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    Griffith staying at Stanford

    Koll is just a rules guy who wants everyone to adhere to his interpretation of the rules. If not, the lawyers come.
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    Why are wrestling OTT so early??

    Maybe the people who have spent their lives living this thing 24/7....experiencing, researching, experimenting with, applying, and basically making it their focus every hour of every day... should stop what they’re doing and give you a call.
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    Griffith staying at Stanford

    He was just taking shots at Iowa. There is an interesting difference between Koll and those coaches he cant beat. He feels free to talk down about other programs and the coaches he cant beat never do.
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    Griffith staying at Stanford

    I am calling BS...no way PSU has a hole at 125
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    uncle bernard

    Griffith staying at Stanford

    What a difference it makes when your school allows grad students to compete. I'm sure that had no impact on his previous views lol.
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    Griffith staying at Stanford

    Better numbers than Fauci
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    He is moving up to make room for Vincenzo Joseph at 165
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