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    Nico - sad news

    From Nico’s social media: “7 months ago on July 19 I underwent ACL surgery on my right knee. It was my first ever surgery and I was devoted 24/7 these last 7 months to getting my knee better to compete and win an Olympic gold. At the same time, I had to shrink my body down to 57kg which I did. I started drilling light in December and then January I really picked it up to a very hard pace on the mat. Since late January my progress was through the roof and I was really happy. Last Thursday I was drilling and my knee again buckled the wrong way and went to get an MRI to find out it is torn again. God has a plan for me and the 2020 olympics is not in the plan. I accept his plan as it is way bigger than mine. I know there will be good to come out of this for whatever is next. At this point I need to sit back and enjoy life as much as I can. I will not be making any decisions about surgery or when I will be back. Just need some time to wind down a little for once in my life. The crazy thing is my body feels better than it did when I was 21 (except my knee lol). I know I am still in my prime. I love this sport and I know whatever this sport has for me, it will be for the good. To finish this long post, I wish whoever is the 57kg USA rep in Tokyo my best and to enjoy every moment of this year. It is a freakin tough weight, and the 57 USA rep will do great. I can only move forward from here and live according to the plan God has in store for me with life, my business, and wrestling career! Thanks for all the support! I appreciate everything!”
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    Nico - sad news

    Such a fine post. You sum up how many people feel on a tricky topic.
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    Double Standard

    Who on this site says Logan isn't a 4Xer? This is a pathetic attempt to tear down a non-existent strawman argument. Logan is a 4X champ. End of story. Nobody debates whether he won or not.
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    stop being a nazi!! lol no im saying we shouldn't cancel him.. there are many here who do want to ... I dont.
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    The Flo crew and Askren touched on the Desanto incident and Brands press conference today. Their discussion lasted not very long about a minute. Seemed about the right amount. Nobody thought it was a big deal. Certainly not an 8+ page deal.
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    Not a restaurant but there’s that famous campus ice cream place. Just get there early before Kyven Gadson eats all the inventory haha.
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    Everything about those quotes suggests he cares about his wrestlers and doesn't care about sharing private medical information about his wrestlers.
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    I would say he most definitely does.
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    Sounds like he actually does.
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    Nico - sad news

    So many athletes profess a belief in a higher power, from Snyder's Christian God to Sadulaev's Allah and everything in between. And many are atheist or agnostic. I have no problem with thanking a God or seeing a predicament as a challenge from God or a hint to move in a different direction in life. It is no doubt crushing to have a dream taken or deferred; to see that as part of a God's plan is a means of coping with the disappointment and adjusting for the future and is understandable. The world is wide. Room enough for everyone who isn't spouting religious superiority or bigotry but just trying to navigate the struggles in life. Hopes for a speedy recovery and productive path for the future.
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    Nico - sad news

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    Commenters are also leaving out the fact that Amine only relatively recently has been trained by Belaglazov. His trajectory in freestyle over the past two years has been impressive.
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    you all took the bait... learn to internet...
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