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    Hey hey hey, they showed some old Penn State clips and interviewed themselves about them and called it a docuseries
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    Flo was started as a somewhat romantic notion operated out of a van and funded by donations. It grew through the efforts of the Brothers Flo and others including Bader and Joe, eventually adding Willie, who was fresh off of being named wrestling media guy of the year. Willie brought to Flo the editorial chops and rankings presence it did not have before then. Will later brought in Pyles, Holmes, and others. Then the Flo brothers (understandably) wanted to monetize and allowed VC in. With VC came lawyers, one in particular by the name of Paul Hurdlow has been particularly damaging to Flo. Hurdlow insinuated himself into management and put his imprint on Flo’s culture, and that meant using the lawyer’s tools. Contracts. Non-competes for already-employed people. Lawsuits. Then Flo started suing everyone in sight. From individuals taping their kids at Flo events, to putative competitors, to corporate “partners” (Oklahoma State) to Martin Flo and Willie. No one is safe from Flo’s litigious bent. You wonder why Flo is not given access by many programs? Why they, the biggest wrestling media outlet, have an antagonistic relationship with their fans, wrestlers and coaches? Because people aren’t stupid that’s why. Flo’s sharp practices have not gone unnoticed. One of the few Flo partners remaining is USA Wrestling which (a) is desperate for money and (b) has historically terrible leadership with poor judgment. Flo is indeed a sinking ship, at least in the wrestling realm. Their business model is built on exclusive event rights, and those are dwindling. If USA Wrestling pulls the plug on Flo in favor of CBS/Track, they will be done.
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    Really. One of the greatest wrestlers in American history can’t have a thread without you making it about Burroughs. What’s your deal? Seriously I’d really like to know why everything have to be such a constant pissing match with you.
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    Did Nomad Really Get Fired?

    Why is nomad?
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    https://www.si.com/college/iowa/wrestling/iowa-wrestling-071020 SI is a tarnished brand, but this is pretty cool just in how kind of run of the mill the article is. It didn't require some special event or human interest story, just regular coverage like a regular sport. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    These videos are so good. Proud to be a Patreon supporter!
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    West Coast D I Wrestling.....

    * Fresno State reinstates wrestling - wants to be in the Pac 12 * Pac 12 at the time did not want more non-members - denied FSU * Boise State drops wrestling - within weeks of FSU adding -opens up a non-member spot *Pac 12 goes back to Fresno State - but they are already in final stages with the Big 12 *Pac 12 has to re-evaluate the status - wants to add more teams This Article: https://apnews.com/c0f15a1951ec4ab7af0a2d14b6b98bba *Pac 12 adds LR to conference in order to maintain minimum number to have allocations This Article: https://cronkitenews.azpbs.org/2019/05/03/pac12-wrestling-expansion/ *Cal Baptist goes D1 - speculated to also join Pac12 since the conference is now open to adding non-members *Spring 2020 - Pac 12 still committed to growing it's wrestling conference * This article: https://www.fairfieldsuntimes.com/sports/national/collegiate-wrestling-struggling-to-keep-its-foothold-in-the-west/article_e8b140d8-9403-11ea-954a-2326f6ccef3a.html Quote from the article: “The CEOs and the Pac-12 Council voted to at least allow on a case-by-case basis additional affiliate applicants,’ Merino said. “There are additional opportunities down the road.” Preliminary conversations have started recently on the change of policy and what additional affiliate members could be good fits for the Pac-12. More regionalized programs could change the landscape out West as some programs could move from one conference to the Pac-12." "“We are looking forward to building and helping the Pac-12 wrestling brand grow,” Merino said." * Spring 2020: Zeke Jones says conference talking with Missouri to be added * July 2020: Stanford drops wrestling - will still compete 2020-21 * To come: Stanford trying to save program * My Opinion: Coaches are obviously committed to and invested in the conference expanding as are some officials. The West needs to become regionalized by either creating a conference for wrestling - or adding to the Pac 12 (as stated in above articles is a possibility). They need to have a Western conference of some kind: Oregon State, Bakersfield, Cal Poly, ASU, Stanford (if saved), Utah Valley, Wyoming, N. Colorado, Air Force, Cal Baptist, Fresno State.
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    Anyone mention Ryan Churella yet?
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