end up with just an outline. But still lots more digging before I know that for sure (months away from having anything I am sure). Also, there is a wikipedia page that shows all the US Men's Freestyle Wrestlers by year and how they finished in world or olympic championships. I retyped this data into a spreadsheet, made a bunch of calculations and observations, and then created two summary pages. That is the second attachment you see. I focused on 1960 thru 2018 since those were the years we were basically competing every year and are completed. I am happy to answer any questions. Just type them out. Thanks Tim Freestyle Records for 5 current wrestlers.xlsx US Men's Freestyle History.xlsx
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    The system is set up to favor guys who have already proven to be the best in the world. Dake was on the wrong side of that system for years and complained about it being unfair. Now he’s taking advantage of being a defending world champion and the advantages that come with that.
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    Final X - Lincoln

    Fix and Gilman are throwing hard hands. Good thing Pico isn't wrestling these guys, he'd be knocked out by now.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Separated at birth?

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    @KMF - hate to be a grammar snob, but I think you meant to say "too" instead of "to".
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    Do not lose sight of the fact that Zain is the overall beneficiary of this situation. This just makes it slightly less unfair to yianni.
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    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    He’s earned the right to redshirt. This is an individual sport.
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    That strike has nothing to do with Askrens age. That is a one in a million shot by Masvidal.
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    The fact that you named national champs at each body type, that should tell you that there isn't a "best" body type.
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    Instead of other threads getting hi-jacked all the time, why don't we just keep the discussion in one thread. I think Flo wrestling is good for wrestling. The first thing that is always up for debate here is whether or not flowrestling helps grow the sport. It does. Why? Consistency and accessibility. When I was growing up there was one way to watch wrestling. Iowa Public Television had a handful of Iowa matches every year. That was about it. There would be the occasional National duals match or National Finals, but not much else. Now I can watch every Big10 match and a handful of other programs live or days/months/years after the event. This is unprecedented for wrestling. I would never have dreamed 20 years ago that I would have this much access to wrestling. Not only that, but I have wrestling podcasts, news, recruiting, storylines produced daily whether is is written articles or in podcast form. It has allowed me to go beyond being a casual fan. I have yet to find another website that compares with the consistency or mass of content produced. Now could ESPN take over those matches? Absolutely they could and it would probably be cheaper too, but lets assume they were ever even interested, the moment that there was a conflict with ESPN's larger goals, wrestling would take a back seat. I don't see wrestling taking a back seat at flo and I am willing to pay so I don't have to deal with that threat. I don't see why anyone has a problem with the payment model. 1. its actually affordable. 2. it makes sense to charge more monthly than annually. 3. There is enough demand to ask for as much as they do. It is the right to determine that cost, and I don't really see how that has hurt interest in the sport. Even without a flo account, I still have more access to wrestling content than I did 15 years ago.
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    Mysterious non-Oly Redshirts

    Mark halls body wants to wrestle 74k. His large dome wants to wrestle 86k
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    Bad Look For Wrestling

    The “sports world” isn’t paying that level of attention to freestyle wrestling.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Nailed it. In Particular, I felt like he stalled his way through worlds last year. You know, when he outscored his opponents 37-0.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Kyle Dake shuts down guy who has been piss pounding most of the world in the past year. Internet forums: "Dake looks bad, I expect Dieringer to take match 2."
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    Yianni's reaction post match 2 vs. the Penn State boys butthurt is quite the juxtaposition. In Zain's defense, it doesn't seem to be him whining. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I agree. If you aren't going to wear a polo under your singlet then why bother.
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    This thread : Man. This is bull, Downey was gifted his spot, this can not stand. Also this thread: We should install Dieringer or Nickal, with zero wins at this weight or entering the qualifying tournaments at this weight, directly into the Best of 3 Finals. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    You can't change weights mid-process because you lose and think you might be able to beat the guy at a weight next to yours. Downey won the 86 kg spot by winning the US Open and then the trials, and now final x where he will essentially accept 2 forfeits from DT. It's against the ethic of the sport and would set up potentially disastrous situations down the road if they were to allow Nickal or Ringer to wrestle off Downey despite neither of them ever wrestling 86 kg. You'd have guys asking for special wrestle offs every year. The only reason people are having this conversation is because Downey rubs people the wrong way. It's not like he's some scrub. He's a junior world silver medalist, has a great freestyle skillset, and is an amazing athlete. I think we're going to be fine there this year. He's not a bad second option behind DT.
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    Not a competition. Source: My dad was an Olympian and I was only an above average athlete. Never felt like I had to outdo him. Glad we got to enjoy sports that we both loved.
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    They called for stalling
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    What a lawless society-things are going downhill. Can’t believe somebody would post HS wrestling news in the college section. What is the world coming to.
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    Steveson workout video

    Haselrig is a unicorn: He won a PA high school title despite attending a high school that didn't have a wrestling team. He won three D1 titles despite competing for a D2 team. He made it to the Pro Bowl despite never playing football in college.
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    No for me. I think the coaching staff is promoting and advocating for opportunities for their athletes wherever they can. Why does everything have to be some kind of a conflict, even if it’s nothing but good for those we are speaking of, and detrimental to absolutely no one?
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    Watching the World Championships life isn't really an option for me, and I'd like to be able to view the matches without knowing who won. It is fairly straightforward to navigate to the page where you can select the brackets, and avoid seeing any blurbs/results. However, at that point it becomes nearly impossible. I've attached a screenshot of an example bracket, the 130kg Greco. I can use another window to cover everything up except the left-most column, and slowly slide it to the right...when it gets close enough to the end, I used to be able to blur my eyes (or close them), and then change focus to the bracket menu, and guesstimate moving the mouse and clicking on the green result, then the match window would open. A little more creative squinting, and 80% of the time I was successfully able to watch the match without inadvertently knowing the outcome. It's more difficult now, that they have put the flag icon of the winner there. I went just a smidge too far with the blocking window, and couldn't help myself from seeing the slimmest segment of the flag icon on Coon's match...and that was all it took. This might not make much sense, so try this: bring up the attached pic, and pretend you want to watch Coon's first match without seeing who won first....move some windows around, etc. Anyways, I'm not optimistic that I'll be able to watch the freestyle matches later this week, without having them spoiled.
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    1. I was told beforehand by a former NCAA champion that I would not like it. He had tried, very low key, and given up. I'm 71, been involved in wrestling for 65 years as a wrestler, parent and coach. Thought I'd give it a try. 2. Way too much testosterone-fueled, bully boy bragging, threatening, insulting. Nastiness is the best descriptor. This is endemic on all internet forums, of course, perhaps that wrestling is the topic here only makes it worse. 3. A shortage of reasoned, logical, fact-based discussion/argument: arguments are good, they're just an exchange of diverging views, they educate. They don't have to end in punching someone in the face. Literally or in a post. See #2 above. 4. The hardest thing for humans to do is admit they are wrong. Many people have never said or heard these words said to them: "I believed this, but after listening to your argument and thinking about it, I see that I was wrong." Again, see #2 above. 5. Pet Peeve: Googling does not make you an instant expert on a subject. 6. An amazingly small number of posters, relatively speaking. I wonder how many potentially interesting, wrestling-knowledgeable, well-spoken and perceptive posters either quit entirely or just lurk because of the overly aggressive, jump-down-your-throat tone of the boards. It is the forum's loss. 7. I realize that I read and posted for a very short time. There seems to me some very old grudges, even hatreds, that clog-up and eventually sidetrack almost every thread of any length. I'm a 10-year member of a stock board with an expert, respected and respectful moderator who stops that kind of crap immediately! Stay on point, be rational, no ad hominem attacks. It's remarkable how quickly the loud-mouth bullies leave the room under those rules. 8. I was astounded how many truly elite-level (back in the day) wrestlers post here. In my brief visit, I counted 12,482 high school state champs and 3,723 NCAA AA's. Mind-boggling! 9. I don't mean to paint everyone with the same brush. I encountered some very informed, sophisticated posters, able to give and take with affable courtesy. NJDan and irani come to mind, I'm sure there are many others. 10. In closing, it's not a great experience for a newcomer and not something I'll recommend. That's really too bad, because when all is said and done we all love the sport of wrestling and a fair, thoughtful, civilized meeting place for the exchange of information and opinions (even strong and passionate ones) would be great.
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    How does Flo not hire ...

    i remember when everything on flo was free and you still said we sucked lol
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    Zain Wins

    Y’all make trying to root for Penn State unbearable.
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    When is the match?

    It was yesterday, I'm awaiting my issue of Wrestling USA to find the result.
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    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    In freestyle why in the world would you open up when you're up 4-0? When you open up you expose yourself some too, and one 4 pointer and Ringer wins. He did exactly what he should have up 4-0 in a do or die series.
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    The Piccininni

    That would be the Lee:
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    Good info. Redshirting always seemed like a long shot. It would be an odd move to redshirt a guy so he can focus on freestyle, when you won't even let him compete in freestyle in the first place.
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    What Tom Ryan has accomplished at Ohio State is remarkable.
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    Iowa is off on a team bonding and firearms safety training weekend at Camp Anawanna. Gotta get off to a better start to this season.
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    I completely agree. I think during his time in college because you had Snyder, Dake, and Taylor he was not recognized for his ability. Also if I'm not mistaking he never redshirted. Yet he was a 3x NCAA championship. His only losses if I'm not mistaking are to Snyder, Mclintosh, Wellington by DQ, and one other person his true freshman year. He had like 4-5 loses. He was also a sensational freestyler, beating Snyder in Fargo. He qualified the US for the Olympics when it had yet to be qualified, and won bronze. Then he beat Dake and Taylor. Went on to win world bronze. Then won world gold. So in essence he is the only person on team USA to have wins at some point over 3 of our other 4 current US world gold medalist. Cox is no joke. I don't get how so many people think he is so likely to get Beat. Yes, Bo dominated college. So did Dake, Taylor, Zain, and Ringer. It's not that easy to come in and knock off a world champ right out of the gates. Plus J'Den is what, 25? He is hitting his prime, not coming to the end of it.
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    Logan Stieber retiring

    His wife posted on Instagram saying that when they first went out, he didn’t tell her he was even a starter at tOSU (his wife was an athlete at tOSU also). She said she googled him a few weeks later and saw he was already a 3 time ncaa champion. He truly is humble. That is pretty crazy. Even when dating someone who he clearly liked a lot, he didn’t show off. Actions speak louder than words.
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    Jaroslav Hasek

    Logan Stieber retiring

    besides Chakaev, Bajrang, Lomtadze, Tumnebileg and Ehsanpour are all well-credentialed studs. Gvarzy never panned out the way AZE hoped but he was wrestling well at the time. Diyazbekov and Shuptar are continental medalists. Topal is dece. the only country that didn't really a guy as good as you'd expect was Japan, and their montser crop of light weights was still developing in 2016. there are where too many tweeners internationally for 61 to not be stacked, and Stieber had to go through Ukraine, Russia, Iran and Georgia to win gold. I stand behind calling it stacked. no regrets.
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    Tom and Terry's new recruiting pamphlet...
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    You may not like it but...

    Most ppl don’t dislike the “kids”, they dislike the arrogant delusional fans who have nothing to do with the young men’s success.
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    Highest Pace Wrestlers?

    Sam stoll
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    Fix vs Phillippi - Flo coverage..

    I provide a free daily newsletter that links to all the day’s top news worldwide. It’s curated, so I’m putting it in there. Worldwide stuff, major sites news, but also feature stories from newspapers around the country. That newsletter also links to the nation's most robust and comprehensive wrestling scoreboard, which I also provide free of charge to the wrestling community. Sign up free at http://www.mattalkonline.com/news It gets sent every morning (unless I’m traveling) at 7 am Eastern.
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    Separated at birth?

    Austin DeSanto and Michael Imperioli from Goodfellas:
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