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    I like Daniel Lewis as the face and embodiment of Mizzou wrestling —> quiet, hard-working, fundamentally sound, good student and person overall. A very high caliber wrestler who is always in the hunt, it’s just there are always a few who are better - just like the Mizzou team.
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    Separated at birth?

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    Brands Brothers
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    Separated at birth?

    Mason Reinhard WI 184 pounder Trevor Brandvold MN asst coach Had to have been weird for Trevor to recruit him to WI. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What all has he done? I know there was cranking an arm against Micic. He did the cutthroat gesture the other day. I want to say he got physical in another match last year but can't remember it. Honestly I can see him described as a punk or many other insults very easily. I am totally at a loss for what he has done that would result in a university not even letting him be a student. Is there legal or academic trouble I'm unaware of? Universities across the country are filled with kids who have done a lot worse then use a kimura at the wrong time.
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    The difference between Steveson and Desanto is that when Desanto goes all "heel" he always finds a way to up the ante.
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    Chandler is a great example for sure, but what about Mark Ellis? I'm not sure how highly recruited Drake Houdashelt was, but no one worked harder, was more consistent, and ultimately more successful. 4xConf Champ, 3xAA, National Champion. Plus, Houdashelt was impossible to hold down, tenacious on top, and a scoring machine - as evidenced by his career most TF's.
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    he has a nasty infection. he sent me a pic but i just got a new phone. 'compartment syndrome' i believe it was called. on his wrist/forearm.
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    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    I am very intrigued by this... I see JO handily... but... I guarantee the interwebs will explode if DC takes him down (let alone win)...
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    Big Money Potential

    I know a promoter who will sponsor a Suriano/Fix rematch in 2 weeks. He will pay each wrestler $100,000 plus expenses. The winner will get $500,000. He has already made arrangements for Madison Square Garden. (Sorry Fix but the Northeast is a high market area.) My promoter friend sees huge money making potential. He has contacts with HULU and they would oversee the streaming. Ticket prices would start at $150.00. Preliminary matches would be Snyder/Steveson, DeSanto/Lizak. The introductions would be made by Donald Trump and Crooked Hillary.
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    If we're talking including all wrestlers in the program's histories, I don't think there's been more of an Iowa prototype than Brent Metcalf. Marinelli is a lesser version of that. I also think David Taylor would be the platonic ideal for the Penn State coaches. Minnesota: Dustin Schlatter. Hell, even his career arc is pretty emblematic of the program.
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    Nolf. Aggressive, constantly looking to score, fearless, breaks opponents, and scores a ton of bonus points.
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    "ThiS is d1 WreSTlING tHOugh!" Even in the UFC there are rules against putting your hands in someones face, numbnuts. If you don't want to lose on a hands-to-the-face call, don't put your hands in someones face. I hate matches being decided like that, but I also hate matches being stopped because someone took a finger to the eyeball.
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    Thank God for the call something had to put an end to that pathetic match.
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    No Teasdale?

    What if everyone is ducking HIM by wrestling when they know he isn't... Think about it.... Actually, don't...
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    They need to limit the length of video reviews. Cap it off at 2 min max (even that is too long) otherwise the call on the mat stands.
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    Minnesota vs Iowa

    I didn't say Russell couldn't have improved. I also didn't say you had to knock Spencer Lee. You said Spencer Lee looked "pretty good" in that match, which I completely disagree with. But I'm not going to go down TheMat rabbit hole and tit-for-tat ad nauseam. I'll agree to disagree and leave it at that...
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    Suriano vs Fix: Who wins the dual?

    Rutgers is an easy team to hate
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    Separated at birth?

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    Separated at birth?

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    Calling out Jason Bryant...

    JB's a great sports media person. We are just lucky to have him dedicated to our sport.